Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik stopping Suwarna from making Naira wear bangles. Kirti says look Kartik… Kartik says I explained you many times, just stay away from me and my wife. Suwarna cries. Kartik says else you and your husband won’t like what I do, this is last warning from us, don’t give us anything and don’t expect anything, no need to do this drama. Suwarna goes. Kirti goes after her. Kartik says we will leave from here soon, its matter of some days. Naira gets shocked.

Manish talks to Naksh and says you are seeing family business too, it will be relief to Naitik. Naksh says yes. Manish says person works for coming generations, every father is not lucky like Naitik, some people’s sons like to do job for others. Akhilesh says small misunderstanding can become

bigger, its better to keep family and business away. Manish says you have good terms with Kartik, explain him to do his own business, now he got married, his responsibilities will increase. Naksh says sure. They see Kartik.

Kartik hugs Naksh. Naksh says I m fine, did your tiredness go. Kartik says almost, how is Naitik. Naksh says he is fine. Kartik says I know he will get better meeting princess, I know what parents go through when children go away, why did you come, I would have come to drop her. Naksh says you can come to pick her, this is my right. Kartik says rights and duties are not different in us. Akhilesh asks Kartik to come with him, let Naira go with Naksh, she can talk to family freely. Kartik says fine, I have urgent work, I got gift for Mishti, she will feel bad, I will just come. Naksh says you are a bad actor, anyone can catch your lie, go.

Dadi asks Suwarna why did you go to give bangles to Naira without asking me, Surekha saw you and told me. Suwarna says I was giving it from our side, I did not say as you were worried for Aditya. Dadi says I was worried, I did not die. Surekha says yes, you should have told me, I told manager to get better gift. Dadi scolds her. She says Kartik dislikes you, better stay away from Kartik and Naira, sometimes distance is kept to keep relations. Naira hears them and goes.

Kartik sees Naira running upstairs and looking sad. He runs after her. She stumbles and falls. She sits crying and recalls Dadi’s words. He sees Naira and holds her. He asks what happened. She says I slipped. He says your worry is not of slipping, tell me what is it. She says nothing. He says you have to go, Naksh is waiting, tell me the reason of your worry fast, else I will be worried all day. She hugs him. She says I m not doing anything right. He asks what. She says first breakfast, then Aditya ji. He says its okay. She says no, it was my first rasoi, none had food on time. He says just Manish, Aditya and Akhilesh did not have food. She asks about Kirti. He says we are not going today, feed her tomorrow if you want, else my wife does not have to work.

Naira says after Suwarna gave me bangles, Dadi scolded her. Kartik gets angry and says if I tell anything, they will say I have problem with her, the truth is Suwarna is a problem, this family was perfect before she came, everything got spoiled after she came, she is very smart, she got Dadi and Manish on her side, but she can’t make me on her side, you don’t need to take anything from her, tell her we don’t have to keep any relation with us, they don’t exist for us. Naira says you hate her, but she loves you, she wants everyone’s happiness, so she took promise from me. He leaves her and asks which promise, tell me.

She says look Kartik, its nothing like you are thinking. He asks her to just answer, which promise she took from you. She tells him Suwarna’s request to make Kartik stay with them. She asks Kartik to say something. Dadi, Surekha and kids come. Dadi does rituals. She gives her shagun. She says I got other things kept in car, come back before 7. Kartik says I m waiting downstairs with Naksh, you all come.

He sees Suwarna. She says sorry, I came in your way. He says is nothing new, I will not tolerate this now, please change your way. Akhilesh asks where are you and Naira, Naksh is waiting. He goes. Naira gets hurt while pulling the stuck zip of her purse. Lav and Kush ask did you get hurt. She says anything that gets stuck hurts, I could not explain him well. Lav asks what are you saying. She says even I don’t understand. Naksh eats kachori and asks did Naira make this, I can’t believe this, she is amazing. Kartik says yes, she is amazing, she burst the bomb on her arrival. Naira comes. Dadi says give our love to everyone, ask Naitik to take care of health, Naira go and come back on time. Naira sees Kartik. Naksh asks Naira to come.

Priyanka says till you come back, I will be gone, this gift from my side is for you two. She hugs Naira and blesses her and Kartik. Naira says we will miss you too. Naksh and everyone go ahead. Naira walks sadly. Kartik holds her hand and pulls her. A bulb falls down. They all get shocked.

Suwarna holds Naira’s hand too. Naira sees Kartik and Suwarna. Everyone come there. Naksh says thank God, Kartik and Suwarna saved you. Surekha says just imagine, what would have happened, you are lucky Naira. Priyanka says yes, Dadi did not see, else she would have not let Naira go. Naira and Naksh leave. Priyanka asks Lav and Kush not to tell this to Dadi. The kids run. Suwarna sees Kartik.

Everyone dance with Naira. Kartik packs bags and comes down. Manish gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This Said and Aditya are so irritating…. In everything Dadi is after Naira… Seriously nowadays I’m feeling hope Akshara was there ….No charm at all in singhanis…Already Maheshwaris r sidelined…Now singhanis will b out soon too… Dey totally messed up Naitik character… Dey r showing him very weak..

  2. Hi Rahul vrushy, sophie, chanya, soumya, tahira and all yrkkh fans hope all are fine
    There are less Naksh and kirti scenes now

    1. hey Hasan! How are you? Nice to see your comment after soooooo long!

      1. Busy in some work

  3. Rahul96

    Guys check this kaira song . It’s awesome !!!

    And guys watch this inspirational song ( aashayein ) it’s mine favourite song !!
    This song aashayein is from Indian movie name Iqbal , in which a dumb ( not able to speak ) Indian Muslim sets out to become a member of Indian cricket team !!!

  4. Hello everyone, I truly believe that this show is becoming very boring. Although I live in America and I haven’t seen it yet, I think that whoever has been writing this makes it very confusing. Please do not do bakwas talk that Pakistan is better than India. Stop watching this bakwas horrible show where only kartik knows how to act. They don’t show any other actors and only goenkas. Please stop watching this, and watch BEYHADH instead. Much better show.
    Thank you
    From Nina Bali

    1. You have no right to tell us what to do
      And I am sorry that your mind is full of negative vibes that you cannot see the good factors in the show
      By suggesting a show, you are not increasing the fans instead you are being a bad influence and that would put people off BEYHADH
      Personally I am not a big fan of Beyhadh and I find it quite boring these days, but that does not mean I will come there and talk bad about it, because I respect their views and taste
      So next time think before you say anything

      1. Rahul96

        Yooo The young Angry Sophie diii in Tigress form !! Grrrrrrr !!???????

    2. Dekhne ka nazarya sab ka alag hota hai hame to achha lagta hai isliye hum to dekhenge tum nat dekhna ??

  5. Soumya85

    Wishing u a very very happy 18th birthday twana di????????missing u sooo much di Pls try to visit this page today….how was your exams??come back soon di….Love u ??

    1. Twana

      Awwww Thank you my lil sissy???
      I’m very much happy n delighted to see tht u guys remember me although I couldn’t come
      My exam went well
      And I got a birthday gift so tht I can revisit this page again?
      Love u guys

  6. Chanya

    Happy birthday twana di…wishing you all the happiness in this life!!!!may your life get successful!!!! Be happy always…???????????? ❤ ❤ love you di!!!

    1. Twana

      Thank you my lil sissy??? Love u too? I will be back soon

  7. Rahul96

    Happy birthday Twana !!! Many many happy returns of the day !!!!
    Wish you a huge success in your life !!!

    Can anyone please tell me that when is the birthday of Raf ???

    And thanks to Tellyupdates for deleting those comments . I really appreciate this step of tellyupdates !!

    1. Rahul96

      And happy Hanuman jayanti to everyone here !!!
      Well congratulations Twana !!!
      Birthday of Hanuman Ji and yours birthday have fallen on same date !!!

    2. Twana

      Thank you Rahul Bhai..? Happy tht u guys remember me..I’m back aftr a long tym..And I will be..Nice to see all of ur comments

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    Hello everyone!!! How are you all?? I am enjoying my vacations and preparing for our new year..
    Twana di missing you so much..please come ..
    Rahul bhai how are you??I complained tu about those comments and finally tu bas deleted them..i am neither Indian nor Pakistani but I respect every country..after all we all are human beings..
    Guys please comment whenever you can..i will comment this week but next week onwards I’ll be well in your studies..take care of yourselves too..bye


    1. Twana

      Thank you Sophie Dii?? Love u too

  10. Don’t drag too much it will irritate the viewers get some interesting moment in their show

  11. Episode was full of drama….

    Hi rahul bhaiya happy hanuman jayanti to u and all yrkkh family members…..
    And yes i also like the song aashayein……
    Happy bday twana dii….

    1. Twana

      Thank you Mahima?

  12. Why was naira looking so shocked at karthik’s feelings towards suvarna? She knew exactly knew about his intention of living seperatly after marriage.

  13. Thank you telly updates for removing those disgusting and racist comments – it was not called for.
    Hello everyone, I am a silent listener
    Finally the wedding is over
    Yet again the CVs are going to portray Naira as God – who will marry into the Goenka family be their bahu and
    proceeds to change them for the better. I am a woman and I do not believe in this concept as we women are not God; only God can change people. They did it with Akshara and now they want to sell us the same concept with Naira. Don’t get me wrong I do believe in giving people chances and using love to reform but we have to be careful not to give godlike status to ordinary humans. Many girls will accept to go into marriages that in laws are like the Goenkas, hoping that they will act to be the perfect bahu & wife even though the family hate them and years suffering needlessly.
    I have been watching this show since beginning and now I have seen that the CVs are way over their heads. I know the TRPs have been good because of the Romance and wedding but we can’t romance every day and have a wedding like that everyday.
    Coming to the wedding-many key people in Naira’s life were missing
    And I agree with someone earlier that the CVs are messing with Naitik’s character.
    Kartik is being shown as a wonderful husband that every woman wants – sorry not me. He gives respect only to Naira’s family. He disrespects his father & step mum even if he does not want them in his life he should still be respectful to elders – God says we have to respect our parents and elders regardless of what they do. He fails to see how bias his Dadi is and get angry at the one person who really noticed his wife’s efforts and perform the correct ritual of giving a gift to the bride after she cooks morning after the wedding
    I will stop so far & will come again with part two in how the CVs are messing their own concept on different relationships.
    Now this is my opinion and I have said it as it is

  14. Happy Birthday Twana!!!!
    Many more happy returns of d day!!
    May all ua desire come true!!
    Have a prosperous n peaceful life ahead!! B always happy!!! God bless U…
    SORRY FOR WISHING U SO LATE… I was busy so was unable to wish U. Sorry once again!! Twana plss at least visit this page today na..
    Hi everyone!!
    I’m commenting after a long time. Happy to c rahul bhaiya,sophie dii, soumya,Hasan bhaiya n Chanya’s comments.
    RAHUL BHAIYA, I’ll reply for ua comment later!!

    1. Twana

      Thank you RAF…Itz oki n I’m sorry for replying this much late..Thank you again ????

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