Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kaira perform Shiv-Parvati’s wedding ritual

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying you have upset the one for whom you kept fast. Naira says I kept fast as I love him, he is my husband, but it doesn’t mean he is right all the time, Shiv and Parvati were in love with each other, it doesn’t mean they didn’t have a mind of their own, I will also do what I feel right, if I m not wrong, I will not back off. She goes. Dadi says I don’t know how to explain her. Akhilesh says the evening function may get affected. Naira comes to Kartik and says you should have heard me once. Kartik turns away. She says what I did was right, you would have stood by me, but you made up your mind without hearing me. He says I just don’t care who is right and who’s wrong, you think I didn’t think of you, you didn’t think of me, I m a human,

things affect me. They argue. He says I have a problem that you always lecture about right and truth. She asks is this a problem in your sight, what happened to you, you don’t understand me. He says like you understand me well. Lav and Kush come and ask them to get ready fast, don’t they want to get married. Kartik says who will like to marry in such a mood. Naira looks on.

Suwarna says I wish everything gets fine between Kartik and Naira. Dadi says if Naira is his wife, it doesn’t mean everything will happen as per her wish. Surekha says what if she refuses to come. Dadi says it doesn’t mean I request her, her Maayka people are also coming, she will come. They see Priyanka coming. Surekha says she got decked up like a guy is coming to meet her. Dadi says maybe what we heard gets true. Surekha says nothing should happen in front of the guests. Singhanias come. Bhabhimaa gives her prasad. Priyanka signs Naitik. Dadi signs Kirti. Kirti nods.

Bhabhimaa says where are our Shiv and Parvati. Kids says they just look like dieties. Everyone smile. Kartik and Naira get ready as Shiv and Parvati. Priyanka sees Naitik and goes after him. Dadi and Surekha look on. Priyanka asks Naitik is he fine, his face looks pale. Naitik says I m nervous to tell everyone. She says I m sure they will support you. Dadi and Surekha see them together. Manish asks Kirti is she worried. Kirti says no. He asks is there any work related issue. She says yes, but… nothing serious. Dadi asks Manish to meet guests. Manish and Akhilesh go. Dadi asks Kirti what happened. Kirti says I don’t like lying to anone. Dadi asks her not to act smart. She says the family is happy as they don’t know truth, Naksh doesn’t know what you did, its good that you just shut up, else we will have to hear the taunts. Naksh sees them from far. Surekha asks shall we begin. Dadi says yes. Manish says we have many childhood memories with Shiv Parvati marriage. Manish and Akhilesh tell everyone that they keep customs of newly weds playing Shiv and Parvati. Manish says family members got chance to become baraati. Akhilesh says Kartik and Naira are newly weds this time. Singhanias wish the best for Kartik and Naira. Dadi asks Naksh and other men to get Kartik. She sends Priyanka and Kirti to get Naira.

Kartik comes as Shiv. Suwarna does his aarti. Om….plays… Rajshri says get Parvati ji also. They all smile seeing Naira coming in Parvati’s getup. Kartik and Naira see each other. Kartik smiles. Everyone showers flowers. Naitik thinks Kartik and Naira don’t look happy, something is bothering them. Bhabhimaa says Shiv vivaah was a symbol of love and sacrifice. Everyone tells about Shiv and Parvati’s love which won against all odds. Pandit asks them to get varmala. Pyaar mil jaye….plays…. Kartik and Naira exchange varmala. Pandit calls for bride’s father. Naitik goes and ignites the havan kund. He thinks I get the same feeling again, I hope I m thinking wrong. Pandit asks Kartik and Naira to take rounds. They take rounds, while thinking of their marriage. Naitik feels uneasy. He goes. Priyanka goes after him. Naira thinks of Kartik’s words. She looks at him. He thinks of her words. She thinks what’s happening with us, why did we get distant.

Surekha says we will keep diya in every room. They all get shocked seeing Priyanka with Naitik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think naitik is hiding something about his health and priyanka knows about it. Don’t think they’re in love like people think


  3. One could think that after seeing that even karthik does not support her deeds she would take a second to ask herself if it was really the right thing to do but no, she took it as a challenge and will do a lot of drama to prove herself right. Is karthik her dog who will braks only against other when she wants him to and keep quiet when his family member are having their believes and traditions insulted ? She brags so much about the wisdom she got from ashram but we never get to see any of if. Maybe being one of the older kid in ashram, she got to advise, lecture and dictate what every kid should do and thinks she can do the same in her in laws or maybe too much praise for her stupid behaviours , or importance for being akshara’s daughter gave her confidence that she is all the time right and other ppl can go to hell with their opinion. Anyway I doubt she even got a proper education, she must have run away at 12-13 years old and in ashram they bearly managed to get full meal so let along going to school. So basically she is an uneducated, childish, spoiled, self centered, delusional girl who desesperatly needs parental guidance. She needs a mom to each her respect, manners, politess and to be open minded . Cvs insteaded of marrying her so early could have shown her slowly growing into a mature young girl, learn how to behave and handle herself, that woud be NAYI SOCH

    1. If wife wants her husband to Suppot her whrn she is right so es mai kuxh glt nae hai or na hi yh krny se husband ko joru ka ghulm dog or pta nae kia kia bhn jata haiii. It means that ur partner is understanding loves u cares u. Lo ho skta hai naira ka tareka glt tha chezoun ko ly jna but her intentions and thinking was totally right why to waste the milk and everything jb itny gareeb log bhoky hoty hain.God bhi esee se khudh hoty hain unko koi zrort es chahave ki And agr purny traditions ki jhn tk bt haiii Waqt ky sth har chez tabdeel. Hoti hai or agr kuxh traditions ase hain jo bdl Janey se zda axha Result dete hain tu es mai kuch glt naeee

      1. Sameen ji jo aap bakrid pe blood ki nadi bahate ho kya woh galat nahi?

      2. Excuse me U r taking me wrong i can answer u very well but the thing is talking about religion is a very sensitive issue and We dont have to fight bcz of this i respect ur religion and everything And main ny nae kha ky ap glt hain Yh apka religion we all are right at our place i was just Telling u ky agr better use ho skta hai ji naira ny kia Tu us main kuxh glt naeee
        Mian apji feelings yh emotions ko hurt nae krna chahatu they
        And In religiond countries se phly hm sb humans hain Remember all religions in world taught humanity first

      3. When husband wants to support his family for the first time when his family is right, iss mai to bhi kuch galat nahi hai. They is a big difference being a supportive husband and being a wife puppet, we can clearly see it through naksh and karthik. No one is stopping naira from doing good, she is most welcome to give to the most needy HER things, she has no right to take others things without telling them and impose her beliefs and ideology on them. If naira had no wrong intention even dadi had any, she was doing this to please her god so how can naira interfere and give decision she is wrong ? Good or bad used in sensitive concept as religion only depends from the point of view of the subject. No religion or beliefs are bad as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone
        It is funny that naira has suddenly much concern for the poor kids and wasting . As a lot of us already say, when she get herself designer clothes, jewellery , luxurious holiday she never thinks to that money to feed the orphan or provide an education for them instead . When her family and herself decorate the house and get dress up like it was a weeding in poojas or any function she was no objection, when the family organise big parties for kaira birthday or their success she never tell them to celebrate simply and use the money on the most needy. Now that dadi want the do something naira start her lecture that should apply to everyone execept herself … just pure hypocrisy

  4. Seems for the past few days she didn’t witness a family get together or everyone’s usual chorus, “Naira bahuth samajdaar hain”..
    The way she answered back Dadi, dragging shiv-parvati into this, shows she herself has to do some comparison to some great praise for her.. It reflected in her dialogue to Kartik..You should have appreciated me..That was too much.. Argue, Argue and advise, advise, talk like the world is going to end 2mrw, that too to your elders.. Not only Dadi, The way she talked to Kartik also is very condemnable..He is your husband..This doesn’t show an example of modern day woman..But sheer arrogance and stubbornness..

    Best question by Kartik, “When I have used my rights??..” Come on.. He has always been around you..He put you over his family and even if he has to do some duty as an elder son, it will be done by you and he has been made to stand behind you….Has your noose got loose??

    Atlast Kartik said that dialogue which we earned at least someone in the show to say to Naira..” Your interference in everything and advising everybody..”
    CVs, please don’t make him a puppy again..Let him be a normal human.. I feel a liking for him, which I used to during Kartik’s initial episodes..

    I am sure tomorrow they won’t let Naitik or Priyanka to speak..Naitik’s illness is totally unnecessary..Scenes will be shown as Naira is the only one who is close to him..She will cry herself and will be made to advise and console others..Probably Kartik will be made to apologise to her…Drama waiting..

  5. Just a few words

    Isn’t Keerthi and Naksh the newly wed ones too? Yes Naira would be the one knowing Naitik’s illness! They have shown keerthi from a mature girl to immaturely handling things! The way she handled her client or to whomever she paid money, naitik n Priyanka’s issue! What’s her problem if Priyanka had called Naitik? Priyanka is directly not related to DG! Why is she creating a scene unnecessarily?

  6. Ok agr maan bhi lein family is right but the thing us Narira is nor wrong at all If Both the parties are right at their place Then Why to support only one..and asa far asa parties jewelleries and all luxiours life style is concerned They have earned their lifestyle by their own Hardwork bcz of profits un their business and To celebrate something Lavishly If u have enough money then it is not wrong… Main ny phky bhi kha ky shaid naria ja tareeka glt tgat but dadi ki thinking se yh proof hota hai instead of Pleasing God she want to show off more and dadi ko tu i guess ppor ppl itny psnd bhu nae She always discriminate remember whrn karthik bought Nairs ashram ppl to Goenka hous dadi reaction her attityde towards them was totallly seem Har chez ko tor dein gein nad all that toughts

    1. Wow how many times karthik family was not wrong too but he choose naira at that time no one said karthik should also listen to his family and then decide of support both. You can accept it or not but naira has not right to steal other stuff . She has earned her lifestyle ( all she ever does is roaming around the house and interfere in everything ) to pay for her dresses but can’t afford to pay to feed the poor kids by herself instead of taking other things… ? She clearly had the option to not hurt dadi and get food for the kids by herself at the same tume but she choose to take the truck and argue with everyone she is right and eveyone should accept it . It can only mean she wants to contradict dadi and create unnecessary drama. Dadi not liking the poor ppl or not is not the matter, she isn’t stopping naira to meet or help them, is she is doing to please her god or get name is also not the matter since she is doing it with her money and it not hurting anyone. She isn’t interfering in naira’s business so why naira is poking her noose if dadi’s matter? No one asked for her advice. Why she try to dominate everyone, let ppl live their life as they want no in is stopping her for doing what she wants.

  7. And one thing har ghr main Mens ki Responsibility hoti haii life stylr earn krny ki agr kii larki krna chahye tu yh uska apna decision haiii wse bhi jb aik larki ka husband haii bkkl sahi and he can do every possible thing to earn life style jb udka bhai or baap haiii jb tk wo singhnaisa mian the tu Uskoa kia zrort haiii earn krny Ki hn agr uska apna intrest ho tu wo aik alg bt haiiii

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