Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira telling Akshara that Naksh’s clients were weird. Akshara looks at Gayu and Rama. Naira goes. Rajshri asks Varsha is Ananya coming on Teej. Varsha says it depends on Ranveer. Rajshri says we will celebrate together, we will call Nandini and Rose, we would have felt good if Sunaina and Jasmeet were here, I wish Akshara was with Naitik, she has given many tests. Rajshri says we will keep small get together. Kuhu says we will keep big party, as its friendship day. Varsha says fine, we will invite everyone. Rajshri says we will give them surprise.

Rajshri asks Vishwamber whats tomorrow. He asks what, tell me. She goes. Shaurya asks Vishwamber what did he forget now. Vishwamber says don’t know. Naira asks why did mumma make jelly, I don’t like this,

I wanted kheer. Chitti says kheer is made, Akshara made jelly for Gayu, they are best friends, Gayu used to take care of Akshara a lot. Gayu sees sorry cards and says I think Akshara has…. Akshara says yes, maybe I did something wrong, I did not understand what happened. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani apologize to Gayu. Akshara asks Gayu to convince Rama, make her stay here, you don’t go, we all are habitual to you, we will miss you.

Bau ji says you managed us when we were depressed. Devyaani says you know we love you. Akshara asks her not to go. Gayu asks who told you I m going, and where am I going. Rama comes and says with me. Akshara asks Gayu not to get annoyed and go, tell us our mistake, so that we can rectify it. Rama says don’t make this big issue, she is going with me. Akshara asks what is the reason. Naira comes and says I will tell you reason, when Gayu came to stay here in childhood, I felt insecure and when I returned, Gayu is feeling insecure. Akshara says all children are same for me. Rama says you differentiated between them, else why did you stay with Naira and left Gayu’s event, why did Naira wear Gayu’s gifted pendant. Akshara says I don’t know anything. Naira says when I woke up, I got this and thought you kept this for me, I did not know Gayu kept this for Akshara, trust me. Akshara did not know this, I had no intention to come in between you and mumma, I m sorry, don’t go anywhere.

Gayu says why will I go leaving such family, there is much love in this house, you take your share of love and I will get my share of love, there is no fight. She apologizes to Akshara and says I should have not hurt you. Akshara hugs her and says you are eldest daughter of this house, you have more right on this house and me than Naira. She hugs Naira and Gayu. Naira hugs Rama and apologizes. Rama smiles and hugs Gayu and Naira. Gayu asks Rama does she not feel such now. Rama signs no. Mishti gets annoyed and goes. Bau ji says we have to convince Mishti now. They all smile.

Naksh sees police and says I should tell police, I should not get scared. Goons come and threaten him about the girl. They ask Naksh to arrange money and go. Vishwamber and Shaurya try to ask Rajshri and Varsha about tomorrow’s event. They do not get any info. Kuhu comes. They ask Kuhu whats tomorrow. Kuhu asks why shall I say. Shaurya says I will get gift for you. Kuhu says bribing is bad and goes.

Naira and Gayu ask Mishti will she not give anything to Kartik. Mishti says he is my BF, you guys make card or bands. She goes. Naira says I find this boring, I won’t do all this, I will just go to Rajshri’s house and have plenty of food, I will talk to Nanu. Naksh thinks I m caught in this matter. Akshara asks him to share things and not lie. He says its nothing, I can manage my problems. He goes. She wonders if she said anything wrong. He comes back and hugs her. He says sorry. She says no, I have hurt Gayu and now you. He says no, I spoke rudely, I have stress about Krishna, staff is less. She says I trust you, when you feel like sharing anything, give me a call, I will come. She asks him to send 50 lakhs donation to ashram.

Gayu thinks I have special friend Kartik. Kartik says I have to meet Naira to propose her. He prays that he opens eyes and sees Naira, rest he will manage. Gayu checks some shirts online for Kartik. Kartik could not sleep. Naksh thinks what to do, shall I give them this money. Riya calls him and asks are you fine. Naksh asks where are you, are you fine. She asks him not to give money to them, they can just kill me, what else. She ends call.

Its morning, Kartik comes downstairs and sees Naira. He rubs eyes and she bends to pick something. He thinks I m dreaming. He then sees her again and thanks Lord. He says I should have asked for Naira, than just seeing her. He goes and falls over the sofa. She laughs and says you are in right place, take my blessings. He smiles. She goes. He thanks Lord. Gayu comes and asks what are you doing. He says I fell. She asks are you hurt. He says no, I will get ready and come. Gayu smiles. He goes. She says come soon, a good surprise is waiting for you.

Akshara talks to Nannu. He says everyone misses you there, come over there. Akshara says once Naitik once, we will come there. Vishwamber asks Shaurya did he find out, everyone has come, whats special day today, we will get scolded. Shaurya says I could not find anything. Rajshri tells everyone that its friendship day today, so they invited everyone, this was Kuhu’s idea. Akshara says we did not get bands. Kuhu says Shaurya and Vishwamber did not know about this day. Rajshri and Varsha say they cleverly asked us. Akshara calls Naitik to wish him. He does not answer. She gets sad. Naira and Gayu see her and sign her to smile. Akshara smiles.

Akshara tells everyone that this used to happen between me and Naitik. She talks of him and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. finally misunderstngs are clear ……Gayu is happyyyy now….

  2. Gayu nd naira r gud girls plz CV’s don’t make tem go against eo…bt dono I think tey ill fight fr karthik let us c…bt loved todays episode

    1. Princess hafsa

      They both will not fight for karthik because now in yeh rishta kya kehlata hai there would be a new actor and gayu will start loving him and the story of karthik and gayu it was just a attraction and then naira and karthik will start their love story

  3. Sethidisha002

    nice and sad for akshara

  4. Today was a good episode – but please do not drag the love triangle or quadrangle with fahad Ali thanks

  5. Suhana66

    Sad to hear someone is replacing Karan Mehra, he played the role of Naitik for 8 years now he is leaving, and want someone for Naksh, and Rhea aka Nisha gonna deceive Nisha. And, please don’t show the drugs stuff related with Nannu bcz it can encourage younger generation to consume drugs!!

  6. It’s good the Rama spoke her heart out so the misunderstandind between akshara , gayu and naira got cleared!!!!! Pls Cvs bring a love lady to Naksh soon and who look younger r atleast looks like his age! Waiting eagerly for new naitik’s grand entry ( though I’m missing Karan Mehra but m wishing him best of luck for his future ??)?

  7. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz karan mehra come back in the show

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