Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh and Tara meeting in carnival. Naitik dances with Akshara. Tara and Naksh say the same things and smile. Naksh sees Naitik and Akshara coming and gets tensed. Tara goes. Naitik asks Naksh to take a pic with them. Tara sees them and smiles. Dadi says she had fun. Tara signs to Naksh and gets an idea. She gets dressed as carnival people. She wears a beautiful gown and a mask. She goes to Naksh and takes him. He smiles and is mesmerized seeing her. He says I will just come and goes. Akshara and Naitik dance beside Tara. Akshara sees her and does not identify. Naksh also dresses different and covers his face with a mask. He dances with Tara and goes with her. Akshara looks on.

Naksh sees Akshara coming and hides. He asks a man to help them and sends

the group to make Akshara and Naitil dance. He then dances with Tara. Naksh goes to his family with a surprise. Tara smiles and he winks. Naitik says we should go home, we are tired. Dadi says we will go to one more place. Naitik says we have much time. Dadi says I did not get tired, younger lot can rest if they want. She says she wants to go to some church. Naksh messages Tara. She signs she will come.

Dada ji calls Tara. He asks is she sounding much happy. She says competition is tomorrow, she is glad talking to him. He asks is she missing him. He says yes, but a lovely family is here, Dadi and aunty.. He says great, I m waiting for your comeback. She says I will come in 2 days. He says Sangram is coming there, he will take you to meet our relatives. She gets tensed and asks why. Dada ji says he is your brother, he is coming to support you, he will reach there tomorrow. She ends call and looks for Naksh to inform him.

Nannu cries and Anshu apologizes to him. Shaurya asks him to make Nannu talk to Jasmeet. Anshu says Jasmeet will get angry. Dadi and everyone come to church. Akshara asks Naksh whats going on, she is not doubting, my heart is saying, tell me the truth, or shall I find it my way. He gets tensed and says there is nothing hidden, you are just doubting. She says there is something. He thinks he will tell her after reaching Udaipur.

Tara tries calling Naksh. She says if Sangram comes here, I will die. Sangram will not let me take part in competition and take me back. Akshara asks Naksh whats Tara doing here. He gets shocked. She asks him not to lie, whats there between him and Tara. He says I don’t even know her. She says fine, truth does not hide, it comes out any way, you will have no option than to regret. Naksh asks her not to worry. Naitik comes and takes them.

Sangram calls Tara and asks does she want anything from home, he is coming. She says no. He says he is coming to hear her speech, he found out there is no elocution competition there. She says you are mistaken, you can talk to my teacher. He says he will come there to see, If this is life, see what I do, Dada ji is finding a guy for you, I will make you sit in mandap with that guy directly. She ends call and says I did not know this and prays Lord to help. She wishes Naksh was here.

Sangram looks for his wallet. Aditya says I don’t know. Sangram says my wallet has everything. Dada ji asks him to get ready. Sangram says his wallet is missing. Dada ji asks him to take money from him. Sangram says my ticket and ID card was in it. Dada ji calls him careless and goes. Aditya has Sangram’s wallet and smiles. He says sorry, but he had to do this to save Tara. He tells Tara that Sangram is not coming. She thanks him and says she was so scared. He asks her to focus on game. She says I love you so much, my dream is fulfilling because of you, and what about the alliance. He says don’t worry, let talks happen, it will take time. She says fine. He wishes her all the best. She gets relieved and thanks Lord.

Shaurya and Anshu surprise everyone with a Goa type arrangements at home. They wish their wives come back soon. Naitik says he is enjoying this holiday. She says a mother is never off duty. He says right, whats bothering her. She tells him about Naksh and Tara. He asks what, that hockey girl, no. she says I have seen Tara here in Goa, why did she come here. He says Tara can answer this, did you see them together. She says no, I felt that, it can be true too. Naitik says it can be someone else, you are not sure, think about Dadi, not this. Your problem is no one can remove any matter from your mind, do what you want, I will leave, you are with me, but have Naksh and Tara in mind. He goes. She thinks is she just assuming, why is this happening with her.

Naksh asks Tara who said she is getting married. Tara says Dada ji fixed my marriage with his friend’s grandson. Naksh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode….

  2. Akshara u r too much… Give some space to Naksh. He is not a little child anymore…

  3. Naitik was looking soo dashing!!!!

  4. By god akshara if u wr mom..i wld hv got super irritated Nd would hv fought wid u .am nly 16 nd my mother still gives me a lot of spaces nd nvr ny problm if am in a relationship.but naksh is 19 or 20. i wnder wt he is doing all thse years single ?. Okay maybe he cldnt find his true love bfr …but he has tara ..let him b wod her nd enjoy his life …u dnt hv to poke ur nose nd doubt ur son like this. Nd ye dada ji nd sangram… bhagbn ahse family kisiko na de. Totally unsocial pathetic morons

    1. I agree with u diya.. Akshara is too much irritating nowadays… 🙁 I want my old akshara back who was lovable,admirable by others… Not this stupid Akshara!!!

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