Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik telling someone that he got Kuhu safe. He says I can’t meet Kuhu today, I m spending time with Akshara and kids. Naira tells Naksh that she kept tickets in Akshara’s pocket. Naksh and Naira make plan to leave Naitik and Akshara alone and run away before Akshara stops them. Naitik says let them go. Ravi calls Naitik and asks him to come to sign some papers. Naitik says I m away, I can’t come. Ravi says sorry, its imp. Akshara hears Naitik and asks him to finish his work, she will manage. She goes asking him not to feel sorry.

She gets sad and says I would not feel bad if Naitik told what imp work he has. Naitik messages sorry, I will join you soon. She gets tickets in her pocket and goes to ocean park. Bau ji tells Bhabhimaa and Devyaani that

Akshara and everyone are happy there. Devyaani misses Naman and Karishma. Tara joins them in puja. Baisa asks do you know puja and asks her to say some bhajan. Tara worries.

Naksh and Naira take the photos. A girl stares at Naksh and smiles. Naira coughs and signs him. She teases Naksh and laughs. Naksh smiles. Naira says I clicked pic and will show this pic to Naira. He asks her to give the phone. Akshara says I can still enjoy, even if I m alone. She goes for train ride. Naitik signs papers and tells Ravi that I left all the work. Ravi says you can take Kuhu, we are just helping you. Naitik says sorry, can I meet Kuhu. Ravi says Kuhu went to ocean park with some kids. Naitik asks what, you and madam are here, she went alone. They leave to meet Kuhu.

Baisa asks Tara does she not know bhajan. Tara sings bhajan and says the meanings. Elders smile. Tara asks Baisa how was it. Baisa says it was right. Bau ji gives Tara some nek. Tara smiles.

Ananya is on the way and sees Ranveer giving some money to beggar. The lady beggar puts blame on him for hurting her hand in car window. He says she is lying, I did not do anything. The people get angry on Ranveer. Ananya takes Ranveer’s side and says don’t be scared, I m with you Ranveer. Akshara enjoys the train ride. Naira fools Naksh and takes money from him. He says you are gone today and runs after her. She laughs. Akshara plays some game to win something for Naira. She sees Kuhu there, sitting alone and staring at the gifts. Akshara wins a toy and gives to Kuhu. She asks her where are her parents. Naitik and Ravi run to find Kuhu. Akshara takes Kuhu to help desk. Naitik does not see them. Akshara tells Kuhu that they will have some food, and then announce her parents’ name. She asks whose name to announce, mumma or Papa. Kuhu says Papa. Akshara laughs and says she is also like Naira, Papa is her fav.

Ananya says I have seen everything, I know Ranveer well, he can’t do this. The people take beggar’s side. Ananya says its legal crime to beg on roads, come to police, you are favoring as its woman, its not necessary that men are always wrong. All the people agree with Ananya. Ranveer smiles, and says Ananya…. She leaves.

Naitik sees Kuhu and gets relieved. Akshara feels Naitik around. Naitik takes Kuhu in arms and asks where were you going…. Akshara looks for Kuhu and sees her. She does not see Naitik and says I think she got her Papa. She goes. Naira and Naksh come to Akshara. Naksh asks where is Papa. Akshara says he went for some work. Naira says this is not fair.

Varsha asks Shaurya whose call was it, why are you worried, tell me. Shaurya says hong kong. Varsha says I know, your mind is still in work there, tell Naitik. He says no, Naitik went for his imp work, I will manage. Naitik asks Ravi to manage Kuhu and gives Kuhu. He asks Kuhu not to run alone like this. Naitik gets Naira’s call. She asks where is he, they reached ocean park and got mumma. He says Akshara and kids are on ocean park. Naksh says mumma lied, Papa left you alone right. She says no, see he came. Naitik says sorry Akshara. She says its enough for 10mins and signs him. Naira says we just came. They go to see the park. Naitik gives a rose to Akshara and they smile.

Akshara answers Naitik’s call and says some man is calling you in court. Naitik says its imp. Naksh asks Akshara did anything happen between her and Naitik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel my prediction coming true
    kuhu is linked to shaurya
    maybe his daughter
    but this show has always been positive
    they shdnt show even shaurya having affair after all he had love marriage wd varsha
    There is some court case involved maybe related to kuhu
    but after watching today’s epi am sure shaurya and kuhu are linked somehow!!

    1. Yah pari I too agree to u ?

  2. Yes ik shauraya kuhu is shauraya’s daughter naitik is helping shaurya n managng for him

  3. Whether kuhu is not related to sanju

  4. Akshara is overacting. And the way she danced is like a 10 year old,. When will she act like a 40 year old? She acts well when she is not with Naitik.

    Naitik is still the same with an innocent face and smile.

  5. naitik acting is always gud nd better always than other member of yrkkh. his expression is always veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice weather it is sad or happy sequence . he look always hot nd handsome in an dress

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