YEH PYAR AUR KUCH NAHI! (Episode 8 & 9)

thank u so much frnds for ur valuable cmnds…. guys it’s for u. episode 8 &9:

Episode 8:

The episode starts with,
yuvi:I don’t want to marry bhabi’s i need some time to decide and i ll tel the name of grl.
dadi: ok u have 2 days time tel me quick. But ths mrg should happen soon. Rags menka no need to cal ur sisters here.
All r goes.. pratima gets happy and want to introduce suhani to dadi. Yuvi comes to room and thinks to talk suhani once. Sharad also supports him.iknw u like suhani. Whatever happens.. one day u must marry one grl..Sharad gives idea to talk somu to knw about suhanis likes and dislikes.Pratima also likes suhani very much if u marry suhani she ll b happy.Yuvi agrees.

suhani menka somu rags playing cards. Pratima took dadi and show suhani. Suhanis phone fell down she bends to pick. Dadi sees soumya and smiles. Saurab comes and takes dadi for some work. Suhani goes to her room for putting charge. Somu ask menka about dadis likes and dislikes. She also told about dadi. Rags scold menka for spoiling her sister mrg with yuvi. Both argue and leaves. Somu arrages cards and yuvi comes there to knw about suhani. Talks sweetly to somu.
yuvi: somu shall v play cards.
somu: ya sure and smiles.
Yuvi: wat u both do wen boring..?
dadi comes back and see somu yuvi talking happily.
somu: v goes to garden and gets mango, ice cream golgapps.. etc etc she told about them..
yuvi : thank u somu and good night. He left to room. Thinks to talk suhani in morning.
somu: confused.. y he said thanks! and goes to sleep. In next morning suhani busy in learning.. saurab teaches her.
Precap: yuvani dances in rain.

Episode 9:

Episode starts from Its start raining out.. rags menka comes from parlour and they wed.. rags irritating by the wedness,. Suhani gets up and goes out. Saurab ask her no to go its raining.. but suhani make anuj sharad saurab also dances in rain.. somu sees yuvi and she thinks yuvi don’t lik rain so she also not going out she stands near yuvi. Yuvi comes there ans see suhani plays passing ball with sharad saurab menka and bavana.
Yuvi stares at her..she was wearing a black simple lehenga(wears lik halfsaree) with her hair open.. yuvi sees her every childish behavior in rain.

Suhani feels her pallu and long skirt disrtubs her game. She holds little length of her skirt and pins it in her hip.. and also pins her pallu rounded her waist and settled in one side of hip..
yuvi sees her with romantic look (almost she was fully wed.. her hair passes through her face here and there wen she moves. Yuvi also goes to her unknowingly suhani was about to turn her hair touches yuvi face and he closes his eyes.. yuvi cares her hair and moves back to her ears.he was fully mesmerized by her.. but she move back..she slips and he holds her more tight. Yuvis one hand on her waist and another hand is on her back neck.
their noses touchand had eye lock for sometime.. somu come and fumes and got angry on suhani. She thinks to send back suhani. She plans to got dadi love before suhani.

They all dancing in rain. Prat calls all of thm to inside.. sharad and anuj ask yuvi to go acnd confess ur love to suhani..who still plays in rain.. yuvi goes..and hold suhani hand..
yuvi: suhani… I knw u lik dance in rain…. Shall u dance with me..
Suh: ( also n crazy mood and accepts) oh s but I don’t knw couple dance..
Yuvi: I will teach u..he moves his hand and ask for her hand… suhani gives her hand and smiles..
Yuvi start sings a song……

Hua hain aaj pheli baarjo aise muskuraya hoon. (yuvi hold suhani hand and pulls toward him and hug her …)
Tumae dekha toh jaana hi kyun duniya mae aaya hoon…(yuvi cups suhani face by his hands and thy had intense eyelock and about to kiss her..suhani and yuvi closes their eyes…..)
They continue dances romantically in rain….

Precap: sambhav entery in suhani yuvraj life..

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Ooooo this is getting very interesting!
    Sambhav’s entry- this would bring soo much jealousy!
    and two episodes in one!
    Thank you!
    This is amazing x

  2. No sambav yaar we don’t want him atleast in ff please please but u can show him in a positive attitude

  3. Avanikamdar

    Thanks for 2episode Dii its Really interesting

  4. thank u so much dear.this was yuv will confess his feelings to suhani.

  5. Mary elizabeth

    We just dont need that sambhav can introduce him as a ve character who makes yuvraj more JEALOUS

  6. very beautiful epi.this epi full yuvani love and plz make them confess very soon.its very intresting and romantic also…….

  7. Oh that was so cute yaar

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