Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nannu running away. They all get worried. Akshara asks her not to leave home. Nannu gets down by pipe and falls. He runs away. Kartik says I will get him, and goes down the pipe. Naira says I will also go. Akshara says no, we will tell Naksh and Shaurya, come. Kartik runs after Nannu and asks him to hear, no one will tell anything. Akshara tells everything to Rajshri and says something happened between Nannu and Dadi, Dadi fell because of Nannu. Everyone gets shocked. She asks Naksh and Shaurya to find Nannu.

Varsha says we have hidden something. Rajshri asks what. Naira tells about Nannu’s strange behavior, overeating, oversleeping, his hands shaking, Nannu takes drugs. They all get shocked. Naira says Varsha and Kartik also felt this. Akshara says

yes, maybe. Varsha says Kartik got injection where Dadi fell. Sunaina Kaki defends Nannu. Kartik looks for Nannu.

Kaki asks Naira how dare she blames Nannu. Akshara asks is he no one to us, what will we get by blaming him, we don’t want him to go on wrong path, its our duty to get him to right path. Kaki says my Nannu can’t do this, its impossible. Naira shows injection. Kaki asks what does this proof. Gayu says one can’t understand if does not want to. Kaki says don’t try to teach me, just shut up. Naksh and Shaurya look for Nannu. Kaki says let Nannu come, I will talk to him. Akshara says no, you can’t see what I can see, you have to find truth by not love and hatred. Kartik misses to see Nannu. Some goons catch Nannu and ask for payment for drugs.

Nannu says I don’t have money and cries. The drug dealer says blacken his face, he has no money, kid is crying, give me money or give drugs. Nannu says drugs is at home and runs. Kaki says enough now, it was better we did not come here, I did big mistake by sending him here, everyone is after him, I will call Anshu and ask him to book our tickets, we will leave tomorrow and not come back, its all because of Akshara, she made Nannu helpless to run away, I don’t know where is he.

Akshara says we did this for Nannu’s betterment. Kaki says hears got distanced now, you were my fav at some time, you proved today that other child can never be ours, if anything happens to Nannu because of you, forget you had Kaki. Gayu says you are angry and saying this. Naira asks Kaki to understand. Kaki asks Naira did she never did mistakes, shall I count it. Rajshri shouts Sunaina…..

Goons catch Nannu and Kartik comes to his rescue. Rajshri asks Kaki to see what happened, I had to take your name angrily, when did we differentiate between children, we are one family, one blood, Akshara and Varsha want good for Nannu. Nannu played in Varsha’s lap. She cries and asks don’t you trust us now, I did not know this, you changed a lot, don’t know where did Nannu go, we wish he is fine, you are proving we are Nannu’s enemies. They all cry. Rajshri says we should pray out Nannu is fine and comes back home, and our Maa gets well. Akshara consoles Rajshri and hugs her. Kartik beats goons. Naira calls Kartik and phone falls. She hears the goons saying about stabbing Kartik. They catch Kartik. They all hear Kartik’s screams. Naira shouts Kartik.

Nannu stops the goon and asks him to leave Kartik. The man says I will do this with you. Nannu says its my mistake, Kartik should not get punished, already Dadi’s life is in risk because of me, its enough. Nannu and Kartik beat the goons. Naksh and Shaurya reach there. Everyone hear them and thank Lord that Naksh and Shaurya reached there. The goons run away. Kartik talks on phone. Gayu and Naira ask Kartik is he fine. Kartik says yes, Nannu is fine, he saved my life. Akshara talks to Nannu and asks did you get angry when I scolded you, will you leave house, you could have got annoyed and did things like you did in childhood, come back home, I did mistake to scold you, I love you a lot. Doctor comes and asks who is Nannu, Dadi is asking about him a lot.

Nannu runs home. Shaurya tells everyone that Nannu is coming home. Doctor says Dadi has mental trauma too, we can’t say anything till she gets conscious, call Nannu. Akshara and Rajshri nod. Nannu comes home.

He hugs Akshara and Kaki. Kaki asks why did you not tell me the problem. Nannu says no, this is because of me, I m responsible for Dadi’s condition, I have hurt all of you, I m not a good boy, I knew drugs is bad, but I tried and got addicted, I thought I will get caught and came to India, but I could not leave drugs, Kartik and Varsha doubted on me, I lied to everyone, I thought you will lock me in room. They all cry. Nannu says Dadi came there and wanted to tell you all, I pushes her, she slipped and fell. They all get shocked.

Everyone is happy. Akshara says Naitik and Naman are coming back home on Ganesh Chaturthi. Akshara hugs the card and says Naitik is coming home and smiles………..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. vishal singh already sucks as jigar. how can he play naitik???????????

    1. no this is not that vishal singh who plays jigar but this vishal singh is different . this vishal singh played a role in parvarish season 1 which aired on sony tv

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  4. It’s a different vishal singh

  5. How come everyone always blames Akshara? And she never takes offence? I dont find this normal.

  6. Whre is 13th Sept episode???? Plz update it soon..

  7. Why you change natik

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