Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 34

*Naira*: Kartikkkkkkkkk. I… I just can’t….

And shouts, screams in pain so loud that the sound echoes in that area.

Kartik is helpless. Crying along with her. Just unable to.

*Kartik*: “God, you would’ve killed me instead of this” (cries) No no Naira. Listen please. Na.. ira.. Please.. I… I Oh my Goodness…. Naira… please calm down…

And cries keeping her head on his lap.

*Naira*: I just can’t….. Oh Kartik… Please I…. feel like…. I am… dying… Please. Help me.

And screams over again and again.

Kartik goes totally insane not knowing what to do. He just cries loudly.

*Kartik*: Oh No Oh No…

Then gets out of the car, goes other way around to get Naira. He gets her out of the car, at the mid of the storms, nowhere to go.

Kartik running with exhausted and screaming Naira on his arms, in the storm, at the middle of nowhere place.

(Some sort of divine music plays all this while)


Akshara is shocked.

*Suhasini*: Manish Beta, are you really being serious? Kittu aur Naira… No…

*Manish*: Yes Maa. But the call got disconnected of these heavy storms and I really don’t know where they are stuck or where did he call from…

*Kirti*: Is anything wrong?

Kirti comes out of her ward.

*Swarna*: Beta….

But interrupting Swarna, Suhasini speaks it up all to her.

Kirti is shocked. Naksh eavesdrop on the conversation. He comes storming out.


Shouts at the top of his voice, raging out, tears in his eyes.

*Naitik*: What’s the matter on the eve of wonderful occasion?

Comes and stands there with bouquet in his hands, unaware of the situation.

Manish takes him elsewhere, to explain him.

Swarna takes a look at the state of Akshara. Akshara sits still.

*Swarna*: Just keep it strong ji.

And calms her. Akshara doesn’t respond to this at all.

The Road.

Kartik is running with Naira in his arms. Nowhere to go around in the middle of the night, gets to go inside a forest out of no choice.

*Kartik*: Just keep it strong. I am there. Listen Naira, I am there.

He finds nothing around for a while and keeps running…

Naira gets tired… which shouldn’t obviously happen.

*Kartik*: No Naira No. Just be in your senses.

Naira is too exhausted as she is tired and going out of consciousness time to time.

Kartik just keeps it alive.

He finds a pond.

He places her near the pond and rushes to the car stating that he’ll be back.

*Kartik*: Just please sit here. Bear the pain for a while, I’ll be back. Ok?!

Kisses her forehead and rushes.

*Naira*: No Kartik….

And cries hard out of pain.

Kartik going back to the car, collects the tent he had kept in the car for emergency, torch light, some sheets and towel. Some of the things had been kept by both Manish and Swarna just in case of emergency.

And goes back. He could hear her scream all the way along.

*Kartik*: Just be bold. Kartik, be bold.

And runs to her.

Sets up the tent and makes arrangement for the birth of the babies, since they were not in a situation to get to the hospital.

He places a sheet near the end of the pond and carefully makes tired Naira sit on that.

He had made some intelligent arrangements that helps her to give birth more easily.

And Meanwhile….

Manish and Naitik in one car, goes in search of Kartik and Naira then Naksh and Akilesh goes goes in search of them in another call.

*Manish*: Naitik ji, just don’t worry. If they are beside by each other, they’ll be obviously safe.

*Naitik*: I just can’t stop thinking about my princess…

*Manish*: Just calm down please. I know that, no parent cannot stay without being panic at this kind of situation. But, we, one of the elders, should think of a wise way to tackle it.

*Naitik*: I know right. And did you ask the police to track out somehow?

*Manish*: I did! How can I not?

And the screen freezes in their tense face.

_The End_

Precap:Keep guessing.

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