Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti exchange varmala

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and Naksh coming to everyone. Everyone looks at them tensed. Naira says we can do varmala now. Naira thinks I found truth in Naksh’s words and hope they stay happy. Naksh promises himself that he will keep Kirti happy. Naira says I had to tell Naksh about Papa. Kartik says I told them that Papa can’t reach in marriage, sorry. Bau ji says its good Naitik was there to manage. Rajshri says Akshara and Naitik had wish that Naksh has happiness in his marriage, we will fulfill his wish. Kartik says you managed Naksh, is he fine. Naira says you manages everything. He asks her not to worry, everything will get fine. Naira thinks I didn’t tell anyone as I want to see Naksh and Kirti happy, Naksh promised he will keep Kirti happy.

Akhilesh asks shall

we start varmala. Kartik says wait, we should have a celebration first. Naira takes Kirti and signs Naksh. All the women dance. Rishton me pyaar hai….plays….. Naira gets Naksh to Kirti and joins their hands.

Naira and Kartik dance. Naksh says Naira please, your face shows you don’t trust me. They all dance. Manish hugs Kirti. Aryan gets the varmala. Kirti sees Naksh. Naira stops Naksh. They all get worried. Naira makes the kalgi right. They get relieved. Naksh bends his head. Kirti makes Naksh wear varmala. Everyone showers flowers. Akhilesh asks Naksh to enjoy his freedom. Naksh also jokes and makes Kirti wear garland. Aryan claps and shouts. Manish stares. Aryan gets back. Everyone congratulates. Naira smiles and hugs Naksh and Kirti.

Kartik goes and cries. Naira comes to him. He says thanks, don’t know what magic you know, you changed my life, even my family’s life, you are a fairy who change lives, Lord sent me to Rishikesh, we know relations made on Gangaghat never break. Aryan says its not my style to be silent after doing good, I will tell everyone, none praises till one self praises, marriage is possible because of me, I didn’t get credit. He sees a man keeping a sherwani. Aryan takes the sherwani and wears it. He says now I look like them, they will hear me now.

Naira sees Naksh with Kirti. Yash says I was in tension when I didn’t find you, and told Naira. Naksh says its okay, I would have not told all that to her, I think this decision is best, I can’t get a girl like Kirti, I just want Naira to believe me and all problems end. Yash and Kartik hug him. Naksh takes selfies. Rajshri asks Naira why is she worried. Naira says no, I m afraid for them, they have seen a lot in life, I wish there is no problem. Rajshri says they will be happy, but it can take time.

Naksh sees Kirti and says if you don’t feel bad, shall I ask something, did you see mirror. She asks am I looking bad. He says no, you are looking beautiful. She smiles. He says sorry, I don’t know giving compliments, you look more beautiful than I thought. She asks did you think of me in bridal clothes. He says yes, some days back. Kartik sees Aryan and asks what are you…. Aryan says I helped your family, did Naira not tell you, laundry room was shut, I opened it, Naksh was in, if I didn’t reach on time, he would have not come, Naira and Yash were finding him and I got him. Kartik asks what are you becoming hero, go and work as staff, I don’t want to hear filmi story, why did you wear sherwani, where is uniform. Aryan says it got damaged. Kartik asks him to get another uniform from manager. Aryan removes sherwani. Kartik says wait, go to manager, change there. He goes. Aryan says someone will be simple in this house, Kartik is like Manish. He sees Suwarna and says I will tell her, maybe she gets happy and gives me money.

Naksh’s sleeve and Kirti’s bangle get stuck. They recall the old moment. Kirti says I remember everything. He says our first meet. She says its first day of our new life. Naira smiles hearing them. She thanks Lord and thinks Naksh was saying true. She goes. She slips. Kartik holds her. Garland falls in her neck. Kartik says its fine, this is not for puja, one garland fell in right place, we forgot to do varmala. He gets in the garland. Kids come. Kartik gets away. Ananya says we want to know who is on whose side. Aryan looks on. Yash says we have to make teams to steal shoes. Aryan says its good chance to get in their family. Naira says I want to be on both sides. Kartik says I didn’t think of this, I also want to be with both. Ananya says we should do something unique. Kartik says yes, but what. Naira thinks.

Yash says Aryan knows we were finding Naksh. Naira says Naksh said true, he said yes to marry Kirti because of me and now… She sees Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hello everyone fenil bro good to see u back take care,hi kaina,anjali,anjana,aarti,sachu,and many more how r u guys?
    am a silent reader of this page just want to comment today
    I just want to say whenever I watch keesh scenes even if its just 1 min my face have a sweet sweeter and sweetest smile always when I see them together they are so special and unique in their own way I just love to see them they both r just like nakshara and I was so happy to see when naksh said to yash that he won’t get a girl like keerti and their hug wow I love their brotherly bond
    I don’t want to say anything about kaira bcz its soooo unnatural.
    when they are already married and we have seen them is it necessary to show them again doing rituals its too boring
    kaira are the worst jodi in yrkkh since 9 years

  2. Fenil

    Hello everyone
    Superb Aflatoon Fantastic episode.
    Magical Keesh I was taking balaiya chupke chupke…❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????????????????????????????

    1. Aarti32

      Balaiyan n all hmm?

  3. Sachu

    Hi my dears I just came to say hello to my family. Fed up of typing again n again the same thing….. Kaira Kaira Kaira ……. Nothing else
    Now Naira ll decide if Naksh should breathe or not. Y dont she ask pandit ji to move aside and personally perform the wedding rituals ? Awwww Karthik became emotional….. How lucky he is to get this fairy my foot.
    In between loved Keesh moments to the core. Reminds me of Naitik n Akshara moments. Glad to see them getting some screen space today but there also kabab me haddi bankar Naira is there. If 2 sec Keesh is shown we have to bear atleast 1 sec Naira’s smile. No private moments for Keesh. Iam just ignoring Kaira moments. Its waste of energy commenting about that.
    I ll give a good suggestion to Yrkkh crew to save money. Remove entire cast except Kaira n some goenkas n instead place statues for them…. Waise bhi they just have to fill the screen when needed thats it no dialogues naa so that d be a good idea just think about it Okeyyy ?
    Gdni8 guys stay happy all dont upset ur minds thinking about all this crap if u watch it just forget about all these soon after that. We only have one life to be happy know…… Who knows if we ll get another life to live…. Byee for now cuties tc

  4. Ponkuri

    Hi Bro Fenil glad to hve u back☺?☺
    Sis Kaina Missy Anjana Anjali TVfan Raf n Bro Rahul n all YRKKH family ???

    You guys really r so right abt Naira? she is more concerned abt Kirti Goenkas family than her own brother happiness… She didn’t bother to find out Naksh true intention why he is doing this marriage against his own true wishes? she is more worries abt Kirti happiness?? its like she just wishes Naksh assurance abt loving Kirti now is the truth so that nothing goes wrong wit this wedding? she makes Naksh worries about her as she keeps staring at Naksh??? and Naksh is really concerns about Naira?? although we know tat Naksh realizes that he hve feeling for Kirti now??? just hope Keesh wedding goes smoothly ☺☺☺ n Naksh is happy???

  5. Kaina1

    Guys I saw bidaai promo well baits at shinghaniya sadan so forget “only ” wish scene she will be there and then she will play cupid and then again Humari naira ekdum akshara jaisi hai

    1. Kaina1

      It isn’t baits it naira

      1. Aku

        Yeah.. but in fact naira is no where near Akshara.. on Insta people are comparing this bandariya with Deepika Padukone..

      2. Kaina1

        exactly aku i was shocked when i saw that photo of deepika and shivangi ans caption reading as who looks best and i went to comma for 1 min after reading answer as shivi aisa hi raha na toh voh din dur nahi jab ye shivangi ke fans shivi ko aishwarya rai bachan se compare karenge or bolenge ki shivi is more beatuful i mean yaar hadd hai sabka sense of judgement kharab hogaya hai ??

    2. Kaina1

      Read wish as keesh

    3. Aarti32

      Kahan se??
      Kahan se aate h CVS ko itte wahiyaat ideas??

      1. Kaina1

        dear aarti cvs ko itne wahiyat idea vahi se aate jahan par voh apna dimag bech kar aaye the

  6. Kaina1

    Hi guys I hope that every1 is going grt
    Well today was much better than yesterday crap anyways starting from the start
    1) tell me y was every1 looking at naira for permission when it is naksh varmala and it was his dad who was missing
    2)kessh scene 100/100 I mean the beauty of their scene is simplicity the way they. Simply tell each other abt how they are feeling I mean the way nakah bend at varmala time the way naksh told keerti. That she looked sweet simple and like nakahara
    3)when naksh talk to keerti naira reaction when keerti talk to naksh naira reaction when keesh romantic moment naira reaction could anyone plz explain WHY ??
    4) well when every1 was dancing then too naksh kalki wasn’t at right place but at that time over-acting ki dukan naira was busy at romancing karthik but when every1 was focusing on naksh then she has to shout wait so attention shifts to her #blo*dyattentionseeker she is
    5) yash naksh scene take a bow CVS the way naksh opens up to yash is something that I will for my brother to full too SHITI-MAAR and at the end the way yash hug naksh I luv it magar yahan pe bhi karthik maharajah ko aana tha .y don’t these husband wife go to world tour yaar shakti MIL jayi gi
    6) all naira scene for me after yesterday her worry her tear everything is fake so for me every single naira scene were pure wastage
    7) well rajbana yesterday look at naira and told she look worried and today rajshri and these same ppl from last two month couldn’t see naksh face #partialitycvs
    8) kaira romance fake well two minutes b4 karthik was crying for his sister and two minutes b4 baits was too crying and now both are romancing by god Ye log jitne jaldi mood badalte hai utni jaldi me kapade bhi nahi badal pati
    9) well karthik goenka initial show his level of maturity kg kinder- garden to prove this watch tomorrow episode
    10) CVS plz stop this unnecessary kaira praising each other I mean naira ne naksh ko nahi sambhala naksh ne Apne aap ko samahala and same goes with karthik no body in family breakdown toh karthik ne bhoot ko samahala ?? Phir voh ek min ka praising session Dimag ka dahi karne ke liye rakha tha ???
    11) why the hell is naksh asking naira to trust him he isn’t wrong he didn’t commit a crime and naira herself isn’t some pure goddess any ways no matter how hard you try for me naksh is the best big bro and naira worst little sister ganga maiya se puch lo BTW a look at naira face and naksh knows everything and here for two months naksh wasn’t happy but didn’t saw and now also she need proof now even if akshara says that naira is good I won’t believe for me she is the baddest person ever on earth and plz CVS stop putting naira in between keesh during varmala baits has to run in between of keesh during dance naira has to be in between keesh everything related to keesh and naira had to be in between by god ambuja cement ki diwal hai kya ?
    12) well again naira idea in jootha rasam by god Jis tarah se naira idea deti hai aur problem solve karti hai soch rahi hoon ki apna search engine google ko chod kar naira ko bana loo

    1. Aku

      Yaar your comments echoed all the words that I want to say.. each and every word.. I don’t get it bhai jb naksh inke Sath sirf 10 years Ni Raha.. baki Puri life Raha hai.. th vh usko smj Ni pa rahe.. lakin vh selfish naira sirf 2-3 saal unke Sath Rahi hai and yeh log isko ache se Bina kuch kahe smj lete hai.. what the f*** go to hell CVs.. atleast kuch th maturity kuch th logical dikhao.. and please give keesh some space.. naksh deserves much better treatment than that selfish immature childish stupid mannerlesss illiterate naira

      1. Kaina1

        aku cvs k MUDERR kardo plz plz koi toh cvs ka murder kardo now dear listen naira at the time of keerti vidai will announce infront of all that she wont return to goenka villa till she “makes” naksh loves keerti or vice a versa bhai koi toh plz cvs ka murder kardo kyu is tarah ka torcher kar rahe hai ye log humme

    2. Sejsmiles

      So true. This naira is stealing attention away from bride groom. At least let them get attention o their wedding day. D only reason I watch this serial is naksh n keerti. Nairas face is puke worthy… Yuckest actress in history of star plus.
      Now this naira will spoil keertis grah pravesh too by grabbing attention. Most immature is kartik.. Goenkas dint give time to naksh keerti to bond. I hope d singhanias now concentrate on naksh keerti n not naira. Hate her to d core.

      1. Kaina1

        same is the case with me sejsmiles

    3. Just A Few Words

      I wrote about this too in yesterday’s wu page! Looks like we are echoing the same feelings! Hi five kaina! Hope you are feeling better now

      1. Just A Few Words

        I meant about KG aka Karthik Goenka! Kaina u wrote about Kaira going to Swiss! Arey they are the only people in the eyes of PH! Rest all people are there just bcos PH don’t want to sack them! If reports of other senior people being sacked or removed comes out bacha kuch trp bhi katam ho jayega! Voh log kaisa is useless script pe kaam kar rahe hain pata nahi! Btw they showed that Naksh’s uncle is coming for the wedding! I saw a pic of the actress playing Ananya with Shaurya! Ananya was in the haldi costume! Varsha also quit I think!

      2. Aku

        Yes Pooja Joshi uff Varsha and even Yash Gera uff Shaurya have all left the show cz there is nothing left for them. Sensible people I must say

  7. Aku

    I saw the latest promo on Insta.. naira deserved this.. usse th bahut pehle ki ghar se Nikal Dena chahiye.. naksh jaise bhai th har koi chahega.. lakin naira is really very dumb and arrogant jh usse uski achai Ni dekhti.. selfish girl.. Rohan and ashnoor ki bonding as a brother and sister was much better..

    1. Just A Few Words

      Same thoughts on Ashnoor and Rohan!
      I forgot her name when I wrote this yesterday!

  8. Muskan2002

    just loved keerti-manish dance moment and keeshh has become my fav these days…kaira is just a time waste they dont show them sensible at all

  9. I feel so bad for naksh, still remember the small naksh , how cherished he was. Akshara’s duggu, gayetri dadi’s life and apple of eye of all the family member…. it seems all the people he loves and who loved him end up leaving him. His loving dadi died , then tara left him in marriage day, his beloved mom died and his papa couldn’t even be in the most important day of his life. I was never a fan of the characters but i am really missing akshara today if she was there naksh woudn’t be in so much pain and stress. She would make sure her duggu is happy and no tension or pain can reach him. A mom is the most important person in a person’s life and it is sorrowful that she can’t be there in such a big day. Cvs can try as much as they want to make up for akshara’s absence by showing naira doing all rituals but she can’t replace a mother. Naitik should have been there and give him strength, he should have handed the matter about “not loving keerti” there should have been an emotional secene between naksh-naitik but no all has to relate naira. I didn’t hate naira but cvs are making me hate her. I don’t understand why family can give so much responsibility and praise to someone who run away from house, who couldn’t even trust her own mother especially a good mother like akshara, who never bothered to call home and ensure her family, dada,dadi who were already old were okay, who never tried to see from other point of view or dealt with matters sensitively . And how dare she question her brother when he didn’t questioned her on the punishment of their mother’s murderer ? Someone Please ask naira to look at herself in mirror before giving lecture to other. Pure hypocrisy and double standards are well present in this show.

  10. Hi everyone!
    I looks like everybody is frustrated after watching episode. To be honest now I strongly believe that they should wrap up yrkkh. The makers are really downgrading the show. They are only focusing on Naira not even kaira, kartik is only used to romance with her.
    Before in akshara time they showed a beautiful bond between barsha and akshara and naitik and mohit. Everybodies character were strong and everone used to help in each others problem. But now there is only Naira who is the problem solver and rests are her puppets. The singhaniyas are only used to give facial expression, they rarely get dialogues. This is the worst wedding track ever happened in yrkkkh history. And Omg dont Naira see the mirror once her makeup is done, doesnt she check social media that everyone is making joke bcoz of her over makeup. I wish she would reduce the anount of makeup she use on her face.
    Keerti is looking absolutely gorgeous in this bridal attire, not much not less.
    The worst thing of current track is that the way they are showing Naksh character. Cvs are not thinking once that Naksh character has already made space in peoples heart right from his birth and was shown as a very sensible person for whom his family is his first priority and can never ever hurt anybodies sentiment knowingly. And now all of sudden just to show Naira mahaan, Naira is giving lecture about others emotions and sentiments.
    And kaira are always ready to romance anytime and anywhere. There should be limit in everything, even too much sugar is not good for health, and too much of romance of lead pair is also not good. To run the serial only romance is not enough, rather there should be good storyline, but no makers believes that they will TRP by showing unnecessary romance and dream sequence of kaira.
    And why the hell makers are not showing the details of situation to kaira that how and why Naksh aggreed to get married to keerti. Why cant kartik give some dose of medicine to his daadi to push high for the marriage of keerti and Naksh. Everyone knows if Naksh would not have aggreed to get married then kdadi would have created problem. It is just messed up. They are just spoiling this long beautiful show by forcing kaira to us who are not magical onscreen anymore. Now again trp of show is declining and they are planning for another abroad shoot to increase trp. Producer Rajan shahi should undeestand that this marriage and outdoor shoot card wont work everytime to increase trp. Rather than pushing this serial so long, its better they wrapup bcoz in this long year we really understood yeh rishta kya kehelata hai.
    Sorry guys if u found it offensive but I am puting my frustration on recent tracks. Plz bear me

    1. Aku

      You don’t need to say sorry.. cz everyone feels the same here.. and vh mirror wali baat.. I think vh dekhti hogi.. and usko lagta hoga ki Haye mei kitni sunder lag Rahi hu bandariya bankr.. fir sochti hogi.. chalo ab iske uper finishing dene ke liye.. Puri over acting krti hu.. tabi th Puri bandariya lagungi.. and you know.. this show is still known by Akshara and Naitik.. not this selfish and mean naira..

      1. Very well said aku, the foudation of yrkkh was akshara and naitik with all supporting casts. The all previous supporting casts were magical. I felt the magic of yrkkh gone when karan mehra left the show, bcoz makers took a long time to fill naitik and then all focus shift unto kaira with their stupid dream sequence. Akshara and Naksh were totally sidelined. In starting people loved kaira bcoz of new changes but later on their romance was over the top.
        I will watch how it goes for couple of weeks, it its still naira mahanta jaap then I will stop watching this crap and will rather watch KBC. No more time wasting on makeup ki dukaan

    2. Aku

      I have already stopped watching this crap Pragya.. I’m just reading the updates.. and I’m watching the old episodes these days.. cz there is nothing left.. and you are right.. after Karan Mehra left the show nothing was left.. and then Hina and Rohan too.. after that jh bacha hua tha vh b over ho gya.. and finally cz of our very great make up ki Dukan over acting ki Dukan bandariya and uske puppet ki wajah se Kanchi too left the show.. all the amazing cast and crew has left the show.. and the dresses naira wears.. look so downmarket while Akshara’s dresses were elegant simple yet stylish.. it suited her personality.. and naira ki roadside dresses lagti.. it doesn’t even go with her Goenka status..

  11. 9yrs is a long time. Yrkkh has no story left.
    The writer is a piece of overrated shit and the actors shivangi are as it is overrated.
    It will be better if they end this crap show now.
    Twitter is full of kaira oops naira-shivangi fans who are mannerless jobless and senseless and keep bashing even kartik, and keesh, taunt mock etc .
    All shivangi fans are3rd grade b*t*hes with an acid tongue.
    Most girls endorse women to take away her husband from.his parents typical pseudo feminist mentality those girls have got.
    For the love of god they better end yeh rishta kya kehlata hai now

  12. Drvidhi

    Hiii everyone m new here
    Want to say that just loved the way Keesh hold their hands?. reminding me of Naitik-akshara.. just loved too much that scene..
    I too guess they should now focus on Naksh-kirti.. people love to see them rather that overacting ki dukan naira..?

    1. Fenil

      Welcome Dear to Yrkkh.
      Yaa that Keesh moment was cool remind the AkNk.

      1. Drvidhi

        Sooo true ?

    2. Aarti32

      Welcome gurl!!
      Your comment is??

      1. Drvidhi

        Hello Aarti
        Thank you dear?

    3. Tvfan1

      welcome dear!!

  13. Hi,
    What the hell with naira and karthik??
    They dont act maturedly and again feel like they themselves are god for singhanias and goenkas. Naira ki overacting ka dukan tho dekh nahi paarahehey. Rajshri wat happened to her she always notice tentions of naira why not naksh.???
    Aksharas dadi was pretty good in making akshara understand everything but now nobody have any dialogues nthng
    If anyone have to say dialog sirf ek dialog hein ki hamari naira ekdam akshara jaisi hein. Yrkkh serial is like family mein kissi ek ki shaadi ko 5 to 6 mnths run karo nacho ghao khao sojao aur kaira ko mahan banao other than that they are not showing anything else. singhanias aur maheswaris ka episodes ache the ..jab se goenkas aaye tho bas gaya pani mein.
    But now singhanias bhi puppets ki tarah ban rahe hein and only kaira mahanta sunana
    Really tired of seeing naira in the show.
    Please cvs for entire 1 day atleast dnt show naira.
    Please wrap this serial at the earliest if possible

  14. Hi all.. I had seen the bidai promo.. this naira is not gonna leave Keesh alone it seems.. she gonna follow them to singhaniyas home and gonna spoil all the rituals of Keesh the newly married couple.. I now watch yrkkh jus for Keesh but I am worried that naira mahaan won’t leave them alone anymore and gonna make and create space jus for her.. poor keerti not sure whether singhaniyas will celebrate her welcome or just praise naira mahaan for how she handled naksh (which she didn’t do at all) and bcoz of which she had to fight with Karthik..

    1. Drvidhi

      Naira to keesh ke Honeymoon mai bhi jayegi dekhna.. unke honeymoon mai bhi uski ko sab kuch sambhalna hoga na? vo kabhi chain se kisi ko bethne nai Degi…

    2. Aku

      Voh hai.. due to insecurity of Shivangi CVs have spoilt the show and the storyline.. they haven’t handled any of the track nicely.. as someone in previous comments said regarding Akshara’s death or naksh’s marriage.. Shivangi lead hai.. bt iska matlab yeh Ni hai ki 24*7 sirf ussi Ko focus milega.. this insecurity and mentality of Shivangi shows how insecure she is of herself and how less she believes herself.. the show was good till naira ran away.. uske Baad th show bakwas ho Gaya.. till Akshara’s death b thik hi tha.. uske Baad th the whole show got spoilt

  15. Fenil

    Happy Birthday To Priyanka Udhwani aka Karishma Naman Singhania. May your wishes get fulfill.????????

  16. Shameless kaira

    So finally chudail will go with keesh and make their lives hell by saying that naksh married keerthy just for his sister and will create misunderstanding between keesh. I feel like killing CVS for sending naira and karthik with keesh on their honeymoon.

    God, makeup and dress color of naira. ufffff

  17. Aarti32

    Keesh r jst COUPLE GOALZZZZ?
    They r so cute..that hand holding scene n that praising was all so subtle n luvly..I luuuuv their blushy blushy scenes?

    Kartik ka chhotu sa emotional scene bhi accha tha..but romance ?
    Naira ki to mujhe baat hi nhi krni?

    All n all adjustments kr kra k episode accha tha

  18. Shrilatha

    Hello everyone .I haven’t watched this show after so called reformation of Naira .sometimes for few minutes .I mean like I really hate these Mahan mata types lead girl.who r so insecure about their role that the CVS start giving them undue importance like they sneeze and everyone is like our naira sneezed with a proud note.

    I just hope this Naira doesn’t end up spoiling their honeymoon.even Akshara and naitik had marital problem but how they stood with each other was their story hope keesh manage their new life that way .I am not a mahan sister but if I come to know that my bro is getting married against his wish for me would I let him.if I do will I be a sister.

    I just hope they don’t turn kirthi negative and all jealous and insecure to make this Naira mahaan…

    Well kaina I love ur views about this show.

    Fenil bhai…missed u ….how r u? I came to know about ur dengue.thank god u r recovering .I am still down with dengue…it’s been two weeks .I know what what u went I am a skinny person like that Naira??? I am having double effect of weakness .hope u get well soon…regards to Olivia.??????

    1. Fenil

      hii shri…i m good…hahahah Oliva yaad aa gayi aapko…????
      i finally found ur comment.

  19. On Twitter ppl are saying keerti shouldn’t cry on bidaai as it’s her second marriage. Wherr were they when rashmi cried during her second marriage.
    Also naira’s bidaai looked like death mourning than bidaai n everyone cried like naira is not marrying but dying.bade aaaye shivangi bandariya ke b*t*h fans

  20. Just A Few Words

    Agreed with many of u! In trying to make Naira the lead they spoilt many characters. They made all others spineless! I am really yawning if I want to write more about how much I hate Naira being pushed as her mom’s shadow! Enough PH. Naira is a human and no two humans are exactly like each other! Arey even in identical twins only physical features match. Character and personality won’t. So for once stop this naira is just like akshara! If the actress read as Shivangi had a problem with other characters being given importance then she shouldn’t have signed up for this. Lag ta ha she had never watched this serial at all before signing up for it. God only knows how did Rajan Sahi agree to the demands of shivangi(if it’s true)! Leave keesh live their life, kaira you can romance anytime n anywhere! We don’t care! We will skip those scenes! Be at peace and let us be at peace by watching keesh and rest of the characters story! We have no interest in the silly romance of Kaira! PH should either wrap this up and start new sequel to show only Naira/Kaira or whatever! For the PH’s kind info Akshara made her space in our hearts! Naira is just being pushed under the shield of being Akshara’s Daughter. What personality have they shown Naira to be for us to love her? I will watch only keesh scenes!
    @Sachu – your last line said it all! Peace out people! Just watch magical keesh scenes trying to ignore kaira with them!

  21. i dont like upcoming track i cant stop my tears to flow.

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