Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik smiling and taking Akshara’s pic. He gets a call and leaves. Akshara looks for him and thinks did he go again…. Naitik calls them out and asks them to come upstairs soon. They smile. Akshara gets relieved. Bhabhimaa says we all will celebrate Akshara’s birthday. Mishti cuts the cake. They all sing song and clap. Rajshri and Vishwamber say Akshara is very happy and said Naitik gave her good surprise. Baisa says these days, children are happy outside home. Baisa introduces Tara and asks her to cover herself with pallu. Tara greets Mama ji. Mama ji gets backache.

Naitik shows God of love and Naksh goes to buy one. Naitik recalls talking to Ravi. Ravi asks him to come fast. Naitik says I can’t come, tell me on phone. Ravi says you have to take

the girl. Naitik asks why, I did all formalities and gave money, I m away, I can’t come. Ravi says fine, we will come there with the girl, as per orders, we can’t keep the girl now. Naitik worries.

Mama ji tells about his pain. Tara asks him to say where is the pain. He says waist…. Tara asks him to lie down on the sofa. Everyone look on. Tara massages his waist and applies some pressure on his bones. The elders worry. Tara asks Mama ji to get up slowly now, did it make any difference. Mama ji says great, I feel I never had pain. Tara says my coach says we can get rid of pain by exercises, I will tell you some. Elders smile. Bau ji asks Mama ji to take rest. Baisa says Tara crossed limits today. Tara gets puzzled.

Naitik wonders if he is doing right, but he has no way now. Akshara does shopping along him and laughs. Baisa says Mama ji is your Mama Sasur, how can you be so shameless. Everyone worry. Devyaani says Tara is young, she does not know all this. Baisa scolds Tara. Tara argues with Baisa and cries. She says I play short clothes only when I play hockey, I m also someone’s daughter and sister, I do my roles well, anyone can do any work when determined, I know Akshara aunty is good bahu, I can’t become like her, why should I, I m Tara, I have my own identity, I m happy the way I m, I can’t become like you want, I m trying to cooperate since I came here, Baisa I m sorry I m different, I don’t want to change myself for anyone. She leaves. They all worry.

Naitik spends time with family and sees watch. A lady shows board of traditional clothes on rent. Akshara sends Naksh and Naira to go to restaurant saying she is going to meditate. Varsha thanks Shaurya for managing Ananya. Vishwamber says we are going on Akshara’s birthday. Nannu says I m not coming, Baisa and Tara fought, Mishti told me. Rajshri says poor Akshara has something or the other trouble always, she will come from good mood and will have to see all this. Ravi calls Naitik and asks him to come. Naitik prays and goes. Akshara dresses in traditional clothes and smiles seeing Naitik coming towards her running. He passes by and she gets shocked. She follows Naitik and thinks where did he go.

Baisa asks Bau ji to book her tickets. Bau ji says you won’t go anywhere. She says no, I won’t stay where I don’t have respect. He says its Akshara’s birthday today. Mishti says I will go with Baisa. She tells Devyaani that she will convince Baisa as Naksh did, and argues with Baisa. Baisa laughs and this girl is spicy chilly. Mishti says thanks for agreeing, you smiled, it means your anger went. They all smile. Mishti says we will prepare for Akshara’s birthday now. Devyaani says but we did not think what surprise will we give her.

Shaurya gets a call and tells Varsha that he has to rush, his friend met with a big accident. Varsha says I will come along. Shaurya says no, I will go and see him, you all go to Akshara’s house, I will come there. He leaves. Varsha looks on. Naitik runs to reach Kuhu. He meets Kuhu and Akshara spots him. She thinks she is same girl and recalls.

Akshara calls Naitik and he lies to her. She gets sad and says I will come there, where is he. He says no, I m very far, I have to leave, sorry, I will come India later, we will celebrate your birthday in India, take my belongings, I have to leave now. She says fine. He ends call. She gets worried by his lies. Naitik leaves with Kuhu and asks her not to cry. He passes by Akshara and does not realize its her, as she is wearing traditional clothes. Akshara cries and says whats Naitik hiding, why was that girl calling Naitik as Papa.

Naksh asks Akshara where is Naitik. Akshara cries and says I will always remember this trip and my birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shaurya is mre younger than ranveer,
    Varsha is younger than ananya,pls improve ur casting.
    Pls change actress who play tara role,she is not match for naksh,and she is lik older than naksh,she is perfct for nagative role,pls change actress who play tara

  2. sarayu (honey)

    kuhu is shaurya’s daughter

    1. Yes she is

  3. Noooo comments…….its OK……great den first time I will be first to post a comment …….todaes epi was good but felling sad for akshara as well as for Tara …..why is naithik hiding the truth from akshara poor………and why is baisa so much purane zammane waalli very good response did Tara give to you ……..and Tara didn’t do anything wrong……she did it genuinely but your intentions and your way of looking is so cheepo baisa ……poor Tara I’d doing so much to get balanced in the family everyone has accepted her why aren’t you biasa accepting her………whatsoever noe…….plz naithik don’t do this with your so loving wife akshara…..:( 🙂

  4. Pls bring reality storyline,hw possible shaurya hav daughter lik ananya and lik kuhu,pls bring positive twist,dont degrade shaurya character

  5. How stupid it is!! Suddenly shaurya has daughter of nannus age and these people will show how they betrayed their wives and bullshit!! Concept of show is getting similar to other shows!! Nothing different and special abt yrkkh anymore..

  6. I wish Kuhu was Naitik’s daughter. It would be a nice twist….Naitik having another family in hongkong !

    Baisa is so stupid but I don’t like the person playing Tara’s character also….pls change her.

  7. Feeling bad for akshara

    1. Don’t feel bad for akshara i always belive to a naitik he is always a very gud husband nd carying loving .. Supportive nd he always respect to akshara . There behind some condition on that that’s why naitik did’nt told to akshara. But iam always belive him that kuhu is not a naitik’s daughter nd this serial is always best serial in the whole world. Plz don’t be a judgement on your own firstly u watch it a full story then decide what is ri8 nd what is wrong

  8. dis is only serial where they value family relations that is reason even though there r may dramatic scenarios happens bt loves to watch bt these days this serial seems to be an fictional n boring n does nt match to reality firstly naksh and tara marriage as when akshara left capetown naksh is around 7-8 yrs after 10 yrs leap naksh should be max 20-21 hw come they prepare for naksh wedding it is such a funny ..instead u can turn that as some teenage infatutation..n tara’s mindset is still a child like..
    I would suggest directors to show some sensible stuff in the serial…
    and other twist is shaurya daughter kuhu..this is another boring…pls add some interesting n sensible serial..

    1. Day by day this serial become intersting some time twist in the serial have become more intersting nd beside this sequence the serial show the relationship between naitik nd akshara. Nd another u are tara is a very boring character the marker decide tara character become a negative or become remove from the serial

  9. Till now not sure who is the father of Kuhu:Naitik or Shaurya ? May it be anyone , everyone’s heart will surely break .

  10. I am disheartened by the way people degrade the actress portraying Tara. She’s doing a good job as Tara and there is chemistry between Naksh and Tara. The CVs should balance the romance between Akshara and Naitik and Naksh and Tara. What’s this about stopping Naksh and Tara’s marriage? They had an extra-ordinary engagement and suddenly they break up? CVs are seriously disappointing numerous young fans. Ananya and Ranveer seem to be slowly warming up to each other. It would be nice to see more romance between the younger generation nd the older generation. Naitik and Akshara would be the main focus and then Naksh and Tara. Please don’t break Naksh and Tara or turn Tara negative or replace her. Rohan and Umang are perfect, please don’t change the dynamics between them. They have great chemistry just like Hina and Karan.

  11. is kuhu shauray’s daughter??

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