Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Tara. He says he has come to Goa to see her match, he will surely come. He says I love you and kisses. Akshara comes and asks whom is he kissing on phone. He says Bhabhimaa. Tara hears them and gets tensed. Akshara says she will also talk to Bhabhimaa. He makes excuse and ends call. Dadi sees a newly married couple arguing. She asks will they take these memories back home, every fight can be solved. The man says she is doubting on me. Dadi says this is not right, you have to make relation strong by trust. The woman thanks Dadi and apologizes to her husband. Naitik and everyone smile.

A lady tells about Indian marriages. Dadi says our india is best. Naitik calls Dadi a superwoman. They laugh. Naksh asks them about shopping. They all start

shopping. Naksh thinks he wants good excuse to leave. He says he is feeling uneasy. He says I will go hotel and rest, you all continue shopping. Akshara says I will go with him, and take care, Naitik can come with everyone. Dadi says no, we all will go. Tara waits for Naksh outside the stadium. Naksh thinks no one is letting me go, and Tara is waiting there. He tells Naitik that he is feeling better and will sit here, they can do shopping. Naitik asks is he sure. Naksh says yes.

He messages Tara that he can’t come and gets sad. She says its okay, you came so far for me, its enough, love you. Akshara sees Naksh and does shopping with family. Naksh waits for Tara’s call. He asks did she win match, I wish I could see this match. She cries and says they are doing my marriage. He asks what, who is doing this. She says I m scared, please meet me in church. He rushes to meet her. Akshara sees him and goes after him. Naitik sees Akshara and says I will come with Akshara, you all go. Varsha teases him. Naksh takes the boat and leaves. Akshara calls him out and man stops her, as boat has left. She takes ticket for another boat. Naitik comes and she asks him to see Naksh. He asks her to stop it, you are after Naksh. She says Naksh left in hurry, he is not fine. He says you are not fine, you want to keep him in sight always, its all your fault, I m fed up. She says he went to meet Tara. He says fine, so what. She says I know something wrong is going to happen. He says I won’t let you do this, come with me. She refuses and says I have to go, I m a mum, I feel its wrong, my son can do anything wrong. He says do what you want and leaves. She sits in boat and asks where does this boat go. The man says church.

Dadi collides with some woman and her gift falls. Dadi says sorry and says she will pay. The lady says no, you are guest. Dadi says we can pay for her loss by some other way and gets idea. They laugh. Naitik says why is Akshara after Naksh, is there really any girl. Naksh comes running and sees Tara. He asks what happened. Tara tells him about Dada ji fixing her marriage with his friend’s grandson, its her engagement and marriage soon. Naksh gets shocked. Akshara prays for Naksh.

Tara starts laughing and pulls his cheeks. She says he got fooled so soon. He says this was horrible joke, sick. He gets annoyed. She apologizes to him for the joke. I did not know you will feel so bad. He says you don’t think before doing this joke, does my love look a joke to you. She says sorry. He asks her not to joke such again. She says promise, never. They go to the church where a couple got marriage. Dadi makes snacks for the lady. The lady likes it. Dadi, Varsha and Jasmeet cook at the stall and earn money for the lady. The lady thanks them, and says you can take half from this money. Dadi says you keep it, we have tradition to rectify mistake. The lady thanks them.

Varsha says Naksh, Akshara and Naitik are not here. They compliment Dadi and call her young. Dadi laughs. Naksh and Tara go in church and they have a talk about marriage happened just now. Akshara is on the way. Tara says she will show how marriage happens, and does a mock. She says our families will sit here, and walks as the bride. She says then they will marry… He asks then… kiss is needed to seal the marriage. He gets close to her and she turns shy. Akshara reaches there.

Tara cries and tells Naksh that Dada ji fixed her marriage. He holds her hand and says now we won’t move back, we should get married. Akshara comes there and slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Upcoming episode Naksh will be beaten by Sangram(i.e Tara’s elder brother) Our superwomen Akshara will going to save her loving son Naksh from Sangram & Co. Friends stay tuned to watch our favourite show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai(#YRKKH)

  2. Tara it was a very bad prank! Naksh was very worried about you. As soon as he got da news Naksh rushed to come to u.

  3. I dnt like that girl who is playing d character tara.. She looks more elder than naksh..

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