Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 36

2 days later…

Naira is discharged along with her babies.

*Dr.Samar*: Do come for regular check-ups. And now you three are perfectly alright.

*Naira*: Thank you Doctor.

*Kartik*: Thank you so much…

And shakes his hand.

They come out of the cabin.

*Rajshri*: Kartik beta, we’ll now leave and reach the house and meanwhile you both come in an another car which is outside with a driver. You needn’t to drive.

*Naira*: Ok Nani, you don’t worry. Where is Mumma?

*Vishambarnath*: Akshara already left to prepare for your welcome.

And smiles. They leave.
Kartik has one baby in his arm and Naira has another.

They are on their way to car.

*Kartik*: Naira, I am scared to hold my princess in my arms like this. She seems too fragile and weightless.

*Naira*: Don’t you worry please! She’s just two days old. The other in my arms seems the same.

*Kartik*: We should make sure we give all the necessities to both of them.

*Naira*: I know right! Just stop worrying. I don’t know who is the ‘Mother’ here.

*Kartik*: Ok Ok. Now let’s get into the car.

And they leave the hospital.

They reach home.

(Keesh has already made an entry into the Singhania Mansion the day before and Kaira are now at the Goenka Villa.)

(From this part, everything follows in the theme song of Yrkkh)

The Gate to the house is opened. They are astonished to find the way like a red carpet entry.

All the family members are standing on the both the sides of the way.
Just as soon the car enters, the family members bless them by throwing flowers.
The flowers are being thrown until they reach the doorstep.

Kaira get out of the car and hugs all of them with the baby.

The door is opened.

The house is filled with pink, white and red balloons and decorated all with flowers, curtains and lightings.

A stage like thing is setup at the center of the house.

Naira is overwhelmed to find the people around treating her the best.

Kaira stand together with the babies. Akshara wards off bad sight. Kaira enter home.

They reach the stage. Meanwhile the reporters take photos.

Kirti brings two cake along with Naksh, who is having their baby.

Kirti keeps two cakes together, to bond it by one. The message in the cake written is,

“” Kartik and Naira bonded as Kaira by their two new princesses “”

They smile.

They cut the cake and celebrate.

After sometime,

*Dadi*: Since the day tomorrow is auspicious, the naming ceremony of Kittu’s and Kirti’s babies will be held tomorrow.

They all agree.

They party continues.

It’s late night now. Everyone is seen preparing to go to sleep.

(Singhania’s and staying at the Goenka’s)

Kaira go to their bedroom.

The babies keep quiet.

*Kartik*: It’s nice that the babies aren’t like you, Talking too much.

*Naira*: Shut up huh Mendhak! My both the girls are like me. I am glad that they will be not as lazy and idiotic as you.

*Kartik*: If they are so, I’ll be happy. Because they are my princesses!

*Naira*: I don’t care.

*Kartik*: Alright ok… Should we keep the babies beside us the whole night. Not in the cot?

*Naira*: No not in the cot for at least few days. Then only we’ll get to know what and when they want anything.

*Kartik*: Alright.. The babies are asleep now you’re a way too tired. Tomorrow is the naming ceremony. You have to keep your beautiful face fresh and glowing in the morning….

And tries to kiss her. She shooes him away…

*Naira*: No smooching and notching hereafter. The babies are sleeping.

And slips away to her bed. She falls into sleep.

Kartik with a silly face gets to the other side of the bed to sleep.

*Kartik*: But I better make Naira wear the ear muffs which makes the sound inaudible outside so that she doesn’t to have wake up in between.

And places it carefully on Naira, in order to not disturb her.

And then goes peacefully to sleep.

Around half an hour later….

Kartik wakes up startled. Only to find one of the babies crying UNSTOPPABLE. He looks at Naira like he is not going to sleep further that night.

_The End_

Precap:Kartik doesn’t sleep all night. The naming ceremony.

I am so very much sorry for not uploading. I got trapped between my books and exams. I rarely took my phone out this week. So I am really very sorry.

And please make some suggestions. And shall I end it in 50 or you want more with plot twists?

What’s Saw an Milni? I am just confused with all these traditions and it’s also one of the reasons why I upload late.

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