Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara meeting Singhanias. She says she came to help. Devyaani says its good you came and gives her work. She asks her to make 100-200 laddoos. Bhabhimaa says yes, then find flowers. Tara says fine, but how to find.. Karishma laughs and says yes, I will show you, then you have to clean the lawn too. Tara nods. Naksh comes and smiles. Karishma says don’t disturb her, she came to do our work. Naksh says but I did not give any work, and tells her to clean the plates of 100 brahmins, will you do. Tara says yes. They all start laughing by fooling her. Bhabhimaa says stop it now, she will cry. Naksh says you all are bad to trouble her. Devyaani asks what are you doing then.

Bhabhimaa says Tara its enough you came, do and sit with kids. Tara smiles. Naksh and

Naira meet Akshara. She sees the decorations and says Naitik. Naitik says I wanted to, but I did not do, you have many well wishers. He says everyone has sent flowers, friends, family, Krishna’s staff, diamond clients, people from Cape town and from our society, she says thanks to all of them. He asks her to get up and have food. Naira says I m seeing you got dull in one day, I knew this, so I got everything. Akshara asks what. Naira says I will do makeup, you look a patient. Akshara says I m patient only. Naira says you look beautiful and feel good. She does makeup to Akshara. They smile and hug Akshara. Akshara smiles. Naksh says I will stay with Akshara, and asks Naitik to go with Naira. Naitik says no, I took rest. Naksh and Naira leave.

Sangram asks what are you saying Dada ji, she fell while throwing flowers from railing. Dada ji says yes, did she not see the place is dangerous, she looks clever and did such mistake. Sangram recalls Akshara’s fall and tells Akshara did she tell this to police. Dada ji says she will say the truth, what happened to you, why did you not come to hospital. Sangram says I don’t feel good. Dada ji asks why do you look so lost. Sangram thinks Akshara is not so good, its something else.

Naitik gifts Akshara a wind chime. He reminds things related to it, he got it to give her strength to say truth, the reason will not be more than this promise. Naira hugs Naksh and cries. He asks what happened. She says if anything happened to Akshara, what would we do, I have hurt mum and dad a lot. He says its fine now. She says I don’t want to lose you all. He says even I was scared, but I got strength from you, forget all this, mum is fine. He sees inspector and asks him did he get to know anything. Inspector says yes, we got some clue, so we came to talk to Naitik. Akshara says Sangram. Naitik says I won’t leave him and fumes. Akshara tries stopping him and was falling down the bed. He stops and holds her. She says that’s why I was not telling anything, forget all this. She says it was not Sangram’s mistake, anyone would have reacted on that matter, he was drunk, it was accident. Naitik says he should be punished for misbehaving and threatening you. She says no, he was saying that being worried for his sister and Dada ji. He says I will not leave him.

She says if we act foolish like him, what will be difference. He says I will teach him a lesson, you can forgive him, I can’t forgive him, you did what you wanted, you lied to inspector, I will do what I feel right. If I agree to you that it was not your mistake, what did he do, he did not help you and not even informed anyone, he has run away. She says he might be afraid, fear is such thing. Naitik says how can a man not be able to control fear, when our little Naira controlled her fear. She says he was guilty too, I m not saying to forgive him, but don’t punish him, when Naksh and Tara know this, this will effect their relation, Naksh will not be able to forgive Sangram. We will tell Naksh on right time and explain Naksh and Tara, we will talk to Sangram and Dada ji, let me get fine, please promise me you won’t tell anyone.

Naksh comes and says police came, Naira is in car. Naitik goes out to talk to inspector. The inspector says he found clues and got to know there can be other reason of Akshara’s fall, and shows the pics of other car’s trye marks, can we talk to her. Naitik says no, she got disturbed, she told me the same, I m sorry, you can close investigation. Naksh comes and asks can I see the pics. The inspector says you can keep this and leaves.

Naitik says we were wrong, Akshara told truth. Naksh says I can’t believe this. Naitik asks him not to investigate and go home with Naira. He goes. Naksh says now I m sure Naitik and Akshara are hiding something, whom are they saving, I will find out. Naitik feeds Akshara. She makes him have food and says I felt I will not be able to see you again, when I fell, I thought about everyone and felt I won’t see my family again, everything got over, but I prayed to Lord while falling to make me meet my Naitik once. They cry. He says he can’t live without her. He cries and says I did not know why this happened, I felt I lost you , if anything happened to you, I could not bear it. She says I could not die going away from you. They hug. He asks her not to go leaving him. She says I can’t go, till you let me go. He says I won’t let you go ever.

Naitik brings Akshara home. Everyone give her a warm welcome and does her grahpravesh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naksh and Naira part was very heart touching… It was very emotional…

  2. Its good Akshara atleast told Naitik about that accident… This is a very sweet family daily soap. Its not like other serial where wife hide truth from husband but can share the truth with other men, sautan.

  3. @ Raunak: Yes this is a great serial. There is no mental torture or unnecessary dragging in this serial. That is why we all ? this show very much…. ???✌?

  4. Loved Akshara’ drama today….she is so pretty even without make up….
    She is so young…..proud of u Akshara….loved today’s episode

  5. I agree with u both Raunak and Kandy.. Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is a awesome show. This show is running successfully 7years… We all fans wish #YRKKH to run more and more years to come… We don’t get bore watching this serial… Here no main protagonist torture another one.. EvErY1 has a lovely bonding between them. They don’t hide anything from each other.

  6. This is a lovely show of Star Plus.

  7. God Damn. How long are we going to pull his horrible serial. There needs to be stops Akshara and Naitik are a boring couple. We have to move on….

    1. Hey nischitha mind ur tongue. ? If u don’t like #YRKKH feel free not to watch it. ? But pls don’t share ur negative comment over here… ? I think I know ur choice. U like that type of soap where the couple always fight, insult each other infront of other family members. They say that they love each other but hide so many secrets from each other. U like that type of serial where villains is always upto do something evil… Actually ur choice is evilness type of serial…. So u can go on that respective serial page and do share ur comment there. U r welcome there.. I hope u understand if u have some sense of humor! ?

  8. I luv this or sb sirial me to sirf high voltage drama i hota h

  9. I love this serial too much….n I m so happy for akshara…but I couldn’t understand about spoilers ..n all…nw akshara is almost f9…she can see everyone… Then if in this accident she didn’t lose her eyesight…then how sudden she lose her eyesight???wwwhhhyyy???????

  10. Sweet serial….. Sweet family… I always find solace here,it makes me happy whenever I am sad… Sometimes I feel I am not watching a show… It’s a real family.. The family of YRKKH…. So sweet!!!!

  11. Gargi harkawat

    This show is amazing, lovely,romantic don’t dare to close even .. I love this show very very much …. I can’t see on tv as my tv is not working but i read this update and i get relaxed reading this all updates …. Akshara and natik are so lovely couple … Love u both so much …….. @):[email protected]):[email protected]):[email protected]):-(*)(*)(*)

  12. I watched couple Indian shows and I find this show the best among all the once I watched. Is a lovely family.

  13. Awesome show of star plus.. ?

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