Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story Episode 32

*Kartik*: I see two babies in its Mumma’s belly.

*Naira*: You of course see it every day.

*Kartik*: Not anymore in few days. I’ll have them in real. My babies.

And gets emotional.

*Naira*: Kartik, Ikr how you’re feeling.

And pats him.

*Kartik*: I just can’t wait Naira.

*Naira*: You have waited for whole 9 months. Then why not for a little more few days?

And hugs him.

*Naira*: Achcha. Get me Chocolate Ice Cream now.

*Kartik*: What! You just finished the whole thing few hours back.

*Naira*: I don’t care! I want now!

*Kartik*: Naira…. look it’s already 8:30 p.m.

*Naira*: Please nahhh

Falls for her as usual.

He roams here and there. Then goes out of the room.

*Naira*: Hey Kartik! Don’t go nah…

Unable to stand up quickly, sits there with an angry face.

Screen shifts.

*Akshara*: NO!

*Kartik*: Please Mumma!! I don’t have any other way than to ask you.

*Akshara*: No no beta please! It’s her due week and how can she go out at this time?

*Kartik*: Just half an hour Mumma please….

And somehow convinces Akshara.

*Akshara*: Be back before it’s late.

*Kartik*: Thank you Mumma!

And runs back to the room.

He takes her carefully to the car and makes her sit comfortably.

Akshara bids them bye.

They leave. Naitik comes.

*Naitik*: Where are they going Akshara?

Akshara explains him.

*Naitik*: You shouldn’t have let my princess though…

And gets concerned.

*Akshara*: They are grown up now. They’ll manage Naitik. You go to sleep now.

And goes to their room with him.

Just then Akshara gets call.

*Naksh*: Mumma!

*Akshara*: Yes beta, what’s wrong? Why do you sound tensed?

*Naksh*: Mumma! Kirti is…..

(Kirti shouting and screaming in her labor is heard)

*Akshara*: Oh God. You are on the way to the hospital??

*Naksh*: Yes Mumma…

Swarna grabs the phone and asks him to calm Kirti.

*Swarna*: Akshara ji, Kirti is in pain. We are heading to the hospital.

*Akshara*: Yeah, we’ll be there in few minutes.

And cancels the call. Informs everyone. They all get into the car and rushes to the hospital.

*Kartik*: You have thought of the names?

*Naira*: Not much… but like Aryan, Sushant, Vivian, Virat…

*Kartik*: Wait wait… it can’t be boys. It’ll girls I bet.

*Naira*: Achcha ok! Why not like Nina, Hina…

And they are stopped by police.

*Police*: Sir, because of some construction work ahead, you can’t proceed further.

*Kartik*: Then how can we go?

*Police*: Take diversion.

*Kartik*: Thank you Sir.

And since their route was diverted, they get into a deserted area.

*Naira*: No one seems to be here Mendhak.

*Kartik*: I see that. I guess we’ll get into the city in like few minutes.

Suddenly, car breaks down.

*Kartik*: Oh God! This thing happens with me everytime.

*Naira*: Calm down and check what happened.


They all rush into the hospital.

*Akshara*: Where is Kirti?!

*Swarna*: She’s in the delivery room. Naksh is with her inside since the doctors allowed.

*Akshara*: Oh…

And prays.
Just then she gets reminded of Kaira.

*Akshara*: Oh God not again… kartik…

*Manish*: What’s wrong Akshara ji?

*Akshara*: That’s Kartik asked me permission to go out with Naira….

And explains them. They fear.

*Swarna*: If it’s Kirti now, Naira could be in pain at anytime…

*Manish*: You all calm down… I will call Kartik.

And reaches out to his phone in the pocket.

Screen Shifts.

Kartik is confused and roams on the road beside the car.

*Kartik*: I can’t just find what’s wrong. It’s already after 9:30 p.m. and no signal…. What the hell!

*Naira*: Kartik, I want to sleep…

*Kartik*: You juat lay down there, I mean…

And pushes her seat behind and releases her from the seat belt.

*Naira*: Good night and just try to find a way Mendhak. I am hungry too.

*Kartik*: Ok ok. You sleep for a while now.

At the hospital.

They hear a final scream. The family members stand there.

Precap:Kartik still clueless. Naira wakes up to her uncomfortable feel.

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