Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 39

*Kartik*: La la la la….. Choo choo…. Look, I am a Mendhak…. Look Arti, I am a Mendhak….

Takes one of the Naira’s photos and….

*Kartik*: And Aira, look. Let’s draw two horns on Momma. Then some moustache….

*Naira*: (Clears Throat)

*Kartik*: Look Naira, they both are happy seeing you that way. Come on, I will draw on your face.

*Naira*: No Kartik noooooo

And runs around the room. He finally gets hold of her.

*Kartik*: For how many days will you keep running from me?

*Naira*:What are you up to? The babies…..

*Kartik*: What babies?? They’ll be happy seeing us together forever…..

And leans.

Naira is hesitant. But he goes forward.

“” Achoo””””Achoo””

*Naira*: Oh no…

*Kartik*: Arti….Aira…..

And they both go near two of them.

*Kartik*:Who actually sneezed now?

*Naira*: I think it’s Aira. But it seems like she did to distract us.

And laughs.

*Kartik*: Phew… I got tensed.

*Naira*: Cool down Mendhak. But you can now differentiate Aira and Arti?

*Kartik*: I am able to differentiate them now.

*Naira*: How?

*Kartik*: What a silly question! Hehe. I am their cookie and they are my muffins.

*Naira*: What about me?

*Kartik*: You?

*Naira*: Yes.

*Kartik*: You are a beautiful fondant cake who is smooth outside, hiding the bruises of hardwork under the fondant and making everyone happy by the outlook and giving them a great feeling.

*Naira*: Lovely…. I Love You Mendhak.

*Kartik*: I Love You Too my Sherni.

They finally share a passionate kiss after a long time.
They break when they start to lack breath.

*Kartik*: They are cute.

*Naira*: Just like you.

*Kartik*: Also you.

And they side hug each other looking at the baby.


At evening.

*Naira*: Kartik…. Kartik….. The guests are coming to have a look at the babies. WAKE UP! You are bound to sleep uncontrollably when you’re sleep deprived. WAKE UP! Help me make the babies get ready. WAKE UP!!!

*Kartik*: Mhmhmh… what????????? Lemme sleep….

And yawns.

Naira is seen getting ready with her jewelry.

*Naira*: Kartik no wake up. Please.

And goes to the babies placed in the cot.
They are all ready, neat and clean.

*Naira*: They are ready. How come this is possible?

Kartik back hugs Naira suddenly, scaring her.

*Kartik*: Sherni’s Frog Prince did this before the Sherni came here after working.

Gives a punch with her elbows.

*Kartik*: OUCH NAIRA!!! What kind of wife you’re? You’re always keen on hurting me.

*Naira*: You should have said me if you were making the babies ready. I got worried.

*Kartik*: I wanted to surprise you.

*Naira*: Ok. Thanks the other way.

Kartik proceeds to hug Naira but she pushes him away.

*Kartik*: Why????!!!!!

*Naira*: I have to feed the babies. So please kindly get out.

*Kartik*: One hug please.

*Naira*: Get out.

*Kartik*: Please?

*Naira*: GET OUT!

*Kartik*: I Love You

And runs away from the room. Naira smiles.

After feeding, Naira calls out Kartik.


*Kartik*: Ya ya. I am here.

*Naira*: Kartik, please rub the back of the babies until they burp. I have some work to be done.

*Kartik*: I haven’t done this at all!

*Naira*: Do what I say. Now!

*Kartik*: Ok Madame.

And proceeds.

*Kartik*: Arti, please burp please burp please burp….

Then he takes Aira and rubs. He does for each other alternatively. Arti burps. Now only Aira is left.

*Kartik*: I beg you. Please burp.

But she instead pukes on Kartik’s face when he holds her up. She let’s out a cute smile.

*Kartik*: So Gross.

Naira comes.

*Naira*: What the hell happened?

*Kartik*: Aira is like Naira. Of course, the name as well as the behaviour.

*Naira*: Just clean up yourself and put on another dress.

And Kartik goes.


*Naira*: Good Night Mendhak.

*Kartik*: Good Night.
In his mind,
“I am of course not going to sleep today too. So I will just not close my eyes”

And keeps awake through the night.

In between, of course he had to pacify the crying babies. Since they were twins, they did everything on the same time.

He also did some work. Something like for the babies.

It’s morning and both the babies and Kartik fall asleep at the same time.

_The End_

Precap:Kartik takes the babies downstairs. Everyone look at him strangely.

You all know what? I am learning Hindi just to read the comments and messages I receive. I understand YRKKH because in the TV, it comes with the subtitles. And here, Kartik will be the one mainly going through all of the situations. And yes, Naira will be super bossy.

I again ask you.

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  1. Vinni05

    Amazing part
    Waiting for next one

  2. shivaya khanna

    wow loved the chapter enjoying kairas parenthood they are adorable loved karthik too poor him goes through everything so sawan milni is a festival celebrated at the begining of monsoon which is called sawan in hindi it is celebrated to welcome monsoon in all communities it is celebrated and called differently people wear flower jewellery and all eagerly waiting for next pls post soon

  3. Nice story
    Please show naira in a little less bossy way
    Anyway lovely concept ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Faheemaibu

      Thank you Mihi di

  4. Fenil

    Funniest chappy ever.
    What have u thought for my Karthik hnn Faheee bechare ko na thik se khana pina aur sone ko de rahe ho aap.yeh achha hain mera karthik sidha hai jo sab kar raha hain:P:P:P:P:D:D:D:)):)):))8)8).

    Aira is like Naira ,she puked milk on his mendhak popssy.Arti is like karthik simple.

    Swaan Milini is function in our marwadi for welcoming monsoon so as whole year we get happiness and Farmers get prosperous and their grains (Anaj) get proper required water by good rain.

    1. Faheemaibu

      Thank you so much Bhai! Also for the the explanation.

  5. Aadya

    Nice one. Kartik is getting tortured a lot pls don’t do this to him.

    1. Faheemaibu

      Alright di! Relax. I’ll give him dominating scenes.

  6. Sethidisha002

    Why strange

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