Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishwamber and Naitik managing the guests. Akshara cooks the food hurriedly. Vishwamber apologizes to her. She asks him to get chilli powder. He says I will get it and leaves. Naitik asks how will we manage. She says she can’t lose, its about Krishna. He says I think we have lost. She smiles seeing Rajshri, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa, and others. Akshara asks them to make Rajasthani food. She asks Naitik to manage outside and they will see here. Naira and Gayu ome from school. Gayu says she has won. Naman asks Naira not to take it seriously, its fine. Bau ji says its good Naira won in dance and Gayu won now. Naman asks Naira to smile and tells a joke to her.

He explains that there will be one winner but they have to compete, and makes her smile. Naksh comes

and smiles seeing many guests. Naitik says I can’t discuss now. Naksh asks how can he manage, his college friends are coming, they will understand, I will tell them. Naitik says no, just request them to wait for some time. Naksh asks who is cooking so much food. Naitik asks him to see in kitchen. Naksh smiles seeing the ladies and says I love you all. He helps them in cooking. They all cook together and worry for each other when anyone gets hurt. Naitik comes and smiles seeing them.

He sees flour on Akshara’s cheek and kisses her. He leaves. A man says this is not my order, take this. Naksh asks what happened. The man says I did not order this. Naitik says I will check your order. He says sorry, this is not your order. The man says I understand, whats happening and scolds them. Another man asks the man not to be angry, as the food got exchanged. He asks Naitik not to worry, as food is tasty and service is good. Naksh says three cheers for Krishna and they all clap.

Nandini asks Yash to study well, where is he going at this time, anyways no use to ask, she knows his exams are starting, he can wait for exams to end, he used to agree before, sit and study. Naitik says thank God it all ended well. Naksh says we had loss in total deal, but if we add tips then… Naitik says no, tips are for staff, they helped a lot, and gives them the tips as love token from them. He says he will give them raise when the restaurant works well. Keshav says his confidence raised today. Naitik thanks the family ladies.

Devyaani says family means supporting in such a time. Vishwamber says he has his second idea. He says I m joking. They all smile. He apologizes for his mistake, and defends that he used this idea in his hotel and it worked well, so he tried it here, Naitik can fire him. Naitik says no, your idea got many customers, and your management skills are great, thanks. Vishwamber says it means my job is safe. They all say no. Yash tells Sanju that he can’t come for movie. She asks why. He says mum said studies. She says he is not a kid. He says mum told it for me. She says even I have exams.

He says mum is annoyed. She says I told you to study well, whats this, I m waiting here, fine go. She ends call. Bau ji asks Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Akshara to sit. Rashmi and Karishma manage work at home. Akshara sees her hand burnt slightly. Naksh cares for her. They all have a talk. Bhabhimaa says they had fun hearing praise, there were many people. Bau ji asks shall we open restaurant for you. Devyaani says we will go Krishna when we want. Naitik says sure.

Gayu thanks Naitik for the speech. Naira asks him why did he not help him in speech. Naitik says as you always do it yourself. Rajshri asks Sanju to join them. Sanju says later, I have to end some imp work. Anshu says Nannu’s school called, they said they will make Nannu repeat class if his performance is not good. Jasmeet worries.

Akshara goes to her room and smiles seeing the decorations. Naitik comes and dances with her. He says her brilliant idea saved Krishna’s respect. She says she is feeling very sleepy, she is tired. He says I feel fresh. She says you did all this here. He says I did this for the person I love a lot, he can fall in love with her again and again. She smiles. He says she is magical and his love increases, thanks. She says her hand is hurting. He cares for her.

Its morning, Yash calls Sanju and does not connect. Nandini comes and asks did anything happen with Sanju. She asks whats the matter. He says nothing. She says I knew this, I m worried for you. Rukmani hears them. Yash asks Nandini not to be after one thing, leave me alone, and leaves. His hand makes the milk glass fall. Rukmani says this happened because of Sanju, he argued with you. Nandini says she has to do something now.

Naitik and Akshara come to Krishna and see Naksh there. They ask did he not go to college, did he bunk classes. Naksh says he was worried for Krishna and came to see. She says we will manage. Naitik asks him to trust them and focus on studies. Naksh says I will manage. Akshara explains Naksh to focus on exams, else Naitik will be sad for it, she came to know he is doing publicity for Krishna. Naksh asks him to trust him, he can manage two things together. She asks him to study and enjoy his life. He says he will come after ending exams. She makes him have curd and they smile.

Naksh asks his friend for economics note. He gets to know a guy has economics papers, and the guy asks him to get the paper, as its better than failing.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. dia

    Luv u yrkkh

    naitik plzz giv attntn to naira also

    naksh plzz dnt do chtng yr

    wts wrng wd sanju nd nandini

    whr iz CHIKKI aka PRERNA

    Whr r muskaan nd aalok

    jasmeet plz dnt take any stp regardng nannu whch wd mwke u land in guilt

    now start the luv story of ananya nd naksh

    luv u yrkkh

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