Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mishti talking to Kartik. He is sad and says there is nothing to talk now. Gayu thanks Akshara and Naitik. Akshara says we want to see you happy. Naira lights diya outside and cries. Naira slips and Kartik holds her. Chukar gai…..plays…… He asks don’t you have to say anything, or ask anything….. Naira says I knew you are my sister’s prince, I did not knew Gayu will like you so much. She says Happy Diwali….. and goes. Yahan wahan hai tu……plays……… Kartik says Diwali will be happy.

Naitik and Akshara do the aarti together, followed by other couples. Bau ji asks Kartik to do aarti. Kartik prays. Gayu goes to do aarti with him. She sees Kartik sad. Naira cries. Gayu stops and goes to Naira.

She holds Naira’s hand. She takes Naira to Kartik.

Gayu makes Naira do the aarti with Kartik. Everyone get shocked. Akshara cries. Naira asks what are you doing. Gayu says enough, I wish to slap you, I have this right, what do you think of yourself, you thought to create misunderstanding and leave Kartik. Mishti says it means, Gayu, Naitik and Akshara knew this. Gayu says yes, Naitik and Akshara stopped me from making this big mistake to come between two lovers, I m sorry. She asks Naira why was she sacrificing love for her. Naitik says Naira knows the meaning of princess, she tried to fulfill her responsibilities and our promise, she was joining Gayu’s relation with her broken heart.

Naira hugs Akshara and Naitik, and cries. Akshara says you be like you are, if you try to become like others, you won’t stay happy. Naitik says every girl can’t become like her mother, its not bad to think for oneself. Everyone support Naira, and ask how was she sacrificing her love. Rajshri asks Naira did you think your tears will be unseen. Bhabhimaa says we all are here to take care of Gayu. Naitik says it was tough to decide this, its good to think by heart, Naira did not tell Kartik that she loves him, she refuses Kartik when he proposed her. Kartik thanks Mishti. Baisa asks Naira to hug her. Naira hugs her.

Baisa says I felt Gayu is good and Naira will ruin our name, but both of you are unique. Gayu cries and goes to her room. Akshara, Naitik and everyone go to Gayu. Akshara says why do we have to break hearts. Naitik says so that relations don’t break, Gayu will understand. Akshara says what shall I tell him.

Kartik tells Gayu that we promised we will be friends, you are very nice, you deserve someone better who can just love you, I can become your friend, but you won’t get happiness with me. Rama says I told Naira to tell truth, why did you let everyone know i you really wanted to hide it, I knew Gayu will be hurt when her hope breaks. Akshara says Naira did not tell us when we asked her, truth does not hide. Naitik says we did this by thinking, we wanted to give them lifelong happiness, Kartik would have not agreed for this, would Gayu stay happy if he married her. Rama says I can just see everyone happy except my Gayu. Gayu says I m happy and thankful that Naitik and Akshara stopped me from this mistake. I m fine, give me some time, don’t get angry, I m not that weak. Naitik says we should leave her alone, pain will flow out with tears. He asks Gayu to come. He says we will give Gayu her share of happiness. Bhabhimaa says we will go and do aarti. Rama says you all go, I will be here. Akshara says I will stay. Rama says no, you go and bless Naira and Kartik.

Kartik and Naira do the aarti. Everyone smile. He stays annoyed. Naira cries and holds his hand. He gets his hand away. Kartik says I shall leave now. Naira cries and feels bad. Kartik goes. Naitik says you did not do this, don’t feel guilty. Akshara says it can’t happen that there is no problems in life and no solutions for those problems. Rama waits for Gayu. Naitik and Akshara come with Naira.

Akshara opens the door by the key and says I had to give her time before and did not open door. Now I have to go to her so that she does not feel she is alone. Naira asks shall I go first, I need to talk to her. Akshara asks her to go. Naira goes and hugs Gayu. They cry.

Gayu tells Naira that it was not her mistake. She apologizes to Naira. Naira says you don’t need to say anything. Gayu says it was out bad fate that we had to see this day, it was none mistake, this would have not happened if you told me before, next time don’t hide anything, promise me. They cry and hug.

Kartik says why did Naira call me in this junk yard. He tells Naira that she is queen of wrong things. She gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amalina

    Gayu I’m proud of u!??❤️️❤️️❤️️????? yesterday people were criticizing u but today the same ppl will praise u!❤️❤️❤️?????????????????????????????????????

    1. yes , me too , proud of gayu , she is such an understanding person

  2. Sally_V

    Aww gayu i had wronged you i thought you are very selfish but you proved me wrong i am soo happy ? for kaira but i feel NOW really bad for gayu ? She deserves someone like kartik too hope she finds him soon

  3. Vrushy


  4. awesome episode. glad to see gayu’s understandment.Finally kaira united.I hate rama she always wants gayu happy…

  5. wowwwwwwwwwww?????????? aweosome episode kaira????????

  6. Loved today’s episode. Love u kaira. Waiting for their special moments. Thanks gayu, naitik and akshara for uniting them.♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Episode was awesome … Love you Gayu…. 🙂

  8. Gayu Vivaan is best fa you.. Hope he comes back fa this princess…

  9. Thanks alllooootttt amena fr FAST Update… KáIrÁ Rocks today… Love you Princess.. Uhh lukng gorjious today…

  10. By the way guyzz…I’m NEW YRKKH ki tou OLDY fáñ..HELLO 2 Evry 1…????

  11. Akshara , please reduce the layers of make up, you look beautiful when you don’t overdo it

  12. nice epsd.finally kaira unites.i hope that gayu will get her love soon

  13. Wow kaira milan at last
    super happy thank u mishtiiiii it was all possible because of u
    excited for tomorrow

    rama dadi u seriously more selfish blinded by ur granddaughter love that u forgot that remaining silent even after knowing truth is bad…u also believed n thanked naira yest n thought karthik will love gayu.
    ur responsible for all these u knew on karwa chauth y din u open ur mouth then.stop blaming others

  14. Alls well ends will

  15. Why is kartik avoiding nira?!!!

  16. Weldone gayu, I love you for this

  17. Hi all
    First time commenting on YRKH page
    This is why I love this serial, they never drag a story for too long & they always give closure to every storyline
    Keep up the good work
    I hope Hina do not leave cause the show still needs her but if she has to leave to make professional progress then I wish her well.
    And I think the serial can still move ahead without her also
    Well done producer, director & CVs

  18. Finally……….

  19. proud at u gayu.
    Today u showed the true meaning of true sister.
    but naira dont do anything wrong which will aggain make a fight between u and kartik..
    otherwise superb episode..
    Loved it

  20. Wow gayu I always thought that ur selfish
    But im really proud of u. N most proud on Mishti…
    N kaira, I ♥ u both soo much!

  21. Wow gayu I always thought ur selfish.
    But im really proud of u. N most proud on Mishti…
    N kaira, I ♥ u both soo much!

  22. So gud to see kaira together……all credit goes to gayu..

  23. Gayu luv u a lot,Naira,karthick all are gud
    Bt viewers always scold gayu without knows gayu’s heart,sum people scolded by wrong wrds too,stupid viewers,bt now tat viewers are praising gayu,wat a bullshit viewers they are

  24. Yippee finally something good happen but yeh hai mohabbatein is going so slow

  25. Avishi

    Im so happy finally…..?

  26. Avishi

    And gayu is very good im also so sad for gayu he will got a better once

    1. Avishi

      Opps she

  27. Another tearful episode

  28. hope gayu gets a person as sweet and loving as karthik soon who understands her

    1. Cynthia

      Yeah, di, she deserves a good person in her life. Di do you watch Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil?

      1. yes dear , i watch it , it is a nice show . do u watch it too ?

      2. Cynthia

        Yes, di. For your FF, you can include Ahaas Channa as Mishti and someone in her life too. I am gonna write FF on Lakshmila, if you get time please check that out.

  29. The episode was amazing n surprising

  30. yes now the episode is very interesting i feel u should not send heena out of this show but please make kartik happy and agree with naira’s love we wish they get married ang be happy and true maker of this is cute mishti

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