Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chitti bringing lemon tea. He gives it to everyone and says its good for rainy season. Everyone tastes it and like it. Chitti is glad. Girja cleans the floor and its spoiling again and again. Jasmeet is tensed and is in her room. She eats something and feels unwell. Karishma and Muskaan come to her. Jasmeet asks how are things outside. Muskaan and Karishma try to fool her and says everyone’s mood is off. Jasmeet starts crying and they laugh. Muskaan says there is no problem. They make her laugh and hug. Naman takes his Rashmi and Nandini’s pics and Akshara sees him. Rashmi leaves annoyed. Akshara goes to pose with Nandini and takes pic with her. Rashmi sees Naman and Muskaan and is annoyed.

The guests start coming. Dhanlaxmi says about Jasmeet and her

parents, who will keep coming to meet her and then teach her to go against us. Pammi hears this and feels bad. Rajshri does not care and defends Jasmeet. Dadda ji enjoys having a talk with Jasmeet’s relatives and have a laugh. The kids wait for the marriage to start. Naitik meets Akshara and asks about the arrangements. She says very good. He asks her to say she loves him. She says not now, later. He says now. The pandit calls them. Naitik smiles as she goes.

The rituals start. Akshara and Varsha smile. Akshara comes to Jasmeet and says you look very good. She asks is she tensed. Jasmeet says yes. Akshara says even I was tensed that time, but this moments are very special, so enjoy this by heart. Jasmeet looks unwell. Akshara asks is she fine. Jasmeet says fine. Akshara says now its time to go down in the mandap. Akshara thinks about her marriage time and smiles thinking about Naitik. She takes Jasmeet down. Music plays……………

Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai…………plays……….. Anshu looks at Jasmeet. Everyone smile. Naitik stops Jasmeet and says we will welcome her with flowers and make her walk on her hands. The guys keep her hands and Jasmeet walks on them. Jasmeet comes in the mandap. Pammi and Sethi are very happy. Jasmeet stands beside Anshu and feels unwell. The pandit starts the mantras and she faints. Everyone is shocked and shouts Jasmeet. They run to her.

Everyone get worried. Dhanlaxmi says wnhy did the girl faint, did she do anything wrong like getting pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Sethi gets angry and says enough now, I won’t bear a work against my daughter, you crossed the limit today, she is my pride and strength, if you think this, I will not do this marriage here in this house. Everyone is shocked. Chitti and Girja take the kids inside. Dhanlaxmi says fine, don’t do the marriage, go from here. Sethi argues with her. Dhanlaxmi says I m from groom’s side. Akshara asks Dhanlaxmi to calm down. Devyaani goes to see Jasmeet.

Devyaani says her BP is love. Sethi says I trust my upbringing. Naitik asks shall I call the doctor. Devyaani says no, take her to the room. Akshara explains Dhanlaxmi that she did not blame Jasmeet, but our bahu, Jasmeet is married to Anshu now, how can you tell this. Kaki says yes, she did not do this well, they have always kept our head proud. Akshara says their relation is of trust. Dadi sasy we respect women, Akshara, Varsha and Jasmeet are our daughters, what you said today,, we are ashamed of it. She requests her not to tell anything again, as they will do anything for their kids’ happiness.

Pammi cries and asks Jasmeet to open her eyes. Jasmeet gets conscious and opens her eyes. Jasmeet gets up and says I m sorry for all this trouble to you all, what happened to me. Muskaan says you fainted, I told you to have food, but you did not listen. Sethi says lets go home now. Everyone is shocked. Pammi says yes, lets go home now. Jasmeet says but why. She says the marriage still has to happen, I m fine, don’t worry. He says don’t question me now, lets go home. Anshu stops them and says I m very ashamed, please forgive me.

He says I did not know this will happen, it was very wrong. Dhanlaxmi makes faces. Vishwamber also apologizes. Everyone fold hands and apologizes to Sethi and Pammi. He says we did not think like this. Omi says yes, else we should have asked Anshu first, but we know our kids are not like this. Bhabhimaa says I know this family well, please forgive them. Vishwamber says we assure this is first and last time. Sethi says you are right, but I m not wrong, what about my self esteem. Akshara says yes, you are right, but we have to think about Jasmeet and Anshu.

Naitik says we should think about them, its their marriage. Dadda ji says yes, their happiness matters the most. Akshara says Jasmeet was worried, she was thinking something bad can happen, her mind was not working, and so this has happened. Everyone wait for Sethi’s reply.

Sethi says lets go home Jasmeet. The kids stops them and asks them not to take Jasmeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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