Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara coming to hospital and seeing Naira hurt. They worry and ask her how did this happen. Naira says its not Naksh’s mistake. Naitik still gets angry on him. Bau ji asks Bhabhimaa to calm down and forgive Naman and Karishma being elder to them. She says she is looking for her puja beads. He says its in your hands, see. She gets sad and says things hidden and coming infront hurts sometimes. He says I understand. She says even you may feel I m wrong. He says children don’t have right to ask elders anything, and lies in her lap. Devyaani looks on and smiles.

Naitik takes care of Naira and asks her to have milk. Naira says she is having pain. Akshara says enough drama. Naitik asks her not to scold her, she is already hurt. Naksh talks to

Sanju and says Naira got hurt. Sanju says cute that you love Naira a lot. Naksh says he got somewhat hurt. Akshara asks what happened. Naksh ends the chat. Sanju says her voice looked heard. Naksh says he is not much hurt. Akshara asks him to sit, she will get milk. She leaves. Sanju calls Naksh and asks who was she. Naksh says my mum, her voice was familiar. He says you never met her. She says I felt so, and asks is he coming college tomorrow. He says lets see, I will be with Naira till she gets fine.

Naitik sees Akshara talking haldi milk for Naksh. She says even Naksh got hurt. Naitik says he said he is not hurt. She says sometimes wounds are internal. He asks why did she not say before, she is lying and going on Naksh, tell me how did he get hurt. She says he said he did not get hurt in accident. He says he has grown up and still makes mistakes, Naira is mature than him. He says he always fights with people and asks her to see Yash, he is of same age, he is so mature now.

Naksh hears him and says why did you get me here then, you would have left me there, we both would have been happy. They get annoyed and leave. Akshara worries. Naksh sees his family pic and cries saying I miss you all lot. Anshu says he will help Jasmeet. Varsha sees them and asks Shaurya to help her. Shaurya says I m busy, sorry. Varsha says she always helps him. He says Anshu has time and he is helping Jasmeet. She says fine, I will manage my work myself.

Naitik hugs Akshara and sleeps. Naksh gets angry and Sanju calls him to say they got selected. She asks is he going, is he happy or not, did anyone tell him anything, don’t be scared of your dad, tell him and lets see what he says, fine I will go alone. He says enough of him, now I will do what I want, I will go India. Its morning, Bhabhimaa cries seeing Dadda ji’s pic. She feels dizzy. Yash comes and holds her. She says you came Yash. He says how would I not come. She says you had exams. She says I gave it soon and came for my Nani.

He asks her to sit and talk to Dadda ji, and makes her smile. Everyone look on and smile. Devyaani says after Naksh went, Yash has taken care of her. He tells Nandini that if she feels its wrong, it does not mean everyone is wrong. Yash looks helpful to everyone. Bau ji praises Nandini and Mohit’s upbringing. Bhabhimaa says Dadda ji used to say right, Yash has good qualities.

Akshara cries thinking about Dadda ji. Naitik comes and hugs her. They see Dadda ji’s pic and cry. She does the aarti. Naksh cries. Naitik hugs him. The family does puja at home for Dadda ji. Mishti puts all oil in it, saying she was helping them. Naman and Karishma take her back. Rukmani comes with Anmol and sit in the puja. She sees Yash pampering Bhabhimaa and asks why does he not love his Dadi.

Nandini asks will she have food. Rukmani says no, I m not hungry, I just wish to have cold water on my head. Mishti puts cold water on her head and says she told her, so she helped her. Anmol runs after her, and elders look on. Naitik talks about their family and Naksh too recalls elders. Naitik says when time passes, we think to wish we did something else, but time does not come back. Naksh asks but Papa why does this happen. Naira smiles seeing Naksh say Papa. Naksh says I want to go to Bhabhimaa, please send me. Naitik says no, you can’t go. Naksh asks why, give me an answer. Naitik says I can’t answer, and don’t want to discuss. He leaves. Akshara looks on.

Naksh signs the forms and says he will go India. Naitik stops him and asks him to give form to him, he will sign. Naksh gets tensed and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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