Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik getting their photoshoot done. They look super cute and pose decently and lovely. They check their pics in camera and smile. Aditya tells Dadi that they made me leave, after all my hardwork and feelings, they did not let me stay there, I understand Naira stayed away from family, but Kartik also did not stand by me. He goes. Dadi says I told you Naira can become Kartik’s mistake, Naira does not respect Aditya. Manish worries.

Kartik and Naira pose and get more pics taken. Everyone clap for them. The man compliments them. Kartik says I hope pictures came good, its our first marriage. Naira asks what. Kartik says I mean we are very excited. They hug. Dadi calls Baisa and tells what happened. She asks Baisa to explain Naira not to make

this mistake again, else it won’t be good. Devyaani asks Baisa what’s the matter. Naira comes home and calls out everyone. She asks Baisa why does she look annoyed. Baisa says you did such thing. Naira asks what did I do, I asked you all and went for photoshoot. Baisa says you misbehaved with Aditya there. Naira says no, I just refused to agree to him, it was not right, even Kartik was there.

Baisa says Aditya is Goenkas’ son in law, refusing him means… Naira says I will refuse to wrong. Baisa says you will come crying home if you do so. Baisa asks her to apologize to Aditya. Naira says I did not do wrong, I will not say sorry. Naitik says if Naira is refusing, then there will be some reason behind. Naksh says Dadi has habit to hype everything, I know Aditya. Naitik says we should trust Naira, there is some reason, am I right. Naira nods. Everyone agree with Naitik.

Baisa says fine, son and son in law’s mistake is not seen, always bahu’s mistake is seen. Bhabhimaa says Baisa is right, its no harm to apologize. They all explain Naira. Bau ji asks Naira how was her photoshoot. Naira says it will come in some time, I m sure you all will like it. Dadi says I m sure they will not explain Naira. Lav and Kush say photos have come. Kartik says I will check. Aditya comes to see.

They all see the photos and compliment Kartik and Naira. Kartik says Naira is photogenic, this was not our original idea, Naira created this idea by the things there, she is amazing. Aditya thinks she is looking amazing in the pics I clicked. He checks memory card and finds its empty. He worries that its not in this memory card, I took wrong card.

The man tells Naira that your fiance has taken your pics, when I saw personal pics, I understood and did not send him. Naira thinks when did Kartik take my pics, how could I not know. She checks pics on laptop. She recalls. Kartik calls her and compliments. She asks did you click my pics. He says no, why are you upset, my phone battery is low, I will call back later. She recalls Aditya and understands. She gets angry and leaves a voicemail for Kartik. She says I m coming to your house, I need to say something imp.

Aditya scolds the man and asks why did you give pics to Naira, I paid you idiot. Kartik comes to Aditya. Naira leaves from home. Dadi applies tilak to files and says its good if they explain Naira, else we will explain her, I m quiet for Kartik’s sake, once she comes here, I will change her my way. Manish says we have to see no mistake happens again, Aditya will feel bad, it can affect business too.

Naira comes to Goenka house and meets Kartik. She shows him pics in her phone. He says I would have broken his legs and hands if Kirti did not stop me, how dare he. She says I wanted to tell you, but thought there will be problem between me. He says you should have told me, its good Aditya told me about that photographer’s cheap thing, Kirti stopped me, Aditya made that man delete all pics and managed it. She gets shocked. He says sorry Naira, you are my responsibility, I could not take care of you. She says its okay, it was not your mistake. She cries and hugs him. Aditya looks on and says its good I got to know on time and manipulated, money has power to shut people’s mouth.

Naira leaves and thinks why am I doubting Aditya, its good he stays away, if he does anything now, I will not bear it. Goenka ladies get beauty treatments done. They discuss about mehendi function. Dadi asks Surekha to inform them about organic mehendi. Kirti asks Suwarna why did you not say about applying mehendi, you apply such good designs. Suwarna says yes, but not like professionals, and its Kartik’s marriage. Manish says what will we do there. Dadi says we should go there. Manish agrees. Dadi says its fine if Aditya does not want to come. He says I can’t hurt your heart, your happiness and respect matters to me, forget it, I was hurt that time, Kartik’s happiness matters to us the most. Dadi and Surekha praise Aditya and say Kirti is lucky. Kirti thinks when did Aditya become so good, there is something going on in his mind.

Gayu and everyone grind mehendi. Baisa says its shagun mehendi. Varsha and Rajshri worry about Aditya coming in mehendi. Gayu takes mehendi to apply to Naira. Naira runs. They all smile. Rajshri says many hurdles came in marriage functions already, nothing should happen tomorrow. Its morning, Naira tells Mishti that she does not like mehendi. Mishti says so you did not apply it in Yash’s marriage, its fine, what you don’t like, you should not do it.

Surekha says mehendi design lady will come there directly. Dadi asks Kartik did you sleep late at night. Kartik says I had much work. Dadi asks him to get ready fast. Dadi says Kartik is still doing office work. Manish says we give holiday to employees in our office for their marriage, look at Singhanias. Aditya gets ready and come. Suwarna says the lady Suman is famous in applying mehendi, I would have not applied mehendi to Naira, as Dadi would feel bad, I don’t want any problem to happen, she is not able to forget Rishikesh matter.

Dadi asks where are girl’s Mama. Vishwamber says he is unwell. Dadi says what to do now, I told you I will not compromise in rasams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. A big hii to all the members of my wonderful and blessed family.
    I dint comment since a long time.
    This by no way means that u ppl r out of my mind.
    In facti miss u all everyday everyhour, but couldn’tget down to write a comment as I am busy in preparing for my practicals.
    Hi Pat di
    U posted a long comment yesterdaythat doesn’tmean we will allow you to be absent for some days.
    I want ua comment everyday.
    Hi Sophie di
    All yhe members those who disappearfrom this page for some time give a prior notification about their absence.
    But today you were absent without letting us to know the reasonfor ua absence.
    I hope all is well with u.
    Hi Raf
    Thank u soo much for including me soo many times in ua comments.
    It means a lot dear.
    Thanks for ua wishes.
    Wiah u the same dude.
    Hi Fenil bhai
    Yes I remember everyword that u says.
    After all u r my bhai.
    How can I forget ua words.
    Hi Adi bro
    Yes I also agree that Ananya should be pregnantor that her husband git a transfer in Udaipur only.

  3. Th is a special commeny for
    Pat di Sophie di Adi bro Fenil bro.
    I remember some days ago my eldest sister- Sachu di said me that dont let this beautiful ship sink.
    But drom monday I have my practicals and so I may not be able to comment feequently.
    So I hand ober the task of maintaining our family and its issues on u 4 ppl.
    I am asking something for the first time and I want this at any cost.
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    Alos om 15th feb we r completing 2 months of togetherness.
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      Best wishes for your exams

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    Hey everyone commenting here first time Guys I Have a REQUEST please Do read n comment on my KaiRa FF Myjhme Rawa Hai Tu pleaseeee guys it takes I m a student n it takes a lot of time to write n yeah I would have stopped writing my ff very before but then I think Vrushy ,Vini, Hales, Fenil Saumya (sorry if I miss any name ) r liking it n commenting also so I thought not to quit n many people write ff but Ranu mention me as one of her favourite writer encourage me a lot …so please guys support me I will be glad if my hardwork gets fruitful

  5. this is not done. now this marriage should happen witout problems. its becoming very irritating.

  6. haha such stupid girl aniket ur comments are very funny dear stupid hahaha


    2. Professor X ( Charles Xavier )

      Who the hell are you ??? Seems like you are a frustrated girl !!!! You are a stupid girl not reyaa !!! And you are stupid not Aniket !!! Stop using shopie dii name !!!; You are not worthy of using Sophie dii name !!!!

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  7. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really can’t for naira kartik marriage now I really hope that adita doesn’t mess anything up in karia wedding anymore plus naira should tell naksh kartik everything about aditas bad intentions naira kartik wedding will be the most best wedding ever

    From ur number one fan soofia Bhatti

  8. Fenil

    Good Morning
    hello everyone !!:)

    Episode was fabulous….Aditya saved today but not saved in Mehndi but good point was that naira’s doubt clear abt cheap person.

    Hey Aniket Bhai , U gave us big responsibility….we will try . Good luck.

    Hey Rahul Bhai , why u acted like a child…agar aise hi sab problems ka solution hota toh baat hi kya hain…cancel your wrong decision of not commenting oky. I’ll waiting till 2:00PM.

    1. Hi Fenil bhaiya!
      Thank U soo much for ua words wich u said to Rahul bhaiya!! I also want him to comment regularly!

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    Its Okk bro…Prepare welll.! Best of luck!!
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
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    Hi Soumya & Twana!!
    Best of luck for ua xams dear!! Do comment(if possible).

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Rahul bro said me in private message that he is going to comment here anymore as he disgraced all ff writers,Ishika Di and shesha….

      But I said him in fact I Made him understand but in vain!! I waited till now but I thought of informing you and I commented!

      1. Hi Lasya,
        I pray you are good
        Please tell Rahul that it is not needed
        If we say we are family then we should learn to forgive each other. I am sure all the FF writer have forgiven him once he explained where he was coming from.
        Please tell him to come home – we don’t want another incident like Naira ???. Don’t runaway bro ???
        Please give this message from me – thank you

  10. Soumya85

    Hi my yrkkh family r u all?
    I m little busy becoz of my pre boards tommorow I have maths exam and my pre boards will end on 20th Feb and again board exam will stars from 10th March…so I will be not frequent….really missing u guys…
    Happy to see ur comment aniket bhaiya and sophie di..
    Rahul bhaiya do comment pls…It is not a solution bhaiya
    Hi raf di how was u practical exams??
    Fenil bhaiya how r u??and in yesterday’s comment u say Soumya di why??I m just 15
    Hii reyaa di don’t be disheartened u r a very good writer don’t think about less comments..
    At last best of luck who r going to give board exams(sorry can’t write everyone’sname here)
    Bye for now don’t forget me

    1. Soumya85


      1. Hi Soumya!
        Happy to see ua comment! My practical exam went wellll dear. Thanx for ua wishes! Alll the very best for ua exams..take care!

  11. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    Liked todays episode. Naira being the smartypants that she is figured out that her intuition had been right all along. I loved that she raced to Karthik to tell him what was going on in her mind. Naira completely befuddled, at Karthik blaming someone else did not speak up. Why ?!! Because she didn’t have evidence, I am sure Karthik would believe her any way, but this issue is going to be much beyond kaira, it would surely affect the whole family.

    Another reason that I love Naira is for her do-right-by-me attitude. Despite Bua dadi trying to coerce Naira into apologising, she stood for what was right. She didn’t give up on her stand. It takes courage to stand by what is right and Naira makes me so proud. You need not apologise when you know your are correct and Naira proved it today.

    Today I am also going to appreciate the fact that Kirti was suspicious of Aditya’s sudden good heartedness. She isn’t entirely naive. I feel like Kirti and Aditya were married off as part of a business alliance based on what Manish said today and that’s one of the reasons why she’s kept shut till now.

    Kirti also tried to make Swarna feel better by saying how she would get the mehendi done by her. And it was certainly a nice touch when she said that Naira would have got her mehendi done from Swarna if she knew about it.

    It was so nice seeing Kaira create a fun photo shoot with whatever little props there were. They fit into each other’s arms like two pieces of a puzzle.

    Well I will only be pointing positives in an episode from today onwards. All the negatives get into your mind and spoil your mood so would be ignoring them further on.

    Can’t wait for mehendi function as finally aditya’s evil intentions will be out. Hope Everyone have a good day !!

    1. Hey Vrushy
      I agree with all the points laid out here
      Aditya’s issue is going beyond Kaira and a first for YRKKH – I can’t wait to see how it will be solve.
      My mum & I were discussing such issues a while back and her suggestions were for the so called victims to be bold and speak up – that means tell an adult, so that the situation does not go beyond control.
      I guess in Naira’s case she would have told Akshara. Because she knows Akshara knows her very well.

  12. Hi Vrushy!!
    how r u??
    Y u didn’t replied to my comments? R u ignoring my comments??? I’m really very sorry if u feel hurted. Waiting for ua comments!!

  13. Hi Lasya!
    Accordng to me, he didn’t disgraced any FF writers but he just shared his POV & his intention was not to hurt anyone. I don’t know y he is blaming himslf??
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    Pls don’t do like that na,.pls don’t stop commenting bhaiya! U knw, I’m buzy in my board exams preparations but stilll am commenting here (waiting fr ua comment ) & asking u to comment. U r one of d oldest membr of our family na, will u leave ua family like this??? Is this a solution bhaiya??? Pls try to understand & do comment bhaiya!!I don’t want u to quit.(I hope, U’ll b back after reading my comments).
    Hi Aniket!!
    Aftr ua practicals, if u’l get some time,Plz ask Rahul bhaiya to comment here na.its my request to U bro. I don’t want any of our family membr to quit this page. I know u r buzy in preprtns & handed over d maintenance of our family to 4ppl but Sorry to say I want ua help in this as its necessary bro so pls try to solve this issues na(only if u get some free time else its Okay bro, I won’t insist U as u r buzy in studies). I know U too want d same wich I want!!
    Hi Pat dii, Sophie dii, Sachu dii, Tanu dii, Swara di, Fenil bhaiya,. Pls anyhw solve this & Don’t let Rahul bhaiya to quit this page!! Its my humble request dii’s & bhaiya!! I know u too dont want any of our family membr to quit So am saying U all as I’m buzy in my studies!
    Sorry if I have hurtd anyone Unknowingly!!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      RAF…. I hope I didn’t say that Rahul bro..disgraced that message was sent by Rahul bro and I posted the same here!! Hope you understand that point

      1. Yes I understand. Don’t worry I didn’t misunderstood U lasya!

    2. Hey Raf
      I pray all is well
      I agree with all you said above.
      We just need to remind Rahul that we are family and no one quits their family (Rahul believes in family). I have sent a message to that effect through Lasya.
      And best wishes for your exams

  14. Fenil

    Hello everyone!!
    Good noon

    Hey Somya ,so what that u r 15 or plus , u r like my lil sista …. waise bhi mujhe awkward feel ho raha tha bahut dino se as i told this to Rosa dii also ; that humare family mein kitne bhi lil kyun na ho sabko “aap” se address karte hain toh muje achha nai lag raha tha.sorry .

    Dear Raf Dii , Rahul bhai will surely comments today .

    Ttul friends

    1. Soumya85

      Bhaiya don’t say’s nothing to say sorry..u can say anything to

    2. Thank you so much fenil bhaiya!!

  15. Fenil

    Sorry G.Eve

  16. Rahul96

    Hi Raf dear
    I am sorry to keep you waiting . Now please don’t think too much now . See now I have come back . Concentrate on your studies now. Now please don’t take to much stress. And please don’t involve Aniket yaa anyone to involve them because they are having exams.

    Hi Fenil Bhaiya
    Thanks for your words and your long conversation . Your private chatting helped me to feel relaxed . Thank you so much Bhaiya.

    Hi lasiii
    Thanks to you also and your long conversation. Your private chatting helped me to feel relaxe dear . Thank you so much dear .

    Hi Vrushy
    Thanks to you also . Actually your spirit that because of one negative comment ( though my comment was never to hurt you ) you will not let others to wait . This also helped me because just because of few members ( who are good friends of me just misunderstood me ) I can’t make Raf , lasiii , Fenil Bhaiya and other family members to wait.

    Thank you so much Fenil Bhaiya and lasiii for your private conversation you guys made be think that I am doing a mistake . And Raf the way you were posting comment so frequently and in your comment I sense that you were worried and because of this you must not be able to concentrate on your studies dear . And this thing was worrying me a lot . Actually Fenil Bhaiya and lasiii private conversations and Raf worries in her comment made be to comment back.

    Everyone in my family members are so beautiful hearted and are awesome . I was stupid to make mind to leave you guys. I am sorry to everyone now I will not repeat this again . And Raf now please 100% concentrate on your studies dear!!;

    And Vrushy we all love you also . And please keep us updated about your health !!!! Have you started walking now dear !!!

    1. Thank U soo much Rahul bhaiya! I’m so glad.

    2. Yesss Rahul bhaiya,I will definitely concentrate on my studies now! Thanks a lot once again!

    3. Lasyashree.10

      So.. you ar back…good

  17. Rahul96

    Hi Soumya dear
    Thanks to you also dear . Even your private chatting with me was also awesome . You are also a beautiful hearted member and your private chatting made me realise that I was doing a mistake .

    1. Soumya85

      I m very happy to see ur comment and thanks a lot for commenting bhaiya…don’t ever do this again

  18. Thank u soo much fenil bhaiya, lasya & soumya.

    1. Soumya85

      Thanks for what di ?? Best of luck of ur exams

    2. Rahul96

      Hi Raf why don’t you become a registered member???

    3. Lasyashree.10

      Raf….thanks?? Don’t mention it

  19. Im happy that everything is sorted now.
    Aniket, thanks for bestowing me with the honour of taking care of our family. I promise you the ship will stay floating until your back and even after the years that come.
    I haven’t had a chance to watch the episodes for I think 2 days so i will do that then comment about it.
    Stay blessed fam

  20. Rahul96

    An important message to everyone :-

    New York is 3 hours ahead of California but it does not mean that California is slow, or that New York is fast. Both are working based on their own “Time Zone.”

    Some one is still single. Someone *got married* and ‘waited’ 10 years before having a child. There is another who had a baby within a year of marriage.

    Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before *securing a good job*; and there is another who graduated at 27 and secured employment immediately !

    Someone *became CEO* at 25 and died at 50 while another became a CEO at 50 and lived to 90 years.
    Everyone works based on their ‘Time Zone’,

    People can have things worked out only according to their pace.
    Work in your *time zone*

    Your Colleagues, friends, younger ones might “seem” to go ahead of you.
    May be some might “seem” behind you.

    Everyone is in this world running their own race on their own lane in their own time. God has a different plan for everybody.Time is the difference. *Obama retires at 55, Trump resumes at 70*

    Don’t envy them or mock them, it’s their ‘Time Zone.’
    You are in yours!

    Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good.

    You’re not late … You are not early … you’re very much On time!??

    Stay blessed.
    You Are In Your Time Zone….?

    1. Soumya85

      Nice msg bhaiya

  21. Hello my beautiful tree..
    How are you all I’m glad the problem is solved
    And I’m sorry when that issue is being discussed here I was busy. Sorry Rahul once. Again.
    Ok now I’ll not talk about the matter now anymore.
    Thank you LASYASHREE,FENIL AND RAF for solving the problem dears..
    Fenil, what will you do? Tell if you don’t have any problem.
    Lasya Shree.. even you..
    Raf study well dear prepare well and attempt the exam well
    Aniket all the best
    Twana,Chanya,Soumya all the very best.
    Vrushy I’ll surely read your ff and please do comment here.. are you busy?
    Dhanvi. I agree with LASYASHREE you cannot speak about our language like that.. so respect all the languages..
    Hi Sophie, Tanu ,pat and all the others.
    Sorry if I missed any one..
    Ok bye for now.

    1. Rahul96

      No problem Swara dii how are you ???

    2. Soumya85

      Thanks for ur wishes di

  22. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Sorry guys for late comments .. Now coming to my family members !!!
    How are you guys ???
    Hi Aniket
    Now don’t worry dude . You have given responsibility to safe and experienced sailors , they will not let the ship sink . And we are as a crew members will help them .
    And you know what Aniket I am myself an marine engineer whose duty is to look after engines of ship when ship is sailing and to repair engines if in case they stop working in a running ship .
    You don’t worry dude concentrate on your practical exam and achieve good marks . All the best bro .
    Hi Raf
    All the best to you also . Now concentrate on your studies dear. And achieve good marks .
    Hi Soumya
    Now you also don’t think much. Concentrate on your studies little sister . And all the best .
    Hi lasii
    You have made a mistake in your comment dear . Actually I was telling Shilpa and not Shesha . Shesha is only 11 year old!!! And I guess she the youngest member of our family. And how is your internship going on??? You are doing internship naa !! I guess !!
    Hi Fenil bro
    I am little confused about your age dear . If you don’t mind can you tell me your age ???? And I am glad that your friend is alright now. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful news .
    Hi Twana
    All the best to you sister.
    Hi Adi bro
    No dear you were wrong I didn’t forget you . Actually at that time I was feeling sleepy dear. So that’s why your name skipped out of my comment.
    Hi chanya
    How are you ?!! Still not commenting ??? And how is your preparation for doctor is going on??? I guess you are also doing internship hai naa!!

  23. Rahul96

    Hi Aliyaa
    Best of luck to you also dear
    Hi Pawan
    Best of luck to you also
    Hii Vrushy
    After reading your comment I must say your English is better than mine. And yes this is 100% seriously the truth.
    Hii Reyaa
    We will definitely read your fanfiction . But the problem is that everyone is busy in their your own personal life dear and some of them are having exams . I hope you understand . And I myself when get time even after commenting here I usually read Vrushy’s fanfiction . And now I guess I for your fanfiction I have to start from chapter 1 . Anyway I will try dear . And yes dear don’t feel demotivated on seeing less comments. It’s just that everyone is busy here .
    Hi Ishika
    Now a days your comments appear like once in a blue moon . And every time your comment appears and it akalways ask ” hi guys I hope you remember me ” ( ??? ) and after that your comment gets disappeared . But truth is that you rarely remember us . How is your preparation for exam going on??? All the best dear !!!
    Hi Ponkuri
    You are also missing . Whenever in my comment your name appears in missing list , the very next day your comment appear and it always ” thank you so much Rahul for remembering me ” ( ??? ) and after that it always disappear.
    Hi Chanpreet
    I am fine and how are you ???
    Hi Reyaa, Ranu , Hales
    You all are welcome girls. Keep here commenting dear !!!!
    Hi Hales
    Just little confused about your name . Are you boy or girl .
    Hi Ranu
    Well said dear they all are awesome writers .
    Hi Trisha , Riya , Jas , Trishi , Paakhi , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan 1 , Pari , Trusna , Claire , Ishu , Khushi , Claire , Riyasmiles , sweetsara , irium , Su_16( Suha ) , Dona how are you guys ???! Not commenting from a long time !!!

  24. Rahul96

    Hi Su_16 ( Suha )
    How are you ??? I remember it was your idea to introduce and you yourself vanished dear ???!
    Hi Shilpa
    How are you ???Long time !!! Still not commenting …
    Hi guys I remember very well . Actually I and Shilpa were fighting here ( ??????? ) actually here war of words was going on between me and Shilpa ( ????? ) . I remember that was the time of akshara’s accident!! And Shilpa was supporting Naira and I was supporting kartik and yes Pat di to voted in favour of Kartik . And it was then Aniket came up with an idea of forming a virtual family here . And I remember one of the YRKKH fan commented that war of words here ( between me and Shilpa ) is more interesting than YRKKH ???? . And even though we both were in war with each other our comments were ending with please dear don’t feel bad .( ???? )
    Looklike to call Shilpa back I have to comment here against Naira .( ????)
    Hi Sindhu dii
    How are you ??! Still not commenting ???

  25. Rahul96

    Hii Pat dii
    You posted 7-8 long comments on 8th February and at last you told that you will comment after a couple of days , because you were feeling tired , but Pat dii you again posted on 9th February !!!! Thank you so much dii and thank you so much dii for your prayers , dii you have a soft golden heart which is priceless and rare. Pat diii you don’t worry you will be truly blessed by beautiful mother and I will pray to God that sooner or later two cute and beautiful kids ( like luv and Kush ) will be playing in your lap . And dii your definition about motherhood was awesome . I understood you must be an angel dii . Loving every child as your own . It was awesome dii. And dii looklike you are truly resting your brain . And no worries dii take proper rest !!!
    Hi Sophie dii
    Thanks for your words . Dii how are you now – a – days ??? Nowadays you are only replying to comments and not posting your own comments !! Looklike you are busy dii. Sophie di since you are also a professional writer so sorry dii for hurting you too , but dii if you will read my comments of 9th February I hope you will understand that my comment was nothing to deal with professional writers or any writer !!!
    And Sophie di I just hope that your same pinch to Swara dii is not a strong one , otherwise she might have got hurted ????. And dii congratulations on again getting registered !! I hope you have not faced virus problem again !!
    Hi Sachu dii
    How are you dii ??! And how is my sweet little nephew Hamdan??? All’s well naa dii ??? I just hope that you are having fun time with Hamdan !!!
    Hi Swara dii
    Swara dii you are elder to me !!!! So no need to say sorry dii !!! And dii I hope that Sophie dii ‘ s same pinch was not too strong ( ???? ).
    Hi Tanu dii
    I am sorry dii for replying late to you . And dii no need to say sorry I trust you dii . Thanks for your wishes dii regarding my brother . And dii those were past happenings and now it has become past. And dii why are you saying sorry for this ??? Dii you are elder to me , so please don’t say sorry !!! And it was a part of discussion of a statement which was arised by me !;;
    Hi Sindhu dii
    How are you ?!! Still no comments !!!

    1. Rahul thank you for asking and yes I am perfectly fine now…
      And I didn’t feel bad…infact you actually had a point…and I considered it…
      But then everyone has their own point of views…
      My writing philosophy is make the plot fiction but not the characters..
      And my pinches are always hard…?
      Actually havn’t been commenting because there isn’t much to talk about..
      Also I havn’t has any virus problems…phew…
      Anyway…How are you?..

  26. Rahul96

    Hi dhanvi you are welcome dear but regarding your language I will comment later on!!; So now good night to everyone !!!

  27. love U PAKISTAN


  28. jst wnt to know when is aditya going to be exposed bfr kartik

  29. Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    Your important message to everyone was Suppperb bhaiya..Thank u so much for ua wishes & bhaiya don’t worry now I’ll study wellll as now everything is fine here but lil Upset as Vrushy didn’t replied to my comment! May be she took my comment in a negative way.My intention was not to hurt her.But,now no more discussion about that!
    Hi Aniket!
    How was ua practical exam bro?? Hope, it went wellll..How are you?best of luck for ua next exam.
    Hi Soumya!
    I thanked U for ua private message to Rahul bhaiya. How was ua exam?? All the very best!
    Hi Fenil bhaiya, Lasya, Chanya, Trishi, Shesha,Sophie dii, Pat dii, Sachu di, Tanu dii….Where r u all??How r u all?? Hope, All r fine!!
    Hi Aliyaa &Pawan!!
    best of luck for ua exams.
    Hi Swara dii!!
    Thanks a lot for ua wishes! I’m preprng welll for my exams dii….
    missing u alll guyz so came to comment!

    1. Hi Raf…
      I am fine, thanks for asking, how are you?

    2. Soumya85

      My exam was good was ur exam??Best of luck di

  30. listen guyz my real name is kriti and Sophie asked me personally to insult aniket and now see she is being so innocent blo*dy Sophie just go and die somewhere ur making me angry first u told me to insult aniket and now ur being innocent nd u even paid me money stupid

    1. First of all, you saying all this won’t really make a difference to my reputation or image.
      Second thing, I don’t need slumdog/bit*ch to do something for me, I am capable of taking my own actions. Third thing, I can only send you private messages if you are registered member. Last but not least I don’t need to waste my money on such cheap things and people.
      Have a good life. Stay Blessed. Thank you for wasting my time and yours.

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