Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with elders talking of jewelry. Naira is lost. Baisa asks her to get ready. Rajshri says yes, they would be coming. Bhabhimaa reminds Rajshri that they took pics with Gayatri in her home. Devyaani says we will make new memories. Aditya says Kirti, you would feel I stay angry, but trust me, I m really trying, will you support me. She nods. Aditya tells Manish that he did Mittals deal final by Kirti’s name. Kirti smiles. Aditya says if I delay, Kirti will sign the deal. Manish says well done. Kirti goes.

Manish says let deal happen, principal will come along interest. Lav and Kush ask Kirti to take them. Aditya says no, just Kirti and I would be going there, its most beautiful place, you won’t understand, but Kartik will understand. He winks to Kirti.


Aditya and Kirti come to Singhania house to pick Naira. Kartik hugs Naira. Aditya asks Kirti to share their experience of photoshoot. Kirti says yes, we get heroine feeling. Aditya says Naira is not less than any heroine, and Kartik is no less than any hero. Kartik asks Naira to tell him if there is any problem. She says nothing. She calls elders. They also get ready and come. Kartik asks where are you going. Devyaani asks can’t we get pics clicked. He compliments their beauty. Naira asks are you all going somewhere. Kartik says kitty party or marriage, just don’t go anywhere else, else men will fall. Naitik says no one will fall, Naksh and I are here. Naksh says I m taking them on lunch date, its light day today.

Naitik says yes, we thought to take them out. Kirti says so sweet. Naira says you should have told us. Kirti says we can postpone photo shoot. Naitik says no, just couples go in wedding photoshoot, not families. Ladies smile and realize. They ask Naira to go. Naitik says have fun. Rajshri says Naitik saved us, else we would have gone with them. Bhabhimaa says we will change and have food. Naksh says no, we will go Krishna for lunch date.

Kartik, Naira, Aditya and Kirti are on the way. Kirti says I will show my friend’s session, she used great props. Kartik says Naira and I are enough, we don’t need props. Kirti gets a call from Manish and says papers from Mittals came, I have to go. Aditya says leave it, sign later, what about our loss. Kirti says no, I will just come. Naira says we will have photoshoot later. Kartik says yes. Kirti says no, photographer is busy, I will come back and join you. Kirti gets in taxi. Kartik sees her off. Aditya asks Kartik to sit in front seat, else I will look driver. Kartik says sorry and sits. Aditya sees Naira in mirror and smiles. Naira reads warning sign board.

Bhabhimaa, Rajshri and everyone praise Naitik and Naksh for spending time with them. A man gets a parcel for Naksh. Naksh says its for Baisa. Baisa says this is mehendi card. They always send us card, I thought to send them card this time, I told Naksh to make such card that looks best. Naitik says this does not score, this marriage will become competition. Baisa says we will see, I just got one card for Goenkas. They smile. Baisa asks Naksh to go and give this to them, take pure ghee kachoris and jalebis too, Dadi’s face will become like this. They smile.

Kartik and Naira like the place. Kartik says Aditya should have gone with Kirti, we would have some romance. Naira asks him to catch her and show. She runs and collides with Aditya. Aditya holds her. Kartik asks you okay. Aditya says I have made entry at right time, romance later Kartik, first my turn, I mean we shall have photoshoot, Naira’s changing room is that side, and Kartik yours is that way. Kartik asks why so far. Aditya says this is not Goenkas’ property. Kartik and Naira go to change.

Aditya checks the camera and says I will also click some pics. Dadi smiles seeing the pic. Manish says its really nice. Lav and Kush say its better and bigger than our card. Dadi and Suwarna go. Manish asks Naksh to sit. He asks will you have anything, I mean tea or coffee. Naksh says no thanks. Manish asks did you say anyone about yesterday. Naksh says no, just Naira. Manish asks why did you say. Naksh says its fine, she understands everything.

Manish gets Akhilesh’s call and goes. Kirti talks to manager. Naksh sees her at home. He says you went with Naira and Kartik. She says yes, I got imp work and came back, Aditya is there. He says Naira can need someone, I will send Gayu. She says no, my work ended, I m going back. Naira changes. A lady helps her. Aditya sees her from outside and clicks her pics.

Naira turns to see. He hides. She turns again and goes out. Aditya runs and his sleeve gets stuck in grill. Naira comes out and till then he is gone. Lady asks what happened, was anyone there. Naira says don’t know, I felt so. Aditya smiles. The lady asks Naira to go. Naira goes out. She feels someone is following her and thinks is there really someone. She takes a rod and hits. Kartik jumps and asks did you go mad, why is she beating him.. She asks him to get serious. He asks what happened. She asks did you come outside window to trouble me. He says no, I would have come if you said. Naira hugs him.

Aditya says you can romance after photoshoot. She asks how did your sleeve get torn. Aditya says it got stuck in free, I was posing as you guys were busy, I will get pics clicked after Kirti comes, so guys this is your surprise, there are many more romantic surprises, I always do things with style. Kartik and Naira see the bath tub with rose petals. Naira says I can’t do this. Aditya asks why, don’t say you are Sanskari, Kartik explain her. Kartik says no, this is too much, its not objection, even I m not going to do this, its Naira’s decision and I will support her, don’t get upset. Naira says try to understand, I m not comfortable. Aditya says fine, its okay, I will send car, come when your session ends, I will go and help Kirti, I will leave, I m not annoyed. He takes the camera memory card and asks photographer to click pics well. He goes. Naira says he got annoyed. Kartik says no, he has some work, focus on photoshoot, what if not this bath tub. She says there’s lot, think and smiles.

Aditya says they did not care for my hardwork and feelings, they scolded me. Baisa says Naira you misbehaved with Aditya there. Naira asks what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what the hell. this aditya chapter should soon end now. its enough.
    now its becoming boring. their marriage should happen soin.

    1. Soofia Bhatti

      Hey I’m soofia I really can’t wait for karia wedding day coz I know that it will be the last wedding in singhnina house this adita needs to back off stop looking at naira in a horrible way coz I’m sure naira will tell her husband kartik soon when kartik naksh find out they won’t be happy they will both beat the crap out of adita

      1. Rahul96

        I don’t think Naira’s marriage will be last in Singhanias house. Naksh and Gayu’s wedding will also take place!!!

  2. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update!!!!

    Coming to the episode !!! So today’s episode was all about creepy nature of Aditya . I agree with Naitik’s word that we should not make this marriage as a competition .And Naksh – Manish conversation was good and at that time Manish face was looking like baby face.
    And now in the precap Kartik will understand that Aditya is a creep and a liar !!

    1. Chanpreet0815

      Hello Rahul I m fine and what about u????

  3. Rahul96

    Hii vrushy
    I was reading your chapter 26 of fan fiction ‘ perfectly imperfect ‘. Actually till now I have read only 2 chapter of your fan fiction ‘ perfectly imperfect ‘ . But was getting worried that why you didn’t post your chapter 26 !!! I was fearing that you might be affected by my words !!! And guess what my fear came true !!! When you posted your chapter 26 I read that you were feeling demotivated and have stitches and were thinking of not writing fan fiction anymore !!! But stitches for what dear ??? But vrushy if you will read my comments of 9th February then you will see that you completely misunderstood me dear.
    Actually I am really sorry guys till now my comments have deeply hurted 2 peoples ( Vrushy and Ishika ) . I am sorry to everyone. Please vrushy you should continue your fanfiction dear. You are an awesome writer.
    You know vrushy and all fanfiction writers let me tell you the truth that I am nonsense . Yess it’s true I only do stupid talking. Infact my friends also told me this . I unintentionally keep on insulting and hurting people . I am a totally brainless guy !!!! I broke my skull when I was small and since then I am brainless doing nonsense talking only !! So vrushy I request you (if possible) to kindly ignore all my nonsense talking dear during these couple of days!!!!
    Because comments of stupid , nonsense people should always be ignored .And vrushy now I will do comment here only when you will reply me. about my comments of 9th February otherwise your this nonsense stupid Bhai will never do any comment here!!!
    Bye guys

  4. Fenil

    Hello Pat Dii , Sophie Dii , Raf Dii , Vrushy Dii , Hales Dii , Vinni05 Dii , My bff cum writer Lasiii , Sweet Rosa Dii , Shesha Dii,Chanya dii , Tanu Dii , Twana Dii , Twafan dii , Alliya Dii , Suha Dii ,Somya dii ,Aniket bhai , Adi bhai , Rahul Bhai and all others elder and younger Sistas and Bros .

    How are u my sweet circle of my life ?

    First welcome to new members like Charan preet , Ridz , Swara ,tc…be lated happy birthday to Charan preet

    PN Abt Faiyaz :- Thanks all of u for praying for faiyu. He is now at his home and fine.I told abt u all he asked me to thank all of u by using notes in cell. So Thanks again from faiyu.

    Hey Aniket bhai :- I enjoyed wedding and all pre and post marwadi rituals. Ohhh u remembered my old comments abt suwrana’s screenspace . U say abt u ?

    All previous episodes are awesome.

    About Today episode :- Nice , Naksh care abt naira great , all SF and MF ladies are looking gorgeous. Aditya is first male villain which is dangerous for kaira and families also after that secretary who abused Naitik ‘s goodness in past.Aditya will be surely caught soon.

    About Annu dii’s re entry :- Awesome my wishlist get fullfill one by one . I loved her character. She is like Rambo in Yrkkh.

    PN :- Forgive me if i forget anyone . Sorry also for left this family for some days. Truly i m saying i missed u all so much .every day 9:30 pm i remember everyone.

    Dear Sophie dii, Twana Dii, Somya dii how are u now and get well soon.?

    Hey Rahul bhai your comments for somya dii was good. Howzzz u ? My journey of Rajasthan had much faiyu is fine brother.

    For FF writers :- I’ll read your hard work whenever i get time and i will upload my ff’s next chapter soon.

  5. Hi my fav family
    Today’s episode was just sn excuse for an increase of episode numbers. Poor women of singhanias house got so dressed up only to be told to not go but the lunch date Made up for it even though they were looking forward to the photoshoot.

    Bua daadi stole the show today with her one scene of the bigger invitation. Her imitation and dialogue was really funny and she is an all in all nice person.

    Adityas character is being a bit dragged and becoming irritating to watch so I hope they get over it soon.

    Luv and Kush only had a tiny scene today so I hope they get more screen space as they are great!

    In terms of the fan fiction issue, people should be free to write what they want as long as it is critical or makes sense. I am not taking sides because in family everyone is equal but rahul should let vrushy di create fan fictions and continur showcasing her talent (which he is doing) and vrushy di should also let rahul post his opinion (which she is)

    So please get over it and keep going with what you want. We are all a family and support and nourish eachother through talks and feedback

    Sorry if I hurt anyone but I am neutral and not taking any sides, but want the family values and ethos to come back

    1. However naitik and naksh made up for it….

    2. An* continue*

  6. I am also waiting akshara back

  7. Yesturday’s episode was really awesome.Just waiting that aditya’s truth will come soon in front of everyone. Waiting for kaira’s wedding eagerly.

  8. Yesturday’s episode was really awesome.Just waiting that aditya’s truth will come soon in front of everyone. Waiting for kaira’s wedding eagerly.

  9. Fenil

    Good morning Friends ?☕☕
    I’m waiting for comments like 122 comments on 4th feb 2017 episode.

  10. Hi Fenil bhaiya!
    Glad to hear about ua friend’s recovery!! Then, I’m good bhaiya, How r U??
    Hi Rahul bhaiya!
    Pls don’t stop commenting bhaiya!! It’s my humble request to U!! & U r not nonsense bhaiya. Sometimes Even I have also hurted my frnz unintentionally, But it doesn’t mean that we are nonsense!! Stop blaming yourself bhaiya!! I hope, Vrushy will definitely reply to ua comment & will understand U. Plsss don’t stop commenting bhaiya!!!! Waiting for ua comment!! & plz never say this again that U will not comment here. It’s not a solution bhaiya!!U r saying this every time when someone gets hurt by ua words but I don’t want to hear that from U bhaiya.
    Hi Vrushy!!
    I’m really very sorry if u r hurted by my words wich I said in ystrdays TU page..Sorry dear!! Pls reply.
    Hi Aniket, Lasya, Twana, Soumya, Rosa, Aliyaa, Pawan….
    All the very best for ua exams guyz.!! Hope U all r preprng wellll for ua exams!!!

  11. Ranu

    So I am here to appreciate the writers who write FF’s and stories on my favourite pair Kaira. I am a crazy reader.. I just love reading like anything.
    I am a silent reader of all the ff but the below 3 are my favourite.

    1. Vrushy dii
    She really is an excellent writer. I love all her stories. The way she writes , I can imagine all of that happening in front of my eyes. All her stories are just magical and she really is a sweetheart. Vrushy dii grammar and vocubulay are just perfect. I remember one day I came from college frustrated and opened TU and had read ur first chap and my mood just got better. You stories bring a smile on face

    2. Hales dii
    This girl is blessed with a great writing talent. I started it reading from the chap 10. But then I got back and read all the chapters. woooww. I love it. The way she writes anyone can fal in love with her writings. Your ideas are unique. each chapter was interesting. I liked its concept very much. I love your writings. Hope you write endless part of this ff. It is very hard to find mistakes in ur ff.

    3. Reyaa dii
    Her ff is just addictive but she doesn’t post regularly. I really like the way she writes. I would love to read more stories written by her. Personally I love this girl. Not just because for her writing skil,because she is always calmed. There were times when she got 3-4 comments but she never stopped writing for comments. I love her because eshe never cared about comments.

    I forgot to mention the ff which is written by both hales dii and vrushy dii. The both of them together is just amazing. The ff is very interesting and the reason for kaira living separately is still a mystery and I cant wait to know it.

    I am not comparting any wroter woth the other. Each writer have their own speciality. But I just wanst to say that these 3 are my fav.

    I wrote this today because yesterday I read about vrushy dii being hurt because of some comments and also reyaa dii and hales dii have not posted their ff since a long time. I want to show my love for them through this post. All 3 of you are very talented and I request you to keep on writing these stories and post the chapters fastly.

    Also many more writers should write their stories on kaira. It also helps to increase the popularity of the serial. As compared to other serials, there are not much ff on yrkkh page. Also the comments on written update page of other serilas are crossing 100 but yrkkh is very much behind. so i think we should comment regularly and also support the writers to show our love and support for our fav serial.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you so much for your appreciation.
      Also loved the private message you have sent me.
      Glad that you liked my work.
      The comment and message mean a lot to me !!

    2. Hales

      Hey ranu …dear m so glad u like my style of writing so so much!! N also my ff
      Thnk for giving so much love n support…?
      M so happy to know tht i have readers like u …i mean i never thought tht someone can like it so much n can write complemnting my ff n style of writing so amazingly!
      This really means a lot to me …these lines r motivating me to write more n try out new styles now ….
      Ur lines made my efforts so worth it …tht i m glad i write this ff …n m so so glad u r liking it so much!
      I hope m able to stand up to ur expectations in future too

      M also very glad tht u r liking collab ff…me n vrushy r really glad getting such good responses!
      Thnk u so so much☺

      1. Lasyashree.10

        Di….Di..Di….??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??❤️?❤️❤️?❤️?❤️?❤️❤️❤️?❤️❤️ You here..

        Welcome di…. welcome whole heartedly…….

      2. Lasyashree.10


      3. Lasyashree.10

        hey di!! you are here!!i’m whole heartedly welcoming you di.. i said you to comment here long back…and i said that i was waiting at the door step of this house….but you arrived late di…but noworries as i was still waiting i found you here and i’m happy that you are here!! i’m really really really happy di… and thanks ah lot Ranu…it’s you who brought my di here by your comment….
        hey family….. now i’m introducing you my best di…. she is a great writer..she is a wonderful person more than that…she is the one who encouraged me in writing a ff along with MY BESTIE VRUSHY… and yeah…I’m sure you all are going to welcome her ya!! once again welcome di

      4. Hi Hales dii- THE GREAT WRITER!!
        U r welcome dii…..Keep commenting dii….

      5. Hales

        Aww lasya ….m so happy to see u so happy..actually i wanted to come but my board exams have started n lots of studying to do …but surely will try to comment here more often ??
        Thnk u so much for such an amazing introduction ❤
        Really means a lot lasya ??

      6. Hales

        Hey raf! Thnk u for such kind words …n a warm welcome ..will sutely try to comment more here ☺

      7. Hi Hales dii..
        All the very best for ua board exams dii.

    3. Reyaa

      Hey thanks Ranu u r so sweet I was really worried about comments but ur words encouraged me …. yeah I don’t post regularly but its all bcoz I was really busy n I will try to be regular again thanks cuz now i feel that i should write for those people who actually love my ff n Vrushy ask me to read your comment so thanks to her too

      1. Hi Reyaa dii..
        You are welcome!!

      2. Lasyashree.10

        Hey Reyaa welcome dear!!

  12. Ranu

    Spoiler = Kartik gets Naira’s name written in his hands in mehendi ceremony. Naira and everyone get happy seeing Kartik’s love. Aditya misbehaves with Naira. Naira shouts out and slaps him. Everyone dancing around stop and get a shock seeing Naira. Naksh asks Naira what’s the problem. Naira tells him that Aditya was misbehaving with her. Naksh and Kartik do not think anything and beat Aditya red and blue.

    Soon aditya truth will be out infront of everyone.

  13. Chanpreet0815

    How cheap that Aditya is??? Can’t give respect to his wife. How can one be such a cheap and disgusting person. Starring Naira. And kartik where r u missing can’t u see how is he behaving with Naira

  14. Hi Guys… Do comment all of u… I will get a time to read all of ur comments anyhow… but u all hv to promise me that u will comment!!
    First of all sorry for vanishing all of a sudden.. bcoz of practicals mummy really arrested the 4n…
    And I am not watching YRKKH so Thankz Amena di for ur update!!
    Hi Fenil Bhaiya glad to know abt ur friend’s recovery…. I’m happy tht u r happy n itz our pleasure…
    And guys I’m sorry I can’t address everyone.. Busy with this exam..
    Pat dii queen of long comments happy to see ur very much lone comments…
    Hi Ranu happy to see u appreciating Vrushy… I agree with u she z an excellent writer..
    And tanu dii Hii happy to see ya..
    And Raf, Rahul bhai, Soumya, Chanya, BFF, and everyone thank u for wishing me luck…
    BFF, Raf, Aliyaa, Soumya study well! ALL THE VERY BEST TO ALL OF U!!
    Guys from today onwards mummy z really gonna get the 4n… so I will not be back after the exam.. but will try to sneak in.. ?
    Sophie dii Miss u…
    Do comment everyone
    And All of u don’t u dare to forget me!!!
    So Bye everyone Gotta go… Don’t forget me!

  15. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.

    It was adorable to see the Singhania and maheshwari ladies think that the wedding photoshoot was meant for the whole family and not just the couple. Naithik and naksh saving them from that awkward conversation by saying they were taking them out for lunch and actually going through with the plan, was really cute. Their luch date was just so sweet. Also they remembered akshara and gayatri aunty !!

    For a viewer who’s seen the show from the very beginning, it is nice to see that the family still misses those characters. I also loved that Naitik and Rajshri still maintain the mother-son relationship and Akshara’s passing has only made the bond stronger.

    Bua dadi trying to compete with Goenka family was funny. Naitik was concerned that this was turning into a battle of who’s more flashy, but Bua dadi being the smarty pants that she is said she had just the one card for the Goenka’s.
    The awkwardness that Manish had while talking to Naksh was mind blowingly hilarious. ‘Kuch pioge ?!!’ has never made me laugh this hard. Also Manish not wanting Naira to know was so in character. He definitely wants to be in his bahu’s good books.
    Karthik Getting out of the car and making sure his sister has a safe ride back home. It might not mean much to any one else, but these are things my brother would do for me, so I really liked this scene.
    Loved all the kaira hugs and small yet cute scenes that were present in the episode today. Would not talk about aditya and spoil the mood. He would anyway be exposed in the next week in the mehendi function. Hope karthik and naksh beat him red and blue !!

  16. Hi Vrushy!!
    R u hurted frm my words dear?? Y u r not replying to my comment?? I cent percent agree with Ranu. U r an amazing writer dear & now I’m buzy in my board exams preparations so will read ua FF later. Then I know u r hurted by Rahul bhaiya’s comments & somehow I feel that U misunderstood him. He neither insulted u nor demotivated U dear. & I’m really sorry if u r hurted.! Pls reply me na!! & Don’t stop writing FF. We really like ua FF a lot….Plz don’t b hurted!! Stay happy!!!Sorry once again!

    Guyz, my practical exams got over today & it went wellll. M soo glad!!
    Hi Twana, we all will miss U.TYSM for ur wishes dear!!
    Hi Fenil bhaiya!
    I’m also waiting for more comments but we(Twana, Aniket, Soumya, Rosa,Aliyaa, Pawan, including me)have board exams na so we are buzy in preprtns & unable to comment frequently!

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Raf!! I’ll talk with vrushy ah lot!! and so… up to my knowledge….she is such a person who doesn’t hurt others by any means…. so when here she was hurt by bro’s comment she will not even think of hurting others…. by stopping her ff……here she have many many fans of her style of writing and her ff…. if she will stop writing it many will get hurted including me…. as we all know she’ll never hurt her fans…she’ll not stop…. so CHILL….

      See raf… for a writer,1 comment positive comment or 10 positive comments will boost their confidence but by the same 1 only 1 negative comment they’ll loose the hope!! But I don’t say Bro gave a negative comment…but by some means she was hurt and…. the beauty of VRUSHY is she’ll not loose the hope….instead she’ll work more hard to prove what is she and what is her ability…. so Raf what I’ll tell you is DONT WORRY that vrushy will stop the ff…as she was hurt… she’ll give her 100 to 200% effort rather….and you,me and many more can enjoy that…..

      But everyone please don’t take me in a negative way!! I just supported vrushy but didn’t took bro in a negative way… and Raf I’m sorry if I distressed you!! I’m sorry to all the others if I distressed you and even specially Rahul bro and Raf!!

  17. Fenil

    Hello everyone
    Yup Raf i know u all have exams and i understand….i want this from new members. Baki olds ki toh comments aati hi hain

  18. Good afternoon I’m Dhanvi,
    I’ll live in Singapore I mean I’m staying here since past two years,I’m 18 years old, I love YEH RISHTA KYA KEHLATHA HAI… ah lot…. so I’m even watching it here and I’m an Indian I used to live in Hyderabad when I was in India
    Swara sis I’m glad that even you are from Hyderabad but sorry to say this after I came to Singapore I forgot Telugu like I’m feeling disgraced and humiliated when I speak Telugu after coming here, my friends here will tease and bully me if I speak telugu so I stopped speaking Telugu and I don’t remember it any more now and I’m glad they stopped teasing me.
    Well, that’s not the matter now I just said that as you asked are there anyone who can speak Telugu. I can tell that I used to speak but not now and even never will do it. I hope most of you all here don’t know Telugu as you are North Indians according to me that’s only Better atleast Hindi will be better than Hindi??
    Well now, anyone who lives in Singapore??
    Well, will you people add me in your tree??
    I’m hoping that you’ll accept me and welcome me. What say?? Will you??

    1. (Sorry guys it’s ) Hindi will be better than TELUGU* (I’m sorry for that mistake)

    2. Fenil

      Welcome Dear Dhanvi

    3. Welcome Dhanvi…
      I have lived in Singapore a year!!

      1. For a year*

    4. Lasyashree.10

      Dhanvi… I welcome you but I’m hurt ah lot by your words…. you feel humiliated when speaking Telugu?? And you are happy speaking the other languages…. I mean for the first case… when your mother toungue is Telugu… you are feeling humiliated in speaking your mother language but happy speaking others?? How crap!! Truly

      And second case…if your mother language is not Telugu….. you don’t have any stupid right even to talk about Telugu because you don’t know the beauty of it…

      But what a tradgedy you forgot your regional language within 2 years but did not forget English when you were lot more years in India… huh….

      And please if you don’t truly want to speak Telugu then just SHUT UP..but you dont have any right to disgrace it…

      And I’m speaking from heart as I am a Telugu speaking girl…. better Mind your language

    5. Lasyashree.10

      And dhanvi… I’m sorry to say this but even say your Singapore friends to shut their mouths and hold their tongues if they don’t know Telugu and don’t know what’s the beauty in it…

      Many foreigners want to learn Telugu eagerly but you being and Indian…and that too a living in Hyderabad…. I pity you …. ki you don’t understand beauty of it

  19. Hi Lasya!!
    I agree with U that Vrushy will not stop writing FF as we all like her FF a lot & she will never hurt us I know!! But don’t know why she is not replying for my comment? May be she is buzy!!

    Hi Dhanvi!!
    Ofcourse, U r welcome!!

    Hi Rahul bhaiya!!
    Still no comments frm U..Y?? Will U comment here only if Vrushy will reply to ua comment??

    Hey Aniket!!
    U too r missing from Ystrday bro. Comment here only if u get time!! Study welll.

    Hi Twana.!
    We’ll never forgt U! Specially, I won’t forget U!!

    Now I visited this page just to see Vrushy & Rahul bhaiya’s comment but they two didn’t replied!! I’m upset!! But its Ok……bye everyone!!

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