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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu asking Naira is she going to meet that man. Naira says yes. Gayu says I will come along. Naira says no, he called me alone. Gayu says no, I will not let you go alone, come. Akhilesh convinces Dadi. Lav and Kush look on. Dadi asks Suwarna to get the things touched by Kartik, then she will start havan. Suwarna asks won’t you come. Dadi says no, I can’t see him that way, you know I don’t like hurdle in Dharm work. Gayu asks Naira to sit in car, I will go, he will not know who is Naira, you are unwell. Naira says no, I m fine, I will go, once Kartik is proved innocent, I will be good. She goes to the stall. A man walks to her. Police comes there. The man runs. Naira sees the man and calls him. The man checks his phone. Naira runs after him, but he leaves

on his bike. Some note falls. She checks the address. Gayu asks did you get that man. Naira says he was here, we will go his house and meet him.

Suwarna gives the plate to Kartik. Kartik asks Kirti whats this, whats this puja rice, did Manish buy everyone. Suwarna tells about Dadi. Kirti says its for you, touch the rice. Kartik keeps his hand over rice and asks them to go. He asks Kirti not to get food or medicines. Naira asks the shop man about that man, his card fell, do you know him. The man says don’t know, give me this card, I will give him when he comes. She asks shall I call police. He says I really don’t know, maybe he stays near temple.

Mishti says Naira will forgive, but will Kartik forgive. Rajshri says we will convince him by apologizing. Mishti says even if he does not agree. Rajshri says give some idea. Mishti says we will do acting to be ill, but convince him. Rajshri blesses her.

Naira and Gayu reach the paan shop and show the card of that man. The shop man guides a bit. They rush. Kartik’s Dadi sits crying. She hugs Lav and Kush. Surekha says Maa did not even drink water, she may get unwell. Suwarna says Manish did not tell her because she can get unwell. Akhilesh says just Manish can manage her. Manish comes and hugs Dadi. She asks him to get Kartik. He assures her. She says I kept havan for Kartik, come to attend it. He asks her to start it. Gayu and Naira run in the lane. Kartik’s family does havan puja. Naira and Gayu see the man running and follow him. Kartik is in lockup. The man falls down. Naira and Gayu catch him, and ask why did you run seeing us, tell me. Naira asks Gayu to call police. The man says I did not do anything.

Naira asks who called us here. He says I called, I have run seeing police. She asks what do you know about my mumma’s accident. The man says I have seen that accident, I know who did it. Naira asks him to say who did it, its court hearing today, any innocent will get punished. Gayu says we have to leave fast, tell us. The man says the guy’s name is Kashyap. The havan completes. Naira asks why did he kill my mum. The man says better catch him and get him, this is his address, he is going Dubai today, reach there on time. Manish leaves with lawyers. Gayu says we will call police, don’t know how is that man, we can get trapped. Naira agrees.

Dadi says I will not have water till I get Kartik back here today. Manish sees Suwarna and goes. Lav and Kush talk. Surekha asks them to go. The kids ask shall we prepare to welcome Kartik, will he really come. Suwarna hopes so. Naira informs inspector. He asks her not to tell anyone. Naira says hearing is at 3pm. Bau ji says its 1pm and Naira is not here, where is she, we have to go court, I called her, she did not answer, and said she will reach soon. Baisa says I think she is busy somewhere else, she can go on Kartik’s side, I wish he gets punished. Rajshri says the culprit should be punished, but who did not do anything should be released. Bau ji asks Naitik to come. Devyaani gives prasad. Rajshri asks Naitik not to think of anyone’s punishment, just go for justice.

Gayu asks why did police not come. Naira says yes, I told them to come soon. Gayu asks her to be strong. Naira says I m scared, if I did not reach court on time, if Kartik gets punished, I will not forgive myself. Lawyer asks Kartik not to tell anything infront of judge. Kartik says I will say what I said to police.

Manish says the man who always said true will lie in court, when we had many business losses, manager asked me to manipulate, and I did that, you heard us and you told me not to lie, many lies will be needed to cover up lie, and I did what you said, I m happy, the case is turning point, you should say true. Kartik asks whats true according to you, this is true. Manish says no, I know this is not true, if you did accident, you would have gone to police station and surrendered, you would have helped that person, you can’t do wrong, you can’t lie, truth is my son can’t do wrong even by mistake, truth is even if the world gets against you, you will do whats right, I know this very well. He goes.

Naira says we can’t wait more, that man will leave, come. Kartik recalls Naira’s words. Naira says we have to stop Kashyap. Gayu says yes, but we don’t know him, we should wait for police. Naira says no, thinking of my safety, I can’t risk Kartik’s life. Naira gets some stick. Naira goes to that house and asks for Kashyap. The lady says he is not at home, he went somewhere. Naira says please call him, its imp. The lady says he is not there. Naira hears sound and stops the lady. She enters the house and says I will meet Kashyap. Gayu checks bag and says he was really trying to run, he has gone by back door. Naira says its about Kartik, I will not leave him.

Naira and Gayu try to catch Kashyap. He runs. Lawyer says hearing is in half an hour. Kartik is with Manish in the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    And the wait till Monday is going to be too long. Now I really wish that yrkkh telecast on Sunday as well. How are we supposed to wait for two days to see kaira millan !!

  2. Hi Rahul, Sachu, Shilpa, Pat and all my friends on this site. A big Hello to all of u!! Love the bond betwn Gayu and Naira. Also the way they followed the man showed their bravery. Finally Naira revealed that she can risk her life for Kartik. I wish Kartik could see Nairas love for him, and the way she took risk for him. Loved the way Mishti questioned elders. Love u Mishti!!

  3. Great going Naira. Good to see gayu supporting her. This is what I love bout Yrkkh. No un necessary dragging. Looking forward to see how Naira convinces karthik. karthik is really hurt bt what to do before being his lover she is Akshara’s daughter. In that situation she could not do anything else. Bt she doubted him before also in Naitik’s case which would lead to karthik believe that she has no faith in him. Anyways waiting fr Kaira to reunite soon. In between I feel that Akshara’s death sequence is nt that much highlighted and Kaira’s track is in the lime light. The reason might be that writers r planning to bring back Akshara sooner or later.

  4. Guys,,I heard that Hina is coming back..Is it true ?? plz tell me…

    1. Amalina

      no karishma, hina is not coming back! she stated it herself that she calls it “quit” with yrkkh! but the makers might try to bring a new face for akshara since the body is not found yet. there’s also auditions going on for akshara, i hope akshara returns soon whether its hina or someone else.

  5. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Shilpa & all YRKH fans (family)
    I missed some of the episodes but I catch-up on the written updates – been very busy with some home improvements & interior design. Well things got very hectic last week, good to see all the beautiful comments.
    I agree with Rahul, Khartik should not give in to Naira very easily. I believe he should make Naira work hard to gain his trust. Yes I would love for Kaira to get united but I think Khartik deserve some dignity. I want to see things get sorted with him & his family & he forgives his father & step mom because they have been awesome standing by him. I am happy the CVs have brought closure to Askshara’s death culprit.
    Now the family is feeling sad about their behaviour with Khartik.
    No Karishma – Hina is not coming back & as much as I love her in the show I think the show can still move ahead positively & do well.
    I also think her timing to leave was bad (I am not against her going because we all have to progress in life) but I think she should have waited until the new Naitik settled & Kaira got married. They way she left, makes it look very petty & no wonder the media is saying all sort about her (not good stuff). The way she left she courted controversy. I wish her well in her next venture.
    Naira has to work hard for Khartik’s trust & Khartik make sure he does not forgive her so easily.
    Please don’t be offended with my POVs – they just my thinking yarr
    Have a wonderful & blessed week you all ????

  6. Aniket I love your points but I don’t want Khartik to accept Naira very easily
    Reason – Khartik have had time to love & treasure Naira secretly before coming out to her – so he has had time for his love to mature whereas Naira’s love for K is still young, so she needs time to build her love & trust – she has to miss K & also has to realise his love for her, that it is pure. So time away will be good. Let us see her chase & court Khartik for a change.
    I don’t want them to rush their relationship – I am sorry Kaira’s fans
    I want them to drag it a bit & after uniting, I want them to drag it a bit to the marriage stage because Naira has a lot of trust issues. And that can only be sorted out by herself or else her & Khartik will be fighting all the time.

  7. Hi Pat, Welcome back, Keeping ur POV aside, what matters to us is that, a long wait for reading ur comments finally came to end today! Missed ur comments in past few days!! Good to see u back!!

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