Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu and Naira hugging and crying. Akshara says our daughter have grown up. Naitik says they got mature. Akshara says what can be big thing that you both thought for each other. Naitik says we are proud of you. Akshara says we all are with Gayu. Gayu thanks her and says our lives got saved from ruining. Akshara, Naitik and Rama leave. Gayu hugs Naira.

Its morning, Baisa asks whats all this. Devyaani says Naira made breakfast for Gayu. Baisa says its good, where are they. Naitik says Naira went to call Gayu. Naira comes and signs no. Naitik says I will take breakfast for Gayu, Akshara is preparing breakfast for everyone. Naira asks him to serve cupcakes with chocolates and not give her water. They smile. Naitik says okay and takes food. Naira apologizes

to Mishti for sending her to Nani’s house. Mishti says I m not angry on that, you have hurt Kartik, you are useless and stupid. Naira says Mishti… Mishti scolds her. Naira apologizes.

Naira asks her to help and give some serial idea to convince Kartik. Mishti gives her idea. Naira signs no. Mishti says I have said hit tracks and you did not like it. Naira says its Kartik and Naira’s love story. Mishti says fine, then you find out. Naira thinks how to convince Kartik. Akshara says for heart matters, don’t trouble mind, heart is connected to heart, when there is love, there is a way. Naira smiles.

Mishti calls Kartik and says you are smart, Naira is stupid. He says Naira did not call me till now, you suggest me ideas. Mishti says okay I know, you can’t do anything without me, I m there. Naira recreates a beautiful setup of all the places where Kartik and she met. Chukar gai…..plays……… Naira smiles and decorates the place. She messages Kartik that she has to say something, will he come to listen.

Kartik gets her message and smiles. He replies what. Naira smiles and says I can’t say on phone, its special, come soon, I m excited to say. He jumps yes yes. He sees people on road looking at him and says sorry. Ye wo khushi hai jo…….plays……… He looks at his clothes and thinks to go mall and change clothes. Naira gets a dress and dances. Kartik changes in the mall. He sees Naira’s pic and says I m coming Naira. Naira gets dressed and waits for him. She dances. She sees a light gone. Kartik gets locked in dressing room and knocks for help. He says door got stuck, is anyone there. Naira climbs on the ladder to fix light and ladder falls. The ladder breaks all the setup and even lights go off.

Kartik says open door fast, else tigress will eat me, I m fine as frog, I would have jumped and reach there, why did I become prince. Watchman opens the door. Naira sits crying. Kartik runs on the roads and reaches Naira. He sees the dark place and uses phone torch. He sees the setup ruined. He wonders why did Naira call him here, in this junkyard, is she playing a prank with me. He goes out and collides with Naira. They say sorry, and see each other. He says you wrote its something special in message, but there was nothing like that, but mistake is mine, you are Naira, did you do anything right, you are queen or wrong things. She asks did you see that, now go. He asks why did you call me to show that. She says I m mad. He says I knew it.

She says fine, go where you get sensible people like you. He asks did you call me to make me leave, I love you so I worried, you think you are smart, you did not understand my feelings and even your feelings, now you understood and even then ego comes in between, its simple thing, a guy loves you, you love a guy, so you can’t make the guy marry your sister, you are stupid. You are a frog, you are middle agent to get commission by fixing marriage, its Lord’s mistake to make you in free time while enjoying summer vacation, you are complicated piece. Naira cries. He asks Lord why did he make Naira, atleast an instruction manual would be provided, or told him that he will meet Naira in his life, he would get warning on what will he face, Lord wanted to have fun seeing me, now put something in her head. She cries.

Kartik holds her and says look at me Naira, look in my eyes, do you see love, if not, then listen to me carefully, I m saying once, fine if you understand then I will tell you all my life, else its last time today, I love you, I really love you, now I will just love you, as its just you in my life, no one else, I won’t let anyone come in my life, I won’t be part of anyone’s love, this frog loves you, I will live and die with you. Yeh rishta kya ……plays………… He asks her to say. She gets away. He says fine, and walks away.

She runs and hugs him. She apologizes to him. He says no, you can’t understand. She says I understood. He says then you would have said it, you will never understand, leave it. She says I love you…. He gets stunned and looks at her. They smile. He asks her to say it again, I did not hear it well. She holds his hand and says I love you. They have an eyelock. She says I love you so much and keeps on saying. They both happily cry and smile. He says I love you too Naira.

He sees the ring and signs its given by him. She nods. He removes the ring and makes her wear it again to get engaged. They hug. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…..plays………….. They smile. Tree leaves fall on them. He picks it and laughs. She says I feel Lord wants something else, I have setup all that and you have seen it. He says its our love story, it can’t be normal, storm, earthquake will come on our union. They smile. He cups her face. He compliments her looks. They sit holding hands and smile spending good moments……

Naitik says my family feels society takes interest in other’s life so your family should know. Kartik says I don’t have any family, I have none in this world. Naira looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Avishi

    Finally naira proposed karthik
    Kaira is looking so cute
    And precap is awesome
    Love kaira todays is soo good episode

  2. waaahh.kaira reunion nd luv u kaira…let u be in real lyf olso be kaira..hope no prblms in ur lyf..happy nd exyted fo kaira..
    kaira fo eva nd bring sum romance btw kaira…:)

  3. ye finally naira accepted

  4. Awwwwhhh….. Love the Kaira scene ???????? this is amazing… they look adorable n cute together ???

  5. Yay

  6. Sooooooooo happy to watch Kaira together. Waiting to see more of their cute moments.♡♡♡☆☆☆★★★♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥★★★★★★♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡★♡

  7. Amalina

    Yaaaaaas, I love ❤️ u kaira.

  8. Wow wowo superb episode
    kaira are amazing
    how beautiful they look b together n superb performances
    Hope they always stay together duringall the times bad or good

  9. Such a lovely episode …so so so…….happy.can’t express

  10. Ishram


  11. Kaira lover ❤❤

    Haaye maaza ayega yeh dekh ke they both looked so cute today…. ?Hope to see more cute scenes between them. I loved how naira was so much excited! Wat a coincidence last month on 12the October karthik proposed her nd today on 12th November she proposed him! Love dem 2 moon n back kaira ❤❤❤

  12. Finally Kaira Milan……Luvvvs uuhhh vryyy much. ….Kaira….uh r d best couple in this whole world….

  13. Today’s episode was aww

  14. Vrushy

    Everything was just so perfect in todays episode. Kaira were looking superb. The chemistry was just awsome. But the dialouges just stole the show today. Whatever kaira said today to each other was just so intense and amazing and had profound meaning to every word.
    Finally,happy days have started !!

  15. Forum Thakkar

    Is it true that Heena Khan is leaving?

  16. There are rumer that shivin is dating

  17. Laura bang on?

  18. Finally Karthik and Naira together… I read some ver that Akshara character will come to an end in dis show… As she is busy with new production setup

  19. omg!!!this cannot b anymore cuter.truely kaira love story is proposal date on tv our kartik n naira r kaira..yayyyyy!!!!!i love kaira.

  20. just love this programme and esp akshara and kiara. already feel that am a part of this family. hope they dont spoil the programe and keep up with a good happy storyline

  21. loveeeeeeed the proposal.. watched it a dozen times already and can’t get enough! Amazing script and chemistry.. i’m at peace now 🙂

  22. Great episode love you kaira

  23. please dont make akshara leave the show. she is the strength of this serial. she is the main reason for everyone to watch this show. please change the storyline. maybe convince her to give less time for this serial but dont let her leave please.

  24. Band karo serial

  25. Kisne shivangi joshi ki casting ki hai sada hua face hate kaira hina ke show chodne ke rajan shahi kyu show chala rahe hai

    1. So according to u looks run a show ??? how low u talk about people .talk about characters not about their ooka or offscreen .others also can talk about ur celeb but people r not blinded by love for celeb…Some people are casted based on looks but some people purely based on performance n acting skills which shiviangi is doing and people love her for her acting where some celebs needs glamour n looks to attain chill if ur celeb is leaving the show then u also move on where ever she goes . probably she might get a bolkywood film or better show. why spread negativity .show may not be top may not run also that doesn’t mean u talk bad fir a show which made ur celeb a chill n move on . every show will have a destiny so yrkkh.

  26. Guys you think after hina exit show going to top

  27. lovely episode…..
    love u yrkkh….
    finally naira proposed kartik….
    want to see their lovely moments and their marrige as well….
    again want to say I love you so much yrkkh…..

  28. I really dont know my opinion hurt shivangi darling fan manu

  29. I really dont know my opinion hurt shivangi darling fan

  30. please dont make akshara leave the show. shes the life of the show. atleast get kaira married infront of her please its a request. get them married in aksharas presence.

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