Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manish asking the manager to send the diamond ring picture, the news should be in press that Goenkas is treating their bahu well. Surekha says ring has come. Akhilesh asks do you want to see. Surekha says none can see it before mahurat. Manish says its fine. Kartik asks them to come fast, its late. Priyanka teases him. Dadi says its time now, come. Mansi stumbles. Akhilesh and Suwarna hold her. Akhilesh thinks Mansi will be going in that house for the first time, I have to look after her.

Everyone make Naira ready and compliment her. Rajshri and everyone go. Gayu hugs Naira and says you got ready well, Kartik will get killed by your looks. Naira says yes, Baisa gave me this knife to ward off bad sights, if this fake nails work, Kartik will get killed.

Gayu asks her to come fast. Naira sends her pic. Kartik smiles and dances seeing her pic. Everyone laugh. Kartik stops dancing and goes to the car. Goenkas leave from home.

Naksh says welcome drinks and snacks did not come, guests will be coming anytime. Bhabhimaa says we will serve homemade drinks. Naksh says no, they want different. Bau ji asks about media. Naitik says maybe they call media always. Mohit says Toran is falling many times. Bau ji goes to fix it. Baisa asks Naitik for arranging less envelops, we have some respect or not. Naitik says fine, I will arrange more. Rajshri says Naksh looks worried. Devyaani asks her to talk to him. Baisa prays. She asks Bhabhimaa did she keep ring safe. Bhabhimaa says yes, I kept it with me.

Dadi and Manish are on the way. Dadi says world will see Goenka’s richness by Kartik’s marriage, Surekha’s brother helped us in getting that diamond, Singhanias and press should be shocked seeing it. Naitik asks a man to stay for engagement. The man says I have to go, it was Naira’s fate that you got the diamond, someone else also ordered it, but we gave it to you. Naitik thanks him.

Dadi says Naira will not imagine that we will give her such rare diamond ring. Naira talks to Akshara’s pic. She misses Akshara. Naitik and Naksh look on. Naira asks am I looking good, is makeup too much, I told Gayu. Naitik and Naksh laugh and compliment her. Naira says you scared me. Naitik and Naksh act as Kartik’s Dadi and laugh. Naitik gets emotional. Naksh says not now… everything will go fine right, I did catering of big parties, its party at home today and I m getting nervous. Naitik says everything will get fine.

Goenkas reach Singhania house. Everyone welcome Goenkas. Manish asks Naksh did he do all arrangements. Naksh says yes. Dadi introduces Priyanka to Singhanias. She says these are Maheshwari, relatives of Singhanias. Everyone look on. Kartik comes and greets them. He hugs Naksh. She talks to Gayu. She calls him jija ji. He asks her to call her just Kartik. Mishti tells rasam of pulling nose and ears. Surekha says we heard if ears are red, relation is strong. Gayu pulls his ear. Bau ji welcomes them. The toran falls over Manish and Dadi. They all get shocked.

Manish gets angry. Suwarna asks Lav and Kush why did they catch it, if anyone got hurt then. She says sorry, children did mischief. She asks them to say sorry. They say sorry. Dadi says I will scold you if you do anything again. Baisa says if children don’t do mischief, will we do mischief. Kartik looks for Naira. Gayu and Mishti ask whom are you finding. He requests them to make him meet Naira. Gayu asks him to have patience.

Dadi tells guests about the rare diamond they got for Naira. Manish asks his PR manager Verma to publicize marriage in media. Mansi takes Lav and Kush. Mansi gets tensed seeing Akshara’s pic. Naksh and Naitik come there. Akhilesh takes away Mansi and hugs her. He calms her down. Mansi says Papa, that picture…. Akhilesh asks her to be quiet. He hugs her and consoles.

Kartik asks Gayu for Naira. Gayu signs him to wait. Gayu goes to get Naira. Chu kar gai teri chuan…..plays……… Gayu teases Kartik. Naira takes blessings from Dadi and everyone. Kartik does not see her. Gayu takes Naira away. Mishti teases Kartik. Kartik looks for Naira. Gayu wishes all the best to Kartik and shows Naira. Kartik and Naira smile seeing each other. He compliments her. She smiles. Yahan wahan hai tu….plays……….. He holds her hand and they smile.

Manish sees the drinks and asks Naitik about the drinks, its not served what I said. Naksh says we ordered same drinks, that hotel did not arrange anything, its all their fault, my men are standing outside hotel since 2 hours. Manish calls the hotel and asks for their level of service, if you are incompetent, how will anyone recommend you, what will happen of your business if media knows this. He says sorry, I trusted wrong man, don’t worry, everything will be here in 15 mins. Naksh says thanks, my staff is ready, I will get that drinks served, will you taste this drink, you will like it. Manish tries the drink and likes it. Naksh says we serve this in Krishna to our VVIPs. Manish says I hope this was last mistake, we can’t afford any mistake, media is here and both families hold a name.

Lav asks Suwarna why did she lie. Suwarna says sorry, everyone forgive kids for mistakes and not elders, so I lied. They understand why she lied. She asks them to promise, she will not tell anyone. They promise and run to play. She sees Rajshri, Devyaani and Varsha. They thank Suwarna for managing things so well. Suwarna says its my son’s engagement too. Dadi asks what talks are happening.

Varsha shows the rare blue diamond Naitik ordered for Kartik. Akhilesh says how can two rings be same. Manish checks the ring and tells Surekha that this is not the ring we chose for Naira. Surekha gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love u I mean this is the best part of this show keep it up

  2. Vrushy

    Precap is hilarious !! Surekha should get exposed soon.
    So mansi was the one who’s car hit akshara !! Great !! Just great !!
    Now we know that akhilesh and surekha and mansi are the ones with grey shades !! Only luv and khush are pure souls !!
    The moment when Karthik was searching for Naira was just awsome. Iwas blushing the whole time till yaha waha played. It was very well portrayed and captured.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow !!

    1. Sorry vrushy I don’t agree with u maybe u r right about surekha but akhilesh and mansi is also good u will u going to see it they are always stand for right and they will if kaira have any problem

      1. Vrushy

        I dont know for sure but i believe that akhilesh and mansi are guilty of doing something that they werent supposed to do !!
        They might later on turn positive but right now their character has grey shades !!

  3. Hii vrushy di Sophie di rahul bhayya aniket trishi twana di and all yrkkh family and silent reader’s
    How are you all
    Cmg to the episode,episode was nice I am also missing akshara hope all issues get fine soon

    1. Rahul96

      I am good Sruthi.
      Hii guys I am not able to o comment because I am in train I willl surely do comment tomorrow

    2. Vrushy

      I am good !!
      How are you ?!!

    3. Twana

      Hello Sruthi…. I’m fine how r u??
      They will put everything to place as YRKKH birthday z coming soon na…

    4. I am good Sruthi,
      And yourself?

      1. OMG…stop using my name…

      2. Trusna

        Hey…why r u using sophie di’s name.. ??

  4. Fenil

    Awesome episode…..Kaira are lovely….Mansi is confusing character first speed now dead Pearson’s pic also make her restless….Suwarna done good work…now Ring drama

  5. Rahul96

    Sorry guys . I am really sorry . And thank you so much my bff Ishika . Your words were awesome .
    Thank you so much Aniket ,Twana , Sophie dii , pat dii , Sachu dii , Trushna and every one for your motivation.
    Thank you Pawan bhai.
    All the best Aliya and Soumya .
    Sorry guys I am in train now . So here is network problem.
    And earlier I was busy in packing bags.

  6. Vrushy

    The spoiler for upcoming episode.
    Kartik and Naira don’t get chance to talk. They get under the table and greet each other as strangers. Their cute nok jhok continues. He gets a ring and makes her wear it. Mishti comes there and interrupts them.

    Mishti gets Kartik out of the table. Naitik is much happy for Naira and Kartik’s engagement. Naitik misses Akshara. Gayu and Kirti plan games to bring more enjoyable moments in the engagement. There is shubh bhoj after the engagement ceremony. Everyone sits down and have food in traditional way. Goenkas don’t like the idea of dining by sitting on the floor. Goenkas tell Singhanias that they did not do this ever, and always dine on the table.

    Kartik saves Singhanias’ efforts and sits down first saying I m very hungry and want to have food. Kartik’s family agrees to sit down and have food only for Kartik’s sake. Dadi does not like the oily food. Varsha serves fruits to Dadi. Kartik has chosen Naira. Dadi does not like love marriage concept, and is annoyed knowing Kartik wants to live alone and not with Goenkas after marriage. Dadi shows annoyance in every matter. Naira adds a chit in kachori for Kartik.

    Manish gets the kachori and also the chit. Manish reads the chit and laughs aloud reading Naira’s chit. Everyone gets surprised seeing Manish laughing happily for the first time. Suwarna gets hope from Naira for bringing happiness in her family.

  7. Twana

    Hi my YRKKH family n all the silent readers n all the fans…
    How r u all??
    Today’s ep was fab n awesome ??????????????
    Keep it up YRKKH…. Love this… Kaira scenes r awesome…
    Karthik begging Mishti n Gayu made me laugh… n the way he shouted seeing Naira’s pic was so hilarious… ?
    Love u Suwarna…. U r an understanding lady… very good at controlling situations…
    And the way they reminded Akshara z awesome…
    And What z with Mansi n Akshara’s pic? why did she shake that much seeing the pic?
    Is she the one who hit Akshara accidentally? I doubt that……
    And Luv Kush duo… cute n intelligent… love this duo… ❤❤
    Dadi addressing Maheshwari’s as relatives made them upset bcoz they hv a great bonding n they r one huge family where everyone’z wellbeing z considered….
    Hope that Ring won’t create any problem between the families…..
    Can’t understand Surekha….
    Anyhow Karthik looked lovely today… ?❤
    And they both make a cute couple….
    Anywayzz the episode z awesome…. itz MIND BLOWING N ENCHANTING…. ?
    May be they r planning the engagement on YRKKH birthday.. ?
    My cute family here… how r u all??
    Happy to see our Aliya has commented…..
    Missed u soo much…. come when u get a time…. All the best…
    And Rahul bhaaiii…. where r u?? Hey stop thinking abt the exam… what’s gone z gone n now concentrate on the things left..
    Come on Rahul bhaii… miss ur comments…
    Aniket, bff how r u? What would u say? Shall we go n drag Rahul bhai to the site?
    Sophie dii Hiiiiiii…. ?
    Pat dii how was ur meeting with ur friend? It must hv been fun na??
    Sachu dii… r u busy???
    Adi how r u??
    Pawan how r u?? So u went to Rahul bhai’s side na?? Let me arrest u even… then I wanna see how my lil brother is…
    And Chanya n trishi…. LONG TIME NO SEE… where did u guys disappear without telling me??? Reply me fast or Chanya n Trishi I’m gonna come to Aus n SL to arrest both of u for not replying… Itz a huge crime… ??Beware… do comment yaarr… Missing u guys…
    Ishika did u enjoy ur birthday??
    Shesha… how r u??
    Vrushy did u name ur puppy??
    Sruthi, Shilpa n Ishu how r u??
    Lasyashree.10 I’m fine…Is that Kumud in ur dp??
    TVfan1long time no see….
    Trusna di… u didn’t comment today… r u fine? How r u??
    My comment z long na??
    Good Night n Sweet Dream everyone.. ?❤???

    1. Hey Bff, im great, and you?

    2. Hi Twana

      1. Twana

        Hi Sophie diiii

    3. Vrushy

      Hii Twana.
      Yeah, I have named him Bruno !!

      1. Twana

        Ohh thatz great…. one of my friends hv a dog called Bruno…. itz a beautiful name

    4. Trusna

      Yes i m fine twana…n hws u..??

    5. Twana

      Adi bff n Trusna dii I’m fine… a lil bit busy bcoz of studying… Thankz….

    6. Hi Twana
      I am good & my visit went well. Good food and good conversation – lovely

  8. Sarayumane


  9. Pls bring the akshara in naira s marriage with new face pls pls pls we really miss akshara pls pls pls

  10. am missing akshara soo much. but what the hell is this? they should not show any twist on mansi kitting the car. they are spoiling the serial like this. please bring akshara back. dont show sooo many grey shades in this serial. since 8years we are not use to seeing this serial like this.
    its a very positive serial without negative characters like surekha and akhilesh.
    please change the track.

  11. there can be 1 possibility…maybe akhilesh is resposible for karthiks real mom death and maybe mansi knows about it.
    and when this truth will come out then karthiks relation will become better with his now parents.
    or maybe mansi is responsible for akshara demise.
    dont know.
    but please dont give negative characters in this serial. let it remain unique like always.

  12. Hi to my SISTER FROM OTHER MISTER, i.e. Hi Sophie di, great hindi! But I am sorry, Even if I get registered now, yet I cant log in through my phone! I said na my phone is dumb! And I am going to have a new cell on my bday, so I guess by then I will get registered! Hi my BFF, i.e. Hi Twana, I m good, what about u? Yes now v have 4 reasons, come on now its time to attack, and drag him to the site. And yes glad to read the comment of our long lost mutual BFF i.e. MISS. INDIA i.e. Aliya.

    1. Twana

      I’m fine Aniket… a lil bit busy bcoz of studying.. Areeee Aniket… U sure r will get a 4n for ur birthday?? Or else I’m gonna come n give u a 4n!! Hey thumare 18th birthday na??
      But my parents won’t give me a sim until I turn 20 ?

    2. Thanks Aniket…

  13. Hi Writer, i.e. Hi Vrushy, I am neither hurt nor angry on ur words yar! Actually I didnt replied bcoz I have no dogs. I have 5 pets. 2 parrots, 2 rabbits and 1tortoise. So I have no idea about naming dogs. I apologise u from the core of my heart but really I had no intentions to dissapoint u! Sorry yarr! Hi Little angel, i.e. Hi Soumya, Pls dont go now, its time for attack, v need ur help! Ohk I understand studies r important, but plz comment on weekends. Plz plz plz Angel.!

    1. Vrushy

      Its ohkay yarr…
      No need to be sorry
      Actually you are always the first one tohelp no matter what the subject is so when you didn’t reply me, I thoughtthat something is wrong !!
      PS : You do have you own zoo !! I wonder how come the tortise lives with the rabits ?!!

  14. Hi Aliya n Pawan, u both r born in same month! Great! Yes Aliya, I am going to write NEET! What about u? Yes my boards papers r- 28feb- english, 4mar-phy, 8mar-chem, 10mar-bio, 20mar-crop sci1 n 22mar-crop sci2. What about ur schedule? Hi Twana, my BFF, what r ur exam dates?

  15. Hi Rahul bhai ki BFF, i.e. Hi Ishika, Thanks 4 supporting me to scold Rahul bhai.! I agree with u my FIRST DAY FRIEND, i.e. Pat di, that Keerthi and Naksh should start their romance only when keerthi officialy divorce her husband, orelse it would spread wrong message. Also dont want 2 c grey shades of Mansi! Pls dont spoik the show, Rajan sir! V want it to b positive only. Pls Pls Pls.!

  16. Hey guys…. how r u all???
    Today’s episode was good… Naira looking gorgeous
    Mansi’s been acting a little weird
    Lav kush are just awesome together
    Ishika dii did you enjoy your birthday???
    Vrushy dii did you name your puppy yet???
    Good luck to everyone with exams??

    1. Vrushy

      Hii shesha,
      Yup I have decided to name him Bruno !!

  17. Really enjoyed the episode, really glad they have sped up to the engagement rather than dragging everything! It seems like Mansi is Aksharas killer! It must have been her, or her driver that overspeed and took Aksharas life. LOVING the new Naksh! He’s a really good actor and it feels so much more real watching him! I hope the ring drama does not cause any friction and I hope everyone is well!! good luck on pending exams and day to day 🙂

  18. akshara come back in the show n
    ew face

  19. !.GooD MorninG EveryonE.! I request u to have patience and trust Rajan Sir. He wont do anything against our will. Dont know why but I feel that he is reading our comments, bcoz we wished no family member should b involved in Aksharas accident, the same was aired. Also Kaira should wait 4 sumtime 4 marriage then show took a leap. We wished 4 a fast track, they immediately switced to engagement. So as now v wish no one should turn negative, the same will b its story. Just have faith in him.

  20. I think that akhilesh daughter killed akshara..
    episode was awesome..
    kaira part fabulous…
    thanks rahul.
    are u ok now?

  21. I think that akhilesh daughter killed akshara..
    episode was awesome..
    kaira part fabulous…
    thanks rahul are you alright?

  22. Also till date, there were many temporary negative characters like- 1.The boy behind naira when she was young 2.Those sardarjis having their hotel against Krishna 3.Naman 4.Rashmis first husband. But these negative characters were not permanent. In due course of time when they realised their mistake, most of them turned positive. And as now Goenkas r occuping good screen time so these Goenkas will turn into positive for sure. Just wait 4 some time.!

  23. wow episide
    kaira scenes awsome
    thanks for the compliment rahul and thanks to alita for wishes
    are u alright rahul

  24. episode*

  25. Trusna

    Hello my yrkkh family..hope everyone is fine…
    I thnk mansi n akhilesh r involved in akshara’s accident… D way mansi got restless by seeing akshara pic…i m confused…
    And our luv kush..they r so cute….how they ran to mishti…??
    Gayu teasing karthik….n karthik’s dance seeing naira’s pic…??
    All d best…those who r hvng boards this year….

  26. Hi BFF, yes I will turn 18 on this bday.! And yes For sure I am going to get a android cell on this bday. And U dont worry I will gift u a sim card on ur bday as this year u will also turn 18.! Hi Writer, yes I have a small zoo, Actually, my rabits live in backyard, Parrots in the entrance garden and a tortoise in our children room in a tub of water! So Rabbits dont know tortoise and tortoise dont know rabbit.! And Bruno is a nice name.! How old is he/she.? And whats ur birth date.?

    1. Vrushy

      Fabulous arrangement.
      Yeah i have named my dog bruno. He is a beagel by breed and is 3 months old. He is really small right now !!
      My birthday is on 31st march !! Me and my maa share the same birth date.
      Ps : Why are you calling me writer ?!!

      1. Twana

        Vrushy I think bcoz u r writing an amazing fabulous ff…u r a talented writer.. ?

      2. Vrushy

        Thanks for the appreciation Twana.
        Glad that you like my work.

  27. Ty Trusna di.! Hi all, I request u all to ignore that brown coloured dp who is commenting using Sophie di.s name.! Pls dont reply that dp and just ignore it.!

  28. NEW SPOILER!!!!!!!

    In Kartik and Naira’s engagement ceremony viewers will get to witnesslots of twists and turns with high voltage dramatic situation.In addition to this, Keerthi’s husbandAditya will also attend Kartik and Naira’s engagement.Karti

  29. NEW SPOILER!!!!!!!

    In Kartik and Naira’s engagement ceremony viewers will get to witnesslots of twists and turns with high voltage dramatic situation.In addition to this, Keerthi’s husbandAditya will also attend Kartik and Naira’s engagement.Karti artik will get overwhelmed to meetAditya and will introduce him to entire Singhania family.Aditya will go to shake hand with Naira while Naira will showcase gratefulness and bow Namaste to him.Aditya will like Naira’s attitude and will get love struck luring her beautyand will start making evil plan to crack Kartik and Naira’s bonding.Let’s see what happens next on the show.

  30. Hello everyone .After a long sorry for not commenting..actually I had suffered from an eye infection in last year but again I suffered from it but this time it happened with both I was restricted from using 4n and watch tv..even I was unable to watch yrkkh I am going to read previous wu..
    How are you all…fine Na..
    And twana di you are so sweet
    And bff trishi even you were missing here I come..where are u??
    Sachu di pat di Sophie di missed you
    Rahul bhai aniket bai adi bhai pawan you all are well Na
    All the best for everyone who has exams
    And belated happy birthday wishes for adi bhai
    And guys my college is going to start from next week can’t sure for comment you all..

    1. Twana

      Oh my!!!! Are u fine now?? Get well soon dear….. Happy to see u back lil sis… missed u n trishi… I wonder where she is… . Itz good u that u r back…. here’s twana punch…get well soon lil sis… n may u never suffer from any other diseases… ❤

    2. Hi BFF…. how r u?? Even my studies r starting… will be lil bit busy… like u…
      And r u fine now??? Hope u r fine… if not… get well soon bff… love u… ?

    3. Hi Chanya
      I pray you are feeling much better now.
      We missed you too
      Enjoy your day

  31. is it true ishika?
    thats terrible. it should not happen like this. please now there shud be no misunderstanding between naira n kartik.
    please dont show negative characters.
    it will reduce trp. already many old people have left the show.

  32. Some episodes before during the tilak ceremony Karthik’s Grandmother was angry with their servant for wearing black on an important date and now Karthik was wearing black dress as his engagement one! Did anyone notice? If yes, it’s double standards and yeah too much importance only to status!

  33. Hello Guys I’m really very sorry for not commenting…. I suffered from fever several days n as there z only a very limited time until my Advanced level studies start, I was enjoying with my friends…
    Btw I love this new track…. Engagement…
    Karthik looked fabulous.. Mansi z very hard to understand…. itz going well….
    Chanya how r u??
    Aniket bhai how r u? Fine na?
    Twana dii how r u? U r very caring… hehe I’m sorry… no need to book the ticket now…
    And belated b’day wishes to Ishika di n Adi bhai..
    Happy to see Aliya dii back..
    hv to get registered

  34. Gayu getting too.much of screen space as if she is d one who made kaira jodi..
    It has to be mishti who should be shown more than gayu..
    Even suwarna should be shown more that dadi goenka..this dadi brings lot of negativity..
    New naksh is amazing.. i never liked the character naksh but this guy is makingbme like it with his acting

  35. !.Its a time to celebrate.! I, my BFF and my little angel arrested Rahul bhai, and after all formalities v vil drag him to this site and then u vil release him. Now u ppl dont laugh that y r v releasing him if v took many efforts to catch him. So let me tell u all, v arrested him just bcoz v want 2 show BFF KI TAKAT AND BHAH- BEHEN KI TAKAT. And as he is our family member, v r releasing him just after formalities complete.

  36. Hi Vrushy- The correct explaination is given by my BFF. U r truly amazing writer and so I decided 2 call u so. I hope u dont mind. If u have any problm with that nick name, pls do tell me, I will find some other nick name 4 u.! Hi BFF KI JODI, I mean, Hi Chanya n Trishi, here is a Twanas punch from me not only on my behalf but also on the behalf of our family.! Pls take care of urselves.!

  37. Hello every1n, I agree that many characters r going 2 have grey shades in the show, but pls trust Rajan sir, He wont do anything against viewers. Also when Naman turned negative, whole family stood together and removed negativity. I guess something same is going to happen bcoz its a positive serial and and always justified its title- YEH RISHTA KYA KEHELATA HAI.!

  38. Hi everyone my wonderful & blessed family. I pray all is having a great day.
    Bruno is a lovely name, Vrushy. The name reminds me of a boxer in London – Frank Bruno.
    Ridz, yes you are right YRKKH is not suited for negativity and Aniket bro is right negative characters in the show are temporary. Some get the opportunity to change – show is about love & relationship right – so we give chances to our love ones. Baisa has some negative shade & so is Rukmini Aunty but their characters have developed for us to see their positive sides. So will be the same for the Goenkas. At the moment Manish confuses me but we will figure him out as time goes. As for Surekha, I think she gets in well with Dadi Goenka so she acts very important.
    As for Mansi & Akhilesh – maybe they cause the accident and have got Akshara in a safe place taking care of her or Mansi witness it whatever the reason I think it will not be too negative were we have to dislike her – after all she is still a child.
    Aniket is right, we need to be patient with Rajan sir as he always wrap up his storylines. Let us just enjoy all the wedding fun & the mystery unfolds ???
    Suwarna is so humble – if only the matter between her & Kartik get solved the Kartik will see that they have a lot in common. I can’t wait for their bonding. I love her so much.
    This is funny yarr – I want Kartik & Suwarna to unite so badly that I dreamed I was begging Kartik to forgive her & Manish. ????????????? so funny
    My adorable twins just light up the screen every time.
    I love the way we (audience) were teased alongside Kartik to see Naira’s dressing.
    The atmosphere is so good – loving it.

  39. Hey family
    I might not be able to comment until next week ending as I am going away outside London from tomorrow for a short holiday.
    So I will have to wait until I get back & catch the updates – I know now that the engagement is on I am off.
    Till then Rahul, Aniket, Sruthi, Shilpa, Twana, Sachu, Aliya, Riya, Vrushy, Pawana, Soumya, Kajol, Trishi, Has, Sophie, Karishma, Ishika, Saba, Ponkuri, Aarti, Ridz, Saraya, Pari, Shesha, TVFan 1, Jas, Trusna, Amalina, RV, Divi, Ishu, Nikhil, Paaki, Sanjana, Chanya & all YRKKH Fans (Family) please look after yourselves. Peace & Love I send your way.
    If you are left out on the list – I am sorry – still love you ?
    Continue to SPREAD the LOVE and STOP the HATE
    Blessings to you all ????????????????

  40. The best part about today’s episode was Karthik’s dance when Naira sent her pic to him…he was dancing all over the body/security guard….and everybody is staring at him thinking what the heck happened to him…
    Can’t wait for the ring drama…
    OMG I hope they don’t blame the Singhania’s for stealibg the ring…that would be the meanwst thing ever…like ever…

    Thank you Aniket and Trusna for helping me with the person-who-uses-my-name-problem…it means a lot…love you both…❤

    Get well soon Chanya and Trishi…plx take care of yourself…❤

    Of you are a registered need to check out the Activity area on this webpage…it is so cool…you can like and comment on other people’s posts and everything…and you can post images and messages of your own…this is like social media….go check it out…

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