Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with goon warning Naitik. Akshara asks Naitik with whom is he talking. Naitik says I m not talking to anyone. She says I felt there is someone in car, tell me. She holds his hand and asks is everything fine. Naitik says everything is fine. She hears audio again.

Rajshri asks Jasmeet to try the dress and Jasmeet refuses. Rajshri says we love you, we told you why we have sent Varsha and not you, punish us, not Varsha, whats her mistake, why did you fight with her. Varsha tells Kaki that I did not fight with her, I gave sorry card and she threw the card in, she hates me. Kaki says you are mistake Varsha. Jasmeet says fine, I m mistaken, I don’t want to talk. Kaki says Jasmeet is younger one and does mistakes, its elder’s work to forgive.

Akshara asks

Naitik to talk to her and removes headphones. Naitik says no, I m concentrating on driving, tell me what happened. She says you know what Naira said, and tries to get her purse from backseat. Naitik panics and stops her. She says I have to out eyedrops, I was taking purse. He gives her the purse and drives. The goons stares at Naitik. Akshara thinks something happened to Naitik, but what….

Rajshri tells Jasmeet that Varsha loves you. Jasmeet says you are taking Varsha’s side, leave me alone. Varsha and Kaki come there. Varsha asks Kaki to see, Jasmeet has something else in her heart, no need to talk to her. Rajshri and Kaki worry.

Naksh hears Keshav refusing her family because of work. Naksh asks him what happened. Keshav says my wife is classical dancer and its her first show, I would have gone, but staff is less, how will we manage. Naksh says we will manage, you go and be with your wife. Keshav thanks him and leaves. Tara says that’s nice Naksh, your thinking is great to respect women and their dreams. Naksh says credit goes to my parents and family, now its your test to manage staff. She says why not, come.

Naman tells someone to do as he says and he will give him money. He says superb idea, Naitik can’t go office today. Karishma asks what did he do. Naman says I have to keep Naitik away from office, don’t worry, someone else is doing this, so my name won’t come. He leaves for office.

Naitik stops at checkpost. Inspector asks him who is with you. Naitik says she is my wife. Inspector asks who is that man sitting behind. Akshara gets shocked. Naitik says he is my restaurant manager. Akshara says Keshav…. Inspector asks him to go ahead. Naitik clears checkpost. Akshara asks Naitik why did he not say Keshav is with them, who is it, why is he lying, tell me. Naitik says I will tell you Akshara.

Naitik says this man has gun, don’t worry. She asks who is he. The goon says she is blind, but clever, pass more checkposts and I will leave, else I will kill you both here. Naksh and Tara work and he says he will get chaat for her. More customers come. He says so many people now. She says staff is not there and food ended, how will we manage. He says don’t worry, just Papa can help us, and calls Naitik. Goon asks Naitik not to take call, let family worry and takes his phone. He says who is Naksh, is he your son, now you can talk to him after I reach my place.

Naksh says strange, he disconnected my phone. Tara says maybe he is busy, we will try to manage customers, its our test today and we will pass. Goon asks Akshara not to act smart and give her phone. She says I don’t have phone, as I m blind. Goon says fine. She asks why did you sit in our car, why are you troubling us, you could have crossed checkposts easily. Goon asks her to shut up. She says don’t beat us and takes some pointed thing from her purse. Naitik sees this and asks the man why is he doing this, maybe they can help him. the man says I don’t want any help, silently drive. Naitik says move this gun from my head, I m tensed, checkpost is coming. She thinks its right chance as police is close and tries to hit the goon. Family waits for them at home. Bau ji says Naitik did not reach office. Bhabhimaa worries. Naira says maybe they went somewhere. Devyaani says maybe. Karishma says thank God they did not reach office, Naman’s plan worked, but what was his plan.

Akshara stops a baby’s cry and keeps the pointed thing back in her purse. She says baby, whose baby is it, why is he crying. Goon asks them to stop it, as baby woke up by their talk. She asks why did you get this baby. He scolds them. She cries and says baby is crying, give me baby, trust me, I will calm him, checkpost is coming, police will doubt. Goon gives the baby and asks them not to act smart. Naitik shows car docs and license at checkpost. The man asks who is this baby, whats name. Naitik says munna. Akshara says duggu.. Naitik says we call him munna and duggu. Inspector knows Naitik and asks how are they. Naitik says Akshara, its same inspector who managed sardar ji’s case. Inspector asks Naitik to leave. Goon asks Naitik to speed up, and says you have good contacts.

Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to give food, then he has to leave, did Naitik and Akshara not come till now, they did not answer my call. Bau ji says yes, don’t know where they are. Aklshara requests to manage baby. Goon allows her and talks to his boss. He says its happening as you said.

Akshara calls Naira and Naira answers the call, asking where are they. Naira hears Akshara and asks who is with her, where is Papa. Naksh asks what happened, and puts it on speaker. Akshara smartly tells the family about their current location, and the man kidnapping him at gunpoint. Family gets shocked and Naksh says they are in big problem, mum is trying to tell us location. Bau ji and Naksh leave for police station. Karishma worries and asks did Naman find this way to stop Naitik from coming office.

The goon asks Naitik to take left and stop car. He asks them to come out, and not move. He asks them to give baby and car keys, and then leave. Naitik asks him to leave baby. The goon says I took all risk for this baby, I will get crores for him, give me keys else I will shoot her. Naitik drops the keys intentionally. Goon asks him to pick it and give him. Naitik throws stone at Akshara to alert her. She thinks Naitik is doing something. Naitik asks Akshara to bend and throws sand in goon’s eyes. The gun falls. Naitik beats the goon and asks Akshara to throw gun to him. She tries to find gun and gets it. she throws gun towards Naitik.

Naitik and goon fight and goon kicks the gun away. Akshara shouts to get help. Naitik throws the goon. The goon sees the gun. Naitik runs and stops the goon from shooting Akshara. Naksh and Bau ji come there and help them. Naitik tells her that Naksh and Bau ji brought police. Inspector thanks them. Naitik says Akshara did this, she showed bravery. She asks inspector to give this baby to his parents. Inspector says sure, we will inform them. Bau ji asks them to come home. Naksh hugs them.

Naman asks what, Naitik and Akshara got attacked by criminal. Karishma asks Naman how could he risk Naitik and Akshara’s life. Naman tells Karishma that he is not criminal to make this plan, are you mad, my plan was different to send my friends to Krishna to make Naitik busy. She says sorry. He says I got saved, I will meet Naitik and Akshara. He turns and they see Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. They get tensed.

Jasmeet tells everyone that she is doing to her parents’ house. Akshara asks what are you saying. Jasmeet asks her not to interfere in her matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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