Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2013 Written Update

akshi tells now I understood duggu has gone on his father, she lets naitik read dairy but for 15 mins till that I will bring tea. Varsha tensions about ananya-dadi haven’t arrived still, just thenn they arrive. ananya does a dance step, varsha tells her to freshen up. akshi is serving naitik tea, she asks why are sitting here( naitik is sitting on stairs) naitik retords I like to sit here & read so I came. duggu is arguing with gy3 that he will drink milk walking.

both naitik & duggu tells what ever I said that is final, gy3 & akshi laugha. gy3 tells son is same like father. naitik & duggu goes, but suddenly gy3 starts scolding akshi for behaving like this how many times I have told u don’t make fun of naitik or duggu I can’t tolerate it. akshi is shocked hearing this, she says sorry gy3 laughs that she was kidding. duggu is remembers that he forgot his homework painting. gy3 orders akshi to write an excuse in his dairy that tomorrow he will submit. akshi is confused what to write, naitik tells akshi don’t do so.

No one will write an excuse in his dairy, neither he will get scold. naitik helps duggu by taking akshi,duggu, his hand prints on copy he shows them it is a hand print of trio. all are happy to see this. akshi & naitik walking down, naitik asks why did u brought me here when match is about to began. akshi tells him to keep patience, they reach hall. Naitik’s friends surprises him by their visit. They sit down to chit chat one of them shows naksh his trip pictures. akshi is seeing this happily, naitik lost in thoughts. duggu returns from school, he greets everyone.

duggu asks akshi who all are they? akshi replies they are naitik’s friends they used to come to meet naitik. duggu says I don’t have so many friends to which akshi says naitik has more friends. ajay complains duggu that when was small naitik didn’t used meet them everyday he used to office then he used spend time with duggu. ananya is practicing dance steps she is unable to do, teacher consoles her saying try to watch the steps carefully then u will be able to do. she announces a break, her friends tells her she is unable to do this, then how she will catch up other steps and there is competition, ananya’s face falls.

Naitik friends are having lunch, a person from office comes to sign papers from her. akshi tells naitik that it is important & goes apart to sign. Meanwhile Ajay tells naitik akshi has handles everything very well after your such condition I can’t even imagine that if anything like this happens to me my wife will handle all this. everything will be carried out according to her, akshi hears his conversation naitik tells I feel like cursing myself that I couldn’t fulfill my duties. I’m proud to have akshi as my wife. akshi is happy to hear this.

Mohit comes back, he reminds everyone that tomorrow is Makar Sankranti & also dj’s b’day. Naitik tells everyone to come tomorrow they will celebrate here ajay cuts between that he needs rest! SS ladies are preparing foods, naitik offers to help but gy3 tells to rest as he is sitting from quite long time . Naitik says he will take but after sometime. duggu comes there & starts playing with ” atta ka gola” ( sorry I don’t know its english) gy3 & akshi both try to stop him from playing with that. He spoils one of “gola” but still he continues to play with it. Naitik stops him by holding his hand. duggu makes a face then he removes naitik’s hand & goes upstairs. episode ends.

precap: gy3 tells to take care of duggu, naitik says don’t I will take care. All Flying kites. kite gets cut and comes down and duggu wants the kite so he tries take it.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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