Yeh Rishta Ka Pyaari Couple – Kaira Ka Story (Episode 19)

They finish taking the Arti.
Kirti and Naira look each other and smiles. Kartik comes downstairs, refreshed.

*Kartik*: Guys ! I have a very good idea !

*Naksh*: What’s that ?

And he says something in his ears.
The family members smile curiously.

*Swarna*: What have you planned ? Let us also know nah!

*Kartik*: Mumma…

*Swarna*: Haan tell me Beta

*Kartik*: Shall we four go together to Costa Rica ? We want to go on a tour.

Kirti and Naira squeal with delightfulness.

*Swarna*: NO.

*Naksh*: Lekin kyun Aunty ?

*Swarna*: Only if both of you promise to take care of both my daughters.

*Kartik and Naksh*: PROMISE !!


And they jump in excitement.

A while later…

Kaira is seen packing their stuffs.

*Naira*: I am so happy Mendak!

*Kartik*: I planned this obviously to make my jaan happy.

And she smiles.

Kartik goes near Naira. Cups her face.

*Kartik*: Look Naira… I seriously don’t know why I fell in love with you… But that moment…. a precious thing ever in my life. I felt in the moment that… you’re the one. You’re the better half. I thought that I should never let you go in my life. So i did love you. And will always love you.

She smiles overwhelmed.

*Kartik*: And look now, you are my wife now. An unbelievable wife. A wife many will not get to think of. But I got it. I am blessed. I am really blessed and lucky to have you. Now, you’re giving the proudest. That is our pre-parenthood. You don’t know how I feel. More than a woman, the actual man is the happiest one in the universe when he gets to know that he is going to be a father. I really really love you Naira. I love you.

Cries happily and hugs Naira. And Naira pacifies him.
He hugs tightly.

*Naira*: Look, you’re squeezing my small body a way too much.

*Kartik*: And it will become a big body in course of following months.

She makes face.

*Kartik*: But I will love this skinny Naira as well as the future chubby Naira.

And pinches her nose. She does the same to him.

*Naira*: I will too make yoy chubby.

*Kartik*: Challenge?

*Naira*: Yah…

*Kartik*: Accepted.

And looks at each other competitively.

_The End_

Precap:The vacation of the two lovely couples.

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