Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 38

*Kartik*: This is ridiculous!!!

*Naira*: What happened?

*Kartik*: I really can’t differentiate who’s Arti and who’s Aira. I had Aira until I came to room, then after all the party, when I came back, I saw both beside each other and got confused.

*Naira*: Wait…. This is Aira and this is Arti.

*Kartik*: Well how do you know that?

*Naira*: That’s why I am a mother.

*Kartik*: I agree. So the name…. How did you get reminded of ‘Arti’?

*Naira*: There’s nothing I don’t know about you I suppose. If I can’t even remember what you said, then how come I will be your sherni?

*Kartik*: Yes, you know what? I…. I was really surprised. I mean…..

And starts tearing up.

*Naira*: Why would you cry when we three are here? Aira and Arti, ask your Mendhak papa not to cry.

The babies let out small giggles.
Kartik smiles.

*Naira*: So, how is your life now?

*Kartik*: Why? It’s been the same….

*Naira*:Uh oh! I guess you’re deprived of a new Papa’s work.

*Kartik*: You mean what?

*Naira*: Come and change the diapers.

*Kartik*: Wait WHAT! Are you kidding me?

*Naira*: Obviously I am not kidding you. Come on, change it. It’s not one, it’s two.

And laughs.

*Kartik*: No no no. I can’t do that.

*Naira*: What? Then how will you be a good Papa if you don’t do this to your princesses? You want to prove you can be a Mendhak to them too?

*Kartik*: No… I mean ok.

And goes to pick out diapers.

Naira instructs him. He does so.

All the way, Kartik’s face is funnier than anything.

*Kartik*: Task completed.

In his mind,

*Kartik*:”I hope Naksh does this as well”

And let’s out an evil smile.

*Naira*: Stop dreaming, go change your clothes and get back to sleep.

*Kartik*: Alright. But today at least……

*Naira*: I have to get the babies to sleep… Go change your clothes slowly…

*Kartik*: Naira, don’t change the subject….


And there he goes.
He comes back only to find the babies wrapped by Naira asleep.

*Kartik*: Like Mom the babies….

Turns off the light and goes to sleep.

It’s morning.


*Kartik*: WHO’S CRYING???!!!WHO’S CRYING???!!!!

*Naira*: Shoooo Kartik….

*Kartik*: What the hell Naira….

*Naira*: They didn’t sleep the whole night. So they will be asleep in few minutes or so.

Hands him Arti…..

*Naira*: Make her sleep….

And sings lullaby for Aira.

*Kartik*: This is not fair….

*Naira*: What’s not fair?

*Kartik*: You handed me Arti and asked me to make her sleep but you’re singing lullaby just for Aira.

*Naira*: Parents have equal responsibilities. So I gave you her. Just make her sleep.

*Kartik*: Alright.

Naira makes Aira sleep fast. But Kartik is clueless.

*Naira*: You try making her sleep. I am going to prepare breakfast since Aunty ji is alone in the kitchen.

*Kartik*: Just go.

And makes an angry silly face.

About half an hour later Naira comes. She finds Arti asleep peacefully. Kartik is sleeping beside them.

*Naira*: Kartik……

He doesn’t wake up.

*Naira*: KARTIK!!!!!

*Kartik*: Oh Yeah!

*Naira*: It’s a great job that you made her sleep.

*Kartik*: Did you wake me up to tell this thing? Now my sleep is lost.

*Naira*: You shouldn’t have slept. Now get ready and come downstairs for breakfast. Between how did you make her sleep?

*Kartik*: I told her our love story. She got bored and slept.

*Naira*: Ohoooo I too find you boring.

*Kartik*: (Clears throat) What did you say Mrs.Rishikesh ?

*Naira*: Nothing. Get ready.

And goes.


Naira is serving everyone breakfast.

*Akhilesh*: Kartik, it seems like you haven’t slept in days….

*Kartik*: Yes indeed. I am not gonna hide it anymore. Many know what’s the matter.

*Swarna*: Even if you don’t hide it, we all know what’s and what will be the matter.

He is embarrassed.

*Kartik*: H..Howw?

*Manish*: Because I didn’t sleep until you were 2 years old.

Everyone laughs.

*Dadi*: Please stop making fun of my Kittu. You eat.

*Kartik*: Thanks Dadi.

*Sulekha*: After all, like who does the babies look.

*Kartik*: Chachi, it’s been only 3 days…. They look like potatoes.

*Naira*: Stop and eat.

They here the babies crying.

*Kartik*: MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!

And runs to their room.

Everyone look in awe.

*Swarna*: Very strange… He fails in caring himself and is good in this.

*Naira*: Leave it Aunty ji. I’ll too continue breakfast after sometime.

And goes.

_The End_

Precap:Kartik sleepless the other night.

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  1. shivaya khanna

    wow such a cute chapter kaira are becoming great parents they are so adorable loved it eagerly waiting for next post next soon

  2. Wowwww… awesome chapter??
    Again Kartik didn’t slept?
    Update soon

  3. Fenil

    What a lovely chappy.
    Karthik papa bane ho boss nahi , sherni is only boss so does as she told u.
    He said love story to ARTI :*:*:*and make her sleep very good.
    Bechare ki raato aur dino ki neend haram ho rakhi hain..

    Funny is that he got confused who is Aira and who is Arti.

    No need to say sorry ok fahee.

    1. Faheemaibu

      Tysm Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii……

  4. Vinni05

    Wow simply super
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