Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira running after the guy. The guy throws something on her. She gets hurt. Manish tells inspector that Kartik will not run, else he would have not surrendered, I m taking him in my car. Kartik sits in his car. They leave. Naira says my courage should not break today and gets up. She takes a stick and runs after the guy. She beats the man and makes him fall. Gayu comes with police. Gayu asks are you fine Naira. Naira says I m fine, inspector take this guy, he has hit my mumma, Kartik is innocent. She asks Gayu to save Kartik, there is less time. Gayu says everything will be fine, we have to go to doctor, see your state. Naira says I have to go court. Gayu says first we will go to doctor, come with me. She takes Naira.

Suwarna is worried at home. Lav

and Kush find her worried, and ask her not to take tension, everything will be fine. She hugs them and says I believe on my Lord, everything will be fine, Naira will do something to save Kartik. Manish and Kartik reach court. Naitik and everyone see Kartik. Kartik stops seeing them. Naitik turns away. Manish asks Kartik to come. Akhilesh says Maa gave prasad, everything will be fine. Inspector stops Manish and says no need of court case now, we got the real culprit by Naira’s help, the guy is Kashyap, Akshara was hit by his car and fell down the cliff. Everyone get shocked.

The guy says I did not that intentionally, I was tired of work and going home in hurry, it was darkness, that woman came infront of car, I tried to save her, but could not save her. Akhilesh asks why did you not inform anyone. The guy says I was scared, another car came and struck the railing, so I have run away. Shaurya asks whats proof he is saying true. Inspector says we have eye witness, he has seen the guy’s car number, the guy accepted his mistake. Manish hugs Kartik. Naitik scolds the guy. Shaurya and Bau ji stop Naitik. Manish and Akhilesh get happy. Kartik sees Naitik. Bau ji and Shaurya go to Kartik, and apologize. Kartik recalls Naira’s words.

Dadi gets news and says our Kartik is proved innocent. Everyone get glad. Dadi says its miracle, its fruit of tapasya and puja, real culprit came out. Suwarna says now Kartik should come back. Dadi says Lord will answer that also, there will be many miracles in this house. Suwarna thanks Lord. Varsha asks Shaurya is this true, I will tell everyone. She tells everyone that Kartik is innocent, Naira proved this. Mishti says I told this. Karishma says we did not listen to him. Baisa says Akshara wanted them to marry, but she came between them by this. Varsha wishes Kartik and Naira unite. Manish asks Kartik to come. Naira reaches court and runs to Kartik. She hugs him. Manish and Akhilesh look on.

Naira cries and says my love has won, the wrong blame got away, I m sorry, I did not trust you, when you needed me the most, I was not with you, I promise this will never happen, I could not bear mumma’s sorrow so I did this mistake, say something, forgive me, everything got fine now, I m sorry. He holds her. Mera chota karwaan…..plays……….. He moves her and leaves. She cries says Kartik. Gayu takes Naira.

Akhilesh asks Kartik to come home, everyone is waiting. Kartik says you all were worried for me, go home, I will go somewhere, thanks for all the help. He goes. Manish asks whats my mistake. Akhilesh says nothing, time is changing, I have seen big change in Kartik, Kirti has come, she will get Kartik. Kirti hugs Kartik and says I m so happy, we will go where we used to celebrate in childhood, it will be your treat, come. They leave. Manish looks on. Kirti says you will not change, you always give shocks to family.

Gayu and Naira are on the way. Naira says everyone was there, I could not insist much, I have to convince Kartik. Manish says Kartik was innocent and got saved, who will pay for the trouble, this is not justice. Akhilesh says I will see how to deal with all this, go home. Manish says fine, don’t leave this matter to anyone else.

Everyone talk at home. Shaurya says inspector said Kashyap will be taken to court tomorrow. Varsha says we did not listen to Kartik when he said he did not do anything. Shaurya says we did not do that intentionally. Karishma says this will affect Naira and Kartik’s relation. Shaurya says they both are mature, nothing will happen. Varsha says its Kartik’s right to forgive her. Naitik looks on. Dadi asks all of them to clean house, Kartik is coming. Lav and Kush get football to play with Kartik. Suwarna asks them to go out and play. She says Kartik looks homemade tea, I used to make kettle tea for him. She asks the servant to clean kettle and get fresh ginger. Dadi says till I ward off bad sight from Kartik, no one will make him have anything. Suwarna wishes Kartik comes back. Kirti stops car at signal. Kartik says I will just come and goes to Dargah. Naira and Gayu stop at signal. Naira says I wish I could talk to him once and sees Dargah road sign board.

Naira talks to Kartik at dargah. She ties thread of mannat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very emotional episode. Now naira need to win karthik’s trust that she trusts him. I agree with pat that Karthik shud nt forgive easily. Naira now shud play her part in the relation. The love aftr separation is always sweetest. So let s wait with patience to cherish kaira’s sweet candy and fr now gulp the bittergourd juice served. A biiiig hi to all Yrkkh fans out here. Keep commenting guyz it feels gud.

  2. Vrushy

    The additions of lyrics in the yaha waha song are just so awsome and also apt for the situations.
    Can’t wait to see tomorrows dargha sequence. Hope karthik forgives naira in this week. Want to see them together before christmas and new year

  3. Hi Aniket, Shilpa, Pat, Raha and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers.
    I hope you guys really have enjoyed your day today.

    I really love today’s episode and that kaira hugging scene. Thank God they have end this track and doesn’t drag it like other shows. And one more thing thank God none of Singhanias , Maheshwari and Goenkas were involved in the accident.
    It’s really good to see that Singhanias are feeling guilty. And yes I agree with Karishma’s word kaira relationship has suffered a lot in this track .

    And now in coming 3-4 episodes Kartik should forgive Naira. Because if love is about trust and Standing up then it’s also about forgiving your partner’s mistake and of understanding your partner’s condition. At this point Kartik is only thinking about Naira’s accusations and not about that she has lost her biological mom. And this is not good. Sorry guys if you are hurted by my p.o.v.
    And today acting of Sachin Tyagi was superb. And I think in future Naira is going to sort out all the differences between Kartik and his family .
    When is naksh returning ??? I mean when is Big Boss 10 is going to end?? If makers are going to make Naira and Kartik as lead pair then what will happen to pair of keerthi and Naksh ???

  4. Dramabuff21

    I get that Kartik is really angry, but in his anger, he is forgetting that Naira has lost her mother. It must have been so difficult for Naira. I know that many of you are saying that Naira doesn’t trusts Kartik but think about it – At a time when she needed Kartik the most, the police comes and tells her that there is a possibility that he might be reason she has lost her mother. Also the accident happened when Kartik was really drunk. Which is the main reason why Naira doubted him. Not only that, she also had to take care of her family. So, according to me, Naira not trusting Kartik is truly related to circumstances that developed around her. She must be pressured by her surroundings, where she had to convince herself to believe that Kartik is guilty so that her family wouldn’t question her on her loyalty.
    I just really hope that the directors end this track as soon as possible without dragging it too much and concentrate on mending Kaira’s relationship with Kartik’s family

    1. Yes that’s what I want to say in my comment. Kartik should forgive Naira in Up 3-4episodes . But we can’t blame Kartik to as naira never trusted Kartik. By the way when is naksh is returning or big Boss 10 is going to end???

      1. …..Naira in *upcoming* 3-4 episodes…..

  5. i agree with rahul to what he said Love is..!
    they should unite kaira soon and get them married and then revolve the story around their married life. that would be real fun in yrkkh.

  6. Guys when is naksh returning??? Or big Boss 10 is ending??? If Makers are going to make Naira and Kartik as lead pair, then what will happen to pair of keerthi and Naksh??? Don’t forget guys Rohan mehra is also the lead actor of show!!!! Common please someone reply!!!

    1. Vrushy

      There was news that big boss would be ending in january. I guess we have to wait till then if rohan doesn’t get eliminated in this month. I just hope that they won’t cast a new actor as naksh , I want rohan to come back !!

  7. akshara come in the show

  8. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Sachs, Shilpa, Vrushy & all YRKKH fans (family) good week going right.
    All your points are good & I enjoyed reading them but I am going to upset you all with my POVs.
    Naira shouldn’t have gone to Khartik so soon – it makes her came across as selfish – yes few days ago Khartik should be punished because she thought he killed his mum (even though it was an accident) now she hugs him & wants him to just hugged her back & say well done for saving me from jail, right?
    Did you all see Khartik’s face (good acting to Moshin by the way), he was in pain – it was all over his face painful to watch.
    I got so sad for him especially when he was remembered how they treated him. Even the family’s reminiscing of their behaviour towards him made me sad.
    Naira should not push too much for Khartik to forgive her immediately as he is very traumatised – he has to process what happened to him & what could have happened to him, if they have not found the real culprit.
    This was a big thing that happened to Khartik (put love aside) he has to come to terms with the whole incident & then seek to move on.
    Khartik will forgive Naira & will love her as before not because Naira is super super wonderful but because Khartik is kind, generous, loving & very humble. And he loves Akshara a lot.
    I love his family – they are loving & cultured. His dad was great this past few days – the way he stood by him – that’s parenting for you. If that was me – my mum would have told me how stupid had behaved for driving whilst under the influence.
    The pain on Khartik’s face today was touching – so sad, it is like he was beaten (in spirit) & that his love was not big enough for them to trust him.
    The thing I have learnt from all this is your family is your family – nobody is going to love you like they do & you cannot make others your family and expect them to do as your family. It was a hard lesson for Khartik and all of us. The child they call son – they turn on him like that without giving him an opportunity to explain himself -WOW. Anyways I am not going to comment on the past behaviour of the Singhanias & Maheswari family again. I lay it to rest.
    Thank you Rajan sir & all CVs for moving the storyline on so quickly, that’s why we love YRKKHso much ??

  9. I told you all to not mind me as I might upset some fans.
    I love Kaira and cannot wait for them to unite again
    I look forward to their new bonding & them being very supportive of their families and take them forward.
    As for Naksh, I miss him too
    We will not know until big boss ends or they vote him out. At the moment, in the show he is off travelling – Akshara gave him permission to go – but he is not reachable and they have been trying to reach him. I think the family have decided to wait on his return before telling him as they have not found Akshara’s body.
    Please let Khartik go home & reconcile with his mum & dad.
    I hope all get sorted out by next week.
    Have a good week you all

  10. Guys who do u think can be suitable to play the new akshara pls suggest

  11. If Karthik’s parents are innocent then he also have done the mistake of nt trusting them. Naira’s love is visible bcoz she herself realised karthik’s innocence n fought fr him when she was down with a huge loss in her life. Everyone does mistakes. No one is perfect. I just mean to say that kaira ll surely be together soon. The track before that how Naira wins back Karthik’s trust ll be also interesting. Love nt only means always being happy bt sometimes it needs annoyance also. Yrkkh never drags much so chill Kaira fans they ll be together soon with their sizzling chemistry.

  12. Why is karthik annoyed with his parents?? Any special case… pls someone tell me. Suwarna is his real mom or nor

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