Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu thanking Kartik and praising her. He says don’t be formal, you don’t need to thank me, whats big thing to do anything for loved ones, and don’t be too emotional, I wanted to stop you from crying, but you looked so cute and sweet that I did not stop. She smiles. He goes. She thanks Lord for sending Kartik in her life. Kartik and Naira thank each other. She says I would have not done anything if you did not help me. He acts and jokes on her. They argue. Mishti calls Kartik. Naira stops him and asks why did you lose in qawwali competition. He says to make you win and goes. She says you are not so good to lose to make anyone else win, its surely some other reason.

Rukmani tells Martha that they will do dinner rehearsal later. Bhabhimaa says our arrangements

are done. Naksh and Kartik ask Yash for bachelors party. Yash says we will do it tonight, my house is vacant. Naksh likes the idea. Naira says Nandini’s house is best option. Gayu says Rose will step there for hen’s party than grahpravesh. They plan a party. Kartik says poor girls will be stuck in work and we will enjoy. Akshara and Varsha talk to Nandini, about bachelors and hens’ party, and recall Naman’s marriage and also mistakes done in Naksh’s mistakes. Akshara says they will learn something from mistakes.

Naira says its all old themes. Kartik says I got a rocking unique theme. The guys ask what. Naira tells about the scary theme. Kartik explains about cowboy theme. Naksh likes the idea. Gayu says superb idea. Kartik says our party will be great. Mohit says we will have fun and work. Varsha asks Rajshri for her neck pain. Rajshri says this pain started suddenly, I had to put this in marriage time, why does this happen with me. Vishwamber comes and says even I have neck pain, its good we both are wearing neck supports. Naira says made for each other. They laugh. Akshara says these small things make relation strong.

Naksh asks Yash to talk to Rukmani and ask for keys. Yash says you ask. Rukmani asks what happened. Naira and Gayu try to ask keys from Nandini. Rukmani says so you want keys for bachelors party. Nandini says we know what you all want. Akshara and Varsha say we also did this, enjoy. Nandini asks them to invite Rose’s friends too. Rukmani says I m not that old, take this keys. Nandini also give keys to girls. Naira says now guys will work and we will party. Kartik says guys, ready for the party.

Naksh asks Akshara to pack food for us, we are doing bachelors party at Yash’s place. She says but…. He asks what. She thinks girls party is also there, I won’t say him, it will be fun. He asks her not to say Naira and Gayu. She says fine, I will pack extra food, maybe you will need. He thanks her.

The guys reach the house and see darkness. They all go to Yash’s room. The girls reach there. Naira says its good power isn’t here, it will suit our horror theme. They all go to Nandini’s room. Martha asks Rukmani when will Yash’s Dada ji come. Rukmani cries. Martha says sorry, I think I asked something wrong. Rukmani says no one asked till now, my husband left me years ago like your husband left you, I heard he remarried. They cry. Akshara says Rukmani has courage, I did not see her sad before, she never cried. Martha consoles Rukmani. Nandini says Rukmani’s sorrow came out. Rukmani says our stories are same. Akshara says we should learn courage from you. They all say they are proud of Rukmani and Martha.

The guys dressed as cowboys play around and pretend shooting. Naira asks is everyone ready. Mishti plays scary music. Naira, Gayu, Rose and everyone dress as witch, ghost, vampire and horror figures.

Naksh and Kartik ask about the music sound. Yash says its coming from neighbors. The girls and guys dance on the song Khallas, and enjoy the drinks.

Rose says I m hungry. Gayu says food packets are in kitchen, shall I get it. Naira says I will get it, I want water too. Yash says I will get ketchup. Kartik says its your party, sit, I will get it. Naira says there is no light here and lights a candle. Kartik says its house or haunted bungalow, its good I don’t believe in ghosts or…. He gets shocked seeing ghost.

The guys get shocked seeing ghosts and scream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. lol funny episode n precap was more funny 😀 loved kaira scene in the beginning.

  3. Where are jasmeet, anshu, nannu, and anshu’s parents? How can we all forget them guys come on ! Plz tell me where r they ?

    1. they showed jasmeet after leap video chatting with maheswaris.they live in abroad now n hv been settled there with anshuman’s job n nannu’s study.

      1. Oh thanks piu ☺

  4. They may have quit the show I think because I saw their names in Former Cast don’t know

  5. Please ye gayu ko karthik and naira ke beech mat aane do I love kaira majority says kaira love Story are marvelous I know it’s human nature everyone wants his or her love but gayu ko misunderstanding ho rahi hai use clear Karo please I love kaira one and only please this bachelor and Halloween party Mai kaira scenes batao

  6. Hahaha… Funny episode?

  7. Funny precap.

  8. Anika

    ow how cute ghosts!
    I haven’t seen such cute bhootnis before. ???

  9. Hahaha cute ghosts and cow boys

  10. Nice episode…

  11. Such a funny epi soo much fun

  12. Very funny and nice precap.

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