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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh’s friend asking him to buy exam paper. Naksh refuses and asks him not to get in problem. His friend says I can’t take risk to fail and leaves. Naksh gets a call from Naitik and talks to him. He asks is he spying on him. Naitik says no, I stay busy these days so I called. Naksh says I m studying well and asks about his work. He should not get complains. Akshara laughs. Naitik says come home, I will say. Naksh says sorry and ends the call. Naitik says he wants to tell something. Akshara says his lines and laughs.

Devyaani says she has a surprise. Devyaani is preparing for the puja. Naira helps Gayu in maths. Akshara smiles. Mishti makes some drawing and shows them. They all laugh. Akshara says see I told Mishti not to do this, and asks her to make

Dadis hair stylish and Bhabhimaa’s cheeks sleek. Mishti says she got note from school, she has origami test. Naksh comes home and helps Mishti. He says oh no, I have grown up. The elders joke and laugh. Girja says some lady came and are worried. Akshara asks what happened.

Sardars come to see Naitik’s Krishna and talk to him. Naitik smiles and answers them in humble way. He gives them Dadda ji’s teachings and asks them to come as guests in free tie. Devyaani talks to the lady and the lady says she is a widow, she can’t get justice. Akshara says women are not weak. The lady says she has daughter, and shares her problems. Mishti gives chocolates to the girl. Devyaani gives some money to Kamla. Kamla denies. Devyaani says we know you have self esteem, you can return later. They feel pity for Kamla and think what will she do now.

Jasmeet tells Anshu that best kids survival is tough, I m worried for Nannu. Anshu says his friends will go ahead. She cries and asks Lord why did this happen with her son. Dadi and all elders come there to pacify Jasmeet. Dadi says there is reason for what Lord does, we will understand it later, we will take care of Nannu. Vishwamber says I did much research, there is nothing to worry, its not any disease, it’s a condition. They all pacify Jasmeet and says its good they came to know Nannu’s problem. Jasmeet and Anshu feel bad to scold Nannu. Shaurya asks them to take a step and bring Nannu out of this problem. Varsha says his confidence may drop. Anshu says we will do something. Vishwamber and Rajshri remind how Akshara dealt with Naksh. Jasmeet says we will also win.

Naitik and Akshara have a talk and share work. She makes him sit. They have talk Kamla’s problem. She scolds him for lying on bed with the oil applied and staining the pillows. They start arguing. Its morning. Nannu comes and asks is everyone playing cricket. They all ask Nannu to play and hit on the numbers. Rajshri asks Nannu to hit at 6 and Anshu keeps 9 there. Nannu hits at 9 and says 6. They all get sad. Rajshri asks Jasmeet not to feel bad. Dadi says we should not lose courage. Jasmeet thanks them. Vishwamber says Nannu is of all of us. They play more and Vishwamber asks Nannu to say his score. Nannu says 12. Shaurya and Omi ask him to count well. Nannu says 15. They all clap. Jasmeet hugs Nannu and smiles.

Naitik gets ready and Akshara asks him to go. She says she won’t come, as she has meeting with society women. He finds excuses to romance. She smiles and sends him. She gets Rajshri’s call and asks how is she. Naksh finds Yash sad and asks what happened, where is Sanju. YAsh says she is annoyed. Naksh asks again? Yash asks him to help and tells about movie matter. Naksh says don’t take tension, you are lucky as I m your brother, see she is coming. Yash asks Naksh to convince her. Naksh says don’t get senti, come.

Rajshri, Varsha, Kaki and Vishwamber come to Akshara’s house. They talk about Nannu. Akshara says she has seen many kids in Cape town, many kids got fine. Devyaani says everything will be fine. Rajshri says they have come for this good work. The society women come and Akshara tells about Kamla. They decide to make charity fund and give her money. Akshara says I know you are big heart, but I spoke to others, many women need our help, till when will we help them, why don’t we find some way to make them independent and help them. She says she has called some women here, who has different talent. The lady asks what can we do. Akshara says we will try to sell their products and they can earn. The elders smile. Akshara says their talent will become their strength. They smile.

Bau ji tells Vishwamber about elections in society and man chooses Akshara to fight elections. Rukmani comes and tells them that she is also fighting the elections.

Update Credit to: Amena

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