Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangram’s friends asking for more in the party. Sangram says its my sister’s marriage and we won’t do anything wrong in Naksh’s bachelor’s party. Dada ji tells Akshara and everyone about kuldevi ritual to light diyas so that the girl’s life is prosperous. Baisa likes the ritual. Tara says Naksh is partying there and I m praying here with diyas in hand for Naksh and my good life. Akshara asks is everything fine. Tara says yes.

Sanju tells everyone that they will enjoy a lot today but they will test Naksh if he will become perfect husband or not, how will he convince his wife when she gets annoyed. She asks Naksh is he ready for test. Naksh asks what will you make me do. Anshu says Tara will always make you puppet. Sanju says lets call Tara here.

Sangram comes as Tara. Naksh laughs. Sangram complains about Naksh. Naksh says so sorry, I will do what you say. Sangram asks sure, you will do all work at home. Naksh agrees. Sangram asks him not to trouble Tara. Yash says you are Tara now, not Sangram. Sangram says I forgot sorry. He asks Naksh will he see any other girl after marriage. Naksh says no, I m clean bowled, I love you. Sangram says Naksh is ready for marriage. Everyone pray at the temple. Akshara applies kajal in Tara’s eyes and blesses Tara. Dada ji asks Tara to keep inlaws’ respect. Akshara applies kajal to herself too. Rajshri asks what is she doing. Akshara says even we have to respect new relations, I have to accept Tara, I have to try my best and I want to assure Dada ji that there can be little different in talk and opinions, but not any difference in heart. They all smile.

Sanju says this party is getting boring, do anything Naksh. Naksh says don’t worry, I m here, play some music. They all dance on Kar gayi chull…

Sanju dances with Vikram and Yash looks at her. Tara calls Naksh and Yash sees the call. He tells Naksh. Naksh says I will talk to her later. Tara calls again. Sanju answers call and asks Tara to leave Naksh alone today, he will be after you tomorrow. She laughs. Tara ends call and gets angry. Naksh asks what happened Sanju. Sanju says I came to have cold drink, it was Tara’s dance, talk to her. Naksh says I will talk later, come we will dance. They all dance.

Sangram sees the village guys drinking and joining the party. They all stop dancing. Bhabhimaa says after many years, we rejoice to sit under open sky and have tea. Akshara talks to Tara and says I know you are missing Naksh. Naksh and Sangram ask the men to leave and they argue. Akshara says I understand everything, when we kept hen party, Naitik was worried, but I guarantee about my son, he loves you a lot. Tara says yes, but why did he not answer my call, if party is proper, why can’t I go there. He says he will always be with you, else I will pull his ears. Sangram says its family party. Naksh says we promised family that we will party peacefully. The man says we have called Shanti. A dancer comes there. Sangram asks whats this, are you mad. The man asks them to see her jalwa. Naksh says I m going, you all come with me. Sangram says yes, come. The man stops them and asks them to play song. Shanti dances on an item song Delhi ka surma lagake…… Naksh tries to leave.

The man informs Dada ji to stop Naksh and everyone, someone is happening there in guest house, stop them else your name will get spoiled. Akshara says what is Naksh doing, I told him not to do anything. Dada ji says we will go and see. They go to see. Dada ji says it won’t be Naksh’s mistake, I think Sangram did this. Naksh worries seeing elders coming there. Naksh asks Sanju to take this Shanti, and hurry up. Sanju asks Sahnti to come. Shanti dances and falls over Naksh.

Akshara and Dada ji come there and get shocked seeing Naksh with the dancer, fallen on the ground. Akshara gets angry and shouts. Naksh gets shocked seeing her. Dada ji asks whats happening, is this your party, girl, wine and this nuisance, that’s why I said no for all this. Akshara asks Naksh to say.

Sangram says its not Naksh’s mistake, my friends did mistake, ask anyone, they came themselves, I did not invite them. Naksh says yes, we did not know who was that girl. Naksh sees Tara there. Tara gets upset….. Naksh asks Tara not to believe this. Tara says I can’t. Akshara asks how can we believe this. Tara asks Sangram is he favoring Naksh. Sanju says I m a girl and understand your proble,, but you are over reacting. Tara says stop it Sanju, I m not talking to you, this was your plan. Sanju says we had to enjoy, this was not our plan, its not Naksh’s plan. Tara asks can we both talk if you permit. She argues with Sanju and says I m talking with Naksh, I want explanation from him, not you. She cries. Akshara and Dada ji look on.

Naitik tells Akshara that flights got delayed. Akshara tells Dada ji that Naitik is not here, and requests him to delay marriage for few months. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ohh iam so happy that naitik is come back

  2. I have heard that hina khan aka akshara is refusing to become mother in law and that’s why tara and naksh marriage is not going to happen atleast for a year…..after marriage certainly serial will be near its end…. hina will never accept to become saas

  3. Yerripapa serial no.1

  4. Tara is so boring ………..

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