Episode 6
The episode starts with in room yuvi removes his shirt and hear some sound in suh room. He rushes to her room. He opens door without knocking. She got scared and hugs yuvi unknowingly.
Yuvi:wat happened suhani?
Suh: feels his heart beat of him s very fast..and feels warm in tat hug.. (saware plays..)she get back to this world and looks turn she closes her eyes.
Yuvi: slowly touches her shoulder and ask wat happened…
Suh:wo..o … yuvi nothing I saw one lizard and jumb so vase get broked.tum chalo mei thik hoon.
Yuvi: ufff!! Kya yeh suhani. Tum kyu dargai. Dar toh lizard KI aana padega na. Waise mei tume nahi wo lizard ko bachane kliye arahi thi. Wo thik hain na.. Kahan yeh bichari lizard..
Suh: pagal hi kya tum ko mujse jinda nahi Hi na thik hain jao yahan se.
Yuvi:k K jarahi hoon mein. Tum kyu still close ur eyes? Look me he touches her shoulder and turns her towards him.
(sawaree…….plays………suhani feels high voltage..curent is pasing in his touch still she cant open eyes and feels tat moment)… yuvi remembers she sings the song for him…he hold her face near to his face..she came back to senses and look yuvi eyes..she broke the trance.. behaves normal..
Suh: oh god… sadu..pls go and wear one good shirt then I ll see u…whole day..she smiles naughtly.
Yuvi: sees him in mirror and blush for this moment… and goes..

They all go for sleep.Suh(thinks of yuvani moments nd laugh. She start developing her feeling for him. This sadu changes me lik pagal.. see nw am not sleeping and talks n mind…bfre I am not likths,, y my heart wants to see him y am thinking about him this night..icant found solution for this feeling.. yeh pyar hi kya? She widens her eyes by seeing in mirror..!!!)
Yuvi and sharad shares room tat day.. Yuvi aranges his bed thinking about tat romantic moment with suhani..he does not listen to sharad.. In dream yuvi kisses suhani and pulls her close to him..but in real he tries to do with sharad.. sharad shouts and switch on lights.. yuvi gets shocked and sharad kidding guru u can do this after getting married with suhani..
Yuvi: sharaddd….am sry sry sry..its not lik tat..
Sh: guru am gng to my room sry and runs.(.yuvi smiles and thinks does he start feeling for suhani… if he not loves her.. then y I feel lik ths closeness of suhani.. I cant find one name for our relation..but anyway she s my ffriend wat she think about me. .)
Suhani and somu left next day to their home. This time suhani informs yuvi about her left. Yuvi feels something strange of her left. Yuvi takes them to their home. Both of them not talking each other for yesterday closeness..

Precap: suhani left BH…. dadi entry..BH!! dadi ask rags menka to call their sisters. She wants to select best girl for yuvi.

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Wow !!! Superb di !!!!!

  2. amazing epi!!!!!!!i love it………..

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    Oh that was so cute ?????

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    Super Episode! It’s really cute

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