Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story ( INTRODUCTION )

Hello !
My name is Faheema and I watch Yeh Rishta regularly although I speak Tamil.
I love Kaira. They are so unique. So I come here, read the story if I miss an episode, and also regularly read most of the fan fictions ( I am a silent reader ). I just want to write the fantasy I have for them. Without any further ado, I’ll introduce the characters.

Goenka Parivaar
Kartik Manish Goenka
Naira Kartik Goenka
Luv and Kush Goenka
Manish Goenka
Swarna Goenka
Akilesh Goenka
Sulekha Goenka

Singhania Parivaar
Naitik Singhania
Akshara Singhania
Naksh Singhania
Kirti Naksh Singhania ( Karthik’s sister )
Rajshekar Singhania
Devyani Singhania

Maheswari Parivaar
Vishambarnath Maheswari
Rajshri Maheswari
Shaurya Maheswari
Varsha Maheswari
Anshuman Maheswari
Jasmeet Maheswari
Omkarnath Maheswari
Sunaina Maheswari

So if some of you wish to read my read, please do comment below and let me know.

Bye for a while….

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  1. Vinni05

    Waiting for storyline
    Pls upload asap

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    Sooo good intro

  3. shivaya khanna

    nice story seems really interesting waiting for the chapter

  4. Fenil

    Sweet intro

  5. Nice intro and waiting for ff

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