Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 33

Naksh comes out. With the baby. With tears in his eyes.

*Naksh*: Boy, I have.

Everyone congratulates him.

Yeh Rishta plays….

They all just play with the small baby. Now Akshara has the baby.

*Swarna*: Manish, did you call Kartik?

*Manish*: Yeah yes I did. But it kept saying unreachable.

Swarna gets worried. Akshara hears the convo and gets tensed.
She dials Naira’s number, giving the baby to Suhasini Goenka.

*Akshara*: This is too unreachable. Hopefully, they are fine.


Kartik is seen checking what’s wrong with his car.

*Kartik*: Damn it! I just can’t really figure out what’s the matter… How dumb of me? And well yes, it’s already 35 past 10 and everyone will be mad at me.

And looks at Naira.

*Kartik*: Moreover, get my Jaan home safely.

And smiles.

At the hospital.

Everyone enter the room, where Kirti is.

*Devyani*: Congratulations! May your life be always filled with happiness and no bad lucks.

Every other persons too wish her. But Akshara is out of reality. Thinking of Kaira.

*Naitik*: What are you naming my grandchild?

Keesh look at each other and smile.

*Keesh*: Suspense!

Scene shifts.

Naira is seen sleeping. Kartik is seen roaming. Just then get into the car for some relaxation.

Naira wakes up. Feels a way too uncomfortable, which is unease. Looks at Kartik, sitting beside her on the driver seat.

*Naira*: No way?

*Kartik*: No. Guess have to call someone when it’s morning as no network is found here.

Just then it starts to rain.

*Kartik*: Very bad situation. But romance is perfect in this…..

Just then Naira feels contractions in her abdominal muscles. Doesn’t listen to Kartik.

*Kartik*: So what do you think about it?

*Naira*: Uh-Oh. Nothing really.

*Kartik*: Surprising. It’s ok. I just wanna sleep for a while. Shall I?

*Naira*: Yeah ok.

And he closes his eyes.
*Naira*: “It might have been false contractions. I just keep thinking about it”

Just then, she feels hard hitting contractions. She’s unable to resist it. But just then she realizes it’s not false anymore.

Before she could reach out for Kartik, contractions once again hit her, this time making her scream and leads to Kartik waking up.

*Kartik*: Naira… Are you alright?

*Naira*: I…. really don’t know if…. (shouts) it’s the time. I… I just can’t control it…..

And screams in pain.

Kartik gets a way too much worried and concerned. Sees Naira, who was fine a couple of minutes ago, now screaming her heart out. Tears rolling down her and his cheeks.

His heart aching to see his love at this situation.

*Kartik*: Just don’t worry… I am there. Look, your Kartik, Mendhak… I am here… (starts to cry) look Naira… when I am beside you nothing will happen. Concentrate Naira…. our two symbols of love is gonna be out in few minutes or hours. (Cries intensely and she screaming at the top of her lungs) Naira, just don’t do this to me. I really can’t see you in pain.

And held her near his chest.


And grabs his shirt collar and twists it tightly as she is unable to control the immense pain she’s going through.

*Kartik*: Oh God…. (His hands trembling, his face red with fear as if anything will happen to her) phone phone…. signal… come on pleasee…. Yes there I got to

And calls Manish.

*Manish*: Beta, where you two have been? Anything wrong?

*Kartik*: Papa, here (and cries his heart out) Naira….

She starts screaming a way too much again as nothing is proceeded further.

*Manish*: Wait… Don’t you have to say that….

*Kartik*: Yes Papa…

The call gets disconnected due to poor network.

*Kartik*: This Phone!

And throws it away from the window to the road. It’s raining heavily, Naira in pain, no way to connect to people out there, deserted area…. these all make Kartik go insane.

*Kartik*: I should find a way. I should.

_The End_

Precap: Naira screaming. Kartik heartbroken on seeing Naira in such a situation.Kartik, with Naira in his arms, reaching out somewhere into the forest.

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