Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Dadi stops Suwarna from doing Kanyadaan ritual

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone laughing that Naksh is not sitting by fear that his shoes will get stolen. Surekha asks why is Kirti not sitting. Kartik says she remembers what happened in our marriage. Kirti jokes. Devyaani asks them to remove shoes and come. Lav says I have an idea, remove shoes and throw, whoever gets shoe is winner. Naksh asks can anyone throw shoe like this. Lav says you play football, you can throw. Kirti says how can I throw this. They all insist. Devyaani asks them to close eyes. Naksh and Kirti throw their shoes. Yash, Ananya, Kartik, Naira and kids look for shoes. Yash and Ananya get Naksh’s shoes. Kids gets Kirti’s shoes. Naira says wow. Ananya asks what wow, did you decide in whose team are you. Naira says I don’t know. Kartik says you tell first.

Ananya says shoes will be with us, you are in one team, you have to steal shoes from us. Naira and Kartik ask are we foolish. Yash says do something and show stealing shoes from us. Kartik says its wrong. Naira says I will go their side. Kartik asks what, you go to opposite team. They argue. Ananya, Yash and kids leave. Naira says they fooled us and went. Kartik says we should get double respect by our double relation, fine we will show them when we get together, none can fail us. She says yes, we will find shoes together.

Manish says Kirti looks so beautiful and happy, I m afraid my bad sight can catch her. Suwarna says it won’t happen, bless her. Dadi prays. Ananya and Yash ask Kartik and Naira what happened, did they not find shoes. Kartik says they insulted us. Naira says its fine, we will get respect once we find shoes. Aryan says I should get shoes. Yash asks what are you doing here. Aryan says this marriage is happening because of me.

Dadi thinks Kirti’s marriage should happen soon. She gives the plate to pandit and says do marriage rituals fast, do as I say, if puja is small, Dakshina will be big. Yash comes to Naira and says I think Aryan knows we were finding Naksh and we had hope that Naksh had run away, its good Kartik didn’t pay attention to Aryan, now Aryan told this to me, but he is right, I explained him not to tell this to anyone, don’t know how will Kartik react. Naira says Naksh said yes to marry Kirti because of me. She sees Kartik and worries.

Naksh thinks everything got fine, I promise Naira I will keep Kirti happy. Kartik comes and says I knew you love Maayka, I didn’t think you will cheat me. She says no. He says I have seen you talking to Yash, I m in your team, why did you cheat. She says oh that, its nothing like that, I m in your team always. She thinks sorry I have no reason to tell truth. Ananya asks them to find shoes instead romancing. Kartik flirts with Naira. She hugs him. He asks what happened. She says you won’t be angry on me right. He says I love you so much. She says I love you too. Aryan says I should get shoes. He falls down and asks Lord to pity on him. He gets shoes and thanks Lord. He says I will give money and become special to Goenkas, I have to hide the shoes.

Dadi says I spoke to pandit, you both will do Kanyadaan. Akhilesh says its wrong. Manish and Suwarna say we are waiting to do kanyadaan. Akhilesh says sorry, we can’t do this. Dadi says I understand relations, I won’t make my sons against, I remember Suwarna did Kirti’s kanyadaan when it was not right according to her kundli. Akhilesh says Manish and Suwarna will be sad. Dadi says now they have to decide.

Kartik and Naira say we will get the shoes. Pandit says come for doing ghatbandhan. Naira does ghatbandhan and says I feel lucky, I have double fun, thanks to you all. She blesses and hugs them. Everyone smiles. Kartik sits to take selfie. Lav takes phone. Kartik says phone hanged, I will delete videos. He leaves Naksh’s video. Pandit asks them to come for kanyadaan. Manish and Suwarna smile. Dadi says Akhilesh and Surekha will do kanyadaan. Everyone gets shocked. Suwarna gets sad and stops Manish.

Kartik stops pandit and says I have to talk, its imp, you all come with me. Kirti cries. Naksh signs her not to worry. Naira signs family and goes with Goenkas. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Kartik says you know its imp to talk now, you asked Akhilesh and Surekha to do kanyadaan when Manish and Suwarna are here, Kirti has no problem with them. Dadi says I didn’t wish to say, but I have to say now, according to Suwarna’s kundli, if she does kanyadaan, it won’t be fruitful, last time I did not know this, we all saw the result, am I doing wrong. Kartik says I don’t believe in this, who will wish for children’s happiness than parents, if children have sorrow in fate, they have to bear it, but we can’t snatch anyone’s right. Dadi says if anyone’s momentary happiness becomes lifelong sorrow for other, its better not to give such happiness.

Kartik sees Naksh’s video and gets shocked. He says Naksh is marrying Kirti being helpless, he doesn’t love her, I will not let this marriage happen. Naira gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sachu

    Hi my cuties out here. Glad to see most of u letting out ur frustration on the current track out here. A warm welcome to all the new comers who joined us here to share their views. So Dadi goenka back in action after few days. Happy to see Karthik supporting his parents and Thank God its nt Mahaira. Wow what a plan by CVs to make Kaira in one team to steal shoes. As usual loved Keesh scenes. Byee for now will comment later if possible. GdNi8 guys……

  2. Again undue importance given to kartik and shameless naira. They should find a room and Romance all day and night, even then they won’t be satisfied. They are fake people both in reel and real life. In real life also they are faking their relationship just for the sake of trps.

  3. Cheap romance ki bhookhi.
    Hai ye shameless shivangi Joshi

    Romance usko bahut hi bhaaye
    Bin Romance ke vo Mar jaye

    Ghatiya uski soch
    Hai cheap si uski shakal

    Bin Romance ke vo aise tadpe
    jaise bin paani ke machli

    Shameless Shivangi Joshi
    Rehti hamesha Romance ki bhookhi

  4. Ponkuri

    Hello Bro Fenil Rahul Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali TVfan Missy Raf Sachu Ayesha hope everyone is doing wonderful ???☺☺

    I really like reading all ur comments we do share the same opinion abt Naira outshining Keesh when this is supposed to be Keesh big day? I dun understand why the cvs dun seem to be taking action abt our comments ??

    Today precap… Finally Karthik comes to know abt Naksh situation… And as usual he again gets angry wit Naira first? throw temper at her?if he is the understanding type (which he used to be) he shuld knows Dadi is the one who Naksh in this situation ?? aftrall he saw the video…. I dun know wat thiz will lead to… But eventually everything works out good? right? If not they won’t be going for honeymoon together???

    1. Haha, you are right ponkuri.

  5. So our dadi Goenka does her granddaughter kanyadaan seeing her bahu kundli…this is too much guys…if if Manish had problems in his kundli would she not allow Manish to do his daughter kanyadaan????
    So finally new promo is our!!!
    KAIRA SEPARATION!!!! that means more melodrama….hamari adhuri kahani scene of kaira always…and naksh Kirti and whole family tensed about kaira…
    NO KEESH Scenes ????
    Guys I think now we should not keep any hope of keesh romance as I now think CVS wants us to think that there is no parallel lead in yrkkh…they r just acting to showcase kaira….and obviously specially naira….our MAHAN NAIRA!!!!!
    And CVS I am swearing that keesh is going to leave the show too like gayu!!!be ready for the downfall….and make us feel exhausted!!!!

  6. Kaina1

    guys aaj ke episode ki chodo aane waale episode ki socho
    so when karthik will see the video he wil be highly upset and will confront naira and then blame naira that she ruined kirti’s life and then during naira in kirti vidai will announce that she wont return to goenka villa till she “makes” naksh love keerti and vice a versa
    dear cvs kahan se ?? kahan se laate ho itne wahiyat idea khud ekta kapoor ke dimag me bhi itna bekar idea nahi aaya hoga i mean ab naira kirti ka ghar basay ye gi ?? seriously WTF i mean yaar agar tum logo ki naira ko mahan dikhana hai toh yrkkh naam change kardo or naira or kaira mahanta hypothesis 2 rakh do yaar just imagin in shinghaniya sadan everything naira will do and not keerti bhai meri aakhiri ummed pe bhi paani phir gaya ab keesh ka har post wedding ritual naira karegi keerti ko shinghaniya sadan me naira laye gi keerti ki prblm ka solution bhi naira karegi kyu cvs kyu kya bigada ha hum audience ne tumhara ki is tarah torcher kar rahe ho
    haye bhagwan cvs ko utha lo plz yaar koi toh inka murder kardo

    1. Aku

      Who the hell is she to make them love each other? Vh kya koi god hai jh kisi ke Dil mein b pyar jaga degi and relations maintain krwayegi.. pehle khud ke th relations maintain krle jismei she is utter and badly failed uske Baad kisi aur Ko bole..

    2. Hii everybody…..naira is looking like a witch …..nd why she is keeping pallu ovrr her head now when she roam around whole world in modren outfit ..she us doing that so she can look like a bride or better than kirti but her makup id too much…her eyeshdow is so horriblr.. Her fas is so ugly …nd how much mkup she do arung her nose…its made her nose look very bad …. Her feature are not perfect but it doesnot mean she has to do so much mkup bcz its not hrr mistk but over mkup make her fce so ugly … Nd why she is always camparing to kirti …why she snatching her moment….every martige the focus of prople is on the bride nd grom not on them who is in which team n stealing shoes todays we ddnot gt much to see of kesh scen all time the showed naira nd kitik ………nd why they always eant too shoe other down or become mahan ……let other do enjiy……yash nd anayna also is naksh reltive they havr right to do this rasam ..its better if naira join ansh(anyana+yash) nd kartik join kids its make rasam look like a rasam ….nd also they can do romances but there arutificl rasam are spoiling all function…..they van compit with each other for there beloved one…..its a funny rsam in our cluture like other function they also spoil it …..nd who the hell are this aryan what he want…..i didnot get it…….. Always behind them……

    3. Sorry for typing mistak my phn has some problm so i didnit mk comment daily but today i cannot control my self….

    4. I totally agree with you kaina even ekta can’t spoil this serial this much.

      @fenil I laughed a lot by reading your comments
      Kaina,fenil, ponkuri,sachu,Anjali ,aku payal,Priya jain,Neha, shrilatha,sinu and all YRKKH fans ,I don’t how much I agreed to you.i am really happy to see you all with same thinking.

  7. Hey guys how cant you like kaira
    Even cvs were showing Akshara as mahan that time you didnt told anything
    It here character she has to work according to shivi is not writing the story herself and kaira are the main lead so its as usual they will get the screen even at akshara naithik time they used to get full screen and attention how can you blame kaira

    Sorry if i hurt anyones feeling but what i felt i wrote and one more thing more ther praisers hater make stars famous so if you want to hate kaira then hate you are making them more famous ??

    1. Kaina1

      wow this mentality is the exact reason y yrkkh is going down congrat dear pia you proved like stars like fan i mean yaar some1 can still come-up with excuse like kaira are lead so they will get more screen-space bhai yaar 24*7 KAIRA ko dikha rahe hain aur kya chahiya

      and yes pia as for your first question ‘how cant you like kaira” well right now i am so irritated by them that i can write a book in answer to that question so u see TU wont publish my book btw next time do use a thing call common sense

      1. Ok we can bear kaira but they are totly mad …if they do sensible thing they will get appriciate but now onky they are spoiling everthing with their childish behaviour…. Y they used to show akshra as mhan but she desrve this she always gave respect to other…. Nd always do sensible thing…nd one more point when they r showinh natik n akshra ‘s love story or martied life love problm …equaly they gave same screen space to shoura varsha ….jasmit anshu rashmi nikil nd also nadini md mohit ‘ s story they do justic with all reltiin or cast offcourse their medim is nakshtra but they didnot gave them so mach limelight which they are givin g to kaira …bcz no life or show is continue when we dont give importance to other …only two person cannot chang life ,world or serial….so all are is equly importance……..

      2. Kaina1 first of all you decide whether you like kaira or hate them it looks like you like them alot because in you all comments your just describing them if you like keesh then you should focus on them in your all comment but you focus is KAIRA KAIRA AND KAIRA only

        Sorry to say I have common sense better then you though i am not a regular commenter.
        And one more thing naksh naw is only nairas brother not akshara naithiks son because its there time has gone now its kairas time only
        And i know now you will reply to this comment then i will again reply to you but stpo it
        And LET IT GO NOW?

      3. Sorry for spelling errors

    2. Aku

      Well Akshara and Naitik were also lead where other actors were also given due importance.. in case of this cheap shameless naira.. everyone is shown as her puppet as if she is the queen and most wise person on this earth.. which is not the case.. she is the most annoying person.. and the story mei jh b ho Raha hai it’s cz your very dear own Shivangi and Mohsin ki insecurity ki wajah se.. unki wajah se all the main actors or I would rather say much better than these two fake people left the show..

    3. Firstly,Naira s given pedestral of greatness from day 1 itself whereas Akshara had her own share of trials and conflicts after whch she reached this phase…Cvs in the initial days of Yrkkh did a brilliant job of showing real world problems which was relatable..Now they r showing Naira as second Akshara which s absolutely unacceptable…Kaira have no manners to talk to elders,she bosses on every 1..She had the audacity to question her elder brother who has been d most sensitive abt everything related to family..She s just a Goenka bahu having no feelings for her elder brother…..Kartik and Naira distrust each other in most important times…Also Kartik s mostly shown as a chocolaty romantic hero romancing his wife anywhere…Ovrdose of anything s bad…N YRKKH has reduced to just Naira mahaan nd kaira romance…The entire essence of YRKKH s lost with the exit of Akshara..Miniscule of viewers like u who go gaga over Kaira romance on twitter and instagram..But let me remind u very less people r using instagram and twitter…The audience that watched Yrkkh becoz of its feel good factor and relatable content r moving away from dis show due to above reasons nd they belong 2 all generations not active on social sites..

    4. akshara was mahan to a limited extend, she was forgiving but strict at the same time , just before naira running away there was a man stealing in their hotel to actually pay for his sick daughter hospital bill, he was not bad but helpless so what akshara did? She turn the man in but assure that his daughter will be take cared. what naira did in mansi’s case ? She took few days off from G house, forgive mansi without being considered to the family, then go back partying in G house. If it was someone else than G members would she forgive them? Would any daughter in this world forgive the person behind her mother’s death even by accident and that so easily?
      Askhara was fair, her behaviour was the same with everyone. Naira was shouting and misbehaving with baisa bcz she did wrong despite having good intentions but was consoling dadi G despite all the time she hurt her , her family or had wrong intentions . Akshara was mahan but truth to herself and other, naira is not mahan she is faking to be mahan and her fakeness can be cought when she start her hypocrisy. And also akshara has a 8 years journey to gain wisdom but when did naira got this experiance few months ago she was misbehaving with her mom now she is the most mature, smart character of the show?!
      I don’t want to offend you, you have all the right to be naira, kaira ir the actors fan but it was necessary to give an explanation so you can understand that there is valid and justified reasons why so many don’t like kaira

      1. you should not compare akshara and naira
        both characters have there own weaknesses and strength in the show that’s why they are portrayed different coz they have different character traits

      2. Aku

        We are not comparing the two.. CVs themselves are comparing the two by saying all the time humhari naira bilkul Akshara Jaisi hai.. please get it right we are saying that she is nowhere near her she never was is and will be like her

      3. Please tell this to the cv as Aku said they are the ones who are irritating us with this senseless comparison. And aslo i was responding to someone asking why can’t we love naira when akshara was the same , my comment was saying WHY THEY ARE NOT THE SAME so please try to understand the context of the comment before jumping into conclusions…

      4. Aku

        Sina i wasn’t saying anything to you.. I said it to xquity whose comment was above my comment

      5. Aku my comments too was for xquity , sorry i should have mention his/her name ?

    5. The thing is in other serials sometimes even the main lead is shown hardly for two minutes and sometimes no scenes at all.. Because when the story gives importance to other characters, they put more scenes of those other actors . But this serial is different.. Here other characters are nowhere to be seen.. In a serial it’s not important that only main lead will have their own fans.. But even the other actors will have their own fan following.. But like in YRKKH if they focus only one one or two actors, fans of those other actors will not enjoy and people who are neutral will feel irritated by all the undue importance given to same person.. It’s more or less like have same dish all 3 times a days and everyday.. it loses its taste..

    6. Haha,good joke Pia,ardent kaira and Naira fan,keep it up,but before that ,please understand those who are commenting about kaira are doing so because they are so fed up of stupid romance,first of all,Mohsin and Shivangi are so childish, look wise,acting wise and dialogue delivery wise,except for ardent Kaira fans,others are finding it so boring that they can’t resist commenting, then Mahantha ,this show has enough and more characters, in fact if they focus ,they can give good track,but thinking that viewers like this childish romance,they are giving it,which is unable to accept,Akshara was a strong woman,Shivangi in next 6 births can’t portray some mature scenes, also Mohsin,those who like,teen,chocolate boy looks may be liking him,but show is being watched by others also, so they find him silly,what to do?Then about making them famous,hahahahahah,wonderful joke,once again, yea ,negativity publicity will help,,buy here that limit has been crossed long back that people.started bashing and stopped watching, pity on the writers who focus on immature Kaira,first write scenes for others and see,then only you will understand that Kaira is not the only essential part of this show.Also Naksh and Kirti acting is good,they have good chemistry and above all their romance is silent and mature,not like kaira.I don’t care what Kaira fans will think,you have right to bash us who speak against,but we don’t care if we are giving cheap publicity to Naira (they deserve only that at the moment),we will freely express what we feel.Give some rest to Kaira,writers and focus on others.

  8. Fenil

    Hello everyone
    stupid episode ever.
    Had kar di Dadi ne yaar hope keerti ki bidaai ke shock se uss Dadi ko heart attack Aaye aur swarg sidhar jaye….aur koi roye bhi na…..yamraj bhi na kahenge .

    1. Kaina1

      bhai yamraj pe toh taras khao unka kya hoga iske baad , by god yamraj rone lagege

      1. Roege to baad me phr unko har kam dadi goenka se subh muhurat puch k krna pdegaor muhrut b esa jisse b dadi goenka ko fal mile yamraj shree k chahe kuch b ho….she is so selfess who can not think her own children happeness what will she think for other

    2. Maryam_ishq

      Haha ??. I so wish tht happens… but uske liye bhi mahurat chahiye…. heart attack should happen on the right mahurat and only aftr consulting with her panditji ?. All these days she was fine but now she’s back to her old avatar. She says tht she is very modern but her thinkin is very old .

      1. Fenil

        right sis…stupid dadi…agree right muhrat hona chahiye kya pata aatma banke aa gayi toh…yaa thode din achhi thi but Dog ki tail tedhi ki tedhi.

  9. Kaina1

    is it me or does anyone else also look for naksh when word football pops up in yrkkh ??????
    anyways today after ages i got yash ananya

    1. Aku

      Finally CVs Ko yaad th Aya ki yash Ananya ke bare mei and also naksh and his football.. warna mjhe th Laga tha ki naira Ko mahan dikhane ke chakkar mei vh sab bhul gayi.. in DG se pehle CVs and iss mahanaira Ko utha Lena chahiye..

      1. Kaina1

        sahi me aku believe whenever in yrkkh someone say football my eyes search for naksh wahi toh yaar cvs ko naira ko utha lena chahiye varna serial band kar dena chahiye

    2. Y i noticed …its remember b pf child naksh nd natik playing foot ball nd also naksh 5, birthday party’s football match…..its has a strong connection to naksh hurt….nd a symbol of father son ‘s relationship for naksh….

  10. Cvs when will you get back your brain….you guys should have taken care of your brain right how can you leave it when you went for holidays….find it soon or else this show will fall more…..
    Jaldi dhoondhooo I’m getting bored and equally frustrated only by reading written updates…. Thinking about those who watch the whole show….omg unki kya condition hoti hogi….
    As I’ve said before cvs ji you are overdoing kaira…. Don’t force there scenes make it something natural and next track what the how can you land naira in between keesh …. Keesh are mature enough to deal with their marriage…. There marriage would surely work out even without naira’s ‘kasam of make them love each other’….. Love happens on its own …. Vo karwaya nahi jaa sakta…..
    And kaira supporters…. I don’t hate kaira…. It’s cvs who is overdoing them and making us frustrated…. If you eat something you like it but again and again everytime you eat…of course one time would come you won’t get feeling to eat it anymore….same with kaira…. No bashing
    About episode what shall i say again same thing 81% kaira and 18.9% related to kaira and 0.1 % keesh …. I think so…

  11. Drvidhi

    Hii everyone
    Mujhe ek baat samaj mai nai aayi Akshara-Naitik ki shaddi mai bahot sare rituals dikhaye, Kaira ki shaddi mai bhi to fir yaha kyu nai?? itne modern ho Gaye itne short time mai? jiski Shadii hai focus on them na
    Kundali wala issue dal ke fir se kaira ko mahan bana diya.. wo dulha-Dulhan ko bhi dikhaya hota “Itttuuu saaa”?

    1. Bhai star plus ne promise kiya tha ki naksh ki.shdi star plus ko subse bdi or unique shdi hogi so for that thry are showing this way …sach me esi shdi kbi n dekhi jaha dulha dulhn kya kr r hbkisi ko n pta pr dulhe ki bhn or uska pati kya kr r h iski subko.chinta h ….weldone star plus

    2. This was one and only worst marriage only because they want to show kaira.

    3. Aku

      Exactly the worst wedding ever in yrkkh cz of these two stupid insecure selfish people

    4. Drvidhi

      Naksh Kirti se jyada interesting to Anshu- jasmit or even Muskan-Alok ko Shadi thi?

  12. Aku

    Someone in last episode comments said that Twitter pe people were saying that Keerti didn’t cry on her bidai cz it was her second marriage.. let me tell you one thing.. the way naira cried uss tarah se b koi Ni rota.. koi b sensible ladki jisko pata hai uski bidai ke Baad uske dad tut jayenge.. vh kabhi b unke samne itna Ni royegi.. bhale hi vh Baad mei kitne b ro le.. but not infront of him..

    1. Muskan2002

      so true Aku totally agree with you…naira ki bidai bahut un natural lag rhi thi as if someone was dead and naira ki shaadi se pehle uske aur naitik ke kitne acche acche scenes dikhaye but why mot with keerti…….keerti is 100times more sensible than naira…she knows very well ki bidaii ke baad uske papa tuut jaayenge…she took care of his emotions tooo…but what that stupid kartik did…apne anger or frustation mei he left keerti and manish at time of bidaiii leaving keerti crying for his brother and at that time manish comes to his daughter and hugs him…but what about manish usko sahara kon dega….naksh was always there for his father whenever he needed and kartik always took a turn from his responsibilities towards his father even after realising that he has sacrificed so much for his children……keerti is 1000000 times better child than kartik she suffered so much just for the sake of her father a

      1. Aku

        I know.. in past 3years there had been 4 weddings in my family 1 of my sis and rest of my brother’s. Bt none of the girls cried so much cz they cared for there parents especially father’s as all girls are close to them.. infact my sis after 12 days of marriage had to go to US so away from all of us and taht too for the first time ever.. even she didn’t cried so much…. Bt naira she is the most shameless and selfish person.. and so fake

      2. Aku


    2. U r saying true …differce is that kirti is sensible she understand everyone emotion so didnot cry whike naira is srlfish nd fake so she show everthing off like tear,smiles,mkup nd also romance…..she dont care for everyone….first or second marriage does not matter bcz every marrige after girl’s sitution nd fears is same always so why they r pointing like that.

    3. Nd jo y kah rhe h wo y n jnte ki jb ldki ki.phli shdi tut jati h to uski dusri shdi k smy wo or jyda dari hoti h to tub to use or jyda rona chiye or wo kya uski phli shdi k bidai dekhne gae the kya ki wo jb roi ti y nhi she is very strong so after many years of her marrige with adi se bear his tourter but didnot let her family know what she is going through …….

  13. I think they can make a spin off of yrkkh nd can name it to ” y ghatiya romance kya kahlata hai”………….phr dekhgege ki akele kaira k dum pr kb tk show chlta h or kitmi trp milti h nd mohsin md shivangi ko unki value b pta ch jaegi na ho skta h unki insecurity b dur ho jae or tub hume old yrkkh h wapas mil jae

    1. True. We will see how long kaira fans Wii tolerate their kaira .

  14. Naira is portraying the role that has been given to her and she is doing justice to it one cannot compare her to Akshara and this is not real least we forget and i am a married woman too and every opportunity my husband gets he will be by my side he will either try to hold my hands give me a peck on the cheek try to hug me etc so one cannot blame her for being shameless its her husband and they are newly wed it shows how much they love each other and a big misunderstanding will happen when Karthik sees that video melodrama once again phew just waiting for the big BANG when he will confront Naksh i only hope the marriage happens sorry if i have offended anyone this is just my opinion and my first time commenting here

    1. Aku

      She has been given this cz of her own insecurity and everyone knows that.. holding hands or a peck or hugs is fine if everything is in limits.. but here they are too much.. I’m not saying anything to hurt you.. but all I want to say is everything looks good in limits but this has gone beyond..

    2. Aku

      Just tell me one thing.. if in your marriage you liitle brother/sister and their spouses get more importance and footage than you on you own big day.. how would you feel? That’s what we are frustrated and irritated about with the directors producers and CVS that they are not giving any importance to the people getting married but to these two fake people.. and portraying the most sensible and sensitive character as a negative one just for the insecurity of some people

    3. Cvs r portraying naira as next Akshara…..Nd kaira romance s going over the top now..Almost in every wedding even Akshara nd naitik had romantic moments nd got married but it was tolerable..In der case,v don’t get anything except Naira mahaan nd Kaira romance

    4. Kaina1

      firstly we arent comparing her with akshara it is cvs who are always serving us with the sentance “humari naira bilkul akshara jaisi hai ”
      dude holding hands and and giving a peck on neck is something different then halting someone engagement ceremony with sentance like “humare time pe toh aapne yeh rasam nahi batayi hume bhi karni hai ye rasam” see we arent againt romancing we are against this stupidness

  15. CVs I will beat you if you don’t stop showing naria as a victim and naksh as a criminal.

    Please don’t show Manish is getting angry on naksh.
    Proposal to till marriage it was just a kaira show then why should they change the story on bidaai.


    please stop all this non sense

    Naksh did all this for naira’s happiness and goenka made out of the what a story.singanias please start praise their love again.

  16. I hope Karthik realises naksh is ok with marriage

  17. Shivangi is cheapness ki.dukaan makeup ki makaan.
    She can’t live without romancing her so called fake boyfriend on screen as offscreen her mom who is another cheap female herself is around.
    And rajan shahi i think keeps all cheap women around. Like hina , parul, kanchi and now shivangi and her mom.

    1. Aku

      Why Parul Kanchi and Hina cheap?

    2. Aku

      I even doubt if Mohsin is her bf.. I feel it’s just a publicity stunt for TRP cz show gained TRP when Mohsin said so

  18. These days tho every one is speaking so good words about akshara and remembering her a lot. I would like to tell tat this insecurity of naira she has copied and learnt from none other than akshara. I would like to remind you ppl tat naksh marriage was broken for the first time for the only reason tat akshara dint want to play role of mother in law. Akshara resigned because the show was been focussed on kaira and not completely on akshara. Akshara also was manipulating the scripts and writers so tat she get more screen space. Now I don’t know how everyone is praising akshara. Its CVS mistake tat tey are so dumb and don’t have any control on their actors

    1. Kaina1

      oh dear maya i think you didnt watch news when akshara aka hina was asked about insecurity issue she clearly told ppl that if she was insecure then we the audience would watch only akshara on-screen but we were getting plenty of kaira scene so she wasnt the one manuplating scripts or changing scene and you know what i believed her but with shivangi i believe that she is insecure becoz the moment insecurity rumours came script was change from keesh marriage to kaira fake pregnancy , and kaira-manish with cvs going 2 wks with negligble keesh scene keesh wedding was promoted as wedding in august but you see it is two week of october and marriage isnt complete and coming to ur 2nd point hina is 31 so for her to play the role of mother-in-law is uncomfortable and yes not going by her age so she told that she wont play mother in law in nakshtara and aftr that cvs showed something praticle that is heart break but now they are showing full to bakwas with naira bidaai so that she can handle kirti house i mean seriously wtf

      1. Drvidhi

        Agree totally
        I mean just see the first 200-300 episode they all did spectacular job. And it’s not about Akshara always they gave importance to others characters also not as much as akshara-Naitik but they did. Now a days every where in every situation there are kaira only and not kaira specially naira I mean common Naksh has equal rite to play as main lead he is also a son of that akshara only to whom gharewale comparing with Naira ? and Naksh-Kirti looks more sensible and not carbon copy but yes they can be replicate akshara-Naitik if they got chance

      2. Drvidhi

        Agree totally
        I mean just see the first 200-300 episode they all did spectacular job. And it’s not about Akshara always they gave importance to others characters also not as much as akshara-Naitik but they did. Now a days every where in every situation there are kaira only and not kaira specially naira I mean common Naksh has equal rite to play as main lead he is also a son of that akshara only to whom gharewale comparing with Naira ? and Naksh-Kirti looks more sensible and not carbon copy but yes they can replicate akshara-Naitik if they got chance

      3. Kaina1

        oh yes drividhi keesh are mature pratical and sensible near to nakshara and if given a chance they can be nakshara but cvs wont let that happen they will be like lets make keesh wedding track to whether naira will be avle to manage both sasural and mayka they will change kirti bidaai into see how grt naira is she is left her sasural so that see can handle her sister-in-law ‘s house i WTF yaar

      4. Aku

        Exactly.. they are showing as is she is most wise and smartest and the most intelligent person in this world.. she knows everything.. all the others are fool.. they don’t know anything about making and maintaining relations apart from her.. which is not the case.. she is the most insensible insensitive selfish and fake person in reel as well as real

  19. Wow nice irritating pair separated

  20. Sudhh Hindi me likhti hoon….

    Kartik Naira ne jo bachpan me galtiyan Ki usse Unko sikh milii ,jis sikh ko kartik naira especially naira apne life me me apply karti he.Unlike kirti who cant even take glass of water in hand neither can she stand a while without naksh naira kartik n her family members help. She learned big zero lesson from her abusive married life .The only thing she knows well is to sit n cry buckets . Jabki Naira ka character ye he ki. Wo kirti he phir khud uthke khudko hi nai baki family members ko bhi sambhalti he. Ye hoti he lead Characteristic. Ese hone chahiye independent individual ji apne galtiyan se kuch sikh aur usko zindegi me apply bhi Kare.

    Just read few of comment here n felt sorry for all of u.I don’t know how u guys watch this show keeping such immense hatred for nairA N kaira. I can feel ur pain guys .

    The show was about to go off air in 2016 but channel n production house thought to give a lad chance to their 8 yr long run show.for height they brought leap. From where kaira track was introduced to viwers n guess what since then to till aug 2017 the rishta has been rocking the trp chart.trps are proof of how kaira have touched the right chord of audience heart.

    About naira character majority speaks. Go n check ormax top 5 chr u will find Naira name alwz in chart. So obvly dies not matter what a minor section audience feel about Naira.

    Last but not the least; shivangi mohsin had given their life to yo make kaira a household name. It’s not always about fake promotion uf that’s the case then rishi n mohina craze would have been the same as shivin.but it’s not the case n u know why??? Cuz people can understand the difference between real n a paid articles to promote ur non existent jodi.

    Yahan pe essay likhte ho yrkkh dekhte ho toh go n get some facts about TRPs. Why makers had to brought kaira imaginary trp track n kmummy revelation track in between Keesh shadi…. Creatives are not fool to show kaira kaira n kaira. They are very well aware of what they are doing its only the fansssss who live to live under the delusional world.

    I dislike Keesh. Though I liked naksh till this marrg track. His character gas been butchered to death. Keerti characters akwabeen shown that day who cant take stand for herself also so no point of talking.

    Singhaniya side story is done n dusted with akshara life circle. Now it’s naira show time. Everything will be from her end from her pov just like it was before from akshara side. Naksh is now Naira’s brother that’s it.I

    Lastly I would just say request you people to stop watching yrkkh.

    1. Kaina1

      aapke iss wahiyat common sense ko humara sat sat naman ab kripya hum pe ek eshaan kare ki pl yrkkh ke pichle episode hotstar pe dekhe aur haan agar aapka dimag kaira ke uppar soch sake toh plz dekhiye ki kaise maheswari aur shinghaniyas ko equal weightage mila hai aur haan ek cheez aur notice kijiye ka ki kaisa haar love story alag hai aur koi bhi love story me nakshara are over doing
      apki baato se saf lagta hai ki aap keesh ko pasand nahi karti koi baat nahi hum bhi kaira or over-acting ki dukan naira ko pasand nahi karte aur jo aapne phele likha ki kaira ne bachpan me galti ki aur voh sikhe gaye wah bhai aapke liye slow claps aapke iss excuse ka toh khud naira jaisa illogical chrater hi jawad de sakta hai and yes rishi and mohena arent dating they themshelves gave out in intreview that they are not datin afterall har koi trp ke liye nahi jita

      1. Or aap apna super wahiyaat reply apne pass rakhe.yaa phir rote rahe yahan phir after that’s what ur FAVs nakku kirriG are best at. Just cry buckets n buckets. ?????
        Hotstar se yaad aya they have updated the rishta synopsis now it’s now how naira gonna balance her maiya n sasural wd kartik’s help.wowww finally they changed the akshara naitik headings zfrom their official account. Finallyyyy…

        Apke liye baas yahi salah he yrkkh dekhna chod doo. Cuz u guys have pure hatred for kaira who are taking this show forward. Aapse na saha jayega..?? itni hatred se dimag dil ganda hojata he so I sincerely hoping u haters will stop watching this kaira yrkkh.thr are many outside this place
        who are watching yrkkh for kaira journey the reason why they remained slot leader till this boring n illogical Keesh track happened. Anyways they did get trps but only by the random kaira imaginary baby track n kartik mummy revelation track wd kaira teej . So u see ? don’t worry aap show nai dekhiye toh show ko kuch nai hoga ??


    2. Really agree with you
      Khyatiza now its nairas time
      When kaira were introduced the took the trps so high that till now its in top 5 intrp race
      Maker are not made to shoe only kaira
      N keesh even i like them but they cant express there emotion well as kaira or naithik akshara show there emotion
      Naira i mean the have bought charm back and also connected new generation ti this show
      And one more this during naksara time they were showing how arrange marriage turns into love and how she manages ther family and now in kairas time how couples after love marriage how they manage there family
      And even if the show that if daughter in law manages here sasural then son in law should also manage his wifes maayka in her absence
      Some one wrote about naira taking palu in this episode where as wearing modern dresses in rest such types of guys must grow up we are 21st century girls she can be wife or daughter or even mother can wear what she want . So plzz stop this

      1. Aku

        21st century girls are more focused on their careers I guess rather than on marrying the rich spoilt brat.. they want to make their own identity rather than being dependent on others..and who the hell 21st century girl marries at the age of 19 and becomes a mother?so please just stop this non sense and crap of 21st century girl and came wear anything she wants too

  21. What lesson did they learn? Naira is still immature and hypocrites and karthik is still distant from his dad instead of feeling guilty and shameful. They always speak big, questions other when themselves are not clean, misbehaves with elders, act like the family head, all day wander at home, poke nose in every matter, don’t have any ambition, any identity than singhanias or goenkas… are these the characteristics of modern leads ?

    I agree with you keerti is weak but you know why bcz it is the only way the glorify naira, it is the only way to make naira her saviour. Not only keerti even naksh and naitik who were really active previously are now spinless and useless to make kaira a goddess. Karthik is also nothing than a puppy to naira. All the characters are bounded to not overshadow her.

    You are taking about trp but with 95% kaira scene in keesh marriage why the show is still not number one ? If trp only matter, then Kumkum bhagya has the highest trp but what crap and message it shows? At least they are better bcz they don’t promote themselves as “nayi soch”.

    Yes kaira had a lot of popularity they are the only couple promoted after ages, when naitik-akshara were already parents of grown up kids viewers had no romantic angle. If they would promoted naksh or gayu’s love story so grandly they would also be popular.
    Gayu was so much ignored she left and
    in naksh-keerti marriage they never shown keerti’s perspective, her point of view, her dealing with a broken marriage and new marriage, she only got scene with naira with 1-2 line so how can viewers feel connected to her and know she exists too ?

    If akshara and singhanias chapter ended why every time comparing naira to akshara and try to make her the “new akshara” insted of getting her own identity outside the cercle of “akshra’s beti”. The dominance she got in singhanias is only bcz she is akshara’s daughter, kaira fan justify naira being the lead bcz she is akshara’s daughter…. isn’t it double standards.

    And finally i wanted to ask you , are you related to directors or producers or are one of the shows investors? If not then by what right are you asking us to not watch the show, we followed the show for 8 years and love the others characters who really gave their life to it. I am actually feeling bad for you that you can’t see beyond “kaira is the lead, naira is the best”, if you open your eyes you can see the essence of the show, the family bond, the equality, realism, respect genuineness and everything making this show unique are missing.

    1. See do not ever question kaira abouts trps.they have worked what they are capable of singlehandedly. The reason why KairaVivaah got 7+ impression is only cuz people were interested in them.the reason cuz of why till Aug till this Keesh track happened [which has made me to switched off the tv most of the times] yrkkh was slot leader n was just after kumkum wd few point behind them.

      It’s not about kaira guys it’s about story . N they have invested a lot in creating that goyenka side story for shaping up those character s. Have u ever thought why?????
      The reason is they are done with singhaniya s.singhniyas have only side story now cuz akshara has settled everything in her sasural.its a perfect n well balanced Happy gooddyyy gooddyyy family.

      Stop targeting mohsin shivangi. Insecure wo hote hain jinko 5% screen space milta he . Wo log chahte he negativity spread karke esa mahol Kare jisse wo log bhi Mohsin shivangi jese popular hojaye. Isliye wo paid article banaya about insecurity n abt their linkup.. so that audience inko attention de but mila nai na creative se na audience se.

      Mohsin shivangi ne show ko tab bachaya jab show ke leads ne show choda.jab Unko big boss karna tha toh kisiko foreign country ghumna tha..Tab jab they were new to audience phir bhi they along with the yrk team all kept in working on scripts n made a beautiful live story if two imperfect people who have learned their lesson from their previously done mistake.
      Bethke rote nai dono stand kete hain khudke keliye aur dushro keliye.. esi hoti he he lead character jinko log follow karte hain. n about kaira romance I would just say yes kabhi kabhi wo OTT hota he but don’t blame creatives for it or actors in that way cuz audience enjoyed n had given their full support in terms of trps. They have shown 60 dream sequence of kaira till today n all hv given them good trps in that week cuz trp nai ati toh wo dream sequence 1 se 20 n 10 se 60 tak nai jati??

      Just keep ur hatred aside n think for a while kyun kaira kaira kaira he .Sochoo toh samajh jayooge ?

      1. Coming this from a blind kaira fan obviously i am not surprised never expected them to be open minded or mature anyway ….
        Any actress or actors in place of kaira would do the same job, they got foreign country trip , were so much promoted in star plus nothing than kaira vivah was shown, Fan meetings, gorgeous locations, gorgeous attire…there was never a show so much promoted. it is not their magic making them popular but the money invested on them.

        Lead character esse hote interfering in other lives, stay at home all day, misbahaves with elders, forgive mother murderer, got desperate to get everyone praise…. af course esse hote he leads and every girl should follow them, no need to study have a career, an identity of ourselves, family has money can spent the day poking their nose in other matters and act like a older.
        Can you tell you just what they learnt? I am really curious about the knowledge they got. Karthik still jumped in conclusions and accused his malikin naira before listening to her, like he did with his dad, he repeat his mistakes over and over , where is his maturity, smajdari, leasson learned ???

        It seems the only point in your argument is trp, if it only matters for you, will you stop supporting naira if they are not popular forgetting all you love for them.

    2. Agree with you totally Sina.

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