Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik cutting vegs and talking to everyone. They ask did Akshara did not see the hand burn. Naitik says she asked me, but I lied to her. Naitik cuts his finger, and says now Akshara will see this and stop my classes. Mausi ji asks her family to keep the things as they are rich people. Dadda ji sees the, and calls them thieves. He runs after them to beat them. Mausi ji calls for help. Everyone come and stops Dadda ji. Naksh asks Dadda ji to come, as video game is starting. Muskaan says yes, you have to play. Akshara asks him to take Dadd ji inside. They leave. Mausi ji goes to her room. They all laugh.

Rajshri comes to know Naitik has cut his finger and is worried. Dadi says its small wound. Rajshri tells about Akshara working so much at home, she said

everything is fine, but guests are there, and she is hearing taunts too by Devyaani’s Mausi ji. Kaki says this is wrong. Varsha says you should have told Devyaani. Rajshri says when I told her that I will get Akshara, she got annoyed, I could not talk to Bhabhimaa. Kaki says call her now. Dadi says no, maybe its not we think. Rajshri says no, I have seen them. Devyaani did not stop Mausi ji and made Akshara do so much work, I did not like this. She cries.

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Naksh thanks Yash for the idea and says he will teach a lesson to Paras. Paras plays with his remote car and taunts him. Naksh takes skates and shows him. He takes the remote and asks him to take the remote and show. Paras runs after him. He catches Naksh and Naksh beats him. Naitik looks on. Paras calls his family. Everyone come there. Naksh says Paras was troubling me, and pulled my leg. Naitik defends Naksh and says it was Paras’ mistake. Musi ji fakes to scold Paras. Bhabhimaa says Mausi ji is good. Bau ji says we can treat them well. Akshara says yes, we should serve them well.

Mausi ji asks Paras not to feel bad, as she did this to show them. She says she was acting, we have ticket, but we told them we did not get ticket, lets be here and enjoy. She hugs him. Akshara hears this and is shocked. Mausi ji asks him to be clever. She sees Akshara leaving in the mirror. Shobha says did she hear us. Mausi ji says we have to prove that she heard it wrong. Jasmeet tells everyone that Ananya is with her friend. Varsha asks how was the day. Jasmeet says it was a fair, kids did few things. Varsha asks did they not call parents. Jasmeet says I don’t know.

Jasmeet makes excuse and leaves. Varsha looks on. Devyaani says she has made medicines for Akshara. Akshara comes to them. She sees Devyaani’s care. She says its hard to say how is a person. Mausi ji sees Akshara and says she will tell them, I will see her. Akshara tells Devyaani that she to talk. Bhabhimaa says Dadda ji is being adamant. Devyaani goes with her. Jasmeet tells Anshu that Varsha will feel bad, we have to talk to Ananya and explain her. She says I don’t want Varsha to get upset. Shaurya tells Varsha that Jasmeet won’t avoid him. Varsha says I can see it. He says then talk to her. Varsha says why me, she should come. He asks her to ask Ananya.

She gets the pic and shows him that there are everyone’s mum in the event. Mausi ji acts sweet to Akshara and asks her not to do work. She says what we think is not always right. She asks her to forgive her and her family. She says what Paras did was his mistake, he likes to be here, so I told him that. Devyaani comes and asks Akshara what did she want to do. Akshara looks on.

Akshara says nothing. Naitik gives Akshara the dish. She asks did you make it. He says no, how can I. she eats it and likes it a lot. She says I wanted to have such food, I will get sauce. Naitik feels glad and calls Anshu. He says yes, first test is passed, she thought I got this from market and laughs. Varsha comes to Jasmeet and shows the pic, asking why did she do this. Jasmeet says how could I tell you. Varsha says anytime, I should have understood when Ananya wanted to take you, maybe you gave her this idea. Jasmeet says its nothing like this.

They start arguing. Jasmeet says Ananya is feeling down by you, she lied and took me, think about this. She leaves. Varsha is shocked. Naksh thanks Naitik for taking his side. Naitik says I took side of truth, if you are wrong tomorrow, I will scold you first. He says you are growing now, you don’t cry and fight, tell me and mum, but don’t beat anyone. Naksh says Paras troubles me a lot. Naitik says he won’t do this again. Akshara smiles seeing them.

She says she came here as baby wanted her to come here. Naksh says he wants to talk to baby and brings string boxes to have secret talk. Naksh says baby is sleeping, and I m going to loo. They laugh. Naitik also tries this. Muskaan chats with her friend. Devyaani asks her to come. Muskaan goes leaving the laptop on and Paras uses it. Bhabhimaa talks to Devyaani. Mausi ji fills Devyaani’s ears and says one day even Akshara will control you. Akshara hears this and feels bad.

Rajshri talks to Bau ji and says he wants to take Akshara home. He asks her to talk to Devyaani. Devyaani says no, don’t take her, let her be here. Rajshri cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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