Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sanju calling Naksh and congratulating for getting their project selected. Naksh gets glad thinking about his family. He gets excited and says he is coming to meet her. Naitik scolds him and he leaves. Naitik asks Akshara to leave hope that their family will forgive her. She gets sad. Naksh talks to Ananya and Yash about Dadda ji’s death anniversary puja. Rajshri cries that Akshara is waiting for justice, and she hopes that she will be forgiven one day. She says when will that day come.

Naksh talks to Naira and says he will gift her a mobile cover. Naira says why so, what do you want. He says just a small favor, make dad sign this paper, its not test papers. She says sorry, I can’t. He asks her to take his sign. She says fine. They see Naitik leaving.

She asks him to sign her assignment slip. Naitik asks her to show mum, she will check and sign. Naira says no, I want dad’s sign, and insists. Naitik says come. He gets a call and signs on the papers. Naira says thanks and he leaves. Naksh smiles and she gives him the papers back.

He asks what did she do, his paper did not get the sign. She says its not her fault. Akshara asks him to come college, he is grounded but not for studies. He says you go, I will come. Rukmani argues with someone and defends Anmol. She shouts on the lady and falls. Nandini runs to her and asks what happened. She says what to do, and tries to revive her. She says Mohit and Yash are not at home. She calls doctor.

The doctor asks her to get her to clinic. Nandini says there is no one at home, please do something. He says I can’t say anything. She says she is sure this is same problem what happened last time. Naksh comes to café and the staff greets them. Naitik looks on and asks does he have some work. He says he don’t want to discuss anything. Naksh says he has some work and tells him about exchange program, he wants to go London, and asks him to sign on the form.

Naitik sees the form and says no, I m sorry,I won’t sign, no need to go anywhere. Naksh asks why. Naitik says you are not in control in our sight, what will you do there, be trustable, then get this form. Naksh leaves. He sees Naitik’s sign on some papers and copies it. He says I will go India. The doctor treats Rukmani and she gets well. He says she did a great work, if anything wrong happened, it would have been risk. He says he gave her medicines and asks them to take care.

Mohit tells Nandini that she would have called her. Nandini says I was scared, I did not think anything, you would have done this. He says no, I would have not taken risk with mum’s life. She says I did not have time, you are saying as I was doing a crime, I was thinking her good. He asks who is she to do this. She says you are blaming me. He says you also did this and even now. She asks what do you mean. He reminds what Akshara did, she took decision to save Dadda ji’s life, she did not have time and had one chance, she tried, if it failed, then its not her mistake.

He says today mum would have died, if we could blame you, how would you feel, if you decided to treat mum, then what did Akshara do wrong. Nandini cries.

Naitik asks Naksh to stop, and he will sign the form. He says he knows he will find some way to take his signs, its better if he signs. Naksh hides the paper. Naitik says give me, hurry up. Naksh shows the papers. Naitik sees his signs and says I knew you will do such thing, but copying also needs smartness and says its wrong sign, be careful when you forge sign next time, and don’t do anything in London that embarrasses us or make you fall in problem. Naksh leaves.

He leaves a note there. Naitik gets it. Naksh writes Thank You Papa. Naitik says I just have problem if you go India. Sanju gives some money to a guy to complete her assignment, and Akshara catches her. She scolds Sanju. Sanju asks her to fail her if she wants. She complains to Naksh and says she was helping the guy, giving money and Akshara came there to scold me. Naksh says she will not fail you. Sanju says I have to do something. Naksh says another problem now. He goes to Akshara and asks her to understand Sanju. Akshara says she did mistake and asks him to show her right path. She says she knows her work. He says Papa signed on my form, now I m going to In… She worries.

Nandini calls Akshara and apologizes to her. Akshara says like Nandini understood, maybe everyone will understand one day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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