Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th January 2013 Written Update

episode starts with naksh sleeping hugging each other. akshi eyes opens she sees the whole scenerio & blushing. she sees naitik sleeping & call him, naitik in a sleeping asks what happened? akshara tells nothing(I guess she got little bit scared) akshi kisses him & goes. Varsha is talking to rj that more than ananya dadi seems exicited for going dance classes. akshi calls duggu he is awake. askshi how are awake today w/o even calling, she tells him to get for school. duggu tells today both naitik & akshi will make me ready. bm tells akshi that dj is not having his medicine, he is complaning that I’m giving him wrong medicine.

akshi goes to meet dj, duggu acts as if he is having stomach ache. bm gets worried, naitik comes in his room, duggu continues to pretend naitik first gets worried but he understands . he comes near duggu & tells him next time while pretending hold your stomach tightly & cry a bit more loudly. duggu does the same, then he understand that naitik understood that he is pretending. naitik tells next time when really you will have stomach ache everyone will force you to school & it has happened with me.

duggu is shocked hearing this, akshi comes in bm tells her about duggu’s stomach ache. duggu jumps up that no I ll eat medicine & go I’m fine now. at garden gy3 & bm are arranging his stuffs. duggu thinks today I ll introduce naitik to my friends. naitik is uncomfortable seeing car, duggu tells lets go. naitik tells sorry but I can’t drop u school. duggu’s face falls he sits inside. akshi goes to drop him . naitik is switches of T.V, he tries to open wardrobe but it is locked, he fixing some device( I didn’t what it was actually) akshi returns.

AT M’s varsha is saying ananya to wear slacks ananya refuses to wear but varsha convinces her to wear it. duggu is sitting on dinning table, naitik comes there he tries to talk to him duggu changes the chair, naitik changes it both of them keeps on changing their chairs. duggu is making his hair, then keeps the plate, drinks water naitik does the same. duggu asks what are you doing naitik tells I’m playing musical chair w/o music.

gy3, bm& akshi serves food to them. gy3 scolds naitik why did he came downstairs nowadays he is not taking care of his healt, he is still sick. naitik tells so what I came down I got bored sitting there. duggu orders gy3 not to put ghee in pulse gy3 tells if u eat ghee then only u will become a super boy. akshi cuts in between he will not as he doesn’t take vegetables nor salads. duggu tells no I eat those, akshi puts *palak panneer* on his plate & feeds him. gy3 is feeding naitik both papa & beta make faces having foods(they don’t like the food).

Ananya reaches her dance class, she is excited to dance and all her friends are also there. Dance teacher teaches dance steps ananya is unable to catch it up & do it. teaches consoles her don’t worry as days will pass by u will learn dancing. ananya & dadi smile. Naksh room- naitik is working on laptop, akshi comes in, she tells naitik to work any more as he already watches T.V so long it will stress him.

naitik asks akshi why was wardrobe locked? akshi tells that duggu will mess things so she keep it closed but why are u asking? naitik tells he wants to read dairy. akshi gives him medicine & brings the dairy. naitik is about to read it when akshi stops him don’t read it now. naitik wishes to know what happened, akshi cuts in between then I will read it like I tell duggu stories. naitik tells I’m not a kid like duggu. episode ends.

precap: Ajay(naitik’s friend) tells him I can’t even think that if I was in situation my wife would have handled all this so well.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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