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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tara and Naksh arguing. Akshara asks them not to argue. She says its Naksh’s mistake and asks him to convince Tara first, he has to take care of her happiness, she is his responsibility now, there will be many chances that your trust will shake, don’t let trust shake, as its foundation of the relation, whoever explain you anything, you both keep relation of truth and honesty. Naksh apologizes to Tara and says it was not my mistake, why will I see that girl, you are beautiful than her. Tara says you mean if anyone is better than me, you will see her and beats him. He says no, you can punish me. She says yes, I will punish you, I will attend every party with you. They all clap. Dada ji favors Naksh and they laugh. Akshara asks Tara to stay here and enjoy this

bachelor’s party. She hugs Tara. Dada ji says I m also bachelor, I can stay here too. They all smile. Dada ji says I mean I will keep an eye on them. Akshara says yes, if you said before, we would have invited Ranveer’s Baby Mausi. Dada ji asks Tara to teach him dance and dances with Tara. They all clap. Akshara smiles and says Naitik is missing a lot, come soon Naitik.

Its morning, Sangram shows off his body and worksout. Naksh likes his body. Sangram tells about Dangal and his fame. He says I will wrestle this time, but don’t tell this to Dada ji. Dada ji says your luck is bad, I have heard everything, you are not so great to win in wrestling. Sangram says don’t be mistaken, I will win. Dada ji says its Tara’s marriage, focus on work. Sangram says Vikram and Aditya are here to manage. Dada ji says I know it now, why you want to fight in dangal, so that your bones break and you avoid work.

Sangram says you don’t trust me, madam ji said great thing that trust is foundation is every fight. Dada ji says I would teach you, even I was famous in dangal. Sangram says you fight this time instead me. Dada ji says you are challenging me, I can win this time too. Naksh says we don’t doubt, but don’t stop Sangram, I will see live wrestling. Dada ji agrees and asks Sangram not to lose. Sangram says I will win, even speed and fitness is needed along power. Naksh says great.

Akshara misses Naitik and recalls his words. Naitik calls her on video chat and she asks him to come back soon, she can’t manage all this, what about his work, did he get deal. He sits silent. She says fine, we will get better deal, come soon. He says deal is signed, but flights got delayed by bomb threat news at airport, I will come after security clearance. She gets worried. He says I wanted to come soon. She says you come soon. The internet goes and videocall ends.

Naira plays with Kuhu and Sukanya calls her boring. Naira says I was teaching Kuhu. Sukanya says we can go and see wrestling match. Naira says we can’t go, Dada ji said girls can’t go. Sukanya says again partiality, Naksh is going there. Naira says why are you interested in seeing wrestling. Sukanya says we won’t get such chance again, we did friendship with wrong girl and leaves with her friend.

Akshara tells elders that Naitik can’t come, flights got cancelled. Vishwamber says its big problem, what did Naitik say. Rajshri says there will be some way, he has to be here. Akshara says I m not able to talk to him, phone is not connecting. Devyaani says how will we manage without Naitik. Baisa says you all hurried so this is happening. Bhabhimaa agrees with Baisa. Varsha asks Akshara not to get upset, Naitik will come.

Dada ji looks on. Akshara tells Dada ji that she is helpless, they know mahurat was auspicious for him, but how will it look to keep Naksh’s marriage without Naitik, and requests him to postpone marriage for few months, I know you are hurt by this. Dada ji says I understand this, whats the use of marriage if parents’ blessings are not there, we will get any mahurat again, don’t worry. They all thank Dada ji.


Akshara asks Naksh to wait, as she has to tell him about marriage postponement. Naksh says I will talk later, I m going to see Sangram’s fight in dangal, I know its sangeet in evening, I m excited and will soon. Sangram and Naksh leave with everyone. Dada ji looks on. Akshara says if we tell him now, his excitement will get away, we will say when he comes back.

Preeti tells Tara that Akshara is smart and postponed marriage. Tara scolds her and says aunty’s reason is genuine, I m confused about this marriage and its good I got time, and when I got to know uncle can’t come, I also got sad, this is happening right.

Sangram fights with the wrestler. Naira looks on from far along with her friends. A guy sees them and Sukanya signs him not to say anyone. He smiles. Naksh cheers for Sangram. Sangram wins and Naksh and everyone get glad. The man says Sangram won a cow as a prize. Naksh says congrats. Few men look at him.

The man asks Dada ji about printing the invitation cards. Dada ji says nothing will get printed. Rajshri says we came with baraat and going without bride. Bhabhimaa says whatever we think, its all by fate. Dadi says we will see Naksh’s marriage and dance too, don’t worry.

Akshara gets a call and gets shocked. She runs. Naitik reminds Naksh how he used to teach him in childhood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now iam very exciting to watch naitik akshara scene . they both are looking so cute both acts are so nice.

  2. Hurrah!!! ? From the next episode our handsome hero Naitik will have a re entry in the show. ? Eagerly for the upcoming episodes….. ✌

  3. Omg.. I am eagerly waiting to watch naitik.. N akshara ur always amazing ….. And also for the time Tara is in akshara’s side.. Let see what will happen in upcoming episode yrkkh rocks…….

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