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Episode 7

Episode starts from Yuvi return to home and informs pratima..daid is returning to home from suhagi. Saurab goes to pick up her. They also reached home. All are greets dadi. Yuvi hugs dadi and greets her. Dadi wishes and blessing sharad and bhavana.. Yuvi misses suhani..and start feeling for her..few days passed.. Pankaj calls saurab and told about suhanis studies got over and ask him to help suhani to her carrier purpose. Saurab tell ok uncle send suhani here for 1 week I will teach her how to do projects and all. Saurab informs pankaj call about pratima and all. Dadi ask who s suhani y all are happy for her. Menka tells about her and dadi says ok let her come.
Sharad: yuvi I hv one good news for u.
Yuvi: wat?
Sh: suhani s coming here for 1 week.
Yuvi: really! Good news..(he thinks y he s excited for her.. really I have any feeling for she is my friend nothing more than that)
At dining table, rags starts yuvi marriage with her sister as she also completed her studies. Dadi says ok I will think about it.

Yuvi:dadi I don’t want to marry now.
Dadi: no this time nothing wrong happen. Even ur younger brother got married before u.
Yuvi: but dadi…(dadi stops him saying anything).
Pratima also agree with dadi and ask yuvi to accept for marriage.
Menka: dadi then I will also call my sister for this proposal.
Dadi: ok rags ndmenka both call ur sisters here. I ll choose best grl for yuvi. Rags menks smile. while Yuvi goes from there.

Prat:maaji am also choose one girl whom yuvi also likes her. Dadi ask who s she?.
Pratima about to teldadi gets call and goes from there. Dadi ask the grl to cometomorw. Pratima nods.
Next day suhani and somu comes with saurab. Suhani greets dadi. Dadi bless her ndsomu. Pratima introduces suhani. Dadi assumes suhani came here for studying purpose. Assumes somu as the grlpratima said.
Dadi likes suhani and somu but she compared both..suhani hates makup and average looking grl. Somu is looking beautiful. She kept both of them in mind.
Suhani goes to yuvi and ask y u sad?
Yuvi: dadi fixes my mrg soon. Suhani also felt bad aftr hearing tat. Yuvi sees suhani.
Suhani(shocked ):wat u think. Dadi told means tats for ur good and accept. She leaves annoyed.(in her room y am feeling for yuvi he s my frnd but I cant let him marry another girl if yuviknws I am thinking lik that wat he thought of me. She confused!)

Yuvi also annoyed with her answer(thinking the same y he ask his marriage about suhani. Y am getting annoyed suhanis answer. Really she also feel d same and want me to confess…etc etc suddenly he stop wat am thinking now stop thinking.). both of them closes their room and feels crying. At hall dadi notices yuvi makes face wensuhani came. Somu greets yuvi and sits near. Yuvi also gives one fake smile. Suhani also cant faceyuvi and makes face.
Dadi starts yuvi marriage topic. Suhani behave lik normal hiding her feeling.
Somu gets shocked ask what! (Dadi sees somu nd suhani reaction)
Menka: y u getting shocked.. u also compete with my sister ah? Don’t think about to compete ok..
Somu: not like tat i just asking.
suhani: menkabhabi u got angry? Do u jelous of somu will win tats y u command on her. Somu s beter than your sisters.
menka nd rags : shutup suhani. Bhavana takes suhani with her. Yuvi sees suhani argument.
dadi: if somu wants to compete wats ur problem menka.? Who compete s not a prob. I want yuvi marry the girl whom he likes. Just shut up and eat.
somu: thanks dadi.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    This is an interesting episode- I can’t wait for the next x

  2. Avanikamdar

    Its interesting Dii…

  3. wow its too good.i am very mucg excited about episode.but i cant understand dadi whether sh is positive or negativeg

    1. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

      dadi rags menka all s positive. thy fight argue with suhani but not hate her and insult her.


    Wow, im very excited to see where this goes. Its very great di x

  5. very interesting and very execited about nxt epi what will happen but plz make soon that yuvani confress their love for eachother.

  6. Tejaswi Atmuri

    Nice episode.Loved it!! Waiting for the next episode…..

  7. Super…..waiting for next epiosde

  8. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

    next epi I posted mrng u will get.. thank u frnds fr ur cmnds

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