Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aryan learns the truth

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh getting a gift and note from Kirti. He smiles seeing the clothes designed by her. Kirti looks on. Kartik recalls the things to do left. Naira comes. Music plays….He romances her. He says till anyone comes, we will steal some moments. They dance. He blindfolds her and lifts her to take her for the surprise. The cake box gets missed. Bhabhimaa says its good Naira’s birthday is happening here. Dadi says maybe Naira wanted to celebrate here, so Kartik troubled you. Rajshri and Devyaani say we are okay with it.

Dadi says if we did there, we would have called media too. Baisa jokes. Dadi sees Kirti. She says Naira knows everything, but she gets no chance to work, as we gave training to staff. Kirti says even then Naira does a lot there, no one

lets me do anything here, they just ask me to design anything. Dadi looks on. Suwarna says I heard from Naira that daughters are loved more than sons here. Naksh says Kartik messaged, he is coming with Naira. Suwarna thinks Bhaiya didn’t called, maybe he won’t come.

Kartik gets Naira. She says its my Maayka. He asks how do you know. She says I got the smell of halwa when I came here. He says I m foolish. He says happy birthday and removes the blindfold. Naksh and Kartik sing Ek albeli…. They all dance.

Suwarna gets her brother’s call. He says sorry, my phone was off, I reached your home. She says we came to Naira’s Maayka for her birthday. He says I will return, I have work. She says no, I will come. She thinks how to go. Naksh asks where is the cake. Kartik says I forgot at home, I will get it. Naksh says I will get it. Suwarna says no, I will get it, I will take Aryan. She asks Aryan to come with her. They leave.

Kartik gets ache in arm. He sees Naira. Naira sees him going upstairs and says maybe he has hidden gift. Surekha stops her. Kirti asks Naira to go after Kartik. Naira thanks her and goes. Kartik lies down on bed. Naira comes to him. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I m tired. He screams with pain. She asks him to say. He say I love you a lot, I have tried something to express. She sees the tattoo on his arm. She cries seeing her name. He says this is birthday gift from my side. She hugs and kisses him. He says I love you. She says none can have a fate like me, I have you, none would have got such a lovely gift.

Suwarna comes home with Aryan. She asks Aryan to stay outside, she will get cake. She hugs her brother. Aryan says there is no one at home, who is he. Suwarna thanks him for coming. He asks why do you want to return those things. Aryan sees Manish’s incoming call on Suwarna’s phone. He says I will go and give the phone. He hears them. Suwarna says yes, I want to forget him, don’t take his name in front of me, don’t talk anything else than money. Aryan says she is talking something personal, I shouldn’t go, but Manish is calling, I can lose job. He turns to go.

He stops hearing his dad’s voice. He goes and sees his dad there. He gets shocked. Suwarna says you have raised my son as yours, don’t change this truth, I have worked hard to get Kartik and Manish close, don’t let it go waste, take all the things away which proves he is my son, if this truth comes out, I can’t lie or hide, everyone’s heart will break, my family will shatter, we will forget that I have given birth to a child. Aryan looks on. She says come and take all the parcels, so that no one knows Manish and I have another son, we just have Kartik, I will never name my second son, I don’t want to think anything else. Aryan gets shattered. He thinks of his dad’s words and Suwarna. He cries.

Kartik and Naira hug. She asks do you have fever. He says I m hot since childhood. She says funny joke, we shall go to doctor. He says no, its your birthday party, we will go later. She insists. He says you won’t let part spoil, we will check after some time. She agrees. He thinks nothing will happen to me, everything will be fine.

Manish says Kartik is the best brother, husband and son in law, I m proud that he is my son. Aryan falls down. Kartik sees the cake fallen and spoiled. Aryan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Zak001

    go to hell makers…!!!!!

  2. ohh thank you so much kaina for always telling before..
    no more interested in watching suwarna-aryan also they introduced on wrong time between keesh which I didn’t like from beginning at least one thing is confirmed he is manish-suwarna’s son…

  3. Ponkuri

    Hi my YRKKH family Bro Fenil Rahul Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali Missy Meena TVfan1 Ayesha Aku Mitra Keesh Sachu n all ???????

    Today episode… Finally Aryan finds out his real parents… wonder what is going to happen? Is he positive or negative??

    I am touched by Karthik…tattoos for Naira surprise??….

    Dadi… I wonder isn’t Bahu is supposed to do housework? Why is she worried that Kirti will hve too much work? Funny????… really if we see things from our perspective n not the way around alot of difference happened?
    Waiting for u guys comments which are always so much better than mine??? Bro Fenil n Sis Kaina Ayesha Aku Mitra Missy ???

    1. Fenil

      Hii Ponkuri!!
      Glad to see you back..miss you a lot.
      I m fine …how are you ?

      1. Ponkuri

        Bro Fenil I am good too TkQvm

  4. Ponkuri

    Another things abt Dadi.. she keeps insisted that Naira wants to celebrates her birthday at her hse even though Karthik said that its his ideas!!! Why she keeps trying to put the blames on Naira??? Singhanias are not like u?? come on!!!!

    1. Fenil

      Right Sis…DG will fit in hell for sure.

  5. Fenil

    Hello everyone!!
    AVG. Episode.
    Just my eyes satisfied seeing Singhanias and Keesh???. Kaira ???. Aryan got to know truth.

  6. they should definitely rot in hell CVS….they have time to give the whole episode to suwarna-aryan but no blo*dy time for keesh…humne konsa tum logon ki Jan mangi he keesh ke scenes do yhi manga he bus and who is saying give the whole screen space to keesh(I know u won’t do it in ur dreams also)but as we know u can’t breath without Immature kaira so for audience give equal screen space to both of them I can’t digest ur sidelining naksh story…chullu bhar pani men doob maro yarrr…u have enough time to show irritating dadi budhiya and her chamchi surekha bit u don’t have time for keesh right(my foot)
    u have time to show kartik’s disgusting tattoo on his hand but u don’t have time for keesh(u will surely go to hell)
    or kya ye suwarna uska Bhai or Aryan mare jarhe the kiya Jo unki nonsense story keesh ke track men le kar agye(slapes across ur faces CVS)
    To Hell with ur show…!!!

    1. nice comment sis

  7. hey ponkuri good to see ur comment how r u sis?

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Ayesha I am good too TkQvm

  8. Keesh was a great way to start the episode! It was a touchy surprise for Naira. However I must say, I hate the way they are treating aryan and boom! In the next episode karthik would probably yell at him. Now the makers are going to potray aryan’s character as a negative role to justify every action of kaira.

  9. hey Fenu very nice dp ya keesh right awesome!!!

    1. Fenil

      Thanks !!

  10. Zak001

    let me point one thing to the makers.. after distroying Keesh wedding by putting all the possible Kaira scene they got BARC 5907 points.. on 40th week. last week 44th week finally they shows naksh’s keerti’s milan and it gained 6213 BARC point it’s big proof thag ppl don’t like over drama.. !!! and talking about today’s first 36 seconds.. i love the way how keerti was waiting naksh to come and she really wanted to see his reaction. but daman u CV u just cut the scene in middle.!!

    1. I agree with you for the trp because it cleared up last week and this dumped makers are still ignored the fact that many new viewers watch these days only keesh. What they doing right now to keesh is unfair, their scenes are going shorting day by day because no one can threaten so called lovely main leads. It become boring for repeating same things that’s not what u call romance at least show some development moment of keesh other ways your making the audience to go away your show. Let see next week on trp 45 it will down falls.

  11. Chimpanzee looking aryan is more important than keesh for cvs. On insta garima shares only kaira pics from greece. She is so.biased towards makeup ki makaan shivangi because both are from dehradun. Hadd hogayi

    1. Aku

      All this just shows how hungry for attention and credits Shivangi is.. the day keesh aka Rishi and mohena starting getting attention love appreciation that day itself kaira shared their pic from Greece while Rishi and mohena had been doing from the moment they left for Greece.. so it clearly shows how insecure not only Shivangi is but also CVS are from Rishi and mohena.. har chez ki hadh hoti hai.. and these people have crossed the limits.. I was seeing old episodes and I found creative team is still the same.. then how come they have reached such a low extend that the show which they made people to love are hating the same cz of them..

      1. Garima is so biased man. Please comment under her insta post that has both kaira and keesh in favour of keesh. I saw many comments on garima’s insta saying dont post keesh pics.

        The creative team is doing chamchagiri ofshivangi .
        Shivangi is such an insecure prick. Even greece outfits mohena got good ones n she applied less makeup. Shivangi got circus outfits that dont even suit her and she put on so much makeup

  12. Just a few words

    @Pooja – yup! Just saw Garima’s insta! Even in the team picture I didn’t see Rishi and Mohena! I Guess it’s not just love again which is happening! We should witness a wedding too in Greece of Kaira! I hope they give us Greek wedding of Keesh also! I would love that! Fatima has All pictures of only Kaira! If Kaira wanted destination wedding why didn’t they ask for earlier itself? Again witness the same romance and then wedding in Greece?? Looks like Rajan’s PH has so much money to shoot everything all over again! Wondering how are they getting so much money!!

  13. Just a few words

    Ok guys I am done! Not with reading updates also! Aryan’s truth is leaked so bleh!! Why did Suwarna choose Aryan to take home knowing how nosy he is!! Is he the new driver? Why does she need someone to bring the cake? Is Naitik back? If yes I thought he will bake a cake for his Daughter! Tattooing of someone’s name(Wife/lover) is recycled concept! It has been making rounds since the era of black and white cinema! Knowing how painful tattoo is and doing one just before Naira’s birthday ????? is heights of foolishness! if you are having sensitive skin you may develop swelling and if not treated hath Gaya! Temp tattoo can also be made! Why show so much pain by doing permanent one? By the way this would have more suited when they were dating not after getting married ?? I thought after seeing Karthik’s tatoo Naira would also want to do one! Nope she is tight lipped on that ??
    DG is hopeless as usual! Let the PH promote how much ever they want Kaira in Greece! End of the day shivangi is not styled appropriately! Dance moves dress copied from Ajooba song(I don’t know the movie name in Hindi)! It was jeans in tamil! Aishwarya rai had similar dress in one of the scenes in the song and the dance moves!! The only episode where I liked her was her success party/Karthik’s organised by Manish! She really looked beautiful in that white dress! Have a fab Sunday guys! Chilled and nice! I will keep visiting this page now and then just to see if there is any major change in story line! I really don’t hope for that! As for seeing episodes I doubt I will do that!

    1. Yeah jeans (genes actually ) movie song choreography copied and garima and everbody else are busy promoting kaira.
      I did not sign up for a wedding show. When akshara naitikwere leada there was probably 1 wedding per year . Kaira are hardly married for 7months, had a grand destination wedding and now again wedding in greece. Lets boycott the show girls.
      I hope keesh actors get a new show and yrkkh ends for good

    2. Aku

      Everyone knows that keesh is gaining love appreciation and popularity for their simplicity and sweet and polite nature and way of talking.. this is what is making everyone from Rajan Shahi to CVS to promote kaira as they are blo*dy hell insecure and fear that their beloved fake overacting ki Dukan make up ka Makhan may lose importance and people will start hating them.. but they themselves don’t know that they themselves are destroying the image of Shivangi by trying to portray her more than her age.. as if vh paida hote hi sab kuch dekh kr ayi ho.. anyways guys let’s just stop watching the show.. cz CVs and Shivangi are so heartless and kehte haina moti chamdi ke log hai jinhe koi farq Ni padhta ki log unhe kya kehte hain. And the so called romance doesn’t look at all nice.. it’s all looks so fake and cheap.. waise b what else can you expect from that bahenji.. there is no point in bashing them.
      Let the TRP talk.. keesh Milan mei unki wajah se TRP uska b credit in dono insecure selfish fake idiots Ko Dede.. go to hell CVs and Shivangi.. you have no idea how much you are spoiling Shivangi’s image and reputation.. and for mohena and Rishi a suggestion please just leave the show their is nothing left for you.. it’s better to do someother show rather than by doing a 2 second scene and insulting your talent just for these two ill mannered insecure talent less creatures.. you both deserve something much much much far better for yourselves..

  14. blo*dy blo*dy blo*dy insecure shivangi and her puppet mohsin whenever they act is like they are overconfidence that people love them or whatsoever hate them to the core
    blo*dy half naked shivangi joshi
    rehti he hamesha romance ki bhoki
    sab se badi problem yahi he ki their never-ending romance bacche hen isilye inper or gussa ata he mar dalo dono ko
    blo*dy half naked shivangi joshi
    rehti he hamesha romance ki bhoki

    blo*dy half naked shivangi joshi
    rehti he hamesha romance ki bhoki

  15. they are the stain on a teenage couple
    blo*dy romance ke bhooke patani kahan se aagye serial industry men
    two hungry dogs shivangi and mohsin
    wo bhi yrkkh jese serial men isilye aye the apni insult ke lye ab tum besharam logon ko insult ke elawa or kuch nahi milega blo*dy hungry dogs
    apni limits men rehte to ye sab bilkul nahi hota par tum logon ne to hadd hi kardi
    ready made mahan born hoi thi kya ye naira Jo bare se bare logon ko lat mar ke peeche kardia hate you for that

    1. Aku

      I so agree with you.. such just a blo*dy insecure selfish fake person.. and attention and credits ki bukhi hai yeh.. isko th lat mar kr industry se bahar Nikal Dena chahiye.. humesha bahenji aunty bankr ghumti hai.. and her dressing sense is yukkk…

  16. Kaina1

    Guys no keesh scene even today Aaj ka episode mat dekhna ek glimpse hai keesh ki starting me bas pure time bakwaas hai so guys skip today episode Ab trp bolegi ise week chahe Kuch bhi hojaye let’s not watch yrkkh on TV I know hum 2 sec keesh scene ke 21 mins ki bakwaas sahenge so guys don’t watch it on TV 10:30 tak insta pe Har scene upload hojata hai so guys this week ko yrkkh on TV chahe Kuch bhi ho jaye

  17. Kaina1

    Hello. Every1 Guys no keesh scene even today Aaj ka episode mat dekhna ek glimpse hai keesh ki starting me bas pure time bakwaas hai so guys skip today episode Ab trp bolegi ise week chahe Kuch bhi hojaye let’s not watch yrkkh on TV I know hum 2 sec keesh scene ke 21 mins ki bakwaas sahenge so guys don’t watch it on TV 10:30 tak insta pe Har scene upload hojata hai so guys this week ko yrkkh on TV chahe Kuch bhi ho jaye

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