Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sameer offering help to Akshara. She asks him to make garlands. He asks her to do something, he wants to marry soon, and asks her to get dates fixed. Akshara says she did not see such eager groom till now. Sameer sees Rashmi and smiles. Naitik comes and coughs seeing this. Sameer says I will just go and come. Akshara laughs and says Sameer loves Rashmi a lot. Naitik asks why, did he say anything. She says I can see him looking at Rashmi with love. Naitik flirts with Akshara. Akshara says Sameer wants the engagement soon. Naitik says I also want Rashmi to get happiness soon.

He teases Akshara and asks for a kiss. She asks does he have any shame. Naitik goes after her. He holds her with garlands. Khwaishon pe jaise…………plays……… She smile

and he stops her. They have a romantic moment. She gets scared and throws the plate. He holds her and asks for a kiss. She kisses him and they smile. He sees everyone busy and throws flowers on Akshara. She turns and throws flowers on him. He gets hurt. Devyaani asks what happened. He says nothing.

Akshara says sorry. Naitik says she should have thrown by love. Rashmi slips and Sameer holds her. He does shayari and she smiles. He says he has been waiting for her yes since many years, they will marry soon and they leave. She asks whats the hurry. He says shall we wait for more years. She laughs. Devyaani comes there. Sameer leaves. Devyaani asks Rashmi about Sameer. Rashmi says he stays in flat, he does not have parents, he has sisters, he took flat on loan as Mumbai homes are costly.

The neighbor ladies come to meet Naksh and say we heard he has done miracles. Naksh greets them. The ladies praise him and give him gifts. They ask him to come to their house too and praise him a lot. The sisters come and take gifts from Naksh. Akshara says its not good to take gifts. Naitik says yes, we will return it. Naksh says I did not ask them, they gave by love. Akshara says I will tell them. Naksh asks whats the problem, I did good work and they gave me gifts. Bhabhimaa says yes, let it be. Naksh says mum and dad always find me wrong and gets annoyed.

Everyone hear someone playing flute nicely and go to see. Its Nannu. They all smile seeing him in Kanha’s getup. Shaurya says he recalled his childhood. Vishwamber says when we grow up and get busy in work, we forget all our habits. Anshu says yes, so I see cartoons even today. They laugh. Shaurya says he will teach Nannu and also learn to play flute well.

The men come and are glad that Naksh saved the girl. Naksh smiles. The man says our party needs Naksh, our MLA has sent us here. He asks Naksh to come in meeting and MLA will introduce him. Naksh says at what time. Akshara says thanks, but Naksh can’t come. The man asks why, whats the matter. Akshara says he did this for good cause, not to gain recognition. She asks Naksh to return the gifts also. Naksh gets irked and goes to his room. Naitik asks Bhabhimaa to see. Akshara says we will talk to him later.

Akshara and Naitik go and talk to Naksh. Naksh says you guys insulted me. Akshara explains him and asks him not to make people take benefit of his good deeds. Naksh apologizes to them and says he has done this good deed by their values. Naitik says we are proud of you Naksh and hugs him. Naira see them and says cheating. She hugs them too.

Bhabhimaa says Naksh became Kanha because of me. She feels bad. Naitik brings Naksh there. Bhabhimaa asks why did he change. Naksh says its fine, I have become Kanha for much time. Devyaani hears Sameer talking on phone. She asks whose call was it. He says my sister. She asks did he not get any girl till now, why did he not marry. He says I did not get right girl, after I got Rashmi, I thought not to miss this chance.

Akshara tells everyone that Sameer is asking for early engagement. Bhabhimaa says we will talk to everyone and can keep it today. Akshara says yes, but we will see his curiosity. Bhabhimaa says no, Rashmi had made him wait a long. Devyaani looks on. Akshara asks what is she thinking. Devyaani says nothing, I will call everyone for aarti. They all do the aarti. Main aarti teri gaun………………plays…………..Devyaani is tensed about Sameer. She goes to him, and hears him talking on phone about some money issues, he will return all the loan soon. She worries and says is Sameer marrying Rashmi for money.

Sameer says he wants to marry Rashmi soon. Devyaani says they will keep engagement after meeting his family. Sameer is he is ready to give any tests if she is having doubt on him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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