Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kartik gets upset knowing Naksh’s truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira telling Dadi that Suwarna should get her rights. Dadi argues with them. Rajshri says its bad, Suwarna is mum, even if she didn’t give birth to Kirti. Devyaani says she has right. Bhabhimaa says wrong happened with her. Suwarna says I think we should take marriage rituals ahead, Dadi is right, she knows such things well. Dadi smiles. Kartik says we will ask Kirti what she feels right, if she gets happy by hurting Suwarna, then fine. They go to Kirti. Kirti sees Kartik and cries. Dadi apologizes and asks pandit ji to start. Manish and Suwarna go for kanyadaan. They all smile.

Aisi rasmo kasmo pe…….plays….. Manish and Suwarna give Kirti’s hand in Naksh’s hand. Kartik and Naira smile. Bau ji says like elders read vows in Naira’s

marriage, can we do this. Dadi says sure. Pandit says we have to pray and start this ritual again. Dadi says fine, hurry up. Baisa asks why is she hurrying today. Manish sees Kartik and smiles. Kush asks Kartik to please come, Lav is not fine. Kartik goes with him. Naira looks on and says pheras are starting, where did he take Kartik.

Kartik sees Lav stuck under a chandelier. He gets Lav and hugs him. He consoles Lav and says nothing happened. They cry. Kartik asks what happened. They say everyone will scold us. Kartik says no, if they go crying, it will be bad. He asks them to cry, he will make video and send to their friends. They get quiet. Kartik asks them to come, they have to attend pheras. Kids run. Kartik sees video and says what’s this, Yash and Naksh. He plays video. He hears Naksh. Naksh says I don’t love Kirti, I m doing this marriage just for Naira’s happiness, swear you won’t tell anyone, Naira already doubts on me. Yash asks are you sure about this. Naksh says Naira’s happiness is with this marriage. Kartik gets shocked.

Naira calls him out. She comes to him. Naksh and Kirti take the first round. Naira says I m scared seeing you like this, say something. Kartik says Naksh doesn’t love Kirti, he is helpless to marry her. He shows her the video. She gets shocked. He says he lied to my sister, he cheated us. Naira says how did you get this video. He asks does this matter, he was cheating my sister, thank God marriage didn’t happen yet, pheras are left, I won’t let this marriage happen, Kirti won’t marry such a guy. He throws his phone. Naksh and Kirti start second round. Naira says listen to me, no need to talk, its not true, trust me. He asks did you know this. She says listen to me, I will explain. He says you knew this. She worries.

Naksh and Kirti start third round. Kartik asks did you know or not, answer my question. Naira says yes, but you… He says enough, you knew about this, you and your brother cheated me and my sister, my family, I will break this marriage today, what does Naksh think of himself. Dadi looks for Kartik. Kartik reaches entrance. Naira locks the door. He asks her to move. He bangs the door. He asks her to give keys. She says listen to me. He says I have other ways to go, I won’t let pheras happen.

Devyaani says where are Kartik and Naira. Ananya says they will be around. Naira asks Kartik to listen to her, this marriage is happening after difficulties, this marriage is imp for Naksh and Kirti, and both families. He says never, Kirti’s husband didn’t love her, her life was hell, I told you to give time to Naksh and Kirti, Naksh did wrong, you also supported him. She says its not like that, listen to me, I spoke to him, he agreed he was not sure before, but he is sure now, you think I will let this happen, I m convinced so I m asking you to let marriage happen. He says Kirti got caught in this cheat. She says Kirti is happy, Naksh will keep her happy, trust me.

He asks trust you and goes… Naksh and Kirti start fourth round. Kartik says you love Naksh more and Kirti less, if you thought for Kirti, you would have told me, I saw that video, else you would never tell me. Someone looks on. He says you broke my trust, you cheated me, I wish I saw this video before, you would be sorrowful that Naksh’s truth will come out, if you have right to be selfish for him, I also have right to think for Kirti, I won’t let this marriage happen. He goes. She says you said big thing and didn’t think I will be hurt, this marriage won’t happen, even if I have to do anything. He runs to find a way out and falls down. She collides and just runs till he sees the passage way out.

Kartik wonders what happened to lights. He finds door locked and asks who has shut me, help….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sejsmiles

    Omg why why why..they spoiled such a beautiful couples wedding by this stupid immature kartik naira. Hardly saw d newly weds.. What do v get to see.. That idiot couple. Wow. Gonna switch off from now on n read only updates.

    1. Kaina1

      becoz cvs are suffering from diseas call kairaphanthesis in which you hear kaira you see kaira you drink kaira you eat kaira you breath kaira you live becoz off kaira

      1. Exactly this Kartik and Naira are super disgusting d irritating. They r not even toe nail of real Naitik aka Karan Mehra d the gorgeous beautiful Hina aka Akshara those two were foundations of this show which at their time was beautiful d has now become crap. Naira aka Shivangi is overacting ki Dukan d makeup ka making, dukan d universe an ugly looking woman who speaks d walks like a duck and that Kartik is a monkey. Cvs r giving all importance to these two snobs d have forgotten this show is here just bcoz of Hina Khan d Karan Mehra . The show will complete 2500 episodes soon but not a word of appreciation to these two beautiful people shame on you Mr Rajan shahi d your team. Coming to Naksh aka Rishi d Kirti aka Mohena these two give vibes of Naitik d Akshara if the dum cvs use their brain and promote more of them the show might survive. Though I don’t watch it anymore left it when Akshara aka Hina left as cannot see a show that doesn’t appreciate commitment d dedication of a girl who gave 8 years to this show. But still naksh d Keerti also cannot match original Naitik and Akshara true gems of show. However Rishi D Mohena r 1000 times better than monkey couple Naira aka Shivangi d Kartik aka Mohsin Khan. This Kartik d Naira r irritating they will like some leech stick on to Naksh d Keerti honeymoon also. Hate Shivangi Joshi d her looks her voice she is horrible and also that kartik

  2. Sejsmiles

    Kartik can never get into naitiks shoes n naira not one bit near akshara. They should stick to on n off comedy n romance. Main leads r naksh keerti. Such lovely vibes frm them.

    1. Kaina1

      cvs ko kaise samajhaye ye baat unhe toh kaira ke sivay kuch bhi nahii dikhta

      1. Sejsmiles

        I guess kaira have some following which r louder than us. Wonder if CVs even see how ugly this naira is.

      2. File online petition. I’m sure people will support you.

  3. Fenil

    Hello everyone.
    So that person is Dadi Goenka that’s why she is hurrying up in marriage who listen Naira and Naksh talks.
    Karthik is just keep saying NaKsh cheated them hell with your concern.

    1. Fenil

      Whole episode went in Naira’s talks.
      Like this just sawing Keesh one glance they will finish their wedding.
      Great CVs great I think you have lost your mind.

      Kaina I m waiting for your comment today specially.

      1. Fenil

        Happy that CVs gave Keesh small glances of pheras….kya pata yeh bhi naseeb hote ya Nahi….Keesh is looking magical gorgeous cute beautiful.

      2. Drvidhi

        Right… Kirti looks marvellous in bridal attire… usko dekhte hi lagta hai ke kitni su maple hai
        And go Naira uska bridal look yad karo waha bhi sherni hi bani thi?

      3. Kaina1

        bhai i ahve posted my analysis yup to hell with karthik concern

    2. Ponkuri

      Oh is it Bro Fenil?? Its Dadi sho is listening in??? ??? yes I am wit u abt Karthik!!!
      Irritating only shout n throws temper? n only think of ppl cheating nvr think why is this happening???

    3. Agree with u at the time of kaira phere’s they took 2-3 episodes to complte this ritul nd over acting but at the time of kesh they fineshed it only few minute ….. Nd how can kartik say this about naksh when his owen dadi chited him nd its dadi who make naksh helpeless to do so how canbhe blme naksh …… Nd he know naksh aince long time after that he us sayingthis about him……

  4. Sachu

    Hi dears….. So what did we get to see in today’s episode ? Keesh’s pheras or Kaira emotional athyachar ? Seriously this was a bit too much. All of a sudden fairy wife became selfish sister in Karthik’s eyes…… Wah wah what an understanding between the two….. Karthik how dare u say that Naira loves Naksh more ? We will never tolerate such a big lie..
    Now we ll have to bear all the upcoming drama. In precap DG locks him up…. Manish n Suwarna doing Keerthi’s kanyadan was the only soothing thing to read. Keerthiiii stop crying gal be bold n face the world u ve got the bestest partner to support u so no worries…….
    Gdni8 guys tc waiting for all ur comments…….

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Sachu???yes ur right suddenly he sees Naira differently when b4 she is Goddess in his eyes… as much as Karthik u love ur sis of coz Naksh also loves his sis… Wat to compare? Just put urself in others shoes right Sis???

      1. Kaina1

        di karthik dosent have that much brain to think from naksh pov

  5. OMG!!! is it Naira who locked him in? i get your point Aku i know when someone is getting marry it is their big day and indeed importance should be given to them i stand corrected but i like Niara

    1. Aku

      Ofcourse yaar.. I too used to like naira and Karthik pair.. but this overdose of them.. made me irritated and frustrated with them.. I’m not against them but I don’t support them either now

  6. In this way keesh wedding track is sacrificed to kartik-naira insecurities. Yrkkh is over for me. Ms Shivangi Joshi and Mr Mohsin Khan go to hell.

    1. Purvi128

      Dear Kinjal…
      I don’t want to be rude … but who the hell are you to talk about them like this..!!
      Its very rude..
      I admit that this unjust to Keesh and they are just showing kaira, kaira nd kaira..
      But u don’t have any rights to talk about Shivi di nd Moshin like that…
      They are just doing playing their characters… its about kartik nd naira that everyone is opposing but not the real actors…. they shouldn’t be blamed. They’re doing what they’ve been instructed..
      I m sorry to say but at least don’t say like that… respect them…
      Even if you are not their fan, you don’t have any rights by any means to say this about them…!!
      They’re very talented actors and you should respect them.
      Sorry, if you felt bad but I needed to tell this.. I couldn’t tolerate this…!!
      Be happy..
      Nd sorry once again…!!

      1. Aku

        Well I agree they are playing characters what they are instructed to do so.. but they are instructed so cz of their own security so she isn’t wrong

      2. Aku


      3. Ponkuri

        Sis Purvi128 ur so right itz the characters we r not happy with not the actor n actress they r just playing out their script accordingly… Pls understand dun be too indulge in the drama??

      4. Kaina1

        dear purvi although i support you but all are bashing shivangi and mohsin becoz of the insecurity due to which all keesh wedding got spoile

      5. Miss purvi128 and Miss ponkuri

        Makers planned a great keesh wedding but it was scrapped due to insecurities of your shivi Di and mohsin. Naira fake pregnancy track was introduced just to please them and the wedding which was to be held in August is delayed to October. In wedding function we see kartik-naira romancing, performing all the
        rituals and 30 second of keesh scene in that too we see naira’s expression. Isn’t it great. This all was not supposed to be written in script but due to insecurities of the lead pair writers had to change the script.

        You like shivangi-mohsin you praise them, I won’t say a word against it. I am just giving my opinion which I think I am free to do. it’s just a matter of difference of opinions so it’s better I stay in my zone and you two in your own zone..

        Thanks for supporting Miss/Mr Aku

    2. Aku

      Hey Kinjal my name is aakanksha

  7. Kb se krtik swarna ki itni fikr krne lga ki wo usk lie apni lovly sis ki marrige rok raha hai…… I agrree he is right but how can he suddenly change for her……. Nd one thing is that dadi goenka is a loard for singhnaiyas or they all are mad ……bhahi ma is there with them she is more knowledgble than dadi nd also baisa us there ….nd in marwari family boy’s marriage happen according to grooma family tradition nd bride family has to follow…….. But what the hel they are asking dadi goenkacan we do it or that ….. Do it the way which u want …what the nwed to ask her……

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Anjali ??

  8. Drvidhi

    Not again ? episode dekhna to bandh hi hai an to update padhne mai bhi majha nai ata… fir se naya natak ? I think m seeing some other show I don’t think it’s yrkkh hai?

  9. Aku

    Yeah so someone yesterday was saying naira and Kartik learnt from their past is this what they learnt? To hurt elders.. and someone said about Hina Parul and Kanchi being cheap explain please? Why the hell was naira handling the Akshara’s death case? Naksh had always been close to Akshara naira never trusted belived her.. always hurt her she has no right to decide.. and agar itna hi shok tha mahan banane ka apni mom ke murder Ko maaf krne ka th pehle kyu bade natak ke Rahi thi.. jaise hi pata chala ki vh Goenka family ke member se hua suddenly maaf krdiya wow what a love.. this is how she manages her matka and sasural my foot! She is only a Goenka and not a Singhania she only cares for Goenka to that someone who said it’s about her and her managing mayka and sasural.. bloddy attention seeker and selfish and fake person

    1. Ya aku exactly…they compare naira with akshara no…when naman did wrong with family akshara did not leave him…nakshara sent him to jail…cvs r portraying naira to b nxt akshara…but no way..she can never be…agar naira akshara jaisi hai toh vo mansi ko jail bijwadeti ya kuch punishment deti…ek din mei maaf nahi karthi…

      Its better to show naksh bcoz..v dnt more connctn vth naira…v r connected to naksh more…his birth..childhood..teen…vn akshara was there varsha..anshu..each n every member of family is given importance…its better to keep keesh main leads and start a seperate show vth kaira..

      Did u all c maybelline add…omg she is luking chudail…n flauting kisses..yakk..ruhi was better than her in that add…

      1. Aku

        No I didn’t see the add.. send me the link.. and they should focus on naksh.. he is older and the son of Akshara whom she loved limitless.. jisse agar ek halki si kharoch b ajati th Akshara pura ghar SAR pr utha leti but now one is there.. Naitik ki feelings for naira I can understand as being a girl I’m too close to my dad than my mom.. but how can he forget naksh? I understand that after Akshara he is all broken.. but death of Akshara should have been handled in much matured way by naksh not by that stupid Ill mannered stupid immature naira

      2. DAMMMM did you see har look before she did that disgusting makeup and even after it she looked soooooooo BAD it did not suit har even a little bit.Now I get why she always has so much of makeup on her face in the show. Aditi( ruhi) and subha(Priyanka) are looking soo much better than her. I guess she should take some acting classes she seriously needs them she dosent even know how to act. Every time she does a crying/sad scene (which is basically every episode) its like she has asthama or breathing problems and is gasping for air. They should have made Gayu the lead she was realy like aakshara and soo much better than this stupid, eccentric, dramaqueen Naira.

    2. Exactly who the hell is that horrible looking Naira aka Shivangi to forgive Akshara murder in fact cvs don’t even have brain that no one in the world can forgive ones dear one murderer . Mansi should have been punished to run away from accidental site and not helping Akshara d the way cvs portrayed Akshara death sequence was pathetic I mean Akshara aka Hina Khan gave 8 years to this show d u behave like this. This Naira is a sick woman who had no right to intervene in Akshara death case only Naksh or Naitik or Rajshri had d right. I hated cvs even more after the way this disgust Naira aka Shivangi forgave Mansi I had seen that episode d I was like what the hell. As I had bid adieu to show with Akshara death I mean when Hina left d also when Karan original Naitik left only binding factor after Naitik exit was Hina aka Akshara d Rohan aka Naksh. And also this. Shivangi is disgusting looks wise , acting wise everything of hers is disgusting she cannot even match toenail of Hina Khan who is not just gorgeous but is a beautiful actress d a girl . Hina Khan is multi talented is gorgeous looking, beautiful actress, person, a phenomenal singer, she has been awarded Asia s*xiest woman for past 6 years in a row, and has won dada saheb award so Plz cvs don’t compare that horrible looking Shivangi with Hina aka Akshara

  10. Ponkuri

    Hi Sis Kaina Bro Fenil n Sis Anjana Anjali Sachu Ayesha Meena Sina n all???

    I enjoyed reading u guys comments yesterday it was really eye opening lots of opinions whether some agree n some against I just think its everyone own perspective right?? even the cvs they r writing according to their own point of view… As many here r getting enough of Naira n Kaira??? they shuld soften dwn Kaira spotlight abit??

    Today episode as much as I understand Karthik pov regarding it is hurting Kirti if Naksh did not loves her in the first place… but why Naksh had to take this measure its all becoz of the way Dadi treated Naira?

    Things alrdy come this far… ?? wonder how this is going to be solved?

    Can’t wait for u guys to give me more insights???

  11. Kaina1

    hi guys i am hoping that everyone is going grt
    so guys coming to episode well there is lot to bash and i will bash to all kaira fan dude if you wannna bash me bash me i dont care but i will bash kaira right left center becoz thanks to them my favourite serial from last 8yrs has gone to drain and now i dont care anything
    firstly TODAY FOR ME KARTHIK CHARACTER ALSO GOT BUTCHERED FOR NAIRA NOW FOR ME KARTHIK ISNT A HERO HE IS A SUPPORTING CAST LIKE MANISH AKHILESH SUWARNA SUREKHA i mean cvs you guys desparatly need to sit down and get clear of what you want to show how can you spoil the character of a hero just to show naira mahan guys seriously for the first time on yrkkh ANGRY YOUNG MAN has been glorified i mean common cvs from which moment did you guys started following this angry young man trend which are suppose to be speciality of ekta and gul show yrkkh always have a hero who is understanding ,mature , looks for the reason , and sensible be it naksh or naitik then why you followed angry young man trend anyways guys i am again advicing you all to plz go watch the old episode or even better read our comments i mean you always give karthik a dialog which says that you wont find a great lover like me oh really dude is this a great lover symptoms that you dont trust the person you CLAIM that you love most
    at varmala time karthik was like oh naira you are fairy you came and everything turned beautiful and now he is like oh naira you are so selfish
    guys literally today they spoiled karthik chracter also
    and yes y the hell karthik is behaving like “i am the best brother” when we all know he isnt becoz god know for how many years did keerto went through that torcher and he didnt even knew if he was a brother then he would have understood just by looking at face and it isnt that aditya use to beat keerti in a room he use to beat keerti in a hall in a party full of ppl all you need was to look at your sister but no karthik didnt even had a idea i mean guys look at naksh he look at at naira and he understand what is going wrong and here karthik didnt had a idea so for me now onward KARTHIK IS ALREADY A BAD SON A BAD BROTHER AND NOW A BAD HUSBAND TOO and yes when it was with naitik every girl wanted a husband like him even with naksh those dream boy feel come but with karthik no dude no i wont ever want a person like him in my life

    1. Aku

      No comments yaar..I m so done with this now..

      1. Kaina1

        even i am aku no hope left

    2. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina was waiting for ur comments n sure enough u can write this better than me??

      1. Kaina1

        ponkuri di i hav posted a long analysi this one was just a trailer

    3. Jitna rona he rolo cuz ur favs nakku n kirtiG are also known to be best at it. Ohh yes why would naira believe naksh words?? The guy who was unsure abt his feelings on his shadi day when he was getting ready with his shadi sherwani in hand. That guy who has been playing with someone else sister just for his own mahanataflop decision has no right to stand in front of kartik or even his own sister. till rakshbandhan epi naira many times asked him about his uneasiness around kirtiG but he choose to remain silent and continuously played with kirtiGs feelings by his fake eyelockkkkss n handholds. Naira ne pucha toh rote rote bolts he mumma papa se bhi zyada pyar hogaya humara wahhhh such a fekuu lol unsure abt feelings n marryin under pressure just for ur stupid mahanata are two different thing. Naitik akshara did not marry under pressure neither did naitik played along wd aksharaas emotions like nakku played with kiryiGs.N some intellectual would say their story is true real love story rofl do u guys even know what love is????? (U guys are just blind haters of kartik naira cuz u can not see them as leads as taking charge of LEAD characters as replacing the original lead aknk . That’s it.)

      I want a proper nakku kartik faceoff just to see nakku dhuulayi hoping n praying just the way kartik bajaioedd aditiya similarly he will bajaioedd this fake nakku who has been playing with his sisters emotions all along. He deserves it.

      About kartik n kartik argument that happened yesterday n you guys hatred to see the show leads taking the front seat I will just say on e word
      Jitna sar patakna he patkalooo
      Jitna rona he roolloo
      Jitna galli den age dedo kaira ko
      But hoga wahi jo manjoore creatives hoga.


      1. Aku

        Hona wahi hai jh apke pyare selfish and insecure Shivangi and Mohsin chahenge..

      2. Kaina1

        khyatizaa me toh bas itna kahungi ki bhagwan aapko sadh budhi de aur haan hoga wahi jo aapke insecure shivin ko pasand agar voh nahi hote toh august ki wedding ko october ke liye postponed nahi kiya jaata and yes are you even sure that you are a kaira fan ?? i mean dude today karthik character also went to drain all to show naira mahan and you still supportt this bullshit omg bhagwan aap ko thodi buddhi de de bas aur haan aapko abhi tak pata chal chuka hai ki hum naksh supporter hai toh plz hume reply mat kijiye comment on karthik and yes aapne kabhi yrkkh dekha bhi hai ya sirf aise is shivin ki tarah insecurity dekhana aagayi yahan pe aur haan aap chahe kitni bhi side lele we all know naksh is better then karthik almost 10000000000 times and now if his character is to spoiled than it would all be due to kaira and shivin so just shut up
        JALNE WAALE JAALTE RAHE aapko bhi pata hai ki jab tak naksh ka chracter cvs spoil nahi karenge tab tak karthik wont become grt so now they have spoiled to spoiled nksh character which they do

  12. Why did they spoil a beautiful episode of wedding with naira’s pathetic voice and kartik’s gussa.
    Shivangi joshi bhagwan ke liye please take classes on dialogue delivery ?

    Hina cheap as in ws sucking up to rajan shahi till karan left and after karan left she too ditched the show

    Parul is never seen in any shows other than rajan’s shows. She has pathetic acting again and a very bad hindi diction. Is in the television business only because of rajan shahi.

    Kanchi can neither act nor does she look.good. She sucked in aur pyar hogaya. If not for rajan shahi she wouldn’t be in tv serials as well.

    And shivangi na shakal na akal i am sure she got chances in shows like beintehaa etc even though she sucks at acting because of lobbying.

    1. Aku

      I agree regarding Shivangi.. but Kanchi and Hina are much better than this stupid shameless insecure selfish Shivangi..

  13. So after the last however many months…. cvs have made us swallow so much Laura, from romance scenes, to unparallel acts (such as Naira finding karthik in the boot of his car when he went missing) & all the family members commenting on how the make such a perfect couple…& then we have today’s episode… wow! I couldn’t believe my eyes…what a fantastic couple they are…. So fantastic that they can’t even stop & listen to each other for five minutes that too for such a serious issue…. cvs please can you make up your mind ….are Kaira supposed to make the perfect couple or are they supposed to be the immature couple that you are displaying??
    The both of them are supposed to be so mahaan & so good at maintaining relationships yet they can’t maintain their own marriage? turning on each other at the drop of a hat, & then screaming & running after each other with a houseful of guests…. cvs you have completely ruined their characters & make them look more & more immature by the day ?

  14. Not bearable, cz d wedding day of keesh also snatched by this cheap kaira…hate it a lot….. Bye forever to yrkkh….. ?

  15. Kaina1

    all right guys the episode start with karthik and his drama along with naira i mean guys see today how nicely they are opposing dadi goenka with baisa kaira were shouting at the top of their voice i know it was that suddhikaran puja but this is also kanayadaan and yes now dont come up with excuse that two things are different i know they are all i want to point is that you can oppose or argue decently without shouting like they did in this scene well guys just tell me from which moment did karthik started giving that “maa-baap se badh kar aur kon chahega bacho ki khusi lecture” dear karthik manish and suwarna were ur parents also at the time of ur marriage too but at that time you didnt thought this you happily gave all their right to akhilesh and surekha without thinking how must they feel anyways when karthik said that lets ask keerti i was so happy i was like finally they will ask something abt keerti to keerti but but how i forget that cvs are ardent fan of naira they wont let any1 take away lime-light from her so b4 karthik could speak all arrive and manish suwarna do the kanyadaan and karthik thank naira and look at dg with smile anyways moving ahead kush come to karthik becoz luv fall down then both cry and karthik to cheer them up use his phone guys first tell me do surekha and akhilesh even know that luv-kush are their childeren i mean all the time it is naira who take of luv-kush or karthik does surekha even have a idea where her childeren are ?? believe me guys when ever there is marriage in my house we keep one servant just to keep a eye and take care off childeren becoz firstly it a marriage so crowed they may get lost secondly we all are so busy so one servant take car of only childeren and goenkas are so rich they can affford a nanny anyways karthik sees a video and yes he is furious at naksh and then he start his bang bang like what naksh think himself of f ude i can ask same question to you what you think yourself off jab mann chah naksh naksh naksh and when you know thing you are like what the hell which anyways he keep going with bang bang and naira tries to explain him but he shrugs-her-off dude then he goes all the way to marriage hall but naira arrive with key and lock (in such a short span frm where did she got them) and locks and then another session of karthik bang bang and naira begging karthik to trust her but know he wont calm down here during pheras shinghaniyas are talking abt kaira when it is there only son wedding dude how mean was that but dg hears it anyways kaira argument goes on and on wit naira finally asking doesnt karthik trust her ?? will she let anything go wrong with keerti??? to which karthik gives veridict that she is a selfish sister and she thought only of naksh well dude is this the way you behave with the person whom you claim to love most i mean naira was literally begging him to trust her and he was not even listiening dear kaira fans is this what you call true love is this what you mean by saying that karthik is a greatest lover anyways dear karthik naksh is the last person on the earth about whom ur beloved wife will think dear if naira comes to shinghaniya sadan then i want her to come becoz her self respect is important becoz her intention were mis-interpretated not becoz she wants to settle keerti in her married life and if latter is the case then starplus go to hell for nayi soch dude literally karthik is worried for her sister seriously all these years when keerti was suffering from abuse he didnt even care but now all of sudden brother emotion in karthik wake-up and guys now dear kaira fans come up with your theory of kaira are greatest lover and how you approved this act of karthik and i promise i wont think twice b4 clearling ur illusion i mean seriously are cvs thinking kaira as next nakshara replacement i mean no one cvs no one will even watch your crap if that happens

    1. There is no point in expecting naira to talk nicely to naksh.. when she doesn’t know how to talk to the people who are triple her age and have more wisdom experience and knowledge than her.. she can shout on them then naksh is nobody to her.. all her love and care and so called fikr for naksh is all fake.. all she cares about is I m and myself and her so called fake Goenka villa.. she is a double facet arrogant hypocrite and it’s our mistake that we were expecting we will get some keesh scenes but jab tak Shivangi hai esa ho Ni Sakta cz she is a blo*dy insecure immature selfish arrogant and attention seeker person jh kisi aur Ko popularity mile vh dekh Ni Sakti.. she can stoop low to any level to gain attention.. Shivangi ne lead role le th Liya but uska asli essence nah hi usse smj Aya hai nah hi kabhi ayega.. this shows her mentality and the immaturity level

  16. Ya aku exactly…they compare naira with akshara no…when naman did wrong with family akshara did not leave him…nakshara sent him to jail…cvs r portraying naira to b nxt akshara…but no way..she can never be…agar naira akshara jaisi hai toh vo mansi ko jail bijwadeti ya kuch punishment deti…ek din mei maaf nahi karthi…

    Its better to show naksh bcoz..v dnt more connctn vth naira…v r connected to naksh more…his birth..childhood..teen…vn akshara was there varsha..anshu..each n every member of family is given importance…its better to keep keesh main leads and start a seperate show vth kaira..

    Did u all c maybelline add…omg she is luking chudail…n flauting kisses..yakk..ruhi was better than her in that add…

  17. Kaina1

    and guys yrkkh hai cvs are seriously taking inspiration from ishqbazz well from clothing to jewellary to karthik ka phone phekna in today episode everything ishqbazz style
    common cvs itne bure din aagaye tumahare???
    well guys did some1 tell me that keesh took phere today i mean yaar unko toh humne kuch second ke liye dekha bas and yes kirti is looking so beautifull in bridal attire i wanted to look at her only magar cvs tumhe toh chen nahi hai bina kaira ke keesh are really goals yaar i mean they dont love each other but atleast they listen to what other is speaking unlike kaira who love eachother but never listen to eachother
    well guys is it me only or does anyone else notice that even in kaira it is karthik who is always wrong and naira always right cvs tumne toh karthik ko bhi nahi choda from you naira ko mahan prove karo logic

  18. Kaina1

    aur bahi koi shivangi ko ja ke bolo ki apni voice moulation theek kare i mean yaar jab akshara ke saath kuch bura hota that ab humme bhi rona aata that aur yahan pe naira ke sath kuch bura hota hai toh hume irritation hoti hai naira se all due that poor voice modulation skill yaar plz koi toh bol do shivangi se

  19. Maryam_ishq

    Yrkkh has sadly lost its charm now. It was one of the best shows during the time it started…. It was a stry of how the couples adjust to their new world… how they overcome their differences… how they get to knw each other better and understand each other well…. how they complement each other…. how they become each other’s support in difficult times…. how the two families bond with each other and so much more. U could relate to tht stry in real life so much. Naitik and akshara were just phenomenal… their romance was so natural and the understandin they had between each other was amazing… I adored them a lot and the best part was there was no villain in their stry. They had differences between them sometimes but they would solve it out by themselves.
    I used to like kaira a lot but aftr marriage the spark between them can’t be seen… they have lost their charm. We get to see them being so childish… romancing everywhere like literally everywhere… like dude ur hanging and u might fall any time breakin ur bones but u want to kiss ur wife… srsly tht’s so dumb. They have become very immature… they go on shouting at their family members whenever they are upset.
    Naira didn’t believe naksh when he told her tht he has strted to love kirtiji now… she didn’t trust him even a bit. I agree she felt bad for kirti and it was right as kirti has faced many prblms in her life and she deserves each and every bit of happiness. But she didn’t feel bad for naksh at all… she didn’t understand tht for her happiness her brother sacrificed all his wishes and happiness and agreed to marry kirti so tht naira’s life doesn’t get affected in any way. Naksh was thinkin all the time abt naira only… he wanted her to trust him… and he was so hurt when she said tht he could be lieing now as well. It hurts so much when a dear one of urs doesn’t trust u and doubt on ur words…. And naksh I am out of words to appreciate him… he did so much for naira and all she did was caring abt wht others will think, the least she could so was feel bad.
    Dadi Goenka is such an irritating person… she behaves so nicely sometimes and other times she shows her true self. I am pretty sure she heard naksh and naira’s convo tht’s why she was askin the pandit to hurry with the marriage. Just caz kirti’s marriage wasn’t successful the first time… she’s blaming Suwarna for it when she herself was always singing praises abt her so called “Damad ji” and she must have only brought tht proposal for kirti…. She used to always pester kirti to adjust in her sasural and obey her husband… she never bothered to listen to wht kirti wanted to say. Suwarna was the first one in tht house who sensed tht there’s some tension between kirti and aditya but nobody listened to her … and dadi is now blaming her for kirti’s first marriage. She didn’t care abt her son’s desire to do his daughter’s kanyadan rather ordered akhilesh and surekha to do it…. She shushed them up when they tried to reason with her.
    Coming to Kartik… I am extremely disappointed with his character. They have made him so childish, immature, impulsive and wht not. Be it anywhere… anytime he could go on singing praises abt his wife naira… and claims tht he loves her a lot in the world. If u love her so much wouldn’t u give her a chance to clarify herself rather thn bursting all his anger upon her without even listening to wht she is saying fully. He reaches to conclusions himself without thinkin abt it or the consequences following them. In his mother’s matter also he hated manish for so many years without his fault… I agree tht he saw his mother fighting with manish and accusing him of stuff and commiting suicide…. But he never tried to see the other side… he only saw his mother’s side and assumed tht as the truth whereas it was only half the truth. Aftr seeing the video… his anger is justified to some extent as he’s worried for his sister’s future and her dreams and he wants her to be happy always and not face any of the trauma ever again…. But whtever naksh did was caz of his family’s behavior esp his dadi’s… aftr seeing dadi questioning naira and seeing naira’s marriage in prblm, which brother would bear tht caz of him his sister’s house can get destroyed. Naksh took this decision thinkin abt all the consequences and most importantly his sister’s happiness which is very important for him. And Kartik is blaming naksh for betraying his sister and his family …. When did naksh betray u guys man? Ur family’s behavior forced him to take such a decision and he wasn’t happy at all… he sacrificed his happiness for the well being of both the families. Naira’s tellin u tht naksh is doin the marriage whole heartedly now thn wht is the prblm. The only moment I liked him in today’s episode was when he supported manish and Suwarna…. Otherwise the rest of the episode was just his impulsive behavior.
    I doubt whether keesh marriage is goin on in yrkkh… more thn thm we get to see kaira and their childish romance or the family worryin on small stuff… one small thing happens and all the ladies go like HAW.
    Keerti is lookin drop dead gorgeous in the red lehenga…. This outfit is much better thn the pink one frm the band baaja badhaiyan promo. Keesh are slaying in their outfits… they look soooo perfect together…. Nazar na lage tu tu tu. I wanna see their romance… it’s totally different and so natural… the audience can connect with them more thn kaira. They are so mature and their romance is of anthr level only…. They bring a smile on ur face… naksh blushin and tryin to compliment keerti and keerti shyin away and remeberin their old moments.
    I am commenting on this page aftr a long time…. Puri bhadas nikal di main nai apni. Though I used to disagree with some of kaina sis opinions but now I totally agree with them. Kaira fans…. I don’t hate kaira but they have become very immature right now. Fenil bro and kaina sis waiting for ur comments on my super long comment.
    I totally frgt abt the makeup and jewellery of naira… it makes me wanna puke.

    1. Aku

      I support fully each and every word of yours.. you have wrote all that which I wanted to say

    2. Just A Few Words

      I am amazed on how much we all remember which the PH forgot! I wish they read this page! Phenomenal Maria! Not a regular though but I try to let out the frustration once in a while here! I started out recently as I couldn’t keep the feelings contained to myself! Hi five on the analysis of all the characters

  20. So I love Kaira…..I absolutely love Naira….Kartik s d most unreasonable character…nd Naira s goddess with most sense….I mean hasn’t Kartik heard d concept of love after marriage??Nd people who were trying to justify Naira nd kaira..Ur viwes after today’s episode??Day by day show s getting pathetic..There s a limit 2 everything….Kaina1 i sincerly requset u 2 write a letter 2 starplus regarding this show..Its better that either they improve d story r wrap up d story as it has already reached a saturation point..

  21. I am saying only one that i hate this real and ignorance between kartik naira. Because in this Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai serial i like siblings, family but mostly i like couples like akshara naitik, naksh kirti, and especially kartik naira. Because after akshara naitik the main lead couples is kartik naira. So, please please don’t do not never bring this separation track between kartik naira. Because kartik naira is made for each other.

  22. So Kartik thinks naksh is being selfish while his family is based upon selfishness. When naksh and the singhaniya family came to know about manshi’s truth they forgave her (which was way too annoying) and Kartik was so happy about it, he hated his father and swarna for years thinking they caused her mother’s death while it was a suicide. I don’t know but if the actors are making the writers to change the script according to their preference then may be CVS should change the actors, I mean people loved Karan and Hina but they accepted it when they were removed or replace from the show

  23. This Kartik is so annoying, did he forget the day he said yes to marry Gayu on Nairas insistance. Here he is saying Naksh selfish but what would Naksh get after getting married with Keerti? what would be the benefit of singhaniyas on that, rather it is beneficial for Keerti. Why cant he say anything to his hypocrate dadi. And the most important thing after knowing the reality of his mothers death he even didnt say sorry to his dad for a single time and still calling him Mr Goenka, such an insensitive person.
    Did he forget how his daadi was putting pressure on Naira to talk to singhaniyas about keesh weeding. I can understand afterall he is Goenka thatswhy he is stupid. This whole weeding scene of keesh finished by kairas annoying romance and stupid fight.
    It would be much better if Naksh would have told all reality to keerti before marriage about how he said yes for the wedding due to daadi but now he likes keerti and want to marry her bcoz keerti is the bride and she have full rights to know reality rather than kartik and naira.

    1. Aku

      Kartik and naira are two stupid shameless insecure hypocrites who wants things to go their own way.. if someone else does anything they have to become insecure and grab attention blo*dy attention seekers.. they have never understood the meaning of relations so how would they maintain them.. naksh jisne humesha se sabko smjha hai sare relations jodhe b hai and nibhaye b hai ache se.. these two fake people can never understand it.. Shivangi Ko th kick out krdena chahiye iss show se.. fake person overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan and blo*dy insecure selfish girl

  24. To all the naira kaira supporters tell me one thing agar tumhare naira kaira itne hi ache and mahan hai.. th show no. 1 position se no. 7 position pr kyu chala Gaya.. afterall pichle 2 months 24*7 kaira kaira naira naira hi th ho Raha hai show mei.. baki sab th puppets hai sirf.. show piece ke liye.. explain please

  25. Aku

    To all the kaira naira supporters kindly explain me if your kaira Anita is go great then why did the show came down from no. 1 spot to no. 7 in week 40 despite all that’s being shown is kaira kaira naira and naira only and nothing else from past 3 months.. jinki shadi thi unko th dikhaya b Ni.. fir show no. 1 pe kyu Ni hai? Please explain

    1. on twitter and indiaforums people are saying kirti naksh are torture. They don’t even want to see their post wedding rituals. They are not kaira or kartik fans but shivangi fans. Same insecure as shivangi is. All we got was naira naira naira in d wedding and they say kirti naksh are reason behind low trp or kirti naksh arw torture.
      Wah! Itni ghatiya soch sirf shivangi fans ki hosakti hai

      1. Aku

        Ohhhh Shivangi ke fans b ussi ki tarah hai.. as expected.. inhe nah ek alag show start krdena chahiye with Shivangi jismei uske ilava aur koi nah ho.. let’s see kitna chalta hai vh show with that bandariya

  26. Vrushy di where r u?????
    I am missing you so much and especially your ffs??????????
    Come back soon Pls pls pls pls pls

  27. Just A Few Words

    Why, why, why the PH is interested to increase our BP always! What did we ask for? Some keesh scenes and family scenes! For this they shouldn’t punish us more with kaira scenes(missed to watch the episode, good part – less headache, bad part – yet to see the wedding shown in bits & pieces)! Everyone has talked so much about Kaira being forced upon us. Agreed and point taken. What I failed to understand is how did Mr.Rajan and his team think to change the show format to
    a single lead oriented show? Even if that was done it’s half cooked and a pure mess now. Show some consistency in Naira’s character and Karthik’s if projecting as leads! I am so done with each other not trusting each other but speaking dialogues like we will trust each other, we will tell everything to each other(again not necessary). There can be somethings in their respective zones! Not something big as the Naksh’s issue they had their recent fight. I really wonder how only that part of Naksh’s conversation was recorded when many things could have been done that way to solve the problems. Anyways coming to Naira and Karthik, I remember an old saying in tamil – asai 60 naal, moham 30 naal! So in 90 days all love, lust are done and dusted! That’s the best translation I could give guys! Anyone who can better translate the line I told are welcome to do so. No comparison to the before and after leap stories! Either the PH thinks we have amnesia or we will watch any crap served to us! How can someone do such a relatable show for so many years and fall back after it? Did they want to extend running the show for the sake of it? Lastly, vo naam, power kis kaam ki hai jise kisisko bhi faydha na Ho?? This is referring to Goenka family power and name and et al claimed by them!
    I am typing from mobile and I am very groggy! Forgive me guys of parts of it didn’t make sense!
    Missing Missy in action. Kaina-lol! I got yrkkh adopting ishqbaaz style Long back in one episode. Fenil – if u remember that episode pls brief in Kaina! I just wanted to see one marriage fully! Keesh ka! Yeh log tho shadi ko trailer jaisa banadiya. Not so like yrkkh. To others who think we loved only Hina and Karan so we are bashing current episodes and so called leads – pls go get a life. No denying we loved Hina and Karan but we embraced the change. We gave enough love and support to the new people. Else YRKKH would have been closed down. The current track or the way things are handled in the show are no good.

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