Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 37

*Kartik*: No No…. Papa is here nah…. Please don’t cry….

And continues patting the small baby.

*Kartik*: Oh God… Idk how to stop her…. Please don’t cry…. Look! I am your Papa and you’re my princess!

And holds up the baby. The baby even starts to cry a lot louder.

He gets scared. He is just confused. Just then the other baby wakes up and starts to cry.

*Kartik*: Oh no!

He tries to pacify them over again and again.

*Kartik*: Baby girls, please stop crying. Your papa is tired.

But they continue to cry. Looks at Naira. She’s peacefully sleeping.

*Kartik*: At least she is in peace.

He gets both the babies to his arms and gets downstairs.

He happens to see Naksh too, downstairs with his baby.

*Kartik*: Naksh! You in here? That too at this time with the baby?

*Naksh*: I am capable of asking you the same questions.

And Kartik explains it all.

*Naksh*: OH! Surprising. To be honest, I did the same thing.

And laughs.

*Naksh*: I am sure I can manage with one. But it seems like the two you’re having will just be like my lil sister.

*Kartik*: Yeah surely.

Meanwhile the babies had stopped crying and it’s 9 past 5 in the morning.

*Naksh and Kartik*: We are sleep deprived now and we are having puja in sometime for the babies!!!!

*Kartik*: Oh My Goodness! I gotta rush before Naira comes here!

*Naksh*: Me too!

Kartik tries to make sure he gets fast to the bedroom. Just then…


Kartik gulps down.

*Kartik*: I am dead.

*Naira*: KARTIK!!! Where were you? (Takes one of the babies in her arms and trying to get another) What’s the thing you kept in my ears? I got scared when I saw the babies missing.

*Kartik*: Didn’t you miss me?

*Naira*: Absolutely not since you took out the babies in the middle of the night.

*Kartik*: Oh no Jaan! It was meant to help you. I didn’t want you to be awaken by the cries of the babies.

*Naira*: Wait! Did the babies cry?

*Kartik*: Yeah…so…

*Naira*: Oh my Goodness! They must have been hungry!!! You blo*dy hell Kartik! You should have made me wake up. But thanks for helping the other way. I’ll feed the babies and then get ready. You get ready too.

*Kartik*: Ok dear…

And she goes away.

*Swarna*: Why did you get scolded by your wife?

*Kartik*: Momma…..

And explains her.

*Swarna*: The babies must have been so hungry.

*Kartik*: I didn’t know that Momma. Give me some tips please.

*Swarna*: Yeah ok…

And gives him tips. He notes it down as if like he is in a class.

*Manish*: What you’re guys upto? And what’s my son doing as a new father?

And gives a hit on his back.

*Kartik*: Ouch papa!

*Manish*: Haha ok. How are my grand babies and the new grandma?

And puts a hand over Swarna.

*Swarna*: Shut Up!


*Akshara*: Coffee Coffee. Please get your morning coffee from the kitchen. And here, I got you all three the coffee.

*Kartik*: Thanks Momma.

*Akshara*: You probably didn’t sleep the whole night, did you?

And laughs.
He is embarrassed because Naira had already said what had happened.

*LUV AND KUSH*: Clear off!!! Dadi asked you all to get ready!!!

*Kartik*: Ok Ok. I gotta leave.

Just then Gayu comes.

*Gayu*: Mami, the tailor did not get my dress stitched.

*Kartik*: So what? Maybe Naira can help you Gayu. Come along with me.

They go.

*Kartik*: Naira! You got any new dress for Gayu? Her dress is not stitched yet.

Naira is see dressing up the Babies like Barbies.

*Gayu*: Naira! Is that the dress I made ?

*Naira*: Yeah I got a few dresses and yes Gayu di. Doesn’t it look lovely?

*Gayu*: They look very lovely.

And goes near the babies.

*Gayu*: They are very cute too.

*Kartik*: I have to get ready and I guess your problem is solved Gayu.

*Gayu*: Yes it has Kartik. Thank you so very much!

*Kartik*: No problem! See you later.

And goes.


Puja is on.

*Priest*: Now you shall proceed to name the babies.

And they four get up.

Kirti has their baby and Kaira has one each.

*Swarna*: Kirti beta…. You go ahead.

*Kirti*: We name our baby, (looks at Naksh)…….


Everyone clap.

*Dadi*: Kittu, it’s your turn now.

*Naira*: Actually we didn’t discuss any name. So it’s gonna be a surprise for us as well because we decided to name one each.

*Mishti*: It’s very exciting!!!

*Naira*: Yeah…. So I am naming my baby…….(looks at Kartik)


[If you all remember well, it’s the name Kartik suggested as part of his name][Arti from K’arti’k]

He looks at Naira shockingly with teary eyes. He smiles.

*Manish*: And Kartik?

*Kartik*: I..I name her……


[ Aira from N’aira’ ]

They both are overwhelmed.

Everyone clap.

Chukar Gayi for a while….

_The End_

Precap:Kartik experimenting as a new dad.


  1. shivaya khanna

    wow such an adorable chapter karthik is making such a great dad loved it arti and aira such cute names from our very own kaira loved the chapter pls post next asap eagerly waiting for next

  2. Fenil


    |Registered Member


    Karthik Naira ke rest ke chakkar mein babies ko bhukha rakha :P:P:(:(poor princesses.

    I liked Name Krish,Arti,Aira.:*:*:*

    I know u r sad seeing my short comment i m not able make good analysis wali comments becoz from last some days i m not in good mood.

  3. Hifza

    Wowwww…what a chapter😍😍
    I haven’t think that Arti and aira can also be made from Kartik and naira😊the names are really cute
    Update soon

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