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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik to talk to Naman. He says maybe its personal problem between Naman and Karishma, so she was covering it up. Karishma asks Naman not to drink much if he can’t manage. Naman asks what did I tell. She says he was about to tell Akshara, its better he tells everything to Naitik and Akshara. He says its so shameful, no one will trust me knowing I can’t manage business. She says you have to tell them. She says I will manage, don’t tell anyone. Mishti looks on. Karishma says Mishti, listen. Mishti runs to Akshara and Naitik. They ask what happened. Mishti says mum and dad are very bad.

Devyaani asks whats the matter. Mishti says they are going somewhere to roam, and not taking me along. Karishma gets relieved and says Naman did not

mean that, he wanted to surprise you. Naman says we want to go out, if you all allow. Bau ji says yes, take Mishti along. Mishti thanks them. Naitik looks at Naman.

Varsha thinks Jasmeet did not tell me anything, she would have read letter. She goes to room and finds her card in the dustbin. She gets annoyed and throws it on the bed. She leaves. Naitik stops Naman and asks him to share any tension. Naman says I m fine. Naitik says I will help you if there is anything. Karishma tells Akshara that Naman does not have any problem. Akshara asks what was he saying that he did some mistake. Naman says nothing, I was drunk, sorry for trouble. He gets call and worries. He says I have meeting in office, and leaves. Karishma says I have work and leaves.

Varsha stops Jasmeet and asks what happened to you, why are you behaving like this. Jasmeet asks what did I do. Varsha asks why mistake I did, don’t act innocent. Jasmeet says no one cares for my feelings. They argue. Elders look on and worry.

Naitik asks Bau ji why is he going office, Devyaani said you are unwell. Bau ji says so now she complains about me to my son, don’t worry Naitik, I m fine, I m going to give money to our senior empoloyee for his daughter’s marriage, he wanted loan, but I want to give him money since he is working with us since Dadda ji’s time. Naitik says I will go office. Karishma comes there and hears them. Naitik asks Bau ji to take rest. Karishma worries that Naman will have all files with him, if Naitik goes, he will know everything. She runs and calls Naman. Naman checks the files and does not see her call.

Naitik goes to office and meet staff. She gives money to the employee, and says this is not loan, you can tell us if you need more. Naitik asks for Naman and goes to his cabin. Naman hides seeing him. Some papers fall down. Naitik goes to pick it and Naman panics. Naitik sees him and says Naman. Naman gets up and says I was finding some files. Naitik says I came for Bau ji’s work, you carry on your work. Naman makes excuses and takes him to have coffee.

Naira comes to Akshara and sees her applying lipstick wrongly. Naira cries. She says I will apply you lipstick. She says sorry, it got spoiled, I will clean it. She asks Akshara to smile. She says I will do your makeup tomorrow, wake me up early, please. Akshara says fine, but its just registration tomorrow. Naira says first impression is last impression, did you decide what will you wear, I will decide your dress. She hugs Akshara and cries. Akshara cries and thanks her.

Jasmeet is busy in work and a cup breaks. Varsha and elders look on. Varsha asks how did it break. Jasmeet says sorry. Varsha says you did this intentionally, its limit, you don’t explain me. Jasmeet says you are blaming me, you feel I broke this cup intentionally, fine, but it fell from mistake. Varsha says oh, so that sorry card also fell in dustbin by mistake right. Jasmeet says which card, I did not get it. They argue. Varsha scolds her. Jasmeet gets angry. Rajshri says enough…. What happened to you both? You both fight like kids. Jasmeet says something happened to you all, no one likes me, what did I do, don’t know why Anshu left me alone, I m fed up here. Kaki asks Varsha about which card is she saying.

Akshara shows the dress to Naitik, saying Naira chose it. He says its good. She asks him to bring matching jewelry for it. He says fine, and gets it. He asks her to be happy. She asks why is he worried, did anything happen in office. Naman tells Karishma that nothing happened, but I feel Naitik doubts on me, as I was tensed. Akshara says see I told you he is hiding something. Naman says I have to keep Naitik away from office for few days. Naitik tells Akshara that he fears its some big problem.

Akshara takes everyone’s blessings. Devyaani wishes her all the best. Naira says Akshara will be selected. Bau ji asks Naitik to go office for some work. Naman says I will get files, there is no need to come office. Bau ji says no, office is on the way. Naitik says its fine, I will have coffee with Naman. Naman says fine. Naitik and Akshara leave. Naman tells Karishma that he has to do something, to make Naitik busy and not come office.

Naitik and Akshara stand in the queue. The lady asks Akshara to come, to get form filled, so that she does not have problem. Akshara asks why, I don’t want special treatment, I will fill form when my turn comes, I will not take anyone’s rights. Everyone clap for her. Naitik smiles.

Sangram comes to Krishna and meets Naksh and Tara. Naksh asks how did he come. Sangram says I had to give food order. Tara asks why, we don’t have any function at home. Sangram says its for poor people, I m repenting, this is advance.

Rajshri, Kaki and Dadi have a talk about Jasmeet and Varsha. Dadi says I can’t help you in this thing, its your duty, no one came to teach me about managing my bahus, manage your duties then your bahus will also manage their duties, think how to end this matter.

Akshara and Naitik are on the way. She thanks him for making her participate. He stops at the signal and checks his phone. He says congrats, you are selected, they send an audio, you have to prepare. She asks for headphones and says I can’t wait. He smiles. A man gets inside their car and aims gun at Naitik. Naitik gets shocked. Akshara says Naitik, what happened, did you open car door. Naitik says nothing, I was checking door lock. The man asks Naitik to drive and do what he says, else I will shoot you and your blind wife. Naitik says please don’t hurt my wife and drives. The man aims gun at Akshara. She asks Naitik with whom is he talking. He says no one. She says I felt there is someone in car.

Naitik talks to inspector at check post, and says she is my wife. Inspector asks who is that sitting in backseat. Akshara gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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