Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naitik gets stressed on seeing Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira getting a taxi. Kartik leaves in his car. Driver apologizes. Kartik asks him not to be late again. Naitik comes there and says Naira is gone, what to do now. Dean greets Kartik and says I have to discuss something, you are the trustee and have to take all decisions. Naira says let me go in, I will miss my class. Guard says sorry, you can’t go without the ID. She says he will get a chance to scold me. Kartik thinks to teach her if she comes late. Naitik gets her ID. She says thanks, I forgot it. He says I called you and you didn’t answer. She says sorry, you had to come far. He says its fine, weather is good, go for your class now. She goes. Naitik gets sugarcane juice. He sees Kartik. He gets shocked. He recalls Naira’s words and drops the glass. He stumbles.

A man holds her. Naira sees Kartik and goes to her seat.

He asks the importance of HR management in business. Everyone raises hands, except Naira. She sees an incoming call. He asks Naira to answer. He asks don’t you know the answer. He says its not so. She answers about human resource management, it deals with issues related with compensation, performance management, organization development benefits, employee training, motivation etc. He gets surprised. He says this was an easy question, lets try another one, define corporate sustainability, don’t you know this, I thought you have all the answers, come on hurry up. She sees a message and gets shocked. She leaves. He looks on shocked. Tanvi says don’t get her wrong, maybe something happened so she left. Kartik asks do you want to leave, I can’t stand this indiscipline. He angrily continues. He says you just have one answer, run away in any situation. Naira asks where is my dad. Guard says he is there, I made them message you. Naira runs to Naitik and asks are you fine, come on, we shall go to doctor. Naitik says I m fine. She says I can’t take any risk. She says why do you take stress, stress isn’t good for you. Naitik thinks how much will you tolerate, I know what you go through seeing Kartik here. She hugs him.

Surekha, Suwarna, and everyone come back home. Surekha says Dadi cancelled our plan, all my plans got ruined. She argues with Akhilesh. Manish asks them not to fight in front of kids, they will stop coming home from hostel. Surekha says its fine, the family has fallen apart, Naira and Kartik aren’t here, Dadi went somewhere last time without informing us. She goes and asks Shilpa to come to pick her. Akhilesh says sorry, what she said was true, mom leaving suddenly and not contacting us is wrong. Manish says we have tried before, Suwarna find out if Kartik has any idea. Suwarna says he has no idea, ask Kirti, she talks to Dadi much, let me talk to her.

Doctor checks Naitik and says Naitik is fine, there is nothing to worry, he should take rest. He goes. Naira hugs Naitik and says I was scared. Naitik says I m fine, tell me how are you. She says I m okay, I feel I did wrong to get you here, away from home and everyone, I m sorry. He says don’t say this again, my daughter is the best and the strongest, you have handled everything with bravery. She says thanks, its equally true that you are here because of me, Naksh said right, not to take dad so far.

Kirti sees Bau ji repairing a dryer and goes to ask why is he doing this. He reacts angrily. She says sorry to offend you. He says no, I m sorry. He goes. Suwarna calls her and asks about Dadi. Kirti says no, what happened, she didn’t tell me anything. She says don’t worry, we will inform you if we know anything. She asks are you all right. Suwarna says yes, but I m not used to stay without Kartik, I was thinking to go to him. Kirti ends call and says I m glad seeing you concerned for Kartik, but even I m there. Suwarna says maybe she felt bad, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care for her. Manish says it would be better if you express your care to her as you express to Kartik. Devyaani asks Bau ji to leave garlands and watch his match. He sees Kirti and goes.

Kartik goes to Dean and asks is there any discipline, I asked a question and student left. Dean asks him the student’s name. Kartik says Naira Goe… Naira Singhania. Dean calls her and asks why did you walk out of Kartik’s call. She says sorry. He says sorry, you have to explain, else we have to take disciplinary action. She says as you feel right. Kartik says you won’t come in my class for the entire session. She says I got it, I won’t attend his class. Naitik hears her. Dean says give me some time, I will call her again, maybe she has some genuine reason. Kartik says if we don’t take strict action, other students will do same, not accepting mistakes is not pardonable, I can’t tolerate anyone’s ego.

Kartik comes home. Kritika asks are you coming from office, my dad also gets late and tired, do you cook by yourself. She enters his house while talking. He hides the wine bottle. She says my mom is a good cook, but Chitti makes yummy food, Naitik wanted to make cake for me today, he went outside today and fainted, he fell down, someone called Naira, she rushed to him from college, are people allowed to do that in college, Naira will get scolding, teachers just punish students. Kartik gets shocked.

Kunal says why is he messaging aunty ji, I may find something interesting. He checks Naira’s phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Dear CVS spear us already stop spoiling suwarna character more no words for Kartik he always claim he love naira but am seeing other wise I think Kartik is too young to handle marriage what the hell is wrong with bauji again since CVS are so sure naira and kartik are the soul of both families y separate them and ruin every other character each passing day

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    Thanks for the update Amena

  3. whatever it is without any excuses how could she leave the class like tat

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