YEH PYAR AUR KUCH NAHI! (Intro and Episode 1)


friends this my already finished ff.. but not posted here.. its contain only 15 episode.

hope u al lik this.. let i gv intro.. hope u are all do comands. I update regularly.. because

i completed this ff..


Chandra kala birla as dadi


yuvraj is dadi ki ladla…

pratima birla mother of 3 birla boys

sharad as yuvraj cousin and pratima sister son.. yuvraj best frnd.

Bavana srivastav and Suhani srivastav are betis of pankaj and lata.

sambhav is suhani frnd and guest role.



The episode starts with bhavanagragapravesh in birla home. Bhavana and sharad married pratima does the arati to them.

Menka asks rags :why yuvrajbhaiya not coming for sharad marriage.

Pratima: he got stuck in London flight due to climate but he will reach here  next morning .

saurabanuj welcome bhavana and sharad.

Menkato bhavana  where s your two piyari sisters?

beforebhavana  replying suhani says menkabhabi we are here ! (somu and suhani enters in birla house) suhani wears one simple light blue lehenga and somu wears golden colour.

. Pratima: beta come inside..

saurab asks sharad y he is upset. Sharad told am missing guru badly. Anuj says bhai s on the way he will come tomorrow don’t worry. Suhani hears them and ask not to worry am here to trouble u. anujsaurabsomu and suhani makes fun on sharad and bhavana.  

In night suhani and somu talking about birla house members..

suhani : I like all members here except menka who always fight with me for silly maters.

Somu: I like this house over than the persons living in it.( She tell her dream about if she were bahu of this house and all imagination.suhani wishes her  her become true. they sleep)

. Next day suhani and somu having some emotional moments and suhani and somu were leaving to their home. Menka happily tell bye to somu and suhani. Were anujsaurabpratima misses suhani who makes them happy during this marriage time. But due to bhavana crying badly they wont go. Pratima ask them to stay for 2 days. Hesitately both of them agree.

In dining table suhani and bhavana serves food for all of them. All are having fun in dining table for food which makes rags irritating. They all play hide and seek in home. Menka and suhani choose same place for hiding  and they start fighting  by pushing each other near main door. One car is coming to home ramesh opens door for him. yuvraj is about to enter the home menka pushing suhani and suhani is about to fall yuvraj holds her waist and yuvraj surprisingly seeing her and they have eyelock for sometimes.  Menka shouts yuvi came and all are came to see him. They all get smiling seeing suhani and yuvi still in same position. Sharad calls him guru and both of them came back to their senses.

Suhani: sorry  for clash. Yuvi also says its ok and look pratima and hugs her with smile, then all birla boys having fun with yuvi. Sharad introduce bhavana, then pointing suhani she is bhavana ‘s sister and her friend soumya. They formally sayshai and suhani and somu takes anujsaurab with them for continuing their game. Yuvi is about to go his room and turns seeing suhani who is smiling and behaving like child  with pratima.

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  4. very lovely epi …i liked it very much….plz update nxt epi soon.

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    I can’t wait dear!
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    A very cute one ????

  8. suhani yuvraj birla it was very nice.pls update is evident from ur pen name ur a big fan of the ff will be good.all the best fr ur ff.


    Wow, im immediately obsessed with this amazing cute and charming story. All the best with this! X


      I dont think i expressed my love well enough… it was so cute. And im also glad its already written up because then u can update quite regularly. Good luck. Ps- did you like the epi i posted today? Im so excited for this ff btw, its gonna be amazing x

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    Thank u frnds for ur cmnds.. Keep cmndng if I do mistk pls infrm me. I ll crt it.. I post nxt epi..

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