Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and everyone coming home. Lav and Kush ask him where is Naira. Dadi asks them to stop it, there won’t be any party. Kartik says party will happen Dadi, its fine if someone don’t come, I won’t annoy the one who wants to celebrate with me, who cares for my feelings, I will invite Singhanias, they are also my family, I can’t celebrate without them. Dadi asks will Naira come.

He says elders will come, Naksh, Gayu and Rajshri will come, I don’t need anyone else. He goes. Dadi says annoyance with dear one is not tolerated. Aditya says Naksh and Naira are strange, you have bad timing, Naira is annoyed when its your birthday. Kartik asks can you tolerate this pain, how is your neck. Aditya says its fine. Kartik says I heard what Naksh said, son in

law is son in law, but house’s respect is by daughters and bahu, don’t forget this. He goes. Aditya says what someone does, time will say, as of now, we will celebrate your birthday. He slips from stairs. Kartik sees him and goes. Naira says what did I do to anyone, why does this happen with me, why misunderstandings come to spoil my relation.

Rajshri explains her. Naira hugs her. Naira says if I understood this before, I would have not hurt Kartik, why don’t I become sensible like Akshara. Rajshri says you are already sensible, you don’t listen to anyone when you are annoyed, but you understand Kartik is hurt by your words, there were many chances when Kartik convinced you, now its your turn. Naira says he does not want to see my face. Rajshri says you both know about this, find some way, you would have thought something for his birthday. Naira says yes, but… Rajshri asks her to plan, we are going in party, he invited us. Naira says but birthday is tomorrow. Rajshri says party is tonight. Naira says he wrote this in list. Rajshri asks which list. Naira says nothing, who all are going. Rajshri says everyone except Bhabhimaa and Baisa. She goes. Naira worries.

Kartik gets upset and gets ready. He gets a note from Naira. She wishes him happy birthday. She says I feel lucky to get you, if we met in childhood, how would I miss you. He smiles reading the letter. She says I don’t know what to write, I love you so much. He says what did I think and what happened, happy birthday to me, I wish my birthday did not come. He cries. Akhilesh looks on. Kartik turns and sees Akhilesh.

He says come, we will go downstairs. Akhilesh stops and hugs Kartik. He apologizes. Kartik says come, everyone will be waiting. Akhilesh says I wish Naira comes some way. Everyone see Kartik and smile. Dadi wards off bad sight from him. She asks shall I talk to Naira. Kartik says no, I just want to do what makes me happy. He meets his friends. He looks at the door. Manish and Suwarna see him. Aditya sees Kirti and asks don’t you trust me, you did not tell me not to say anything wrong today. She says you won’t change if I say anything, whatever you do now, it won’t matter. He scolds her.

She threatens him showing a knife and goes. He thinks to do something. Kartik keeps himself busy. Lav and Kush say she has come, and meet Mishti. Kartik thinks Naira came. Chukar gai….plays…. He meets Singhanias. He asks Naksh and Gayu to come and meet his friends. Naksh and Gayu see Kartik sad. Manish and Dadi thank them for coming. Dadi says it needs courage to forget big thing and move on.

Rajshri says we all know Kartik and Naira love each other a lot, we should support in this tough time. Dadi says if Naira came then… Manish says I lied this for children’s happiness, my son is happy and smiling, but I know what he is going through, why did Lord listen to my prayers. Suwarna says Lord answers prayers, Naira will make everything fine. Manish asks how, she is not here. The guy asks what happened, the party is not special.

Kartik says actually…. The lights flicker. Lav and Kush says its our special effect to gift Kartik. Naira comes there as clown. They all smile. Naira wipes her tears and dances for everyone. Ruk ruk…..plays…..The cap catches fire. Kartik gets shocked and throws the cap away. Naira’s hair get loose. Everyone gets shocked seeing Naira. Kartik and Naira holding hands see each other. Devyaani says Kartik can get annoyed again. Yeh rishta kya….plays…..

Kartik shuts the door. Naira stops him. Dadi says we will explain them. Naira and Kartik fight. Dadi sees something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. episode was really superbbbb….naira’s dance her getup as clown was awesome..n the letter was soo good..luvd it.n gayu is looking gorgeous..really today aditya got many taunts hahaha.. from karthik n even keerthi.superbbbb…by cng d precap kaira will unite…n naira’s entry with ballons flying in air was wowwwww…..really luvd tdy’s episode…..tmrw will b even more nyc..

  2. hate aditya sooo much..hope his character end soon..n keerthi n naksh shd be a pair…

  3. Rahul96

    That dance and joker part of Naira was superb .
    Now show will concentrate on love of keerthi and Naksh. And to decrease the distance between Kartik and his parents .

    I am a big fan of parul chauhan. She is an established lead role actress. But i think that CVs are not doing justice with Suvarna. She should also be shown as parallel lead role along with Naira.
    And Naitik, Manish, kartik as parallel male lead.
    What you guys think ???

    1. Hii rahul bhaiya how r you….
      Nd yes I totally agree with you….

  4. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia I really hope everything gets sorted out with naira kartik really soon coz I’m really worried about naira kartik now I’m sure naira kartik will patch everything up between them really soon please naira kartik patch things up between urselfs I can’t see naira kartik get separated anymore it’s really upsetting me so much right now-:(

    From soofia bhatti

  5. Ohooo amazing precap super excited for tomorrow’s episode… Loved kaira a lot today the way he wanted to see naira but hiding his feeling was really cute… Naira such a great dancer and performer…love u love u both kaira… So much excited for today and waiting for more excitement tomorrow…

  6. Sethidisha002

    yes I to hate aaditya keerti should be pair opposite naksh and I hope kaira get united soon

  7. love the expression of kartik….. so innocent

  8. LopaFleek

    Naira was dancing good as a clown. In the precap, I felt like she was drunk

  9. Loved the episode so so so much…
    Naira is just amazing….loved her dance….
    And kartik…. loved his cute….
    Eagerly waiting for next epi….

    Hello family members how r u all??

  10. Hey guys i want to upload my own fanfiction in tellyupdates how to do that!!

  11. Fenil

    Dear Ananya , Do type your story in word. Then copy paste in Submit Article which is in menu of TU.

  12. Superb… When i miss an episode i read this written episode. Its like watching the whole episode. Keep updating… Please also add pics..

  13. Thank you so much fenil bhaiya

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