Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri thanking Suwarna for managing the matter. Suwarna says its Kartik’s engagement too. Varsha says you are too good, thanks. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Suwarna says they got emotional. Dadi says the moments are such, Suwarna tell them about the ring, I will just come. Suwarna says Dadi got a lovely ring for Naira, as Naira is precious to us. Rajshri says even Naitik said the same for Kartik when he bought that diamond for him. Akhilesh praises Surekha’s brother. Varsha asks Surekha to keep the ring. She keeps the ring and says Naitik got this rare blue diamond for Naitik. Surekha and Akhilesh get shocked. Surekha says Maa ji asked us to show ring after mahurat. Akhilesh says how can two diamonds be same. Manish asks Surekha to give ring. She gets

tensed. She gives box to Manish. Manish checks ring and gets shocked.

He says but this is not that diamond. Surekha says I was going to say…. Manish says I have to hear nothing, where is that diamond which I ordered. He gets angry. Kartik and Naira see each other. Chukar gai…..plays…….. He signs her to talk. Naira says my earring screw fell down again. Gayu asks again? Naira says it fell in Yash’s marriage too. Kartik recalls that moment and says yes. He says Mishti my screw also fell under table, I will just come. Mishti asks mind screw? He says yes. Mishti and Gayu cover up for them. Naira and Kartik get under the table. She applies black dot to him and says I did not know you can look so handsome. He smiles and says I always knew you are so beautiful. He asks her to say something. She asks what to say, its so strange, we have nothing to talk. He says so what, we will talk as stranger. They introduce themselves and talk.

She says its my second engagement today. He asks what, with whom. She shows the ring he gifted her before. He says I forgot this. She laughs. She says all this is happening, I m getting engaged to same man. She asks him to make her wear this ring in right hand. He says my name ring in both hands. She says I can also have rope in neck by your name. He smiles and makes her wear the ring. He looks for the ring and says it fell down, check there. She asks which ring. He shows a ring and makes her wear it. Din me jugnu ……plays……… He kisses her hand. She smiles. He says third ring, I will make you wear in front of everyone. Gayu asks Lav and Kush to play with Kuhu.

Kartik holds Naira. Gayu knocks on the table. Naira says I think we should go, I will go first. Naira leaves with Gayu. Dadi gets shocked and asks Surekha did your brother send other diamond, such a big cheat. Surekha says he did not cheat, he saved our family respect, I got to know now and asked him. Dadi says we had hope from him. Surekha says someone else gave more money and got that rare diamond. She thinks if I tell Singhanias have this diamond, she will get more angry. Manish tells Dadi that Suwarna would have not done any mistake. Suwarna says its not Surekha’s mistake. Surekha says none will know its not rare diamond. Dadi says Singhanias have diamond business, they will know it easily. She asks Manish to do something. Manish asks what to do, I can’t get diamond now. Naira hears them and thinks. Mishti asks Naira to come.

Kartik asks Priyanka why is everyone upset. Priyanka says maybe any guest said something. Dadi and Manish see media and worry. Priyanka asks when is Kirti coming. Kartik stops Naira and introduces her to Priyanka. Priyanka hugs and compliments her. She thanks Naira for coming in Kartik’s life. Kartik says you be cool always, but you ate always mumma types. Priyanka says I m your Maasi, it means like mumma. Naira sees the ring boxes.

Gayu says we got to know ring ceremony mahurat has some time, what to do till then, I have an idea. Naira calls someone. Gayu, Mishti and Naksh dance on Aai shagun ki gadiyaan….. Everyone dance along. Naira takes Lav and Kush aside and give them a work. She asks them to get the rings to her, its a game, no one should know this. Lav and Kush go and get the rings. Naira thanks them and takes the rings. Everyone sing Badhai ho badhai….. and dance. Naira sees the jeweler and goes to him. She gives him both the rings and asks him to make it fast.

Kartik sees Naira coming from outside. Naksh gets emotional and hugs Naira. Naira cries getting emotional. Her family cries. Kartik hugs them. Kartik and Naira also sing. They all dance. Pandit says shubh mahurat started, we can keep engagement ritual now. Manish and Dadi see the boxes. Naira thinks rings are not back till now. Kartik stops them and says this engagement can’t happen. Everyone get shocked. He says it can’t happen till Kirti comes. He apologizes to everyone and says I spoke to Kirti, maybe her flight delayed. Naksh says its okay, even I would have done this being in your place, engagement can’t begin without your sister. Dadi says Kirti is coming without her husband, we will not have our respect now. Naira thanks Kartik for saving and wishes her work to get done before Kirti comes.

Kartik and Naira exchange the rings. Everyone clap. Manish and Dadi get tensed when the media asks them to show the rare diamond.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode waiting for tommorow lets see what happened Wish u will be happy

  2. Vrushy

    Naira is really akshara’s daughter and she proved it today !!
    Now the goenkas should understand that she doesn’t want to steal Karthik from them. Infact she wants to unite them. The big ego of goenkas should break now !!
    Loved the under the table walla romance of kaira. So sweet and cute moments. Loved the two rings walla idea !!
    Ps : tomorrow is yrkkh’s bday. Our serial will complete 8 long years tomorrow !!

  3. So this was the last episode of successful 8th year of the show.! Here YRKKH completed its 8 years of Grand Success.! Congrats Rajan Sir and YRKKH team members.! By tomorrow its going to step into its 9th year.! Very excited and at the same moment very happy too.!

  4. Fenil

    Aww….Naira is great , today she proved it that she is really Akshra’s daughter .
    Cute Under table romance….
    Lav kush is so cute nd understanding Devars…
    Yrkkh is completing 8 year happy-smiley without any hurdle nd hope aise hi aage badhta rahe

  5. Twana

    Hello my family here…. how r u guys… today I just came to peep in n say hii to all of u….
    Yeah Vrushy… Naira showed that she z Akshara z daughter….. n I thought that something like this would happen…
    And Goenkas shld know that Naira saved their so called reputation….
    All my bffs, elder sissys n bhais n my lil sisters n brothers…. hope u all r doing well…….. will be back soon….
    And one day more for YRKKH b’day… ?
    It came a very long n successful journey so far…. hope it keeps it up…
    Good Night n swt drms everyone….. Take care….

  6. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister), Sachu di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Shopie , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana
    , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu and all other YRKKH fans and
    silent comment readers.

    How are you guys ???

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!

    Hi Ishika thank you so much for your words .
    Thanks Aniket for your scolding me. And don’t worry I don’t feel bad and I deserve it.

    Anyway I have moved on.

    Thanks Twana , Sophie , Adi , Pawan , Sachu di , pat di and everyone for your words.

    Aliya , Soumya all the best for your exam . But please do comment whenever you get times.

    Hi trishi , Trusna , chanya , Sophie dii get well soon guys . We will definitely pray for you all guys . You guys please take good care of yourself.

  7. Rahul96

    Hii guys
    I do comment yesterday . But I think you guys didn’t notice that.
    Anyway guys I didn’t comment yesterday because I was busy in packing bag and then I was in train.

    Thanks Pawan for being in my side . You were very helpful.
    And yes , I am sorry Soumya , Twana and Aniket but you guys couldn’t caught me . As you see I have eloped . ?????????. Commenting from a remote area of India.
    And yes Pawan thanks to you played an important role in my eloping. Otherwise it was impossible for me in eloping.???????????.
    And now Twana , Aniket and Soumya you have miss the last and only chance of arresting me.
    Now I will share luv Kush with Pawan only and if Pawan will tell I will share luv Kush with everyone.??????

  8. Rahul96

    Guys coming to the episode..

    Seriously talking

    I did not watch it today .
    Because on star plus it is shown on 9:30 pm and my mother didn’t watch it.
    Infact at same time my mother watch her favourite serial ek tha raza ek thi Rani on Zee TV.??????. So she didn’t allowed me to watch the serial ?????.

    Anyway guys have sweet dreams to all guys who is going to sleep and enjoy guys to having day . I hope you guys understand my English.??????.

    Bye guys

  9. loved it today. miss akshara. hope shecomes bk before kaira marriage.
    everything was so perfect with akshara around. i use to feel safe.
    hope kirti’s husband aditya dosent create too much trouble for kaira. i will kill him.???

  10. how do u become a registered member

    1. You would have to go to the register button all the way on the top and create a username and password for yourself.

  11. Hi BFF n Vrushy, I left a comment for u ppl on yesterdays page. Go through n reply me here. Also Rahul bhai u read that comment where I mentioned that u were arrested by us.!

    1. Vrushy

      Yup, I read it now.
      I don’t mind it, you can call me anything you like. No worries.
      I didn’t know that you read my ff since you never commented on it. Anyways its a compliement for me !!

  12. Hi Rahul bhai, pls stop giving fake reasons that u were busy in paking or were in train. Actually u were arrested by us n so u were unable to reply. So all of u pls praise Twanas bravery Soumyas bravery and also mine bcoz the task that was not done by armed force of 203countries was done only by 3 of us yesterday.!

  13. Hai guys i am a new member for this group

    1. Hi…Welcome…

    2. Vrushy

      Welcome to Yrkkh group !!

    3. Twana

      Hello Welcome

    4. Rahul96

      Hi welcome

  14. Hi BFF, where r u gohng? I said u I need atleast 2 times comments per day.! I dont want any reason.! I just want u 2 fulfill my wish.! Hi Rahul bhai, I wont allow u 2 steal Luv-Kush bcoz they r among the ones those r trying 2 gain back their lost audience.!

  15. Hello everyone, I want a favour from any of u. Actually today onwards I wont b able to watch the show so I request u to pls clear my doubts till 7may. (I will not have doubts everyday but whenever I wil have it, I want u 2 clear that) Todays doubt- In precap, which rings r exchanged by Naira n Kartik? I mean, that blue coloured rare diamonds one or some other? In brief I want 2 ask, what was Nairas plan? Alsn want 2 ask- Does Dadi n Manish know that rare diamond was purchased by Singanias.? Pls do tell me.

    1. Naira found out that the diomand tge Goenkas bought wasn’t the one they were expecting….and Surekha knew that the diomand they were supposed to buy, had already been bought buy the Singhanias.
      But because Surekha was really scared she didn’t tell anyone that the Singhanias bought the rare blue diomand…so no Manish and Dadi don’t know that diomand was bought buy the Singhania’s…
      Naira’s plan was to exchange the diomands on the rings;
      After she exchanges the diomands Karthik’s family would have the rare diomand…so everyone would think they bought it….

      I hope this makes sense…sorry I am really bad at explaining…

      1. Vrushy

        Yeah,Naira exchanged the rings so that the one Karthik will make her wear would be the rare diamond ring. Since the media will be asking Naira to show the rare diamond ring after the engagement ceremony. In order to save goenkas reputation in front of the media, she will make Karthik wear the fake ring while the one Karthik will make her wear will be the rare one. Nobody knows that the singhanias have the rare diamond ring except surekha !!

  16. Hey guys….. thanks for the fast update Amena dii
    A big hi to my yrkkh family
    Aliya dii, soumya dii and anyone else who has exams…. best of luck
    All of you guys that are not feeling well please take of yourself and take good rest

    It’s so nice to see naira taking over akshara’s responsibilities
    Dadi should understand that naira is is a very good person and is not taking kartik away from her
    Suwarna is such a great mother…… hope that kartik accepts her
    Also tomorrow is when yrkkh will complete 8 yrs!
    The show has come a long way and has always been great and hopefully will be good in the coming future!

  17. I think Naira will change the rings. That’s not fair to Naitik – she hurts her family’s feeling to please in- laws

    1. exactly!!! was thinking same….

  18. Hello yrkkh family! I hope everyone is well! Nice to see some new members on this forum! To the episode: I liked the festive atmosphere and the songs and the table romance it was all really positive despite the issues in the background. Surekha is getting on my nerves! She’s blaming others just to come across as better – unfortunately I agree with aarti that it was wrong to show she will put her in laws first – with the attitude of some of the goenkas, they deserve a fall due to their attitude but I understand that it will be one step closer to winning the hearts of the goenkas – but then again she should still put her family first, particularly because she is so outspoken. Also, when I think about it, I’m wondering what else she could have done at such short notice to please both families

  19. Sorry for some grammar errors and repeating stuff, seems that im really tired today lol

  20. !.Happie Bday YRKKH.! Congratulations Rajan sir and team, u have compleated 8th year.! Really love Maheshwari dadi, Vishwambhar uncle, Rajashri aunty, Varsha, Omi uncle, Sunaina aunty, Shankari Tai, Baisa, Bhabhimaa, Rajbanna, Nandani, Rukmani bcoz these ppl r attatched with YRKKH since beginning and are still working hard for YRKKH.! Once again congratulations to Rajan sir, all the actors, all the fans and every single member attatched with- YEH RISHTA KYA KEHELATA HAI.!

  21. hiiii to the yrkkh family
    how are you all?
    loved today episode
    kaira undertable romance awsome

  22. Hi My Sister From Other Mister, TYSM. And who said u r bad at explaining, I got everything what u said. And one more doubt, In precap it was shown Naira- Kartik make each other wear the ring, so those rings were of rare blue diamond from Singhanias or Naira exchanged it with that common ring of goenkas? I mean who made that rare diamond ring wear to whom? Also why were Manish and Dadi tensed when media asked them about rare diamond?

    1. Hi my brother form another mother…How are you?
      Karthik made Naira wear the rare blue diamond ring…
      Manish and Dadi were tensed because they still think they have the diamond they bought…but they don’t know that the Naira exchanged it…

      1. Twana

        Sophie di ur pro pic z beautiful
        Hi BFF…. we arrested Rahul bhai to show BFF ki katat n but Rhaul bhai wanted to see his mom n we released him na?
        Sorry for not getting all of ur permission to release Rahul bhai…..

  23. Fenil

    Appiwala Birthday YRKKH
    I’m missing Vinita Malik Aka Our most favourite Dadi….

  24. Twana

    Hello guys a very gud morning to all of u!!
    Came to fulfill my promise made to my BFF… ??
    Hope all of u guys are doing fine…
    I had many things to say yesterday but I was in a hurry…
    First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY YRKKH!!!!!!
    May the team be able to keep it up n have a successful journey ahead… All the best wishes from me to YRKKH grp including Rajan sir n the team…..
    Rahul bhai we arrested u b4 u left… why can’t u remember?? ????
    However how was ur journey after we released u? And how’s ur family n your home?? All well??
    Sachu dii Long time no see…
    Abd today Kaira romance under the table was lovely….
    Have a great day ahead

  25. Rahul96

    A big good morning to my yrkkh family.

    And a very happy birthday to YRKKH. Till now only Maheshwaris have remained the part of the show from episode 1 . And if I remember well then Rajshri and dadi were shown first .

    Hi Twana , Aniket and Soumya you guys didn’t arrested me Pawan helped me a lot. And twana , Aniket and Soumya I did commented on page of 10 january. ???.

    Hi many members are missing. Pat di , Sachu di , chanya , trishi , Trusna , Riya , Shilpa and many other are missing!!!!!
    And welcome to new comers!!!

    There are many new comers who are not commenting. Why???? Everyone should comment guys !!!!

    Hi Sophie di , trishi , Trusna, chanya , Aniket please take good care of yourself guys.

    1. Hi Rahul,
      How are you?

      1. Rahul96

        Thanks Sophie di . I am fine. And how are you???

      2. I am also good…thanks…

  26. Chanya

    A big hello to my yrkkh I am a registered member too but I will not be regular because of my studies..
    Hope all of you are fine and all the best who has exams..
    Coming to episode after a long time I could watch it..naira has become so mature..kaira romance under the table was nice..and happy birthday to yrkkh..have a successful journey!!!
    And love you all and take care

  27. TYSM Writer, I got what u said. Actually I dont comment on ff as one of my friend living in hyderabad also writes some ff and requested me to read it. But she dont wiite so well. So I said her I am busy in studies n stopped reading all FFs. So I dont comment on ur ff also, as she reads ur ff. But I read all ur episodes! They r gr8! Hi MY SISTER FROM OTHER MISTER, TYSM 4 ur second explanation also. Now everything is clear.! Take care sister.!

    1. Vrushy

      No worries.
      I am glad that you read it and like it. That means a lot to me !!

  28. Hi BFF, first of all TYSM to fulfill my wish n ur promise.! Yes v arrested Rahul bhai and then as he wished to meet his mom v released him. And no need 2 b sorry, bcoz u were the head of the mission n had all rights with u.! Rahul bhai, I consulted to a famous neurologist as u lost ur memory.! And g ur goodluck, he said- u will regain ur memory soon. So till u regain ur memory dont coment on this topic bcoz as the day ends u wil have 2 accept ur defeat bcoz this was BFF KI TAKAT.!

    1. Rahul96

      No Aniket no you didn’t arrested me ???????. It seems like I have lost your memory and also Twana too has lost her memory ???????.
      I have too visited a famous doctor for you 2 . Take care??????

  29. wow episode
    loved it today
    how are you all?
    kaira’s undertable romance awsome..
    I loved it mohshin i love u..

  30. Hahahaha Rahul bhai.! What a joke.! U made me laugh on the point that Twana n I had lost our memory.! Actually it was u who was in shock as u were arrested and so u lost ur memory.! I hope u regain it soon.! And I said u not to reply on this matter till u get ur memory back, so y did u replied?!! And v all wil come to know that u got ur memory back only when u accept ur defeat.! So do accept it soon orelse all wil consider u have lost ur brains permanently.! After all it was BFF Ki Takat.!

  31. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family members….how r u all??
    Thanks for ur wishes..I got some time so thought to comment.
    Happy BIRTH DAY YRKKH???????really very happy for yrkkh’s 8 years..
    Ya rahul bhaiya we have we have arrested u I think u have forgoten.

  32. Hey Little Angel, I mean Soumya, good 2 c u.! Keep commenting the same way.! Happy to read ur comment.!



  35. Twana

    BFF n Rahul bhaii u both made me laugh telling abt an amnesia prblem… Rahul bhai itz u who z suffering from amnesia… see 3 ppl can’t lose their memory at the same time… n the ratio is 3 : 1… so u hv to admit that it z u who has lost the memory n we ppl did arrest u… ?????????
    Come on Rahul bhaii… we arrested u na? ???

  36. Trusna

    Hii everyone…
    Happy b’day yrkkh…
    D episode was gud…specially the under table romance…nd d way luv kush help naira was cute…
    Chanya n trishi…i hope u r fine..take care…

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